Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breaking News - Babu wa Loliondo Atatibu Wagonjwa Dar!

Wadau, Nimepigiwa simu na rafiki yangu Tanzania kuwa Babu wa Loliondo amekubali kufika Dar na kutibu wagonjwa. Huduma itakuwa kwenye viwanja wa Jangwani. Tarehe bado haijatangazwa lakini utaratibu wa kugawa vikombe itakuwepo. (Natumaini siyo utani wa April Fools)

Gaddfafi Yuko Bongo!

Eti ni kweli Col. Muammar Gaddafi wa Libya amekimbilia Tanzania?! Au wanadhani tumesahau kuwa Leo ni April 1, 2011 aka. April Fools Day! *************************************************************

Thursday, 31 March 2011 23:21

By The Citizen Correspondent
and Lipra Loof Dar es Salaam.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is in Tanzania, after fleeing his war ravaged country.The Libyan strongman sneaked out of his country yesterday, as his government crumbled with more dissenting ministers defecting, while the Western-supported rebel forces overcame units loyal to him.

Impeccable sources said that Col Gaddafi had escaped from Tripoli in a private jet that landed at the Julius Nyerere International Airport under the cover of darkness last night.He was soon whisked away and was spotted by our team in one of the five-star hotels in the city centre, where security cordon was immediately thrown.

With him were scores of close family members and aides, including a team of his familiar heavily armed, high-heeled female bodyguards. The embattled leader apparently violated the non-fly zone imposed by Nato over Libyan, and made his daring escape.

It wasn’t clear why he chose Tanzania for refuge, but sources in the government team assigned to him revealed that his second wife, Safia al-Gaddafi, was the one who had convinced them to seek refuge in the city popularly known as the Haven of Peace.

The family of the man who has ruled Libya with an iron grip for over 40 years felt they would be safer in Tanzania, ignoring an earlier offer of asylum by his former ally, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni.
However, Col Gaddafi was said to be somewhat unsure about how the Tanzanians would receive him.

“He was happy to hear that a mammoth demonstration in support of him and Libya was held last week in Dar, but he was also inquisitive over whether many still remembered that he sent troops to fight alongside Ugandan dictator Idi Amin during the 1978-79 Kagera War,” said an intelligence officer assigned to watch the hotel.

Col Gaddafi’s regime has come under attack from rebels and Western allies, who accuse him of turning guns on his own people after they revolted against his four-decade leadership in a fashion that has so far brought down two former presidents in North Africa, Mr Ben Ali of Tunisia and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.

Efforts to get a comment from the government over the unexpected arrival of the visitor and how long he would be staying in Dar es Salaam were fruitless by the time of filling this report.But we reliably learnt that an official announcement to this effect from State House could be made today, April 1.

Debate - What is Wrong with Our Country (Tanzania)?

Mdau Kigwa wa Dar ameanzisha mjadala kuhusu chimbuko la matatizo Tanzania. **********************************************

Ndugu zangu,

As I was walking from the Parliament office building in Dar es salaam today, heading to my office located in Makunganya, I passed through the twin towers, and for a second there a feeling of patriotism emerged and I begun to think very seriously on some major political scandals of our times, of course I remembered Dr. Daudi Balali and the sequential sagas he died with.

From the committee meeting I was thrilled to have learnt of a lot of policies, plans and strategies put in place by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. I had a lot of hopes then. But on crossing down the twin towers, I got put off. When I reached my office the spirit for work had vanished, so I decided to read newspapers and books. They could never rekindle my work spirit either. For a moment there I asked myself what is wrong with this country? Is it laws, policies, plans, people who make and implement them or the famous Watson was right?

I decided to then look on some documents...first I passed through the constitution? Except for a few clauses, which I already know are deficient, I learnt that, the founding book would never be a reason for our failure. I decided to scan through the MKUKUTA, wow, what a beautifully crafted book! Complete in all 'sectors'. I went through the Vision 2025, same thing...then what? Why are are we still there? As I was reading the vision 2025, I got interested to read and read and read! Of particular interest in the document was a section on 'MINDSET'. Je, do we really have the right mindset as a nation? Probably this could be the reason for being where we are today! What do you think? What should be done?


High priority must be given to education and continuous learning. Equally, the effective transformation of the mindset and culture to promote attitudes of self-development, community development, confidence and commitment to face development challenges and exploit every opportunity for the improvement of the livelihood is of prime importance. The effective ownership of the development agenda coupled with the spirit of self-reliance, at all societal levels, are major driving forces for the realization of the vision.

Tanzanians should learn to appreciate and honour hard work, creativity, professionalism and entrepreneurship and strive to develop a culture of saving and investment. " ...and on and on...

Best regards, Kigwa.

-- "Vision is the ability to see the invisible!"

Hamisi A. Kigwangalla, MD, MPH, MBA


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kikombe cha Babu - Katuni

Inazunguka kwenye email leo!

Mama Charlotte wa Arusha atakuwa Cambridge, MA Jumamosi

Panther in Africa

with Guest Seaker and Former Black Panther Mama Charlotte

April 2nd, 2011 in Cambridge,Massachuetts

Pete O'Neal, Black Panther in Kansas City , was arrested on October 30, 1969 for transporting a gun across state lines. A year later, O'Neal with his wife, Charlotte Hill ONeal, aka Mama C, fled the United States and eventually settled in Tanzania , where he still lives in exile.

The African Cultural Society of St. Paul AME Church is showing A Panther in Africa on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 4:00pm in the Christian Life Center , 85 Bishop Allen Drive in Cambridge.

Charlotte Hill ONeal and Pete ONeal are the subjects of the award winning PBS documentary about the lives and activism of the former Black Panthers. Mama Charlotte Hill ONeal will join us and will speak about her experience in the Black Panther Party and as co-founder of the United African American Community Center (UAACC), a non-profit NGO in Arusha, Tanzania with a mission to provide programs and projects for the enrichment of the Arusha community, both urban and rural, and to promote closer cultural ties to communities in America and around the world.

Mama C is an artist, poet, musician, community activist, and co- director of the UAACC. As a member of the Black Panther Party, I was taught the importance of building international solidarity among all people while honoring my Ancestral roots. That philosophy has never changed. Many of my poems and songs reflect this burning desire and mission to spread peace, love and unity through my art, Mama C reflects.

For more information, e-mail or call 617-930-4740.

The Black Panther Party rose to power in the late 60s to uphold self determination and collective vision offering programs such as the Free Breakfast for Children and Free Health Clinics. Pete and Charlotte are proud to have been a part of that historic chapter of American history. Our present day community outreach service continues to be informed by our time as Black Panthers, Pete acknowledges. Our work is truly a continuation of the work we did as members of the Black Panther Party!

The program is sponsored by the African Cultural Society of St. Paul AME Church and the Boston Pan-African Forum with support from Boston University African Studies Center Outreach Program.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Color Me Blue No More - Be a Backer


Hii ni nafasi yako kuingia katika historia. Hii sinema, 'Color Me Blue No More' inahitaji wafadhili. Unaweza kuahidi kiasi chochote kuanzia dola $5. Hii sinema itakuwa nzuri kuliko Precious ikifanikiwa kutengenezwa. Watu weusi tusaidiane. Hii siyo zile sinema zinazofanya weusi waonekane wajinga, bali itakuwa ni sinema inayoonyesha kuwa watu weusi pamoja na matatizo yanayaowakumba wana nguvu za kushinda katika maisha na kuwa na maisha mazuri.

Bofya HAPA ukitaka kuchanga:


With so little time remaining to reach our goal, we literally need donations to pour in. Please donate. Then spread the word to everyone you know. This film will touch the lives of so many people. It's an inspiring, uplifting story. We are soooo ready to roll the camera and get this film made so that the multitude of hurting people can see that they're not alone; that they, like little Shelley, can be liberated from their past. Help me get this movie made. Donate today! Spread the word! -


Perla Faye Humphrey, Director

Msiba - Arafa Hamisi Billal


Arafa Hamisi Billal 1962- 2011

Jumuiya ya Watanzania Italy kwa masikitikiko makubwa imepokea taarifa za msiba wa Shangazi yake Dada Sophia ambaye anaishi Castel Volturno CE -Italia. Marehemu ARAFA HAMISI BILAL (pichani) amefariki siku ya jumapili nchini India ambako alikuwa huko kwa matibabu.

Mipango ya mazishi inafanywa. Mazishi yatafanyika siku ya jumatano kwenye makaburi ya kisutu jijini Dar Es Salaam. Uongozi wa Jumuiya ya Watanzania Italia kwa niaba ya Watanzania wote waishio Italia inaungana na wazazi,ndugu,jamaa na wafanyakazi wa Uwanja wa ndege wa kimataiafa wa MWALIMU NYERERE ambako marehemu alikuwa akifanya kazi,katika kuomboleza na kuwaombea MwenyeziMungu awape uvumilivu katika kipindi hiki kigumu cha msiba.

Kwa habari zaidi BOFYA HAPA:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maoni ya Mdau Kuhusu Mjengwa Blog na Dawa za Babu

ndugu mjengwa...

habari za kazi.

kwanza nakupongeza kwa kutumia muda wako mwingi kuelimisha umma wa watanzania ambao kwa bahati mbaya wengi wamo katika giza nene.

nimeshawishika kukuandikia mail hii baada ya kusoma makala zako kadhaa kuhusu dawa ya babu wa loliondo. niliona matusi, kubezwa na kudharauliwa unakokupata kufuatia kuwaambia watanzania ukweli, jamii ambayo kwa miaka kadhaa imezoea kuambiwa uongo, blah blah na kupumbazwa.

kimsingi nakubaliana nawe kuwa dawa ya babu ni abra kadabra. ni pumbazo ambalo limeingia katika jamii yetu kwa wakati huu na kwa bahati mbaya wasomi, wanasiasa na watu mashuhuri wamekuwa ni baadhi ya watu wanaofurika huko loliondo kupata kitu kinachoitwa kikombe.

hivi karibuni televisheni ya kenya ya ntv imetoa documentary kwa lugha ya kiswahili na lugha ya kiingereza kuelezea kile kinachoitwa maajabu ya loliondo. watu wamehojiwa wakiwemo wagonjwa, madaktari na baadhi ya wananchi wa kawaida hasa wa arusha. kuna maoni mchanganyiko kuhusu suala hili lakini ni wazi kuwa watu wamepumbazwa na maelezo kuwa mtaalamu wa dawa hiyo ni mchungaji mstaafu. kwa kuwa ni mchungaji mstaafu basi bila shaka dawa yake ni ya kweli!!!!

suala hili linaendeshwa kidini zaidi badala ya kijamii. wengi wa watu wanaodai kuponywa hisia zao wameziegemeza zaidi katika cheo au hadhi ya uchungaji wa babu. hii ni psychological treatment ambayo kwa vyovyote itaonekana kwa siku kadhaa kama sio miezi lakini baadae itaondoka na ndipo watu watakapojiona kuwa ni wapumbavu na hawakupata nafuu yoyote kutokana na kikombe cha babu.

ingekuwa mtaalamu huyu wa loliondo hakuwa mchungaji mstaafu hwenda hali ingekuwa tofauti kwa wanasiasa wetu na viongozi wa kijamii lkn hili la uchungaji ndilo linalowapumbaza watu na kujiona kuwa kumpinga babu na dawa yake ni sawa na kupinga imani jambo ambalo kwa mtazamo wangu si sahihi na ni kujipotosha wenyewe. dawa ya babu na imani ya dini hapa ni vitu viwili tofauti ambavyo vimewekwa pamoja.

kuna wengi duniani wanaotumia kivuli cha dini kwa maslahi yao na watu kupumbazika kwa kuona kuwa kinachosemwa na mtu husika hakipaswi kupingwa maana ukipinga utakuwa umepinga dini na dini inaogopwa. mtu huogopa kuwa akipinga ataonekana ameasi au atalaaniwa na dini au mungu.

maslahi ya dawa hiyo tunaambiwa yanagaiwa kwa kanisa husika, wasaidizi wake na kiasi kidogo huchukuwa yeye babu. katika hali kama hiyo iwapo kanisa linapata share fulani jee unategemea kuna kiongozi wa kanisa lake atakaemkataza? hilo haliwezekani maana kanisa litakosa mapato ambayo halikutegemea kuwa yangetokea.

mnakumbuka kufukuzwa kwa father NKWERA na waumini wake na kutengwa na kanisa lake? sababu kuu ilikuwa ni kufanya maombi na kuponyesha wagonjwa jambo ambalo lilisemwa kuwa si katika mafundisho ya kanisa. inawezekana kanisa la babu na la father NKWERA ni tofauti lakini hoja ipo pale pale. father NKWERA hakuwa ananufaisha kanisa kwa wakati ule lakini babu analiingizia kanisa fedha za kutosha hivyo watu wanafumba macho.

kwa bahati mbaya wanasiasa nao wamekumbwa na uozo huu. wakati waziri wa afya alitoa tamko awali kabisa la kupiga marufuku dawa hiyo hadi uchunguzi ufanyike, waliibuka wanasiasa uchwara ambao kwa kutaka sifa waliona tamko lile la waziri halina maana. kina SHIRIMA NA LUKUVI wakalivalia njuga jambo hilo na kudai kuwa serikali ipo pamoja na babu. waziri wa afya kwa kuepusha shari ya udini aliamua kukaa pembeni na kujinyamazia kimya.

hawa kina SHIRIMA na LUKUVI wanadai kuwa ni suala la kiimani hivyo serikali isiingilie imani za watu. wamesahau siku chache tu kabla ya uchaguzi mkuu mwaka jana mtu mmoja aliyejipa cheo cha mtabiri maafuru afrika mashariki na kati alitangaza kuwa mgombea mmoja wa uchaguzi angefariki dunia kabla ya uchaguzi mkuu na kupelekea uchaguzi kuahirishwa.

serikali hiyo hiyo wanayoisema kina LUKUVI na SHIRIMA ilitoa tamko kali la kupinga kauli hiyo na kumtaka mtabiri huyo anyamaze kimya au atachukuliwa hatua. serikali haikusema kuwa mambo yake ya utabiri ni maswala ya kiimani anayetaka aamini na asietaka aachane nae. lakini sasa tunaambiwa kuwa masuala ya imani serikali haiwezi kuingilia. hatua ile ya serikali kwa mtabiri yule ilikuwa sahihi kabisa lakini kwa sasa tunaona serikali ikiwa na kigugumizi kuhusu babu huyu.

hivi sasa kina babu wanaongezeka, wengine wakitokea mbeya. si hasha baada ya siku chache tukasikia mwengine ameibuka dar es salaam au mtwara au mwanza au hata pemba akidai nae ameoteshwa kuwa awahudumie watanzania kwa dawa ambayo formula yake haijulikani.

kwa ufupi dawa ya babu ni kanyaboya kwa hoja zifuatazo:

1. maradhi anayosema inatibu ni maradhi yanayosababishwa na vitu tofauti. baadhi husababishwa na virusi, mengine bakteria na mengine ni matatizo ya kutokuwa na uwezo wa homoni fulani mwilini. kwa vyovyote vile dawa ya matatizo haya haiwezi kuwa ni moja kwa sababu hata chanzo chake si kimoja. kwa mfano huwezi kupeleka gari gereji kwa matatizo tofauti kisha ufumbuzi wake kuwa ni huo huo mmoja. tatizo la gear box, chasis au tyre haviwezi kuondoshwa kwa aina moja ya ufumbuzi.

2. kauli za babu anapohojiwa na vyombo mbali mbali vya habari zinatofautiana. kuna sehemu anasema kuwa dawa yake inatibu maradhi matano kama alivyoambiwa na mungu. kuna sehemu anasema kinachotibu sio huo mti bali ni maombi yake na kuna sehemu anadai kuwa kinachotibu ni kikombe hivyo dawa husika isipotekwa kwa kikombe chake (kikitumika cha mtu mwengine) haitamsaidia mgonjwa. hizi ni kauli zenye mgongano. kwa mtu mwenye kutumia akili, hapa babu anajaribu kutumia ujanja wa kuzuia watu wengine wasiweze nao kujitengenezea dawa hiyo na kugawa kwa watu. anajaribu kutengeneza dominancy au monopoly katika jamii. kutakapokuwa na babu wawili au watatu bila shaka idadi ya wagonjwa wanaokuja kwake itapungua na hatimae maslahi kupungua pia.

3. kuna wakati babu hueleza kuwa dawa husika haiwezi kufanya kazi kwa mtu aliyefanya ujanja kwenye foleni kwa kuwapiku wenzake aliowakuta. hii ni njia nyengine ya ajabu kwa kuwa hakuna uhusiano wowote wa kitiba na suala la mtu kupanga foleni au kutokaa foleni.

4. kuhusu malipo ndo ujanja wa wazi kabisa. babu anadai ameambiwa na mungu kuwa atoze shs 500 tu kwa watz na dola 1 kwa wageni. hata hivyo hakusema iwapo kutakuwa na mabadiliko ya kupanda au kushuka thamani ya pesa itakuwaje? jee shs 500 au dola 1 itabakia hivyo milele? na jee binaadamu wanaotoka nchi ambazo hazitumii dola wala shs? au mungu hatambui fedha za nchi nyengine katika dunia yake zaidi ya dola na shilingi?

5. dawa husika anadai ni lazima itolewe loliondo tu. hii pia ni ujanja wa kuhakikisha kuwa hakuna babu wengine wanaoweza kufanya kazi hiyo katika mikoa mengine. ukitaka usitake ni lazima uende loliondo tu. ni kucheza na akili za watu na kwa bahati mbaya watu wamepumbazika.

6. kuhusu kulipia hapa napo pana jambo. kazi ya mungu huwa ya kujitolea lakini hakuna pahala babu anaweka utaratibu kwa watu wasio na uwezo wa hiyo shs500. jee anataka kutwambia kuwa mungu hajali watu mafukara ambao hata hiyo shs500 kwao ni kiwango kikubwa? vitabu vyote vya dini vinataja haja ya kuwahurumia mafukara na wasio na uwezo. lkn kwa hili babu yupo kimya sana. labda baada ya mfuko kujaa ndipo atakapotoa ofa kwa wasio na uwezo.

7. mwisho dawa ya babu haina dozi. hiki ni kituko chengine. kwa aliye mahututi aliye na nafuu nk wote ni kikombe kimoja tu. hili ni la kuchekesha kama sio kusikitisha. hata hao waganga wengine wa kienyeji hutoa dawa kwa mujibu wa hali ya mgonjwa. lakini pia kabla ya mgonjwa kupewa dawa huchunguzwa kama ana aleji au tatizo lolote kama vidonda vya tumbo nk. lkn hilo halipo kwa babu. kikombe hicho hakijali uzito wa ugonjwa wala afya yake. hakijali presha ya mgonjwa wala lishe yake. iwe ameshakula au ananjaa kikombe ni kimoja tu. hii ni hatari kwa jamii. hata katika mambo ya kawaida ya binaadamu hali haipo hivyo. gari la tani 3 litabeba mzigo wa tani 3 na la tani 10 litabeba mzigo wa tani 10. huwezi kusemwa magari yote yabebe tani 10 wakati yana uwezo tofauti.

sikutaka kutumia hoja za kisayansi kuwa dawa hii haijathibitishwa kwa kuwa watu wengi wanajidanganya kuwa dini ni zaidi ya sayansi. kwa maoni yangu dini na sayansi havipingani hata siku moja. ukiona hivyo kuna tatizo pahala.

mbali na hali niliyotaja hapo juu, kuna madaktari na wataalamu wa afya huko arusha ambao walishuhudia wagonjwa wakitolewa hospitali na kupelekwa kwa babu wamethibitisha kuwa baadhi yao pamoja na kupata kikombe hicho na kujidanganya kwa siku chache kuwa wamepona wamejikuta wapo hoi na kurudi tena hospitali. huu ndio ukweli ambao utajulikana siku si nyingi kwa kuwa maji hayo yaliyochemshwa hayana dawa yoyote na hayasaidii kuondoa ugonjwa.

kwa bahati mbaya pamoja na ukweli huu baadhi ya watu hudai kuwa wagonjwa hao waliojiona kuwa hawajapona eti walikwepa foleni au kutofuata utaratibu wa babu!!! huu sasa ni ujinga mwengine. wengine wanadai kuwa madaktari hao wanamuonea wivu babu eti kwa sababu kawanyanganya wateja wao!!! wakati watu wanawatahadharisha wao kuepuka kanyaboya wao bado wamo katika usingizi mzito wa kulewa kikombe cha babu...

kwa ufupi wafuasi wa babu wanataka kusema kuwa ni lazima watu wote waliopata kikombe hicho kumsifu babu na anayekwenda kinyume kwa kudai kuwa hajapona huonekana ndio mkorofi. kuna haja ya watanzania kutafakari na kuchukua hatua. tukumbuke kauli ya mhe rais KIKWETE kuwa AKILI YA KUAMBIWA CHANGANYA NA YA KWAKO....



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shukurani Kutoka kwa Familia ya Marehemu Shadrack Balira

On Behalf of the Balira's family, we would like to express our appreciation for your pouring love and support during this difficult time. Because of your love and support, were successful to raise tne funds needed to transport Shedrack to Minziro Bukoba.

Your action was not only admirable, but also a true reflection of the Balira family's position in this community and especially Shedrack's wide network of friends from many nations.

We will forever be grateful for your kindness.

On average, we collected $5,000.00 per day for four days towards our final goal. You not only achieved this goal, but you surpassed it by a couple of thousand dollars.

Thanks and may God be with you all.

Shedrack's journey to his final resting place is next week Monday at 3:00 PM from Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport




You can also contact the following people if you have any questions:

Patrick Vedasto - 763-458-0353
Josiah Kibira - 763-229-2495
Dennis Kiberu
Joel Mburu - 952-217-0264
Charles Semakula - 952-465-1130
Mchungaji: Andrea Mwalilino

Tiba ya Loliondo - Msimamo wa Mjengwa Blog

(Pichani) Baadhi ya waliofanikiwa kupata kikombe cha 'Dawa ya Babu' huko Sumange Village Loliondo

Nimesikia habari za watu kupona magonjwa yao baada ya kunywa dawa, pia nimesikia habari za watu amabo walizidiwa baada ya kunywa hiyo dawa na kuacha kutumia madawa waliopewa mahospitalini. Pia nimesikia habari za watu kufariki wakiwa wanasubiri kupata dawa ya ya babu.
Ningependa kusikia kutoka kwa watu waliokunywa daw ya babu kabla ya kuaamua kama inafanya kazi au la. Mungu yu Mwema na kweli kama ametupa dawa ya kuponyesha magonjwa yasiyo na dawa basi ingekuwa vizuri dunia nzima wajue habari hiyo.

Hii ni tamko rasmi kutoka Mjengwa Blog:

Ndugu Zangu,

Hii ni nchi yetu. Tunayaandika haya kwa mapenzi ya nchi yetu. Yanayotokea Loliondo yanaanza kubeba sura ya kashfa. Taratibu, Loliondo inaonekana kuwa ni aibu ya kitaifa kwenye masuala ya kimsingi ya afya ya watu wake.

Si kawaida, na yawezekana ni mara ya kwanza kutokea, kwa blogu ya jamii kutoa msimamo juu ya jambo la kitaifa. Tunauona umuhimu huo, tunafanya hivyo. Ndio, Hali ni mbaya Loliondo. Kuna Watanzania wenzetu wanakufa kila siku. Wanakufa wakiwa kwenye foleni ya kupata kikombe cha Babu au baada ya kunywa kikombe hicho na kuacha kutumia dawa zao walizokuwa wakitumia kabla.

Asubuhi hii nimepokea simu kutoka Dodoma. Kuna mganga aliyenielezea hali mbaya zinazowapata wagonjwa wake wa kisukari mara baada ya kupata tiba ya Babu na kuacha kutumia dawa zao. Anasema ni mbaya zaidi kwa wagonjwa wa kisukari, maana, kisukari kinapanda haraka. Anasema kuna wagonjwa waliokufa baada ya kuacha kutumia dawa zao.

Baadhi ya vyombo vya habari vimekuwa mstari wa mbele katika kupigia debe tiba ya Babu bila kufanya uchunguzi yakinifu. Ndio, duniani kuna fikra dhanifu na fikra yakinifu. Ya ‘ Babu’ wa Loliondo ni dhania iliyopaswa kuhojiwa kabla ya kupigiwa debe.

Hivi, wanahabari wetu wanashindwaje mpaka hii leo, kuwahoji madaktari bingwa kwenye maradhi kama UKIMWI, kisukari, na mengineyo. Madaktari hawa wako Agha Khan, wako Bugando, Mount Meru na kwengineko. Hivi, Watanzania wenzetu hawa, katika kazi zao, mpaka hii leo hawana cha kusema, cha kitaalam juu ya Tiba ya Babu? Au media imechagua kuficha ukweli?

Tunajua, kuwa habari za ‘ Babu wa Loliondo’ zinauza magazeti kwa sasa. Lakini, ni dhambi na kutoitendea haki nchi yetu kama tutaamua kufanya biashara na afya za watu wetu. Ni laana kubwa.

Ona sasa, Watanzania kwa maelfu wanakwenda gizani bila kuhoji, au kusaidiwa kuhoji. Katika dunia ya sasa ya Sayansi na Teknolojia hatuwezi kwenda mbele kwa kuendekeza ‘ Abrakadabra’ kama hizi za Loliondo.

Huu ni wakati, kwa Wizara na waziri mwenye dhamana, kutoa tamko rasmi juu ya ukweli kuhusu tiba hiyo ya Babu. Na kama ‘ Babu’ ataruhusiwa aendelee na tiba yake kwa wenye imani, basi, Babu huyu asaidiwe kuhamishia shughuli zake Arusha mjini. Lifanyike hilo ili tunusuru maisha ya Watanzania wenzetu walio katika hatari ya kupata maradhi mapya katika mazingira ya sasa ya Loliondo.

Tunayasema haya kwa mapenzi ya nchi yetu, basi.

Ijumaa, Machi, 25,2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dawa ya Babu Sasa Habari ya Kimataifa

Watu Wanaaapa Inafanya Kazi! Nasikia hata wazungu wanakwenda Loliondo sasa!

Kwenye Part 2 msikie Babu akisema mwenyewe kuwa dawa yake inatibu, HIV/AIDS (UKIMWI), Diabetes (Kisukari), Cancer (Saratani), Asthma (Pumu), Kifafa (Epilepsy). Anasema kuwa mtu anahitaji kikombe kimoja tu cha dawa. Mungu ameweka dawa kwenye. Anaseme kuwa lazima unywepale Loliondo, huwezi kupeleka nje ya pale la sivyo haitafanya kazi. Anasema kuwa Mungu amemwambia kuwa watu watatoka mbali hadi Ulaya, Asia kuifuata.

Kwa UKIWMI anasema mwenye UKIMWI atapona baada ya siku saba.

Dawa ya Babu Sasa Habari ya Kimataifa - Part 2

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mh. Lukuvi na Rosemary Nyerere Nao Wapata Kikombe cha Babu

Wadau, naona vigogo wanakimbilia Loliondo kupata 'kikombe cha dawa'. Je, walipanga foleni na wengine au walipata 'bump'? Pia, eti kuna uvumi (au huenda ni kweli) kuwa Mzee Mandela wa Afrika Kusini naye alienda huko kisirisiri kupata kikombe. Kama hiyo dawa kweli inafanya kazi basi huyo babu apatiwe ulinzi mkali hata wa FFU 24/7. Maana wazungu wakipata fununu watamwua. Kisa makampuni ya madawa (Pharmacueticals) watafilisika kwa kukosa wateja.

Dawa ya babu OYEEEEE!

Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Wazri Mkuu (Sera na Uratibu wa Bunge), William Lukuvi (wa pili kulia) na Rosemary Nyerere (kulia) wakipata 'kikombe cha babu' kutoka kwa mchungaji mstaafu wa KKKT , Ambilikile Mwasapila (kushoto) waliopkwenda Loliondo. (Picha kwa Hisani ya Michuzi Blog)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Harambee - Kuchangia Mazishi ya Shadrack Balira

There will be a fundraising event THIS FRIDAY, March 25, 2011 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church , 2730 East 31st St , Minneapolis , MN 55418 . The event will begin at 7:00 PM SHARP. Doors will be open at 6:30 pm.

Our goal is to raise $20,000.00 needed to transport the deceased to his final resting place in Minziro, Bukoba. We are now at 25% of our goal.

We thank you all for your assistance and much needed contributions thus far. Your attendance is very crucial for us to reach our goal.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
2730 East 31st Street
Minneapolis , MN 55418

In case you cannot make it to the event, you can drop your contribution at Meshack and Rose Balira’s house. The address is:
4701 Decatur Avenue North
New Hope , MN 55428

If you are out of state – You can still send your contributions via:
(1) Bank wire transfer – Please call Patrick Vedasto - 763-458-0353 for wiring instructions
(2) Money Transfer or Western Union to Meshack Balira then call Patrick 763-458-0353 for the withdrawal instructions.

You can also contact the following people if you have any questions:

Patrick Vedasto - 763-458-0353
Josiah Kibira - 763-229-2495

Dennis Kiberu – 612-607-8616
Joel Mburu - 952-217-0264
Charles Semakula - 952-465-1130
Mchungaji: Andrea Mwalilino - 952-201-5054

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Legacy of Julius Nyerere - Sinema Fupi

This is Part One

The Honourable Abdulrahman Kinana, former speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly and Tanzanian minister, has produced a short film entitled ‘The Legacy of Julius Nyerere’ which recently made its North American premiere at the Institute of African Studies’ March 2011 conference held at Carleton University in Ottawa.

The Legacy of Julius Nyerere - Part 2

The Legacy of Julius Nyerere - Part 3

Msiba Minnesota - Shadrack Balira

(Pichani Marehemu Shadrack Balira)

Familia ya Meshack Balira iliyoko New Hope Minnesota, Inasikitika Kutangaza kifo cha ndugu yao Shadrack Balira, Kilichotokea ghafla (3/20/2011) Bloomington Minnesota.
Maandalizi ya kuusafirisha mwili kwenda Bukoba Tanzania tarehe 3/28/2011 bado yanaendelea.
Kama sehemu ya maandalizi ya kusafarisha mwili wa marehemu tunategemea kuwa na harambe siku ya Ijumaa tarehe 3/25/2011. Tutawajulisha mahali pa kufanyia hiyo harambe kabla ya Ijumaa. Gharama ya kutunza mwili, kuusafirisha na pamoja na wasindikizaji itagharimu dola za kimarekani elfu ishirini ($20,000)

Kwa wale ambao hawataweza kufika unaweza kutuma rambirambi yako kwenye account hii

Meshack Balira
TCF Bank
Route# 599913501
Account # 3862282359

Kila siku tutakuwa tunakusanyika nyumbani kwa Meshack kuanzia saa 1 jioni,
Anwani ni:

4701 Decatur Ave North
New Hope, MN 55428

Tutaendelea kuwataarifu kuhusu mipango ya maandalizi kwa ujumla.

Kwa maelezo zaidi unaweza kuwasiliana na watu wafuatao:

Patrick Vedasto - 763-458-0353
Josiah Kibira - 763-229-2495
Joel Mburu - 952-217-0264
Charles Semakula - 952-465-1130
Mchungaji: Andrea Mwalilino – 952-201-5054

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lowassa Naye Apata Dawa ya Babu Loliondo

Bila shaka mmesikia habari za dawa ya Loliondo. Kuna mchungaji mstaafu ambaye amegundua dawa ya mitishamba inayotibu magonjwa karibu yote. Watu wanahaha kwenda Loliondo, wengine wamekodi hata helikopta! Na serikali ya Tanzania imebariki dawa ya babu! Sasa wagonjwa wanatoroka Muhimbili kwenda kufuata dawa Loliondo!


Mchungaji Mstaafu wa Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania (KKKT), Ambilikile Mwasapile aka. BABU akipima dozi

Msongamano wa wangonjwa na wananchi wakienda kupata dosi. Dozi ilikuwa shs 500/- tu. Sijui kwa sasa ni bei gani.

Picha na Habari kutoka Michuzi blog:

Lowassa apata kikombe Loliondo, huduma zaimarishwa, bei ya mabasi Ubungo zapanda
Source: Gazeti la Mwananchi

WAZIRI Mkuu wa zamani, Edward Lowassa juzi alipata tiba ya magonjwa sugu inayotolewa na Mchungaji Mstaafu wa Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania (KKKT), Ambilikile Mwasapile katika Kijiji cha Samunge, Tarafa ya Sale, Loliondo, mkoani Arusha.

Lowassa alifika katika eneo hilo mchana akiwa na viongozi kadhaa wa Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Ngorongoro na Serikali kisha kupata kikombe kimoja chenye dawa kinachotolewa na mchungaji huyo kwa ajili ya tiba.

Tofauti na viongozi wengine, Lowassa ambaye ni Mbunge wa Monduli (CCM), Jimbo linalopakana na Kijiji cha Samunge, alikwenda huko akiwa na viongozi mbalimbali wakiwamo viongozi wa dini na baadhi ya wapigakura wake.

Akizungumza na gazeti hili kwa njia ya simu jana, Lowassa alithibitisha kwenda Loliondo na kuwataja viongozi wa dini alioambatana nao katika msafara wake kuwa ni Askofu Msaidizi wa KKKT, Dayosisi ya Kaskazini, Dk Frederick Shoo na Mkuu wa Jimbo la Masai Kaskazini, Dayosisi ya Kaskazini Kati (Arusha), Mchungaji John Nangole.
Katika ramani ya utendaji kazi ya KKKT, Jimbo la Masai Kaskazini ndipo kilipo Kijiji cha Samunge ambako ni makazi ya Mchungaji Mwasapile.

“Ni kweli, nimekwenda pale na wapigakura wangu pamoja na viongozi wa dini, Msaidizi wa Askofu wa KKKT Dayosisi ya Kaskazini, Dk Shoo na Mkuu wa Jimbo la Masai Kaskazini, Mchungaji Nangole,” alisema Lowassa na kuuliza: “Kwani hiyo nayo ni habari jamani?”

Baada ya Lowassa kufika katika kijiji hicho akiwa na ujumbe wake, aliongoza moja kwa moja hadi kwa Mchungaji Mwasapile na kuzungumza naye kisha akapata kikombe cha tiba na kuondoka.

Kabla ya Lowassa kwenda kupata tiba, amekuwa akitoa msaada wa nauli kwa wagonjwa mbalimbali wa jimbo lake kwenda kwa mchungaji huyo ambaye dawa yake inadaiwa kutibu magonjwa ya saratani, kisukari, pumu, shinikizo la damu na Ukimwi.

Kwa habari zaidi BOFYA HAPA:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nyoka Auma Titi la Supamodo...Afa Dunia!

Wadau hebu cheki jinsi huyo supamodo wa Israel, Orit Fox, anayojaribu kulamba na kubusu nyoka! Kwanza anajifanya kama anataka kufanya mapenzi na huyo nyoka aina ya boa (kama chatu). Nyoka anachukia anamwuma kwenye titi. Kumbe titi ni zile puto zilizojaa silicone. Siku hizi ni fesheni kwa wazungu na hata weusi wenye matiti madogo kwenda kwa daktari ili wawekewe hizo puto matiti yao yawe makubwa zaidi. Nasikia zinauma. Wanasema hiyo silicone ilimwua nyoka baadaye! BORA! Bi Fox ni mzima ila inabidi abadilishwe puto kwenye titi.

Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Isaidie Sinema ya Weusi - Picture Me Blue No More

Lazima niwasifu hao weusi wa Atlanta. Wanataka kutengeneza sinema ambayo naona itakuwa nzuri kuliko Precious.

Wanafanya kampeni wenyewe ili kupata pesa za kuitengeneza. Ukitaka kuchangia unaweza. Mchango unaanza kwa dola $5 tu!

Niliwasiliana nao, nikawaambia kwa nini wasimwombe Oprah awasaidie. Walisema wamemtumia ujumbe mara nyingi lakini hawapati majibu. Hata ile sinema ya Precious ilikuwa hivyo hivyo ila ilipopata huko Sundance Film Festival maarufu Oprah na Tyler Perry walikuwa mstari wa mbele kuisukuma.

Mwaka huu kulikuwa hakuna sinema ya weusi wala waigizaji weusi waliyofanikiwa kuingia katika mashindano ya Oscars. Perla Fay Humphrey na kampuni yake OnyxPearl wakifanikiwa kutengeza hii sinema huenda mwaka 2013 ndo itakuwa sinema ya weusi inayoongoza.

Natumaini watafanikiwa na lazima niseme ni mara chache kuona waMarekani weusi wenye moyo wa kufanikiwa kutengeneza sinema ya hali ya juu kama hii. Mungu yu mwema watafanikiwa.
Nilisikia habari za mpango wa kutengeza hii sinema mwaka jana Agosti walipokuwa na Casting Call kutafuta waigizaji. Ubaya ilikuwa Atlanta na Los Angeles hivyo nilishindwa kwenda. Kuna kikundi ha waigizaji weusi kutoka hapa Boston ambao walisoma vipande vya script na wali-blow kwa ilivyo nzuri.

Sinema Picture Me Blue No More itahusu maisha ya mtoto wa kike maskini huko Georgia ambaye anafanikiwa kwenda Chuo Kikuu na kuwa na maisha bora ingawa aliishi katika dhiki, uonevu, kubakwa nk.

Mnaweza kupata habari za kampeni yao HAPA:

Mimi katika Mchezo- 'The Vagina Monologues'

Washiriki wa Boston Community Production of The Vagina Monologues 2011

Wikiendi iliyopita nilishiriki katika Mchezo wa Kuigiza, The Vagina Monologues (Maongezi ya Uke ..nishahishe kama nimekosea kutafsiri).

Kila mwaka vikundi vya wanawake hapa Marekani na nchi nyingi duniani wanasoma na kuigiza huo mchezo mwezi Machi. Hela wanazopata kutoka kwenye viingilio na mauzo ya chakula zinakwenda kusaidia vyama, mashirika yanayosaidia akina mama. Machi ni mwezi ya Wanawake duniani.

The Vagina Monologues ni hadithi fupi mbalimbali zinazotokana na mahojiano aliyofanya Bi Eve Ensler na wanawake kadhaa kuhusu nyeti zao. Kulikuwa na maongezi ya Bi Kizee, Shoga, Mke, Uke uliyokasirika, Mwanamke aliyedhani kapoteza kiharage chake, Kubalehe, Kubakwa, Kutairiwa, na mengine.

Kwa kweli nimetokea kufurahia huo mchezo na hata wanaume niliyowaalika waliyoenda wameipenda sana. Imewafanya wafikirie haki za akina mama na pia jinsi akina mama wanavyoona maswala kama uke zao, ngono, kunyanyyawa kijinisia.

Tanzania kuna hadithi nyingi sana ambazo zinaweza kuingizwa katika huo mchezo.

Mnauliza niliongelea nini? Nililionogelea uzazi, jinsi mwanamke anavyokuwa na uchungu katika uzazi na jinsi uke unavyofunguka ili mtoto atoke.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Aibu Huko Uwanja wa Ndege wa Iringa

Hii ni gari pekee linalotumika na kikosi cha zimamoto katika uwanja wa ndege wa Nduli mkoani Iringa. (picha kwa hisani ya Mdau Francis Godwin)
Wadau, hii picha aliiposti kaka Michuzi mwezi uliyopita. Bado huo uwanja hawajaongezewa vifaa. Je, wabunge wa mkoa wa Iringa wataongelea swala huu katika Bunge ijayo? Mimi natoka mkoa wa Iringa na kwa kweli naona aibu sana. Hiyo pick-up inaweza kubeba maji kiasi gani? Je, inakaa uwanjani au inatumika kufanya shghuli zingine mfano kupeleka watoto shule, mama sokoni, kimada gesti..... Huu ni swala nzito sana. Ina maana ndege ikianguka huko ndo basi tena.

Swahili Night Stockholm

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blogu Mpya - Tembea Tanzania

Kuna Blogu mpya kuhusu sekta ya Utalii Tanzania inaitwa:



Naomba kuchukua fursa hii kuitambulisha kwako Blog ya Tembea Tanzania
( Blog ya Kitanzania yenye kubeba habari mbali
mbali zinazohusu sekta ya Utalii ya hapa Nyumbani Tanzania.

Shukran na karibuni nyote


Barabara ya Serengeti

Duh! Dunia ya kimataifa inapinga mpango wa kujenga barabara kwenye hifadhi ya Serengeti. Je, watatoa hela ili hiyo barabara ipite kwingine?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Majita Inakuhitaji Sasa


Tumia utaalamu na uwezo wako wa uelevu wa hali halisi ya Majita, kuihudumia Majita, kwa maslahi ya Majita!

Nani? Wewe unayetoka Majita, Musoma, popote pale ulipo – hasa uliyestaafu.

Sababu? Kuiendeleza sehemu ya Majita ukijitolea katika kubuni, kupanga, kutekeleza, kupanua na kutathimini mradi-kusudiwa wa maendeleo–ambatana, ambao utakuwa ni ‘not-for-profit NGO’: Majita Integrated Rural Development Initiative.

Ujuzi? Dini, Kilimo, Komputa, Madini, Maji, Mazingira, Menejimenti, Miundombinu, Mistu, Nishati, Sheria, Takwimu, Ualimu, Uandishi/Utangazaji, Uchukuzi/Usafirishaji, Udaktari/Afya, Ufugaji, Ufundi/Ujenzi, Uhasibu, Ukarani, Upishi, Utalii, Utamaduni, Uvuvi . . . . na kadhalika.

Mara moja . . . . Sasa hivi . . . . Leo!

Wapi? Ki-jadi, walipanga, walibuni, walitekeleza, walipanua na walitathimini mikakati kama hii, wakikutana uso kwa uso wakikaa chini ya mti (orality culture). Wakati wa mashini (industrial culture), wanagawana umbali wa kusafiri na kukutana katikati ya nchi ( Canberra , Lilongwe , Rawalpindi , Brasilia, Dodoma ). Tulio na bahati ya mtandao (digital culture), tumewezeshwa kufanikiwa kukutana ‘instantaneously’, kana kwamba tumo katika ‘global village’.

E-Mail? (au)

Omurimu ogukomera gutakorelwe!
Bhamugaire, najayo!

‘If it is to be, it is up to me.

Wafungwa wa Kike Tanganyika

Hii picha ya Wafungwa wa Kike, ulipigwa mwaka 1895, Dar es Salaam, Tanganyika. Sijui walikosa nini maskini!

Mnaweza kuiona hapa:

Waganga wa Kienyeji wa Tanganyika

Hii picha imepigwa Tanganyika mwaka 1936. Sijui ni waganga wa kienyeji wa kabi la gani. Picha inapatikana hapa:

Leo ni Sikukuu ya Wanawake Duniani

Monday, March 07, 2011

Simba Hajatoroka Dar es Salaam Zoo!

Kumbe ule uzushi kuwa simba wa Dar es Salaam katoroka na anazurura mjini Dar es Salaam si kweli! Ifuatayo ni Tamko Rasmi kutoka Dar es Salaam Zoo

Napenda kuchukua nafasi hii kuwataarifu wananchi wa maeneo ya kibanda, kigamboni na maeneo ya jirani na Zoo na Dar es Salaam nzima kwa Ujumla, Kua Taarifa za kutoroka kwa kati ya Simba wetu kwenye Zoo sio za kweli.

Simba wetu wote wako salama pamoja na Wanyama wengine wote. Simba alie patikana maeneo ya Mbagala na huyo mwingine anaesemekana kuepo maeneo ya huko hatoki kwenye Zoo yetu.
Kuhusisha Dar esSalaam Zoo na wanyama hao ni Uzushi na Tetesi za mtaani.

Karibuni Sana Dar es Salaam Zoo
Akhsanteni Sana.

Mr. Salim Hassan
Marketing manager
Dar Es Salaam Zoo
+255 784 524285

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Idi Amin Alitabiri Marekani Itakuwa na Rais Mweusi

Doh! Kumbe Idi Amin alitabiri Marekani itakuwa na rais mwuesi. Jamaa alikuwa haogopi kusema wazungu!

Jessica Tata Anatafutwa na FBI/Interpol Kwa ajili ya Mauji

(Pichani Jessica Tata)

Jessica Tata (22) Mmarekani mwenye asili ya Nigeria anatafutwa na polisi kwa makosa ya kuua watoto wadogo wanne huko Houston, Texas.

Jessica alikuwa na Day Care nyumbani kwake. Kulikuwa na watoto wadogo saba mle wote chini ya miaka mitatu. Aliwaaacha wenyewe na kwenda dukani. Alivyorudi alikuwa nyumba yake inaungua moto. Aliwadanganya polisi kuwa alikuwa chooni nyumbani wakati wote kumbe mwongo! Hakufungwa jela kwa vile polisi hawakutegemea kuwa angekimbia.

Hivi sasa Jessica Tata yuko katika orodha ya wahalifu wakuu 15 wa U.S. Marshals (Top 15 Most Wanted List). Wana hisi kuwa amekimbilia Nigeria kwa ndugu zake.

Mkimwona huyo mwanamke mshenzi wajulishe U.S. Marshals au Interpol!

Mungu alaze roho za hao malaika mbinguni. Amen.

Mnaweza kuona Poster Hapa:


Kutoka CNN.COM

(CNN) -- A Houston day care owner is among the U.S. Marshals Service's "most wanted," more than a week after authorities say she carelessly started a fire that killed four children and then fled.

The federal agency on Friday added Jessica Tata to its "15 Most Wanted" fugitive list, cautioning the public that she should be considered "armed and dangerous."

Houston fire department investigators twice tried to talk to the 22-year-old Tata on February 25, the day after the blaze in which seven children were trapped inside the home day care, according to a press release Friday from the U.S. Marshals. She initially refused and then, later that day, referred all questions to her lawyer -- the last known contact between her and law enforcement.

A U.S. Marshals task force later discovered that Tata flew to Georgia on Sunday, and officials have said they believe she may have gone on to Nigeria.

She subsequently was charged with six counts of reckless injury to a child, three counts of abandoning a child under 15 and four counts of manslaughter -- one apiece for the four children's deaths. Another three children were injured, but survived.

In addition, the U.S. Marshals release notes that Tata is also wanted for "unlawful flight to avoid prosecution."

Houston Fire Chief Terry Garrison said Wednesday that the department trusted the day care center operator after she told authorities she would talk about the fatal fire.

He told reporters that investigators initially believed Tata, who was upset at the fire scene, was a victim. She did not say much at the scene or the hospital.

"What she told us was not truthful," said Garrison, adding that investigators did not learn that until later. Tata said she was in the center's bathroom, the chief said. Witnesses contradicted that account, according to an arrest affidavit.

Tata left the seven children unsupervised in the home day-care facility and drove off in her car, according to the affidavit.

The blaze likely originated on an electric stove, which was on and had a pot on it containing oil, according to Houston Fire Department arson investigator Thomas Wood. A definitive cause for the fire will be announced once the investigation is complete.

Neighbors John Chestnut and Geoffrey Deshano told investigators that they heard Tata screaming soon after she pulled into her driveway and went to the front door, the arrest affidavit said. No other adults or day care employees were at the facility, the men said.

The two told reporters that Tata's car was full of groceries when she returned to the house, adding that they called 911 and tried to help get the children out as smoke seeped from the building.

Investigators said they did not believe Tata to be a flight risk.

"Somewhere along the way, we may have made a mistake," Garrison said. "We're going to learn from our mistake. We're not going to blame anybody. We're not going to make excuses."

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Kumbukumbu - Mwalimu Matthew Douglas Ramadhani

(pichani Mwalimu Mathew Douglas Ramadhani 1915-1961)

50th DEATH ANNIVERSARY: Meet Mwl Mathew Douglas Ramadhani

By a Correspondent, 28th February 2011

IT is 50 years today since Mwalimu Mathew Douglas Ramadhani died. Mwalimu Mathew was a man of many firsts – he was Tanzania’s first university graduate, first black education officer and first black secondary school headmaster.

Born on September 11, 1915 in Zanzibar, Mwalimu Mathew was the fifth out of 10 children of Mwalimu Augustino Ramadhani and Bibi Margaret Majaliwa. Mwalimu Augustino was the founder and the first president of the African Association (AA) of Zanzibar in 1936.

Mwl Mathew got his education at St Paul’s High School in Zanzibar from September, 1925 to July, 1931, when he completed Standard Six and proceeded to St Andrew’s College, Minaki, Kisarawe, where he obtained the Grade I Teachers’ Certificate in 1936. At Minaki, for three consecutive years, he was the Head Prefect.

He then went to Makerere College, Uganda, for two years and obtained the Cambridge School Certificate in 1938.

Because of his father’s death on August 28, 1938, he was permitted by the Director of Education of Tanganyika, who had sponsored him, to terminate his studies in Makerere and to return to Zanzibar to teach at St Paul’s High School, Kiungani, since the school had a majority of pupils from Tanga.

On September 6, 1942, he married Bridget Anne Constance Masoud, a fellow teacher who qualified in 1940 at Kitchwele Girls School, Dar es Salaam.

Five years later, in September, 1947, Mwalimu Mathew obtained a two-year Colonial Development and Welfare Scholarship for Zanzibar and went to the London Institute of Education where he obtained a Teachers’ Professional Certificate in 1948.

He was advised to proceed to a three year degree course as it would be difficult to return to England for a degree. However, the Zanzibar Government was reluctant to sponsor him beyond the initial two years.

One of the reasons given was that the government could not guarantee an employment for him as a graduate! Nevertheless, he went ahead using the funds of the remaining one year of scholarship.

He proceeded to Sheffield University where he studied English, Geography, Mathematics and Economics.

He then toiled for his second under graduate year by washing dishes in hotels and restaurants. His eldest brother, Francis Cecil Ramadhani, contributed immensely by looking after Mathew’s family of a wife and three children: Marina, Augustino and Henry.

However, he was lucky to secure a Colonial Development and Welfare Scholarship for Tanganyika for his third year and he graduated with B.A. (Econ) in 1951.

Because of the scholarship for the third year, he was required to work in Tanganyika for at least three years and he was to teach at St Andrew’s College, Minaki, Kisarawe.

However, a misunderstanding over the terms of service led him to join the Department of Education of Tanganyika as an Assistant Education Officer, though a graduate and was posted to Mpwapwa Secondary School in April, 1952.

On June 9, 1953, he was promoted as an education officer and was posted to Tabora Senior Boys’ Secondary School as a teacher from January 1954 to December 1958, when he returned to Mpwapwa as the Headmaster.

In September 1960, he went to Manchester University for further studies and met his death in a train accident at Guidebridge Station, Ashton-under-Lyne, on March 1, 1961, leaving behind a widow and eight children.

He was buried a week later at the Southern Grave Yard, Manchester, after the Government of Tanganyika decided not to bring his body back home.

The late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere had all through wanted Mwalimu Mathew to resign from teaching and assist the late Mzee Abeid Amani Karume in the fight for the independence of Zanzibar.

Every time Mwl Nyerere was in Tabora he sent a taxi at night to pick Mwalimu Mathew for a discussion. However, Mwalimu Mathew was reluctant to join Zanzibar politics. There will be a service at the All Saints Cathedral at Vinghawe, Mpwapwa, where the Bishop’s throne and Canons stalls will be consecrated in his memory.


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Askari Wa Vita Vya Kwanza ya Dunia - German East Africa

Hii ni meli ya kivita Mjerumani SMS Konisberg ikiwa imita nanga bandarini Bagamoyo. Bagamoyo ilikuwa mji mkuu wa Tanganyika enzi za MJerumani
Askari kwenye foleni
Waliopitia JKT wataelewa hii...ROUTE MARCH!

Sijui ni Tanga au Bagamoyo hapo au Itakuwa kwenye Ziwa Victoria au Nyasa

Hao watakuwa wale Asakri wa kwanza kabisa. Hawana viatu!

Askari wakisfisha bunduki zao

Enzi za MJerumani walikuwa wanatumia Rupia siyo Shilingi

Bahati mbaya hatuna majina ya hao Askari pichani

The Force Publique in German East Africa during World War One

Usafiri Enzi Za MJerumani

Mjerumani alivyotutawala hapakuwa na usafiri wa ndege. Walikuwa wanasafiri kwa meli. Hebu cheki hii tangazo la meli. Cheki waafrika wanavyofurahia kuona meli.

Ukitaka kuigiza Katika Sinema Hii ni Nafasi Yako!

Kama unataka kuwa Extra katika sinema, 'Here Comes the Boom' jiandikishe na Boston Casting. Lazima uwe na makaratasi. Utalipwa dola $100 kwa siku au zaidi kutegemeana na masaa unaokaa kwenye set. Pia kuna chakula na vinywaji tele. Sinema inakuwa filmed Maeneo ya Quincy, MA.


Here Comes the Boom- OPEN CALLS!

Open Call for the film “Here Comes the Boom” starring Kevin James. We are looking for people of ALL TYPES (ages 18+) to be extras on the film that is shooting late March- Early June.
Please feel free to come to any of our open calls- you only need to attend one! Make sure to bring a photo!


Saturday March 5th
10am- 3pm
North Quincy High School
316 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02171

Saturday March 12th
10am- 3pm
Quixote Studios
184 Everett Street
Boston, MA 02134

Sunday March 20th
10am- 3pm
Burlington Mall
Middlesex Turnpike #130
Burlington, MA 01803

Sunday March 20th
10am- 3pm
VFW Lowell
190 Plain Street
Lowell, MA 01852

Saturday March 26th
10am- 3pm
South Shore Casting Studio
Hanover Mall
1775 Washington Street
Hanover, MA 02339

Please do not call venues directly, all questions should be directed to Ashley at Boston Casting 617-254-1001 ext. 3


Haya ni maoni ya mdau:

Nasikia "wajanja" wa Tanesco wana-program LUKU, wewe unalipa Shs 1,000 kwa mwezi lakini unapata umeme wa kuweza kuwasha tanuru (kama unalo).
Malipo tofauti mnalipana chembaz na programmer.

Habari hizi umeshazipata au wewe hawakukufundisha hii programming pale Chuo cha Tanesco.

Sasa kama Tanesco wananunua umeme Dowans na kukuuzia wewe, hasara na faida tunajua napata nani :-)

Maelezo zaidi kuhusu THAMANI na BEI utatupiga "tuisheni" baadaye :-)

Halafu mnataka kutulaumu sisi tulioko Florida ........ati makosa yetu hatukusomea Chuo cha Tanesco.

Hebu DM atufafanulie kama anaujua huu mpango wa ku-program LUKU za Tanesco ili kujipatia umeme wa chee.
Huu ndiyo mpango wa UMEME KWANZA kwani KILIMO KWANZA ni kwa ajili ya Ng'wakitolyo
Uchakachuaji hadi kwenye LUKU.
Tanesco pandisheni bei ya umeme, watumiaji tuna mbinu zetu .....mechi droo.
Sijui "kisowia" ni nani kati ya Tanesco na wateja?? :-)

Mdau O.S. M.