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Kenyan Lawyer Receives Award in Massachusetts, USA!

Renowned Kenyan Lawyer, PLO Lumumba set to receive an African Luminary Award in Lowell, USA

(AJABU AFRICAN NEWS, JAN, 26, 2018) LOWELL, Mass.__Professor PLO Lumumba, a popular Kenyan lawyer, who shot to even more limelight recently when he animated proceedings at Kenya Supreme court while defending the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)---during the reelection battle between president Uhuru Kenyatta of the Jubilee coalition and Raila Odinga of the Opposition's NASA coalition---is set to arrive in Boston this week where he will receive an award for his works that have caused ripples in many corners of the African continent. 
Lumumba, who just recently stepped down as the director of the Kenya School of Law to pursue other interests and pave way for fresh leadership will receive the Africa Luminary Award conferred by the African Cultural Association, organizers of the wildly popular Lowell African Festival. (watch Lowell African festival Video Recap here >>)

The unique ceremony will take place this Saturday, January 27th 2018 at the Lodge of Elks hall located at 40 Old Ferry Road in Lowell, approximately 35 miles north of Boston starting at 6pm to around midnight. FULL STORY HERE >>>

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Tanzania Yapiga Mnada Meno ya Viboko


 JOHANNESBURG (AP) - Authorities in Tanzania plan an auction of 3.5 tons of hippo teeth next week, drawing criticism from conservation groups who say the sale could encourage increased killing of the vulnerable species for its body parts.

   Licensed dealers on Monday can bid for the 12,500 pieces of hippo teeth at the tourism and natural resources ministry in the East African nation's commercial hub of Dar es Salaam, according to Tanzanian wildlife authorities. Buyers will receive documents confirming ownership.

   Many hippo populations across Africa face intense pressure from hunting for their ivory and meat, the WWF conservation group said.

   "Therefore, even though some countries still have healthy populations, WWF discourages the consumption of hippopotamus ivory and are disappointed to see auctions such as this taking place," said Colman O'Criodain, a WWF expert in wildlife trade.

   Another conservation group, Born Free, said it was concerned there could be more demand for hippo ivory as efforts to end the trafficking of elephant ivory intensify.

   China, long the world's largest consumer of elephant ivory, announced a ban on its trade that took effect at the beginning of this year.

   An international "red list" of endangered species classifies the hippo as vulnerable and estimates there are up to 130,000 hippos in sub-Saharan Africa. Hippo teeth are carved into ornaments for sale in parts of Asia.

   A regulated trade in hippo parts is allowed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, or CITES.

Waziri Tillerson wa Marekani Atatembelea Nchi Kadhaa za Afrika mwezi Machi!

Rais Trump wa Marekani akimwangalia Mh. Waziri Rex Tillerson

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - President Donald Trump in a new letter to African leaders says he "deeply respects" the people of Africa and that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will make an "extended visit" to the continent in March, his first in that role.

   The letter dated Thursday is addressed to African leaders as they gather for an African Union summit this weekend in Ethiopia's capital.

   U.S. diplomats have scrambled for days to address shock and condemnation after Trump's reported comparison of African nations to a dirty toilet. Trump has said he didn't use such language, while others present say he did.

   Many in Africa were taken aback by the comments after nearly a year of little attention by the Trump administration to the world's second most populous continent. Concerns have been widespread over proposed deep cuts to U.S. foreign aid and a shift from humanitarian assistance to counterterrorism.

   Trump's letter, seen by The Associated Press and confirmed by two U.S. officials, says the U.S. "profoundly respects" the partnerships and values shared by the U.S. and Africans and that the president's commitment to strong relationships with African nations is "firm."

   The letter offers Trump's "deepest compliments" to the African leaders as they gather for Sunday's summit of their 55-nation continental body. It also notes that U.S. soldiers are "fighting side by side" against extremism on the continent and that the U.S. is working to increase "free, fair and reciprocal trade" with African countries and partnering to "safeguard legal immigration."

   The letter gives no details on Tillerson's upcoming visit. A State Department official said it was expected to include stops in four to six countries.

   On Friday, Trump had a rare meeting with an African leader at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, calling Rwanda's president and new African Union chair Paul Kagame a "friend."

   For his part, Kagame tweeted: "Had very good bilateral meeting with (at)realDonaldTrump!" The Rwandan government said Kagame had "observed that many of the world's fastest-growing economies are in Africa."

   Neither side referred to Trump's vulgar comment.

   But African leaders are expected to respond to Trump during Sunday's summit. The U.S. will be represented at the gathering by Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard, the U.S. envoy to the AU, instead of the traditional high-level Washington delegation.

   An AU spokeswoman has said the organization was "frankly alarmed" by Trump's remark, and a number of African nations have spoken out or summoned U.S. diplomats for an explanation. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, however, countered by expressing his love for Trump and saying he should be praised for not mincing his words.

   Dozens of former U.S. ambassadors to African countries wrote a letter to Trump expressing "deep concern" over his comments and asking him to reconsider.

   The State Department's Bureau of African Affairs, in trying to calm things down, has tweeted that "the United States will continue to robustly, enthusiastically and forcefully engage" with African countries.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tanzia - Yona Fares Maro

The Late Yona Fares Maro  1988-2018

Rest in Peace

Inasemekana Kaka Yona Alijiua kwa Kunywa sumu baada ya ugomvi na mke wake.  Lakini pia huenda alikua na frustrations za tangu afungwe jela mwaka jana. Alikaa huko siku 60.

Huu ndo ujumbe wa Yona aliouacha nyuma ya kifo chake.....

Nimekuwa kwenye matatizo ya ndoa kwa miaka 4, kila wiki nikipambana na mke mlevi na mzinzi. Tukio la jana usiku na leo asubuhi limenisononesha na kunitia simanzi kubwa. Nimekata tamaa ya kila kitu na kila jambo nangoja mapenzi ya Mungu tu. Nalazimika kutumia dawa za usingizi lakini wapi. Sasa nipumzike nimwache mke wangu Eng Mloelya na mchepuko wake Eng Lossy wa Idara ya Maji Mbeya waendee!

Mambo Unayotakiwa Kuyafahamu Kuhusu Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar

Na Jumia Travel Tanzania

Januari 12 ya mwaka huu wa 2018 Wazanzibari pamoja na Watanzania kwa ujumla watakuwa wakiadhimisha miaka 54 tangu kutokea kwa mapinduzi Visiwani Zanzibar mnamo Januari 12, 1964. Mapinduzi ambayo yaliyofanywa na wanamapinduzi wa kiafrika na kupelekea kuung’oa utawala wa kisultani na kiarabu visiwani humo na kuwa na utawala wa Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar.


Pamoja na siku hii kuadhimishwa kila mwaka, bado kuna watu wengi hawafahamu mambo muhimu kuhusu historia ya Zanzibar na yaliyopelekea mpaka mapinduzi kutokea. Kutokana na umuhimu wa siku hii kwa vizazi vilivyopita, vya sasa na vijavyo, Jumia Travel imekukusanyia mambo muhimu ambayo huna budi kuyafahamu.

Ikiwa na historia ndefu ya utawala wa Kiarabu tangu mwaka 1698, Zanzibar ilikuwa ni sehemu ya nchi ya ng’ambo ya Oman mpaka ilipojitwalia uhuru wake mnamo mwaka 1858 na kuwa chini ya utawala wake wenyewe wa Kisultani.


Wakati wa utawala wa Sultani Ali Ibn Said mnamo mwaka 1890, Zanzibar ilikuwa chini ya utawala wa Waingereza mpaka mwaka 1963 ilipowapatia wanzibar uhuru wao, ingawa haikuwahi kuwa chini ya utawala rasmi wa moja kwa moja wa dola ya Kiingereza.

Wananchi wa Zanzibar kwa kiasi kikubwa walikuwa ni mchanganyiko kutoka mataifa mbalimbali kama vile Waarabu, Wahindi, Waajemi, Washirazi na Waafrika, ambapo waarabu na wahindi ndio kwa kiasi kikubwa walikuwa wamehodhi ardhi na shughuli kuu na njia za biashara. Kadri muda ulivyozidi kwenda maingiliano baina ya watu wa mataifa hayo yalizidi kuongezeka kitu kilichopelekea utofauti baina yao kuanza kufifia.

Hata hivyo, walowezi wa Kiarabu kama wamiliki wa sehemu kubwa ya ardhi ya visiwani humo ndio walikuwa ni matajiri kuliko waafrika. Suala hilo pamoja na mambo mengine mengi ni miongoni mwa sababu zilizopelekea waafrika kuona sababu ya kufanya mapinduzi ili kuwa na utawala wa haki na usawa visiwani humo.

Kwa upande wa kisiasa, vyama vikuu visiwani Zanzibar vilikuwa vikiendeshwa na kuungwa mkono kulingana na utaifa (ukabila), kama vile Waarabu walikuwa wakitawala kwa sehemu kubwa ya chama cha Zanzibar Nationalist Party (ZNP) huku Waafrika ilikuwa ni Afro-Shirazi Party (ASP).


Baada ya Zanzibar kutwaliwa na utawala wa Kisultani wa Oman mnamo mwaka 1698, sehemu ya ardhi yote visiwani humo iligawiwa kwa wanafamilia wa Kifalme wa Oman, ambapo vizazi vyao viliendelea kuimiliki mpaka mwaka 1964.

Ingawa sio Waarabu wote walikuwa ni matajiri kama familia ambazo zilikuwa zikimiliki mashamba ya karafuu na minazi, hasira ambayo waliyokuwa nayo waafrika ambao walikuwa wakifanya kazi kwenye mashamba hayo ilipelekea kujisikia hali ya kubaguliwa kwenye ardhi yao wenyewe. Hususani kwa kisiwa kidogo kama cha Zanzibar ambapo ilikuwa ni rahisi kuona pengo na utofauti mkubwa kati ya familia tajiri za kiarabu zilizokuwa zinamiliki ardhi na vijakazi wao masikini wa kiafrika.


Harakati za kutaka uhuru Visiwani Zanzibar zilianza kutokana na vuguvugu za shughuli za kisiasa ambapo kwa kiasi kikubwa waafrika hawakuwa wanapata uwakilishi sawa na nafasi bungeni. Kuanzia mwaka 1961 na kuendelea kulianza kufanyika kwa chaguzi za kisiasa za kidemokrasia ambapo vyama vikuu vya ASP na ZNP vilikuwa vikichuana vikali.

Chama kilichokuwa kikiungwa mkono na waafrika wengi cha ASP kilikuwa kikiendelea kuungwa mkono na kukubalika miongoni mwa waafrika wengi. Katika maeneo mengi kulipokuwa kunafanyika chaguzi kilionekana kuungwa mkono ingawa matokeo ya uchaguzi yalipotoka yalikuwa yanaonyesha kushinda sehemu chache.

Sababu hiyo ambayo ilikuwa ikijirudia mara kwa mara kwenye kila chaguzi ndiyo iliyopelekea waafrika kuona haja ya kufanya mapinduzi. Mnamo Januari 12, 9164 mapinduzi yalifanyika visiwani Zanzibar na kumfanya kiongozi wa chama cha ASP, Hayati Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume kuwa Rais mpya na kiongozi wa nchi.

Mapinduzi hayo yalipelekea ukomo wa utawala wa kiarabu visiwani Zanzibar wa takribani miaka 200, hivyo kuifanya siku hiyo kusherehekewa kwa maadhimisho maalum na kuwa ni siku ya mapumziko ya kitaifa.  

Serikali Yazipiga Marufuku Shule Binafsi Kukaririsha au Kufukuza Wanafunzi Walioshindwa Kufaulu

Serikali imezuia shule binafsi kumrudisha darasa, kufukuza mwanafunzi aliyefaulu mtihani darasa la 4, kidato cha 2 kwa kutofikia ufaulu wa shule husika.

Waraka wa Elimu Namba 7 wa Mwaka 2004 umepiga marufuku utaratibu wa shule zisizo za serikali kukaririsha Darasa, kufukuza au kuhamisha mwanafunzi aliyefaulu Mtihani wa Darasa la Nne, Kidato cha pili kwa kigezo cha wanafunzi hao kutofikia wastani wa ufaulu wa shule husika.

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Akina Dada Unapenda Wanaume wa Aina Gani??

Zilipendwa - Boney M Daddy Cool

Kila mtoto wa shule ya msingi/skeondary/ Chuo enzi za miaka ya 1970's mwisho na 1980's walijua huo wimbo!

ZIlipendwa Boney M. - Ma Baker

Nani anakumbuka huo wimbo ukipigwa Radio Tanzania enzi zile....???  DISCO

Ulevi na Fesheni ya Gawa Kundu

Wadau, hii picha ilipigwa kwenye treni (subway) ya mji wa New York jana. Wanaume wa umri mbalimbali wanapenda kushusha suruali (Sagging Pants) na kuonyesha chupi zao, chupi zingine chafu.  Wanaonayesha matako pia.  Sasa huyo jamaa pichani kalewa na matako yote nje, hana habari, wala hajali!  Kwa wasiojua hiyo fesheni ilianza gerezani, wanaume walikuwa wanatangaza kuwa wanagawa mkundu...kufirwa! Acheni kuiga fesheni za watu zisiozo za maana! Sasa hivi Usenge unashamiri.

UN Investigating Deaths of 14 Tanzanian Peacekeepers in Congo

  UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The U.N. is launching an investigation into attacks on peacekeepers in a part of Congo where the deadliest single assault on a U.N. peacekeeping mission in almost 25 years unfolded last month.

   Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced Friday he's appointing longtime U.N. peacekeeping official Dmitry Titov to lead a special investigation into attacks around the town of Beni.

   The probe will focus on the Dec. 7 rebel attack that killed 15 peacekeepers and wounded over 40 others at a base near Beni. The dead were Tanzanian.

   The attack has been blamed on the Allied Democratic Forces, one of various armed groups in the mineral-rich region.

   The U.N. peacekeeping mission in Congo is the world's largest. The investigation will evaluate its preparedness and response to attacks and provide recommendations on preventing them.

In December, at an emotional ceremony held to commemorate the dead, the prime minister, Kassim Majaliwa said Tanzanians want to know what exactly happened and ‘ legal actions taken against those involved’.
‘‘The government of Tanzania is calling on the UN to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation for the spilled blood of Tanzanian soldiers, in order to know and justice be attained. It is our hope that will be done within the shortest time.’‘
Bodies of Murdered Peacekeepers returned to Tanzania for burial

Beware of Scam Claiming Massachusetts Powerball Winner is Giving Out Money!

Massachusetts State Treasurer Warns Citizens of Fraudulent Emails Claiming a Donation From Powerball Winner
Illegitimate emails are being sent using the Treasurer’s name. They claim, “You have a donation from the former Massachusetts hospital worker, winner of the $758.7 million Powerball jackpot”. According to Treasurer Goldberg, these emails are a scam and have not been sent by her or the Massachusetts Office of the State Treasurer.
“It has come to our attention that emails using my name and likeness have been sent to residents across the state,” said Treasurer Deb Goldberg. “Our goal is to ensure that no Massachusetts citizen is taken advantage of as part of this scam.”
If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer’s office at (617) 367-6900.  Below is tan example of such message:

----Original Message----- From: Deborah B. Goldberg > To: undisclosed-recipients:; Sent: Thu, Jan 4, 2018 5:36 pm Subject: YOU HAVE A DONATION FROM THE FORMER MASSACHUSETTS HOSPITAL WORKER, Greetings, Mavis L. Wanczyk, the winner of the $758.7 Million Powerball Jackpot Aug. 24, 2017 has deem it necessary to donate the sum of $758,700 USD each to you and Ninety-nine other lucky beneficiaries, in fulfilment of giving out 10% of her winnings as donation grant. Mind you, this is not a regular circulation, for more insight, contact her via: For more information about this donation and confirmation of this great news, check USA TODAY news network with the link below; Regards, Deborah B. Goldberg, Treasurer & Receiver General of Massachusetts. For PowerBall and the Winner. -------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: If you received this message in your SPAM/BULK folder, do not panic, that is because of the restrictions implemented by your Internet Service Pr

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Heri ya Mwaka Mpya 2018

Nawakatia wadau wote Heri ya Mwaka Mpya 2018!