Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kituo cha Reli ya Kati - Tabora

Wadau, mliosoma Tabora, mnakumbuka hii kituo cha Reli? Bado iko vilevile haijabadilika! Mnakumbuka usafiri wa CENTRAL LINE?
Picha kutoka:

Dodoma 1950's

Hii picha ilipigwa 1953, wakati tuko chini ya Ukoloni wa Uiingereza. (British Empire) Mnaona kituo cha reli ya kati na nyuma, Dodoma Hotel.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smart Baitani Kutuzwa

Dear friends,

I am deeply humbled and grateful to inform you that, on behalf of COSAD, I have just won the DICOTA’s 2009 “OUTSTANDING PHILANTHROPY AWARD”.

The award is “to honor an outstanding individual who has invested his/her passion, time, talent, and/or financial support through philanthropic activities…as an agent of positive change in Tanzania and the communities they live in.”

The award will be presented in Houston Texas, this Friday October 2, 2009. The guest of honor is expected to be the president of the United Republic of Tanzania, Mr. Jakaya M. Kikwete who is currently in New York attending the UN general assembly.

On behalf of COSAD Board of Directors, I want to sincerely thank you all for your generous support and commitment to the people of Tanzania through COSAD. I am humbled by the fact that this award was highly competitive and it is the first ever to be awarded to anyone! (See more at

COSAD shall remain committed to building genuine relationship that inspires and empowers individuals in Tanzanian communities to become productive citizens themselves. With your continued support, my dream and vision will only grow stronger!

Thank you again! Warmest regards and Blessings,


Mama Kikwete na 'Natural Look'

Wadau, niliona hii picha kwenye Dr. Faustine Baraza. Ilipigwa mwaka jana wakati wa ufunguzi wa maktaba pale Mlimani Primary School, iliyoko Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam. Kushoto ni Mh. Asha Rose Migiro, Kati ni Mama Salma Kikwete. Cheki wanavyopendeza na nywele 'natural'!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ngoma za Kusini

Silent Death of a Nation

pichani: John Mashaka (Kulia) na Nyota wa sinema Tanzania Steven Kanumba (Kushoto) hivi karibuni. Picha kutoka Michuzi Blog



By John Mashaka

While many nations are progressing towards positive economic and social changes, Tanzania is scampering towards self destruction. The stealthy negative drift of our country towards social-economic catastrophe, is rather worrying due to the very fact that, Tanzania’s demise is being orchestrated by Tanzanians themselves who are rapidly replacing the culture of hard work with the get rich quick mythology, accompanied by endless lavish and unsustainable lifestyles, on top of irresponsibility on the part of country’s leadership

Many people within our nation have been caught up in the middle of unorthodox lifestyles, which are impelling millions of us, to focus more on how to strike quick monetary deals, than being creative enough to think of sustainable life, many years after today. It is sad that many of our people have been swamped in this wave of unrealistic lifestyles, which has replaced discipline and hard work, with ”starehe”; and this is worrying.

While transiting from Mara region through Kenya, back to Dar es Salaam, I had a few minutes to process necessary paperwork needed to cross (drive through) the border. In the process, I was compelled to make a few phone calls, and had no sufficient credit, and had to purchase additional credit from a nearby shop cum-bar, and restaurant prior to my departure, and my experience was rather pessimistic, and sad indeed to say the least; all I saw was a silent death of our nation
At nine in the morning, men, women and teenagers, strong enough to work were in, for a full blown party. In a simple language, the bar was full of people, and tables within, were full beer bottles. It was party time; staggering men and women who were evidently unable to hold their balance took to the floor, forcibly trying to keep up with the rhythm of the Congolese music “Bolingo”, which controlled the tempo.

A day after arriving in Dar es Salaam, I had another trip to Morogoro with a group of volunteers. I was supposed to be picked up at a very popular spot, and on that day if I was to be a customer at this city spot, I would have been the first customer. A few minutes before ten in the morning, a small car pulled up with two young men, who were in their either mid twenties or early thirties. Less than ten minutes later, another vehicle pulled up with two more young men along with a lady, and both sat on the same table. They were well kept, and neatly dressed, with some of them holding expensive mobile phones.

No sooner did they take their seats than they were served with beer, and within no time, scary and heated soccer talk- fanaticism- ensued as some obviously were for the Manchester United, while the rest were Liverpool diehard fans. I was surprised when one of them identified me by name, even though we had never met before, and offered me a drink. I, however, Politely declined the offer, not only because I don’t use alcohol, but mainly because of the time –it was too early- These were young people, strong enough to be doing all kind of work to push the economic wheel, yet were emptying beer bottles, and ready to fight for European football teams. I was embarrassed and astonished

I was given an example of a young man in the neighborhood that is living large; driving some of the latest automobiles, yet has never owned a business or received employment check. I was simply told that, “Hayo ndo maisha ya dili mjini”. Coming from an environment in which seventeen hours of work a day is a routine, I could not believe or understand this culture in which young and able persons prefer idleness, and partying than working, and still drive Range Rovers. I decided to carry research to be certain before concluding otherwise. I visited the so called elite hanging spots, and my findings were not different from my previous ones.

High RANKING government officials goes to bars days in a row; I found many STK vehicles, Ministers Land Cruisers with their official’s numbers on them. Three days in a row, and simply said, no wonder we are so poor, A culture of shame. I wonder what in the world they tell their boss, Mr. President when they fail to deliver, more so their electorate when their many promises turns to be hot air? Don’t misquote me, nothing wrong with partying, however, should be done with moderation

Even though I left Tanzania in my late teenage years, my many years in foreign land never exposed me to such a culture, I have never witnessed anything of that nature, and can never jump into making conclusions, I am however, letting you the reader decide how a nation such a Tanzania can prosper, when her people are living to party instead of living to work. When her leaders and high ranking officials’ penchant for their own ambitions and interests supersede the country’s well being?

I was made to understand that the culture of deals is deeply entrenched not only in the streets, but also in major public organs, in which a handful or a few persons are truly committed to their work. Many have nothing more than brainstorming how to push bogus deals -payment claims- or simply get their customary 10% than defend the country. These poseur and obsequious officials are nothing but miniatures of EPA criminals, dragging the country into her death bed.
Tanzanians are pushing their country into total destruction.
Professionals entrusted with the power to protect the public, are the very people dishing licenses to businessmen and women setting up bars and nightclubs in residential areas without observing the guidelines and city buildings codes. A hall in Segerea CCM- Chama- is a typical example of the bars that plays music almost 14 hours a day in the middle of a residential area. Not only are they causing noise pollution, they are making it extremely tough for school children spending many hours scrambling to get home, particularly difficult to study, and the government is simply to powerless to act.

I cannot be persuaded to believe that, city of Dar es Salaam has no ordinances that prohibit times in which alcohol can be sold to the public. Neither can I believe that, there are no regulatory authorities that can enforce the ordinances that prohibit sound disturbance in residential areas. These are problems in poor areas of the city and not the likes of Masaki and Hoyster-bay where the elite bask.

In a country where a minister, can attend a bar, days in a row, go to sleep, get up the next day attend state duties with hangover. Believe me or not, such a man has nothing new for the country. All he has is time to sign anything that comes in front of him without looking in details the contents of that document, and that is why our country is getting poor and poorer, because there is no time to scrutinize shady contracts.
There is never going to be any economic progress as long as our top bottom leadership approach to finding our social, political and economic solutions lies in the hands of the people with more time to party and attend Ms. Tanzania pageantry than following up with the law enforcers on who kill Albinos. A culture of shame!

I wonder how logical and responsible people can describe a situation within a nation, in which young people are driving around without working. Top leaders are partying every day, young kids cannot study because they are exposed to bars with dirty language and uncontrolled music around the clock? And Laws established to protect the people are simply irrelevant to the poor majority, but too strong to protect the mighty and the powerful;

I see a negative progression, stealthy and fast demise of a nation. Our nation’s economic future outlook is grim, social and moral pillars are in shambles. Tanzanians who love their country must be realistic with these shameful social vices.
We must work swiftly, rapidly, and collectively to condemn these acts of social perversion in order to resuscitate life into our nation from her slow and stealthy economic, social and moral death. If we can’t be sacrificial and courageous enough to stand up to these vices tearing our country apart, by condemning them; instead spending our time discussing people’s personalities, and fighting individual’s progress, then we are in for a long night of affliction

Mungu Ibariki Tanzania John Mashaka

Askari Wakisoma Gazeti la Kiongozi 1916

Kumbe gazeti la 'Kiongozi' ilikuwepo tangu enzi za Mjerumani! Hao askari wa enzi za Mjerumani wanaburudika kwa kusoma gazeti la Kiongozi iliyoandikwa kwa lugha ya Kiswahili. Hii Picha ilipigwa wakati wa Vita Kuu ya Dunia ya Kwanza (World War I) na Walther Dobbertin.

Askari eh, Vitani eeh Mamaaa!

Ramani ya Enzi za Mjerumani


Kwa wadua wasiojua, hapo zamani za kale, Rwanda na Burundi zilikuwa sehemu ya Tanganyika. Hii picha ni ya enzi za Mjerumani wakati ni German East Africa. Bibi yangu marehemu alikuwa mtoto mdogo Mjeruman alipotua pale Manda, Ludewa Ziwa Nyasa. Anasema walikuwa wanacheza halafu wakatokea wazungu kwenye maboti.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tanzia - Mzee Swalehe Msuya

Swalehe Msuya Hatunaye Tena

Kwa masikitiko na majonzi makubwa watanzania tulioko Marekani tumeondokewa na mwenzetu SWALEHE MSUYA (pichani) .Kifo chake kimetokea mjini Minneapolis katika jimbo la Minnesota. Tunaomba Watanzania tuweze kusaidiana ili kuusafirisha mwili wa marehemu tayari kwa mazishi nyumbani Tanzania.
Maalim Mrisho
Taarifa ya vikao.
Kama mnavojua shughuli ndiyo imeshatukuta. Tunawaomba watanzania wote na marafiki wa jumuiya kukusanya nguvu kuwezesha kusafirisha nyumbani mwili wa Marehemu Swalehe Msuya.
Kutakuwa na vikao viwili kwa ajili ya matayarisho.
1. Kikao cha kwanza ni cha kupanga mikakati (strategy meeting)
a. Leo Ijumaa saa 12 usiku nyumbani kwa Charles na Eunice Semakula
b. 503 Shadyside Circle, Hopkins, MN 55343
2. Kikao cha pili ni kwa ajili ya kuchangisha fedha za kusafirisha mwili (Fundraising Meeting)
a. Kesho Jumamosi saa tisa jioni kwenye ukumbi wa shule ya Concordia Academy, Roseville
b. 2400 Dale St N, Roseville MN
· Account maalum ya benki itafunguliwa hivi karibuni.
· Unaweza kuwasiliana na watu wafuatao kwa taarifa zaidi;
1. Charles : 952 465 1130
2. Santos: 612 229 2250
3. Joyce: 612 735 1634
4. Eunice: 651 214 8345
5. Gracious: 763 439 5626
*Unaweza kutoa mchango wako leo au kesho
The Account Number opened for the contributions is as follows:
Name on the account: Charles Semakula
Routing # 091000019
Account# 5893103886

All checks should be written to Charles Semakula because that is the name used
to open the account for practical purposes.For those who have accounts with
Wells Fargo Bank they can transfer their contributions online using the name
Please send this to many friends and
all Tanzanians to help for the burial of
late Swalehe Msuya.

Thank You

I just received the news of the passing of Mzee Swalehe Msuya in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will always remember the words of wisdome you shared during my last visit to Minneapolis. Rest in Eternal Peace Mzee.

Mashemeji Wangapi na Mbaraka Mwinshehe

Wadau kuna nyimbo kibao za marehemu Mbaraka Mwinshehe huko You Tube!

Uwe Rafiki wa Sokwe!

Nimetafuta linki yao Facebook lakini sikuiona. Lakini naona ni wazo zuri. Na Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) waige. Waruhusu watu wasioweza kusafiri kwenda kutalii kwenye mbuga za wanyama wawe marafiki wa Simba, Twiga, Nyoka, Mamba, Nyati, Ngedere wetu.


KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) - He's hairy, his table manners are atrocious, and he wants to be your friend on Facebook.

No, it's not the ex-boyfriend. It's Muhozi, an endangered Ugandan mountain gorilla, who's appearing online as part of a fundraising program the Ugandan Wildlife Authority is launching Saturday to help save the species.

Around 340 mountain gorillas - nearly half of the 740 remaining worldwide - live in Uganda's lush Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The rest live in the Virunga mountain range, which stretches from Uganda into Rwanda and the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo.
Despite their size - a male silverback can reach over 7 feet (2.1 meters) and weigh 400 pounds (180 kilogram) - the gorillas are threatened by poachers who kill them for meat, farmers and charcoal-burners who encroach on their habitat, and the indiscriminate bullets of rebels on the run. They must be protected by rangers with automatic rifles.

The Wildlife Authority is hoping that fans will befriend a gorilla on Facebook or MySpace or follow it on Twitter in return for a minimum donation of a dollar. The money will be used to hire extra rangers to protect the gorillas and safeguard their habitat.

In return, gorilla friends will receive regular updates about their chosen gorilla, be able to track their progress through global positioning systems, have their gorilla's picture on their home page and receive gorilla trivia - like the fact that the name is derived from a Greek word, gorillai, meaning 'hairy women.'

Wildlife Authority spokeswoman Lilian Nsubuga said she hoped the program would give people who could not afford to travel to Uganda themselves the chance to feel closer to the animals. About 10,500 tourists visit Uganda each year to see the gorillas. An entry permit for the park is $500 per person. Last year Uganda earned $600 million through tourism and over 90 percent of the money was from gorilla tourism.

"The (gorillas) are also very similar to human beings. That's what makes many people want to look at them," Nsubuga said.

Thomas Slater, the director of the gorilla website, said internet users would be able to befriend any individual from one of seven groups habituated to human contacts.

"You will be able to learn more concerning the particular gorilla, its character, family and relationships," he said.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Soko Kuu la Morogoro 1908

Hii pichani ya soko kuu la Morogoro mjini iliyopigwa enzi za Mjerumani.

Wake wa Viongozi wa nchi za G-20

Naona leo Mke wa Rais Obama, Michelle Obama amepozi na wake wa mawaziri wa fedha na magavana wa mabenki ya nchi za G-20. Kikundi cha G-20 kilundwa mwana 1999 kuongelea maswala ya uchumi wa dunia.

Nchi za G-20 ni:

Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States of America

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mshiko Boston - Wanaume Wacheza Mpira!

Haya wadau, hii ni nafasi yako kuigiza katika sinema, THE TOWN, inayoshutiwa hapa Boston hivi sasa. Stelingi wake ni Ben Affleck. Mimi nilishaitwa kuigiza kama mtalii eti, lakini hawakushuti hiyo scene. Tulikuwa waigizaji 20 na ilikuwa wapige scene Bunker Hill monument hapa Charlestown. Nangojea kuitwa tena.

Mradi unajua kucheza mpira na unaonekana kijana, wapelekee habari zako! Nataka kuwaona kwenye BIG SCREEN!

CP Casting is looking to assemble an


for EXTRA WORK on the feature film "THE TOWN"

on September 29 *or* October 1

THIS IS PAID WORK ($100 for the day for non-union)

Union, or Non-Union, MEN, AGE 18-25,

Dominican, Latino, Medditerranian, Cuban, Brazillian, African-American, etc.,

who are experienced SOCCER PLAYERS, should submit a photo to:

Be sure to include






Maneno ya Wimbo 'Hongera Mwanangu'

Bibi Titi na Mwalimu Nyerere

Kuna mdau kaniomba nimtafutie maneno (lyrics) za wimbo, Hongera Mwanangu ambayo tulisikia sana Radio Tanzania enzi zile ukiimbwa na marehemu Bibi Titi Mohamed. Sasa naomba nisaidie, ni lugha gani wanaiyotumia. Naona maneno ya kiswahili na sijui ni kilugha gani.



Hongera mwanangu eh hongera.
Nami nihongeree hongera.

Hongera mwanangu eh hongera.
Nami nihongeree hongera.

Mama uchungu, Mama uchungu.

Nyamara mwanangu. Oyee.

Nyamara mwanangu tumbo la udere linauma mno eh!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mwanamke Afariki Dar Akiwa Anasaka Maji!

Nilipokuwa Tabora Girls (81-83), maji yalikuwa ya shida na mara nyingi tulienda kisimani kuchota maji na kufua nguo zetu. Kuchota maji kwenye kisima kama hiyo pichani ina ufundi wake! Nilipokuwa jeshini Masange JKT nilianguka ndani ya kisima. Nilikuwa peke yangu siku hiyo na sikuwa na jinsi ya kutoka. Kila nikijaribu kutoka naanguka tena mpaka nilichoka. Bahati yangu kulikuwa na afande karibu ambaye alikuwa anafua nguo zake, alinisaidia kutoka. La sivyo sijui ningetokaje maana matope yalikuwa yanateleza kweli maana yalikuwa 'clay soil'.

Hivyo, nimesikitika sana kusikia habari ya huyo mama aliyekufa akiwa anatafuta maji. Huenda alipata matatizo ya moyo. Kujitusha ndoo nzito kichwani ni kazi kweli ukiwa na umri mkubwa.

Lakini naomba niwaulize. Miaka karibu 50 ya Uhuru na bado wananchi wengi hawana maji safi ya bomba, inabidi wachote maji kwenye visima na kukinga maji ya mvua! Wengine wanaletewa maji na boza. Wengine inabidi wanunue maji kwa wanaopita na mikokoteni. Kweli ni maendeleo?


Mwili wa bibi mwenye umri wa miaka 60, umekutwa ukiwa jirani na kisima cha maji katika maeneo ya Pugu Stesheni Jijini Dar es Salaam.

Kamanda wa Mkoa wa Kipolisi wa Ilala, Faustine Shilogile amesema mwili huo ulikutwa jana mishale ya saa 12:00 jioni katika maeneo ya Pugu Stesheni, jirani na makazi ya bibi huyo.

Amemtaja marehemu kuwa ni Selina Joseph, 60, mkazi wa Pugu Stesheni.

Akisimulia tukio hilo, Kamanda Shilogile amesema pembeni ya mwili huo kulikuwa na ndoo ya maji.

Amesema chanzo cha kifo hicho bado hakijafahamika na kuwa mwili wa marehemu umehifadhiwa katika chumba cha kuhifadhia maiti cha Hospitali ya Amana.

Hata hivyo taarifa kutoka kwa baadhi ya wananchi wa maeneo hayo zinadai kuwa bibi huyo alikutwa na mauti akiwa katika harakati za kusaka maji ambayo yamekuwa kero kubwa katika eneo hilo.

Kufuatia tukio hilo, wananchi hasa akinamama wameiomba Serikali kuangalia namna ya kuwasaidia.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wananchi Msidanganywe na Mafisadi - TAMWA


Tamwa Yawaasa Wananchi Wasidanganywe na Mafisadi
Na Mwandishi wetu

22nd September 2009

Chama cha Waandishi wa Habari Wanawake (Tamwa) kimewataka wananchi kuwachunguza kwa makini wagombea uongozi katika vitongoji, vijiji na mitaa ili kuepuka kuwachagua wala rushwa na mafisadi.

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Tamwa, Ananilea Nkya, alisema wagombea hao wasichaguliwe kwa kuwa ni adui wakubwa wa maendeleo.

"Wananchi wanapaswa kuwachunguza kwa makini watu wote watakaogombea uongozi katika vitongoji, vijiji na mitaa ili kuepuka kuwachagua wala rushwa na mafisadi ambao ni adui mkubwa wa maendeleo ya wananchi," alisema katika taarifa yake kwa vyombo vya habari jijini jana.

Alisema umuhimu wa wananchi kuwachunguza wagombea unatokana na ukweli kuwa matatizo mengi kwenye vitongoji, vijiji na mitaa yanatokana na baadhi ya wananchi kutotambua kwamba kura yao ndicho kitu muhimu wanachoweza kutumia kuwanyima uongozi wala rushwa na mafisadi.

Alisema ili uchaguzi wa Serikali za Mitaa utakaofanyika nchi nzima tarehe 25 mwezi ujao uweze kuweka madarakani watu ambao si wala rushwa na mafisadi ni muhimu wananchi wote watambue kuwa kipindi cha uchaguzi siyo lele mama, bali ni kipindi cha kutafakari kwa makini na kufunga mkanda ili kuepuka vishawishi vya watu wanaonunua uongozi kujinufaisha.

Alisema kutokana na baadhi ya wananchi kutokuwa makini wakati wa uchaguzi, katika miaka ya hivi karibuni uongozi wa umma umegeuzwa kuwa ni mradi wa wanaopata uongozi kujitajirisha badala ya kutumikia umma, hali ambayo inachangia kushamiri kwa kero za wananchi na umaskini miongoni mwa wanawake na wanaume wengi nchini.

"Wagombea wala rushwa na mafisadi huwa wanatumia mbinu kuwadanganya wapiga kura ili kushinda uchaguzi ikiwa ni pamoja na kuwatisha wananchi, kuwahonga vyakula, vinywaji, mavazi, simu, fedha au kuwapa ahadi za uongo.

"Wala rushwa na mafisadi wakishapata uongozi katika mitaa na vijiji, huzitumia ofisi hizo kwa manufaa yao binafsi zaidi hasa kujitajirisha kwa kuuza na kukodisha mali za mitaa na kuwatoza wananchi fedha wanapokuwa wanahitaji huduma ya kiongozi kwa ajili ya kutatua matatizo yao," alisema.

Alisema baadhi ya viongozi wala rushwa huwatoza wananchi fedha kati ya sh. 1,000 na sh. 5,000 bila kuwapatia risiti wanapohitaji kupata barua ya kuwatambulisha kama wakazi wa eneo husika au kama wanahitaji huduma ya kiongozi kutatuliwa matatizo binafsi yanayowakumba. Alisema Tamwa inaona kuwa viongozi wengine wala rushwa na mafisadi wamekuwa ndio chanzo cha serikali kulalamikiwa na wananchi kutokana na kuua miradi ambayo inaanzishwa kwa ajili ya maendeleo ya wananchi.

Kwa mfano, alisema mwaka 1998 serikali ilijenga visima vya maji safi katika mitaa ya jiji la Dar es Saam ili kupeleka huduma hiyo karibu na wananchi, lakini katika baadhi ya mitaa viongozi waliochaguliwa na wananchi wamegeuza visima hivyo kuwa ni miradi yao binafsi ya kujipatia fedha na katika vingine katika mitaa kadhaa vimekufa kabisa kutokana na ubinafsi wa viongozi.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Iddi Mbaraka!

Nawatakia wadau waIslamu, Iddi Njema!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Krimu za Kufanya Matiti na Matako Yawe Makubwa Bongo!

Heh! Kumbe Bongo kuna 1-800-STUPID! Yaani watu wanaamini wakipaka krimu za aina fulani kwenye matako na matiti yatakuwa makubwa! Loh! Hebu acheni kutajirisha watu! Vile vile hakuna krimu ya kufanya nyeti ya mwanaume irefuke au iwe nene zaidi!


Campaign on Drugs said to Enlarge breasts begins
Na Joyce Kisaka
18th September 2009

The government has embarked on a nationwide community-based education and sensitisation campaign on the dangers of the haphazard use of cosmetics.

The campaign is aimed at saving the lives of hundreds of cosmetic-crazy women whose health is at serious risk following persistent application of creams believed to help enlarge breasts and bums.

In remarks made exclusively to The Guardian earlier this week, Health and Social Welfare minister David Mwakyusa warned of the imminent health complications that users of the banned cosmetics were in for.

The creams have been confirmed to cause severe harm instead of leading to enhanced beauty those applying them were dying to realise, he said.

He added that the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TDFA) would spearhead the campaign while also devising strategies to control the importation, supply and use of the drugs.

The creams in question are said to originate from China before “mysteriously” (according to sources) finding their ways into the Tanzanian market, chiefly in Dar es Salaam. Despite warnings by medical authorities on the harm they can cause, they have inexplicably gained immense popularity in recent months, judging from the swelling numbers of people hunting for them.

A week-long survey by this paper in different parts of Dar es Salaam seeking to verify the availability of creams revealed the intricacies involved in getting them, a common comment being that they were sold only to faces familiar to those stocking them.

It was further learnt that the supply of the drugs was especially huge in the city but also in all other the regions, and were seldom on display.

“Usually, limited supplies are retrieved from storerooms and made available to serious customers after a thorough screening process to make sure that the dispensing chemists were safe,” according to one source.

Commenting on the circulation of the creams in the local market and whether that was evidence of failure by the government to control their importation, sale and use, Prof Mwakyusa said it would not be fair to heap the blame on the government “or specifically TFDA”.

Instead, he explained that the existence of numerous unauthorised routes that made it difficult for the authorities to stamp out the supply.

But he was emphatic that the government would continue making efforts to plug all loopholes through which the creams and all other contraband made it into Tanzania, “and we will keep wananchi posted on developments alongside continuing to educate and sensitise them on the hazards of using these drugs”.

Asked about what he believed was the best approach through which to contain the situation, Prof Mwakyusa said: “What is obvious is that demand for a commodity will always sustain its market. An item that is not selling will soon be out of the market.”

He added that it was thus a lot better to underscore the need to focus attention on the public awareness campaign the government has devised “to ensure that the supply of these creams is cut off and wananchi stop buying and using them”.

“It is a national obligation to put the situation in check by eliminating all dangerous drugs and ensuring that even safe drugs are consumer under the guidance of medical experts. This must be done the health of more of our people is exposed to danger,” stated the minister.

“The damage to body tissue that the use of these creams can cause will manifest itself most in the coming few years, and this condition might be irreversible. We (government) have the duty to stop this from happening,” he added.

Most Dar es Salaam residents interviewed on the matter recommended that severer measures be taken to put the situation under control. They saw search-and-destroy operations as the most realistic way out in the short term.

“But what is this madness going on among women these days? Who told them that beauty is acquired that queer way? This is outrageous, and something should be done immediately to reverse the suicidal trend,” said Dominick Mpolaki, a pharmacist based in the city.

A cautious visit by The Guardian to one of the numerous shops in Kariakoo where the breast and bum enhancing creams are reportedly available non-stop found evidence of the highly secretive nature of the transactions involved in acquiring them.

Customers would walk in shops for a supposed tête-à-tête with retailers, before flashing pieces of paper with the name of the drug being sought written on it. The salesperson would then take a “CID-style” look at the customer to authenticate the genuineness of the demand before retrieving the drugs from storerooms.

Asked why she had not cared to verify the efficacy and safety of the creams before applying them, a woman who had suffered serious side-effects said: “I miscalculated. Applying the gel has left my body embarrassingly deformed. My dream of landing the anticipated so-called 8 figure has vanished, leaving me with profound regrets.”

Another “victim”, from Magomeni in Dar es Salaam, explained: “It is a neighbour I had known very well for years who drew me into using these creams. She herself had applied them for very long and her ‘morphology’ appeared to have improved much over time. I fell into her trap, and see how horrendous I now look!”

She added: “She appeared great and her husband was proud of her. I wanted to look like her. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out my way. I now suffer from recurrent skin irritation and the body figure I longed for will never be achieved.”

A third lady, who identified herself as a trader from Arusha popularly known as Lily, said she had generated super profits from years of selling ointments and creams widely believed to enlarge parts of the body.

“Demand for the items has been growing like wildfire in Arusha. I am now in Dar es Salaam to explore ways of expanding my business,” she explained.

“You see, women are not like men and always march with changes in fashion. My customers don’t care about fairy tales about side-effects (of applying the creams); the only thing they are after is beauty, which is what I guarantee them,” added a beaming Lily, slowly moving away to avoid further questions from this reporter.

On a rather positive note, some of those selling the creams advise prospective customers to provide proof of their health status before they can be attended to.

Sources say only those confirmed to be HIV-negative can then get the creams, apparently because the use of the concoctions makes the body even less resistant to disease.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rais Obama Anavyotukanwa Hapa Marekani!

Yaani lazima nikubaliane kabisa na Rais mstaafu Jimmy Carter, aliyesema leo kuwa watu wanamfanyia Rais Obama vituko na kutomwonyesha heshima kama Rais.

Mfano, wiki iliyopita Rais Obama alikuwa anatoa hotuba bungeni. Aliposema kuwa katika 'mpango wake wa afya' wasio na makaratasi hawatapewa huduma, mzungu Joe Wilson, alifoka, 'You Lie!" (Mwongo). Wilson alizomewa.

Katika historia ya Marekani hakuna rais aliyewahi kuzomewa akiwa anatoa hotuba Bungeni. Huwa watu wankunja uso na kuguna, lakini kufoka hivyo ilikuw haijawahi kutokea. Watu wanasema Rais Obama angekuwa mzungu, Wilison asingethubutu kufanya hivyo.

Rais Carter anasema hiyo mizozo na fujo tunazaoona kwenye mikutano ya wananchi (Town Hall) ni kutokana na wazungu kushindwa kukubali kuongzwa na mtu mweusi. Hawawezi kutukana Rais Obama waziwazi hivyo wanafanya fujo. Hata kuleta bastola kwenye mikutano anayohotobia Rais Obama.

Niliwaambia ubaguzi bado uko Marekani. Watu walibisha....mnaona sasa?

Twiga Maarufu Afariki Dunia Boston!

Wadau kuna kilio hapa Boston, MA leo. Twiga 'mcheza sinema maarufu' hapa Marekani kafa hapa Boston! Alikuwa anaigiza katika sinema, The Zookeeper' (stelingi wake Kevin James). Huyo twiga alikuwa anaitwa Tweet. Alimaliza kuigiza katika scene yake ya mwisho huko Franklin Park Zoo. Alikuwa analishwa chakula cha jioni, ndipo kaanguka na kufa papo hapo! Nitauliza wacheza sinema wenzangu wa hapa Boston waliokuwa huko mambo yalikuaje halafu nitawajulisha.

Nzoga ya Tweet itafanyiwa uchunguzi na wataalam wa wanyama pia FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) wanachungza kifo cha Tweet. Tweet alikuwa ameigiza katika yale matangazo ya Toys R Us, na sinema za Evan Almighty na Ace Ventura. Watoto wananjua zaidi kama Geoffrey.

Rest in Peace Tweet!
Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Mwakilishi Wetu Big Brother Africa 4


Hatimaye mwakilishi wa Tanzania katika shindano la Big Brother Africa mwaka huu amejulikana na tayari ameshaanza kufanya vitu vyake.

Mbongo huyo ambaye sasa ameondoa dhana potofu ya awali kwa baadhi ya watu kuwa msanii Steven Kanumba ndiye aliyekuwa mwakilishi wa Tanzania kwa mwaka huu, ni mrembo Elizaberth Gupta mwenye umri wa miaka 21.

Akizungumza na Alasiri leo asubuhi, Msemaji wa Kampuni ya Multichoice (Tanzania), ambaye kampuni yao hiyo yenye maskani yake Afrika Kusini ndiyo inayoendesha shindano hilo, Bi. Furaha Samalu, amesema tayari Elizaberth ameshatinga kwenye jumba la BBA nchini Afrika Kusini na kuanza vitu vyake.

Akawaomba Watanzania waendelee kumpa sapoti ili hatimaye aweze kufanya vyema, kwani ushindani wa mwaka huu ni mkali zaidi.

"Yuko fiti sana... naamini atafanya vizuri, lakini Watanzania tumuombee na kumuunga mkono ili kufikia azma hiyo," akasema Bi. Furaha.

Aidha, akigusia wasifu wa Elizaberth, Furaha amesema ni mwenye uelewa mpana na ana uwezo mkubwa wa kuzungumza Kiingereza, lugha ambayo ndiyo inayotumika kwenye jumba hilo.

"Hana tatizo la lugha... ana uwezo mkubwa sana na ndiyo maana akapata fursa hii ya aina yake," akaongeza.

Uthibitisho huo wa uwezo wa kuzungumza lugha ya Kiingereza alio nao Elizaberth unaondoa shaka kuwa pengine, naye atakwazika kiasi na kutaniwa pindi akirejea nyumbani, kama ilivyo sasa ambapo baadhi ya watu walikuwa wakitumiana vimeseji vya utani, vikidai kuwa eti, Mbongo akiwa kwenye jumba hilo la BBA atashindwa kuzungumza vyema na kuwaambia wenzie kwa lugha 'broken' kuwa: "I am closing... I will open in ze evening!"

Waliotunga utani huo, walikuwa wanamaanisha kuwa: "Nimefunga (swaumu ya Ramadhani), nitafungulia jioni)."

Utani huo uliosambaa wiki iliyopita kupitia vimeseji vya simu na kwenye mitandao ya internet, ulitokana na ushiriki wa saa 24 wa msanii Kanumba, ambaye alikuwa mmoja wa mastaa wanne walioalikwa kwa ajili ya uzinduzi wa shindano hilo la BBA Revolution kwa mwaka huu.

Maelezo mengine kuhusu Elizaberth yanaonesha kuwa alizaliwa miaka 21 iliyopita na ni miongoni mwa warembo walioingia kwenye 10 bora ya fainali za kumsaka Mrembo wa Tanzania mwaka jana.

Ameingia kwenye shindano hilo akiwa na usongo mkubwa wa kuwa mshindi na kutwaa zawadi ya kitita cha dola za Kimarekani 200,000.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kids Got it Easy!

Received by E-mail:

I hate to sound like an adult.....

But now that I'm well over the age of fifty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today.

You've got it so easy and yet you don't
know how good you've got it!

When I was a your age, there wasn't any email!!
We had to actually write somebody a letter - with a pen!

Then you had to walk all the way across the street and put it in the mailbox and it would take, like, a week to get there!
In fact, there wasn't any INTERNET when we were kids! Yeah, that's internet!! If we wanted to know something, we had to
Using a Card Catalogue!!

Child Protective Services didn't care if our parents beat us. As a matter of fact, the parents of all my friends also had permission to kick our ass! Nowhere was safe!

There were no MP3' s or Napsters! If you wanted to steal music, you had to hitchhike to the damn record store and shoplift it yourself!
Or you had to wait around all day to tape it off the radio and the DJ would usually talk over the beginning and @#*% it all up! There were no CD players either! We had tape decks in our car. We'd play our favorite tape and "eject" it when finished and the tape would come undone. Cause - that's how we rolled!

We didn't have fancy crap like Call Waiting! If you were on the phone and somebody else called they got a busy signal, that's it!

And we didn't have fancy Caller ID either!
When the phone rang, you had no idea who it was! It could be your school, your mom, your boss, your bookie, your drug dealer, a collections agent, you just didn't know!!! You had to pick it up and take your chances, mister!

We didn't have any fancy Sony Playstation video games with high-resolution 3-D graphics!
Uh-uh! We had the Atari 2600! With games like 'Space Invaders' and 'Asteroids'. Your guy was a little square! You actually had to use your imagination!! And there were no multiple levels or screens, it was just one screen... forever!
And you could never win.

The game just kept getting harder and harder and faster and faster until you died! Just like LIFE!

Wanna know what's on TV.....You had to use a little book called a TV Guide to find out! And you were screwed when it came to channel surfing! You had to get off your ass and walk over to the TV to change the channel!

Think about that a for a little while!

There was no Cartoon Network either! You could only get cartoons on Saturday Morning. Do you hear what I'm saying!?! We had to wait ALL WEEK for cartoons, you spoiled little bastards!

And we didn't have microwaves, if we wanted to heat something up we had to use the stove! And wait!

That's what I'm talking about! You kids today have got it too easy. You guys wouldn't have lasted five minutes back in 1980 or before!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tanzia - Mohamed Mpakanjia

(pichani marehemu Mohamed Mpakanjia na mke wake marehemu Amina Chifupa)

Mungu ailaze roho yake mahala pema peponi.

Kutoka Michuzi Blog:



Kutoka Lukwangule Blog:

MFANYABIASHARA maarufu na mdau mkubwa wa michezo na burudani nchini, Mohamed Mpakanjia(pichani) amefariki dunia leo katika hospitali ya jeshi la Lugalo jijini Dar es Salaam.
Kwa mujibu wa taarifa zilizopatikana katika hospitalini hiyo ambayo pia alifia aliyekuwa mkewe Amina Chifupa, Mpakanjia amefariki dunia katika hospitali hiyo majira ya saa saba mchana.
Chanzo chetu cha habari kilichopo katika hospitali hiyo kilisema kuwa mfanyabiashara huyo alifikishwa hopitalini hapo jumamosi iliyopita kutokana na kusumbuliwa na homa ya mapafu (PNEUMONIA).

"Aliletwa hospitalini hapa jumamosi akisumbuliwa na matatizo ya homa ya mapafu. Wakati analetwa alionekana mwenye afya njema lakini hali yake ilibadilika ghafla leo na mauti kumfika," kilisema chanzo hicho cha habari.

Katika uhai wake Mpakanjia alikuwa ni miongoni mwa watu waliotoa mchango mkubwa katika maendeleo ya michezo na burudani hasa kutokana na kusaidia wasanii, wanamuziki na bendi nyingi za muziki hapa nchini.

Alikuwa mfadhili mkuu wa bendi ya DDC Mlimani Park 'Sikinde', Tanzania One Theater 'TOT Plus' na pia alidhamini albamu za pamoja za wanamuziki Ramadhani Masanja 'Banza Stone', Ally Choki na kiongozi wa Msondo iitwayo 'Sisi ndiyo Sisi' ya mwaka 2005.

Kwa upande wa sanaa alitoa mchango mkubwa kwa kuwasaidia wasanii wengi wa sanaa ya filamu na maigizo kwa kuwawezesha kifedha kukamilisha kazi zao hizo.
Mungu ailaze roho yake pema peponi. Amina.

Habari hii nimeletewa na Selemani Mkangara.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caribbean Festival Kwetu Cambridge Leo! Part II

Mara parade ilivyoisha hawakuchelewa kuanza usafi!
Kulikuwa na polisi kibao kutulinda! Bila shaka mmesikia habari za fujo wanazofanya kwenye hiyo parade wakiwa Boston, hata watu wamepigwa risasi na kuchomwa visu, na hata kufa. Kwetu Cambridge, mambo shwari! Tatizo hao wanaume wanaolinda wanawake zao kwenye parade. Umtizime GF au mke wa mtu utakoma! Wanaume wao wako karibu! Lakini wengine wako karibu uchi utaweza kuacha kuwtazama kweli?
Hao walipita kwenye sidewalk, maana hawakuwa official. Walikuwa wananuka bangi, ile mziki wao ulinikumbusha muziki wa asili ya waKulya.

Nimeshika bendera ya Jamaica, ni nchi alikozaliwa mama yangu. Huyo baba sijui nitammwona wapi nimpe picha yake!

Huyo baba alikuwa amelewa. Alikuwa anasakata rhumba, alisema yeye ni mzuri wa ajabu (Most handsome Man) na wanamwita Denzel Washington au Billy Dee Williams. Jirani yangu anayetoka Jamaica kamwambia, "don't kid yourself!" Alisema anatoka Trinidad.

Huyo jamaa alichukua bendera yangu, aliomba apige picha nao. Alikuwa amelewa mno, na kaongea lugha ambao sielewi!

Hao wameikumbusha ngoma ya Sindimba!

Huyo dada alihangaika mno na hiyo costume. Mpaka tukapiga bets kuwa hata fika mbali kwa maan ilikuwa nzito na alikuwa hoi! Alivyofika mbele yetu kwenye taa walimpa mtu mwingine aivae! Huyo alikuwa karibu kuzimia!

Hao walichelewa na walikuwa wanaenda kujiunga na wenzao.

Caribbean Festival Kwetu Cambridge Leo!

Wadau, leo hapa Cambridge, Massachusetts, tulivamiwa na watu wa Boston. Walikuwa hapa kwa ajili ya Caribbean Carnival ambayo infanyika kila mwaka. Mwaka huu walichelewa kuifanya, kawaida wanafanya August na ndo tunaaga summer (kipindi cha joto). Nimepiga picha kadhaa kwa ajili yenu.