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Zilipendwa - Going Back to My Roots na Odyssey

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Zilipendwa - Hooray Hooray na Boney M

Wadau enzi zile Boney M na ABBA walivuma sana. Nyimbo zilikuwa rahisi kuimba.

Zilipendwa - Rivers of Babylon na Boney M

Ujumbe kutoka kwa Mh. Harrison Mwakyembe

Press release: Dr. H. Mwakyembe (Phd)
P.O. Box 44, Kyela and P.O. Box 20797, Dar Es Salaam

I have been saddened and embarrassed by the statement released by the National Traffic Commander of the Tanzania Police Force, Commissioner James Kombe, on Monday, May 26, 2009, which was published and broadcast by various media organisations, regarding the road accident that I succumbed to on Thursday, May 21, 2009, at 7:10 am, at Ifunda, in Iringa Region. The Police statement refutes the statements made by myself and my driver regarding the accident and advises me to refrain from making further statements about the accident on the basis that I have no expertise whatsoever on road accidents. I obtained that statement through the “Tanzania Daima” newspaper, published on Tuesday, May 26, 2009, and as the Tanzania Police Force has not disowned it, I consider that statement to be true and correct.

Irrespective of the fact that I am convalescing at my residence as advised by my doctors, I have been forced to break my silence and make this brief press statement in order to prevent the deliberate distortion of the facts that is being conducted by the press, in particular, the “Tanzania Daima” newspaper and some Police officers, for reasons best known to themselves on this matter. I would like to express my disappointment regarding this matter regarding the course of action taken by the Police, which is more political in nature, rather than being investigative, which is the normal procedure, as following:

1) In the event that a criminal offence has occurred, it is the duty and responsibility of the Police to investigate and collect evidence related to the offence in order to present all the facts to the relevant judiciary organ, that is, the Court, which has the expertise of examining the evidence presenting, separating lies from the truth and arriving at a conclusion. To that effect, the steps taken by the Police to form a “Special Committee” to examine the statements made by myself and my driver, as well as collecting additional evidence and reaching a conclusion at a later stage (outside of the judiciary process) that the statements made by myself and my driver were not truthful, is a violation of the division of duties and powers of state organs, or, in other words, it is the obstruction of the Judiciary Process, contrary to the Constitution of the Nation. The appropriate course of action that I consider the Police should have taken would have been the presentation of what the Police allege to be additional evidence collected in an official Police investigation, in a Court of Law, not presenting the same at a Press Conference!

2) The decision taken by the Special Committee of arresting and charging my driver, whom the Special Committee has pre-judged as being untruthful and negligent, thus being liable to prosecution in a Court of Law, is not commensurate with Good Governance and our Foundations of Human Rights that are protected by the Constitution, it converts the Court as being the rubber-stamp organ of Police decisions and judgments.

3) Prior to the occurrence of the road accident I was awake. I insist that I witnessed the entire event up to point where I was struct by an object on my head and lost consciousness. However, the Special Committee claims that I was asleep and I had been awake I would have sustained serious injuries. The Committee claims that as I was asleep I received lesser injuries; my seat was found to be in the reclined position, which is their deduction that I was asleep. I would have expected such claims to have been made by a witchdoctor who uses divining tools to make decisions, not the Tanzania Police Force which has the appropriate expertise, for two main reasons: First, my trip started from Makambaku where I had slept, therefore I would not have fallen asleep within only one hour from Makambaku to Ifunda during the cold May season in the early hours of the moning! Second, when the car overturned, my seat came off and covered me in front. I was removed from the vehicle by moving the seat and it became reclined, a fact that the Special Committee claims was their “expert evidence” that attributes that I was asleep during the accident! I declare that the actions of the Police in utilizing the media to disown statements made by the main witnesses in this case, that is, me and my driver, is sufficient evidence of the counterproductive arrogance and senselessness of some of the leaders who have been given vital roles and duties in state organs.

4) Due to the fact that the laws of the country require the quasi-judicial bodies to adhere to the principles of natural justice, what prevented the Special Committee to interview me and my driver in order to satisfy the principles of natural justice and obtain a more clear picture of the accident? Had my and my driver been given the opportunity to be heard, I am certain that the report of the Special Committee would not have been read to the Press for fear of embarrassing the Police for being negligent and not adhering to the standards of professionalism and investigative procedure. In addition, I have serious doubts whether the Inspector General of Police, Said Mwema, who formed the Special Committee, had the opportunity to peruse Commissioner Kombe’s report before it was released to the press!

5) The accident took place at 7:10 am, shortly afterwards the Iringa RPC alleged and was quoted by “The Citizen” newspaper of the following day that the cause of the accident was a road pothole, and that the accident was not the result of any conspiracy or any act of sabotage. The Iringa TANROADS Manager countered the Iringa RPC’s statement that the road pothole was too small to have managed to cause the accident of a vehicle of the type of Toyota Landcruiser, which has large wheels. To this, I have three questions: First, what pressed the Iringa RPC to appear and even prior to interviewing the accident victims, make such a statement that the cause of the accident was the pothole? Second, who told the RPC that the accident was the result of a conspiracy or sabotage, to the extent of him being forced to make a press statement as early as he did? Third, what were the reasons that the Special Committee identified that accounted to the Iringa TANROADS Manager to differ with the Iringa RPC as to the actual cause of the accident?

6) In the “Tanzania Daima” edition of Sunday, May 29, 2009, the driver of the lorry (whom me and my driver mentioned in our written statement taken by the Police) was quote as saying the following: that he did not hit my car; that my driver was driving at high speed and he was negligent; and that the Police were in agreement with the statement made by that driver. To this, I only have three questions: First, what prevented the Special Committee and up to now is preventing the Police from properly interviewing the lorry driver, through the “Tanzania Daima” reporter? Second, apart from taking such steps at a very late stage, why are the Police afraid of detaining the lorry and inspecting it in order to find it whether there are any signs of being involved in an accident in order to find telltale signs of it being involved in hitting my car? Third, why are the Police completely avoiding from mentioning the lorry in their press statements while pedestrian and other witnesses to the accident and one Road Traffic Officer witnessed the lorry as being parallel to my car for quite some time prior to the accident?

7) In the “Tanzania Daima” report, the lorry driver claims to have witnessed the accident occurring in front of him, however, he did not stop to assist, he went on with his trip. What is the interpretation of the experts of the Special Committee regarding the actions taken by the said driver?

8) The report of the Special Committee of the IGP is commensurate in all aspects with the various reports published by the “Tanzania Daima” newspaper since the accident took place, such that the report could have been written (without Commander Kombe and his colleagues being required to burn fuel to travel to Iringa) by using the reports of that newspaper alone. What are the relationships between some of the senior Police officers and this newspaper? What is the relationship between the said lorry and the “Tanzania Daima” newspaper and/or Iringa Police officers?

9) The report of the Special Committee, according to the “Tanzania Daima” newspaper of May 26, 2009, requested me to refrain from making technical reports! I have several questions to ask: First, what technical expertise is required to make an account of an event that one has witnessed? For example, if my house was burnt, according to the mandate of the Special Committee, I will be prohibited by stating that the cause of the fire was a lantern or candle, until after having waited for Kombe and his special team of “experts” to come and conduct their divination, as they did with my accident? Second, we have witnessed many accidents in the country; passengers and drivers have always been an important source of information to the Police in order to discern the cause of the accidents. Why should the procedures be contravened in the accident of Dr. Mwakyembe, exclusively (whereas the main witnesses in the accident are prevented from speaking)? Third, if the real issue here is the comprehension of the relevant governing laws in that juridsdiction, the investigative and prosecution procedures, who among Kombe’s committee members can claim to have a better and broader understanding than myself? [Dr. Mwakyembe is a lawyer and legal expert by profession.]

10) We have experienced several accidents as a Nation, that caused injuries and casualties of citizens and leaders, resulting in a multitude of questions regarding the causes of those accidents, without the Police intervening in the freedom of expression of the victims, or even the formulations of Special Investigative Committees! However, my accident, that with the guardianship and blessings of The Almighty God, did not result in any loss of life, is being surrounded with deliberate controversy and debacle, to the extent of a Special Investigative Committee being formed, with the sole purpose of gagging the mouths of the main victims and others from speaking out. The hype of the Police, to investigate and interfere with every single statement made by me, coming up with countering statements is resulting from what calling, is being promoted by whom and for whose benefit?

Let me conclude by making these three additional statements, briefly: First, any person who is sound of mind cannot defend the negligence of his driver as in so doing he will be digging his own early grave! Likewise, any wise and sage person cannot accept the unjust prosecution of another person, of being labeled as a liar. That is sinful!

Second, our Police Force is a very important organ in the safety and security of the people, which hold the faith and support of all citizens without prejudice. It should never be involved in political machinations, and it should be seen as to observe the enforcement of the law according to the principals of natural justice and the Constitution of our Nation.

Third and last, when the accident took place, my first statement was: This is a normal accident and I leave everything to The Almighty God. However, the machinations of the Police of creating an environment of “plausible deniability” are giving me a sense of great trouble and a belief that the accident was anything but normal. Along with that fear, I still leave everything to The Almighty God who has the Final Decision.

DR. Harrison G. Mwakyembe (MP)
Kunduchi, Dar e s Salaam


Translation from KiSwahili to English done by Aziz Mongi:

Tapeli adai ni mtoto wa John Garang!

Lakini nisishangae, kuna moja alidai eti ni Julius Nyerere Jr.!

Hello Dear

I know this mail will come to you as a surprise since we haven't known or come across each other before considering the fact that I sourced your email contact through the Internet in search of trusted person who can assist me.

I am Julia John Garang 24 years old female from the Republic of Sudan, the Daughter of Late Dr. John Garang. My late father was a strong opposition for over 20years until he was appointed the vice president on the 9th of July 2005 by the United Nations Peace Team as an avenue to quench the 20years civil war in Sudan. He died on the 31st of July 2005 following a helicopter crash alongside with 12 others just 22days after his appointment as the vice president. What led to the helicopter crash is still unclear but I know that my father was the target. You can read more about my father in the link below. africa/2134220.stm.

I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father. Meanwhile I wanted to travel to Europe, but she hide away my international passport and other valuable documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my father's File which contained important documents. Now I am presently staying in the Mission in Burkina Faso. I am seeking for long term relationship and investment assistance. My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US$ 8.7 Million in one bank in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin. I had contacted the Bank to clear the deposit but the Branch Manager told me that being a refugee, my status according to the local law does not authorize me to carry out the operation. However, he advised me to provide a trustee who will stand on my behalf. I had wanted to inform my stepmother about this deposit but I am afraid that she will not offer me anything after the release of the money.

Therefore, I decide to seek for your help in transferring the money into your bank account while I will relocate to your country and settle down with you. As you indicated your interest to help me I will give you the account number and the contact of the bank where my late beloved father deposited the money with my name as the next of kin. It is my intention to compensate you with 20% of the total money for your assistance and the balance shall be my investment in any profitable venture which you will recommend to me as have no any idea about foreign investment. Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential purposes.

Thanking you a lot in anticipation of your quick response. I will give you details in my next mail after receiving your acceptance mail to help me.

Yours sincerely
Julia Garang

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Anatafutwa na Ndugu Zake - Yustace K. Kakala

Wadau, ndugu wa Yusace K. Kakala wanamtafauta, wanasema hawajawa na mawasiliano naye zaidi ya miaka 15. Habari walizopata m,ara la mwisho, alikuwa Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wenye habari tafadhali wasiliana na ndugu zake kupitia barua pepe.

Details za huyu ndugu yetu ni kama ifuatavyo:





· MAGE KAKALA 255-752-797181 OR 255-786-633584
· GREGORY KAMALA AT 255-753-958393
· JULIANA KAKALA AT 255-787-43002

Innocent E. Lugumamu

Soko la Kariakoo 1971

Nyanya Zamponza Da Veronica

Wadau, samahani lakini roho imeniuma sana nilivyona hizi picha. Yaani mtu anatafuta riziki kwa kuuza nyanya, halafu anayang'anywa! Na ninajua hao mgambo wanaenda kugawana bidhaa walizoiba! Ndiyo nimesema hao mgambo wameiba! Nilivyokuwa Tanzania mara nyingi nilishuhudia hao wanaojiita mgambo wakiwaibia machinga, mama ntilie na wengine mali yao! NANI ANAVUNJA SHERIA HAPO? Tanzania bado iko vile vile! Hao mgambo wafanye kazi ya kukamata vibaka na wezi waliozagaa juko mitaani na waache watu wanatafuta riziki kwa njia za heshima! Angekuwa CD wala wasingemsumbua!


Picha na Maelezo kutoka JIACHIE BLOG:

Mfanyabiashara wa nyanya katika soko la Kariakoo aliye fahamika kwa jina moja la Veronica akipambana na Askari Mgambo wa Jiji wakati walipokuwa wakichukua bidhaa zake ,kitendo hicho kimempelekea mama huyo kumwacha uchi jambo ambalo ni kinyume cha haki na sheria za binadamu.

JIACHIE inalaani vikali vitendo vya udharirishaji kama hivi,ambavyo kimsingi vinavuka mipaka ya haki na sheria za binadamu,hakuna mwenye haki ya kumvua nguo mwenzake hadharani,mbele ya watu lundo kama hivi.!

Ali Kiba in Los Angeles 5.30.09

Ahmed Viriyala Asema...


Tourist: I hear that your country is very peaceful especially this city of yours Dar es Salaam.

Local Man: Are you kidding! Just walk around the streets of Jangwani, Tandika, Tandale and Manzese with that bag on your back and you will get an answer!

WAPI Zanzibar

Muhula wa Pili wa WaPi Zanzibar umewadia....

WaPi ni tamasha la sanaa linalofanyika kila mwezi. Tukio hili linakusudia kutoa nafasi kwa wasanii wanaochipukia kushiriki na kuthibitisha vipaji vyao.

Katika Muhula huu tunakusudia kuanza kulipeleka tuko hili katika baadhi ya shule ili kuchochea ushiriki wa wanafunzi zaidi katika mijadala na sanaa.
Tunatarajia pia kushirikiana na baadhi ya taasisi mbalimbali ili kutoa nafasi za kujiendeleza kitaaluma na kisanii kwa wale watakaoonyesha juhudi na mwelekeo mzuri.

Tukio jingine jipya katika muhula huu ambalo litawezeshwa kama kawaida na BRITISH COUNCIL ni ubunifu na usanifu mitindo.

Mada ya safari hii katika WaPi ni ANGUKO LA UCHUMI DUNIANI.... Tunatarajia kushirikisha wadau mbalimbali katika kujadili athari za mtikisiko wa uchumi hapa kwetu. Pia hii ni nafasi muhimu ya kuangalia ni kwa jinsi gani jamii ina uelewa katika tatizo hili na namna ya kukabiliana nalo.


Waongozaji wa tukio kutoka WaPi Zanzibar

DJ Cool Para

Jukwaa la sanaa za Mikono

Mwl Muchi kutoka Nyumba ya Sanaa Zanzibar atasimamia warsha fupi juu ya sanaa ya uchoraji kwenye Kona ya MAARIFA

NEW GENERATION katika uchezaji na sarakasi

Mjadala wa mada


Kimanumanu Kidumbak

Wamo Sanaa group katika Ngoma asilia

Pamoja na wasanii anaokuja juu katika Hip Hop Zanzibar..Chaby Six na Mr Mvuto

Mengineyo ni pamoja na Tenzi, Upambaji, Uchezaji na upigaji wa ala mbalimbali...


Alhamisi tarehe 28-05-2009 kuanzia saa 9 alasiri hadi 2 usiku

Hamna kiingilio


The second term of WaPi Zanzibar has arrived.....

WaPi is an artistic event taking place every month. This event aims in offering a chance to underground talents in proving themselves artistically.

During this term we are planning to take WaPi events to various school in order to encourage more students participation in art and dialogues.
We will also be working hand in hand with other stakeholders to make sure that artists who shows improvements are supported in getting regular short term sponsorship to attend workshops and courses.

Through an extra support from BRITISH COUNCIL we will be adding another element which will be fashion designing and shows.

This time the theme will be WORLD ECONOMIC DOWNTURN..we will be discussing together about the effects in our far does a normal local understand it?


Introduction from WaPi MC

DJ Cool Para

Fine art

Mwl Muchi from Nyumba ya Sanaa will facilitate a short drawing workshop...KONA YA MAARIFA

NEW GENERATION in dance and acrobatics

Theme discussions

Battle of MCs

Kimanumanu Kidumbak

Ngoma time (traditional rythms and dance) by WaMo Sanaa group

Up and strong coming Hip Hop talents Chaby Six and Mr mvuto will also hit a stage!!


Thursday 28th May 2009 from 3pm til 8pm


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Liyumba na Kweka Waachiwa Huru!

Haya sasa!


Liyumba aachiwa huru...!

Na Kiyao Hoza
27th May 2009B

Amatus LiyumbaAliyekuwa Mkurugenzi wa Utawala na Utumishi wa Benki Kuu ya Tanzania (BoT), Amatus Liyumba na mwenzake Deogratias Kweka ambaye alikuwa Meneja wa Mradi wa Majengo pacha ya BoT wameachiliwa huru leo asubuhi.

Vigogo hao wa zamani wa benki hiyo, wameachiwa huru katika mahakama ya Kisutu Jijini leo baada ya hati ya mashtaka kadhaa yaliyokuwa yakiwakabili kuhusiana na matumizi mabaya ya ofisi na kuisababishia Serikali hasara ya zaidi ya shilingi bilioni 221 kuonekana kuwa hayaendani na makosa yao.

Awali, kabla ya kufikia uamuzi huo, Hakimu Waliarwande Lema alisoma hukumu ya maombi yaliyowasilishwa na upande wa utetezi na kusema kuwa amefuta mashtaka ya wawili hao kwa sababu hati ya mashtaka haiendani na makosa yaliyotajwa.

Hakimu huyo akauamuru upande wa mashtaka kuandaa hati mpya ya mashtaka yatakayoendana na makosa yaliyotajwa katika hati.

Aidha, akauamuru upande wa mashtaka kuandaa upya hati ya mashtaka.

Wakati hukumu hiyo ikitolewa, uinzi katika mahakama hiyo ulikuwa mkali ambapo askari kanzu na wale waliovalia kiraia walionekana kutanda kila mahala.

Hata hivyo, baada ya kuachiwa huru, washtakiwa hao walikamatwa tena na kupelekwa katika vyumba vya mahabusu mahakamani hapo kabla ya kupandishwa kwenye karandinga aina ya Landrover Defender, lenye namba za usajili T 337 AKV.

Katika gari hilo, walipanda askari watano waliovalia kiraia, watatu kati yao wakiwa wamebeba bunduki.

Mapema asubuhi, katika viunga vya mahakama hiyo kulijaa watu wanaodhaniwa kuwa ni pamoja na ndugu za washtakiwa ambao hata hivyo, hawakudumu na furaha yao na kutawanyika baada ya ndugu zao (Liyumba na Kweka) kurejeshwa tena rumande.

Katika maombi hayo, upande wa utetezi ulidai kuwa sheria iliyotajwa katika shtaka la kuisababisishia serikali hasara ambayo iliwataka washtakiwa kutimiza majukumu yao kisheria ya kuchunguza uhalali wa malipo au majukumu ya kutoa ushauri wa kisheria kwa Menejimenti ya Bodi ya BOT kuhusu malipo.

Maombi hayo yaliwasilishwa na wakali Profesa Mgongo Fimbo mbele ya Hakimu Mkazi Hadija Msongo ambapo alisema shtaka la tatu linalodaiwa kusababisha hasara halionyeshi kosa lolote lililofanywa na washtakiwa.

Aliongeza kuwa shitaka hilo lina kasoro na halikuandikwa ipasavyo kwa mujibu wa vifungu namba 135 vya sheria ya Mwenendo wa Makosa ya Jinai ya mwaka 2002.

Liyumba pamoja an Meneja wa Mradi wa Ujenzi wa Majengo Pacha ya BoT, Deogratius Kweka, wanashtakiwa kwa makosa tofauti yakiwemo matumizi mabaya ya ofisi na kuisababishia hasara serikali ya Sh. 221,197,229,200.95 kati ya mwaka 2001 na 2006.


Matatizo ya Uzazi Tanzania

Hii article imenigusa. Nina ndugu na wamrafiki waliokufa Tanzania kwa matatizo ya uzazi. Wengine walikufa kwa uzembe wa waliokuwa wanawahudumia, wengine eti kwa kukosa pochi ya kuwalipa. Na wanawake wenzangu waliopitia uzazi mnaelewa maswala ya uchungu, morning sickness, na matatizo mengine. Karibuni mtoe maoni yenu juu ya hii suala.


Where Life’s Start Is a Deadly Risk


BEREGA, Tanzania — The young woman had already been in labor for two days by the time she reached the hospital here. Now two lives were at risk, and there was no choice but to operate and take the baby right away.

It was just before dawn, and the operating room, powered by a rumbling generator, was the only spot of light in this village of mud huts and maize fields. A mask with a frayed cord was fastened over the woman’s face. Moments later the cloying smell of ether filled the room, and then Emmanuel Makanza picked up his instruments and made the first cut for a Caesarean section.
Mr. Makanza is not a doctor, a fact that illustrates both the desperation and the creativity of Tanzanians fighting to reduce the number of deaths and injuries among pregnant women and infants.
Pregnancy and childbirth kill more than 536,000 women a year, more than half of them in Africa, according to the World Health Organization.
Most of the deaths are preventable, with basic obstetrical care. Tanzania, with roughly 13,000 deaths annually, has neither the best nor the worst record in Africa. Although it is politically stable, it is also one of the world’s poorest countries, suffering from almost every problem that contributes to high maternal death rates — shortages of doctors, nurses, drugs, equipment, roads and transportation.
There is no single solution for a problem with so many facets, and hospital officials in Berega are trying many things at once. The 120-bed hospital here — a typical rural hospital in a largely rural nation — is a case study in the efforts being made around Africa to reduce deaths in childbirth.
One stopgap measure has been to train assistant medical officers like Mr. Makanza, whose basic schooling is similar to that of physicians’ assistants in the United States, to perform Caesareans and certain other operations. Tanzania is also struggling to train more assistants and midwives, build more clinics and nursing schools, provide housing to attract doctors and nurses to rural areas and provide places for pregnant women to stay near hospitals so that they can make it to the labor ward on time.
But there is a shortage of Emmanuel Makanzas, too. As he began to operate, he said he should have had another pair of skilled hands to assist him. But, he said, “we are few.”
He made a quick, vertical cut, working down from just below the navel, through one layer at a time: skin, fat, muscle, the peritoneal membrane. Within three or four minutes he had reached the uterus, sliced it open and wrestled out a limp, silent baby boy exhausted by the prolonged labor and knocked out by ether. It took a nurse 5 to 10 minutes of vigorous resuscitation to get him breathing normally and crying.
There are many nights like this at the hospital here, 6 miles from the nearest paved road and 25 miles from the last electric pole. It is not uncommon for a woman in labor to arrive after a daylong, bone-rattling ride on the back of a bicycle or motorcycle, sometimes with the arm or leg of her unborn child already emerging from her body.
Some arrive too late. In October, a mother who had been in labor for two days died of infection. In November and December, two bled to death. Doctors say they think that more deaths probably occur outside the hospital among the many women who try to give birth at home.
A few minutes’ walk from the hospital is an orphanage that sums up the realities here: it is home to 20 children, all under 3, nearly all of whose mothers died giving birth to them.
“You can never get used to maternal deaths,” said Dr. Siriel Nanzia Massawe, an obstetrician and the director of postgraduate studies at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences in Dar es Salaam, the country’s largest city. “One minute she’s talking with her husband, then she is bleeding and then she is gone. She’s gone, very young. You cannot sleep for one week. That face will always come back to you. Too many die, too young. But the people in power, they have not seen it. We need to make them aware.”
Over the course of several days at Berega, the difficulties became clear. At times, Mr. Makanza performed one Caesarean after another, sometimes in the middle of the night. One mother was only 15. Another had already had two Caesareans, adding to the risk of this operation or any future pregnancies, but she declined Mr. Makanza’s recommendation to be sterilized.
Others had hoped to speed their labor by taking herbal medicine but were suffering dangerously strong contractions. Hospital staff members struggled to keep up with the operations, handwashing bloodstained gauze and surgical drapes in basins and mopping blood from the floor between cases.
Two women had severe problems from high blood pressure. One came to the hospital after giving birth at home and having a seizure. Another delivered a full-term infant who had died in her womb at least a week before; her only other pregnancy had ended the same way.
A mother in the maternity ward had arrived in labor with twins, one already dead. A Caesarean had saved the second.
The Global Perspective
Women in Africa have some of the world’s highest death rates in pregnancy and during childbirth. For each woman who dies, 20 others suffer from serious complications, according to the W.H.O. “Maternal deaths have remained stubbornly intractable” for two decades, Unicef reported last year. In 2000, the United Nations set a goal to reduce the deaths by 75 percent by 2015. It is a goal that few poor countries are expected to reach.
“Why don’t we have a global fund for maternal health, like the one for TB, malaria and AIDS?” Dr. Massawe asked.
Tanzania has reduced its death rate for young children, but not maternal mortality. The Ministry of Health says its maternal death rate is 578 per 100,000 births, but the World Health Organization puts the figure at 950 per 100,000. By contrast, the health organization estimates the rate in Ireland, the world’s lowest, to be 1 per 100,000.
The women who die are usually young and healthy, and their deaths needless. The five leading causes are bleeding, infection, high blood pressure, prolonged labor and botched abortions. Maternal deaths from such causes were largely eliminated nearly a century ago in developed countries. In poor countries a mother’s death leaves her newborn at great risk of dying as well.
Experts say that what kills many women are “the three delays” — the woman’s delay in deciding to go to the hospital, the time she loses traveling there and the hospital’s delay in starting treatment once she arrives. Only about 15 percent of births have dangerous complications, but they are almost impossible to predict.
A Medical Emergency
A case in the Tanzanian city of Moshi late last year reveals how suddenly a seemingly normal labor can turn into an emergency in which every second counts. Hawa Khalidi, 36, who had five normal births, gave birth to her sixth child a few hours before dawn on Nov. 19 at a health center staffed only by nurses in one of the poorer sections of the city.
Then she began to hemorrhage, and by daybreak she was dead.
An autopsy found that Mrs. Khalidi bled to death because the nurse who delivered her baby failed to perform one basic task, essential to prevent deadly bleeding: removing the placenta after she gave birth.
Normally, pulling on the umbilical cord will extract the placenta. But the autopsy revealed that the cord broke off. The nurse apparently did not know how to reach into the womb to remove the placenta. She sent Mrs. Khalidi to a hospital, but by then Mrs. Khalidi had lost so much blood that doctors could not save her.
In an interview, Mrs. Khalidi’s husband said nurses at the clinic had scolded her because she was too poor to bring her own “delivery kit” containing gloves, clamps and other supplies. Some maternity wards are so crowded that women sleep two or three to a bed, or lie on the floor, along with their newborns. Although the government has promised to build more clinics and to put one within three miles of every village, it cannot even fully staff the clinics it already has. Health workers — overworked, underpaid and sometimes poorly trained — often become demoralized and resigned to the high death rates.
Women lack education and information about birth control, and some become pregnant too young to give birth safely. Husbands and in-laws may decide where a woman gives birth and insist that she stay at home to save money. Malnutrition, stunted growth, malaria and other infections, anemia and closely spaced pregnancies all add to the risks.
In rural areas, many women use traditional birth attendants instead of going to the hospital. The attendants usually have no formal training in medicine or midwifery. Many doctors blame them for high rates of maternal death and complications, saying they let labor go on for too long, cannot treat complications and fail to recognize emergencies that demand hospital care. But many women are loyal to them. For one thing, the price is right. Around Berega, they charge about $2 per birth. A normal birth at the hospital costs about $6, an emergency Caesarean $15.
Dr. Jeffrey Wilkinson, an obstetrician from Duke University who is working at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi, pointed out that other African countries, like Niger, had even higher maternal death rates. Despite the many obstacles in Tanzania, “there is hope here,” he said.
A Hospital’s Shortages
Even though it serves an area with about 200,000 people, the hospital in Berega has no obstetrician or pediatrician. It has only one fully trained doctor, Dr. Paschal Mdoe, 31, who became the medical director in August, fresh out of medical school.
Like most hospitals in Tanzania, the one in Berega tries to compensate for the doctor shortage by relying on assistant medical officers like Mr. Makanza to perform many Caesareans and a few other relatively simple operations like hernia repairs. Although such assistants eventually become quite adept in such operations, most other countries do not recognize their credentials and so do not try to lure them away, a big plus for Tanzania, which loses doctors and nurses to Botswana and other countries that pay more.
Periodically, visiting surgeons repair fistulas, a severe childbirth injury that causes incontinence in the mother. Other outside experts like Dr. Wilkinson have also taught staff members how to resuscitate newborns and treat obstetrical emergencies like hemorrhages and severe high blood pressure.
To persuade more women to give birth at the hospital instead of at home, the hospital is sending health workers with that message to marketplaces, churches, village elders and religious leaders.
In addition, the hospital is creating a “maternity waiting home” so that pregnant women who live far from the hospital can travel to Berega before labor starts and have a place to stay until it is time to give birth. Officials are also negotiating with the government to cover all fees for pregnant women and children, and to acquire an ambulance. (The hospital, a mission institution supported partly by the Anglican Church and the government, does not receive enough money to cover its costs, so it charges fees to make up the difference.)
But there is a long way to go. Only 20 percent of women in the area give birth at the hospital, and many do so only when they need Caesareans. Many women say they simply cannot afford the hospital. More than 50 percent stay home to give birth, and the rest go to local clinics that cannot handle emergencies or perform Caesareans.
“We lost four or five babies this week,” the Rev. Isaac Y. Mgego, an Anglican priest and the hospital’s director, said in an interview in January. “Our doctors have to play with two bad things, to save the mother or save the child.”
It is not easy to lure doctors and nurses to Berega, where most people live in mud huts with no electricity, flush toilets or running water. Malaria is common.
To attract staff members, the hospital provides concrete houses with access to a pump. The church “tops up” government salaries for doctors and nurses, and Dr. Mdoe successfully lobbied church officials to give his staff a raise. A nursing school is being built, with the hope that it will draw local students who will want to remain in Berega.
The hospital has four nursing officers, 10 midwives and 2 other workers known as clinical officers, a total of 16.
“We used to have 34,” Mr. Mgego said. “People leave. We are struggling to retain them. They don’t want to live in villages. Some go without saying goodbye. Those who are committed, they are working tirelessly.”
It costs about $200,000 a year to run Berega Hospital, Mr. Mgego said. He said he hoped the hospital would find ways to prevent the serious problems that required mercy missions and visiting surgeons from groups like Amref, the African Medical and Research Foundation, also known as the flying doctors.
“Coming here to cure people is good, but what can we do to prevent this?” Mr. Mgego asked. “So that one day we can say, flying doctors, you can come, but we have only one patient, or nobody, around here.”

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hongera Mwanangu!

Wadau, ninapenda kuwajulisha kuwa mwanangu Camara Kadete, amepokea digrii (shahada) yake ya kwanza, Bachelor of Arts, kutoka McDaniel College, Westminister Maryland, juzi jumamosi. Baba yake ni mume wangu wa kwanza Prof. Henry Kadete (marehemu). Hongera sana!

Commencement 2009 McDaniel College

Proud Mama
Mimi na mwanangu Camara nje ya ukumbi.

Kushoto kwangu ni mchumba wa Camara, Bi Shalanda naye alipokea digrii Bachelor of Arts.

Tulimaliza kusherekea kwa keki, Camara na Shalanda wakizima mishumaa

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rais Kikwete Atembelea White House

President Barack Obama meets with Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete in the Oval Office Thursday, May 21, 2009. This was the President's first meeting with an African Head of State. A bust of Martin Luther King is at far left. (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

ITV Kufungwa Tanzania?

Jamani, kuna mdau amenitumia hii habari kwa e-mail. Sijui kama kuna ukweli, lakini mbona ni habari ya kutisha!


I have had a number of opportunities (since I left Busanda) to meet with several officials in the government who have assured me that ITV will be shut down sometimes this week after Mr. Mengi has failed to give "sufficient reasons" why his flagship TV station should not be shut down following the spat between him and Rostam Aziz.

The little flies who were in Dar, Arusha and Dodoma looking for some "dirt" have collected enough evidence to show that there is an understated collaboration between some rogue intelligence officers and some of the politicians who were removed from power last year. These rogue elements in the service command unchecked influence and power that no one can challenge. It is from that collaboration and meetings that intensified sometimes in April (soon after Mengi went public with his allegations) the decision has been taken to tame Mengi and his media outlets and even possible silence him.

He has been marked as the individual who pose the most lethal threat to the plan of Agenda 21. So, together with him there are number of news outlets that have been marked as well the most prominent of them is this esteemed forum. JF will face a clear threat either to tone down its criticism or required in some way to abide by certain standards that are being drawn especially after the "zeutamu" saga. As I fly back to Dar, I believe the plan to shut ITV is being timed with JK out of the country but with all his blessings.

As a step toward that goal, Mr. Mengi will be required to give a testimony or explanation to a government entity, the outcome however has already been predetermined. NO NEED to fight. Any resistance will be futile.

Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe apata Ajali ya Gari!


Picha Kutoka JAMII FORUMS:
Shimo lililosababisha ajari ya Dr Mwakyembe
Dr Mwakyembe akifikishwa hospitali ya mkoa wa Iringa leo baada ya ajali

Gari la Dr Mwakyembe likiwa limeharibika vibaya baada ya ajali



Mbunge wa Kyela, Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe amepata ajali ya gari leo asubuhi!
Nina tafuta habari zaidi!


MBUNGE wa Kyela, Dk Harrison Mwakyembe amepata ajali mkoani Iringa karibu na eneo la Mafinga akiwa njiani akitoka Kyela kuelekea jijini Dar es Salaam, walioshuhudia tukio hilo wanaeleza kuwa gari la Dk Mwakyembe lilipata ajali baada ya kukwepa lori na kisha kutumbukia katika korongo ambapo tairi lilichomoka gari limeharibiwa vibaya na Dk Mwakyembe mwenyewe amekimbizwa hospitalini ambapo anaendelea na matibabu na anaweza kuzungumza kama, lakini haijajulikana ni kiasi gani ameumia.
Tutaendelea kuwaleteeni taarifa zaidi kadri muda unavyokwenda kuhusiana na maendeleo ya kiafya ya Dk Mwakyembe, ambaye amejitokeza siku za karibuni kukabiliana vikali katika vita dhidi ya ufisadi, vita vilivyomuingiza katika malumbano makali na wana- CCM wenzake pamoja na baadhi ya wafanyabiashara.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rest in Peace Justin Cosby

UPDATE : 5.26.09

Mnaweza kupata taarifa zaidi hapa! Yaani tunashangaa kama hizi habari ni kweli. Yaani alikuwa haelekee kabisa! Na huyo ambaye wanadai walimwua ni Jabrai Jordan Copney, mtoto wa polisi mstaafu wa New York. Nadhani na hao mabinti wa Harvard hawasemi wanachojua!

(pichani Justin na mpenzi wake)

Wadau, nina habari ya kusikitisha. Kijana ambaye namfahamu tangu akiwa mdogo na rafiki wa mwanangu ameuawa katika bweni Harvard University. Navyosikia alikuwa anawakimbia hao waliomwua. Kwao ni karibu na napokaa mimi. Lazima niseme kuwa huyo kijana alikuwa mpole na hakuwa na matatizo niliyofahamu. Nimesikitishwa mno. Alikuwa anasoma Chuo Kikuu cha Salem State, lakini wanasema kwa sasa alikuwa hasomi pale. Tutasikia mambo yalivyokuwa. Yaani siwezi kuamini.



CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A 21-year-old man shot inside a Harvard University dormitory Monday while students studied for finals died Tuesday.

Justin Cosby, of Cambridge, was shot in the abdomen late Monday afternoon while standing on a stairway leading to a common area inside the Kirkland House, an undergraduate dorm. He was found outside the building by police.

The dorm has an electronic security system, and Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone said authorities were looking into how Cosby got into the building.

Cosby's mother, Denise, said her son attended Salem State College. He lived a few blocks from the Harvard campus.

"It's just so strange. He was fine, healthy yesterday," Denise Cosby told The Boston Globe. "I just can't believe my son is not here today. Inside I'm just torn up, I feel like someone has murdered me."

No arrests had been made by Tuesday afternoon.
Harvard referred all questions to the district attorney. Leone said it appeared the shooting was isolated.

After the shooting, students were told to remain in the dorm for several hours as police interviewed potential witnesses.

Harvard police added security, mainly as a precaution, and students were allowed to move freely inside the dorm Tuesday.

Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stomp - Zilipendwa

Wadau, leo nimekumbuka huo wimbo uliotoka 1980, nikiwa Form Four! Ilikuwa ikipigwa wote lazima wainuke wacheze. Ilikuwa anasa Bongo enzi hizo maana mabolingo zilitawala. Tulikuwa tunasema, "Tumechoka kusikia bolingo, tuwekee disko!"

Picha za Prom

Wadau, hapa Marekani watoto wakimaliza Form 4, wanafanya sherehe kubwa ambayo inaitwa PROM. Wanavyojiandaa kwa mavazi, usafiri wa limo, hoteli, utadhani ni arusi. Nimetumiwa hizi picha za nguo vijana waliovaa kwenye Prom mji fulani hapa USA. Nimetafsiri captions.

Tukae kimya dakika moja tuombee hao ndege.Doh! Mnaweza kuona chupi!
Hivi ilikuwa lazima ageueke? Na huko nyuma ni madudu gani tena?Huyo dada anaenda Prom au Beach?

Njemba kalazimishwa kwenda na huyo dada!
Nywele ya Maiti

Hajawahi kusikia habari ya deo za Invisible Solid?

Hata Mbwa kapakwa rangi!

Hao wamevaa nguo za kulala?

Huyo naye denti?
Yaani huyo bado anasoma Sekondari?

Njemba atahitaji 'counselling'!

Barbeque Milton Keyes


You are All invited to the pre summer family fun day , This saturday 23 May from 12noon till 10:00 pm at CONNIBUROW PAVILLION,CONNIBURROW,MILTON KEYNES,MK14 7AJ...Triple J's Bring to u the best Music Varieties,Family Game, Along with BBQ (Nyama Choma) & Other foods, Entries £5 adult, £2 child and all under 5 free...
Food Prices start from £1.. For more information please contact 07886759174......


Mdau mk

Kaka Michuzi Yu Salama USA!

Wadau, kwa kweli tumshukuru Mungu kwa mkono wake uliosaidia ndege ya KLM aliyokuwa anasafiria Kaka Michuzi na wengine kutua salama Amsterdam Schipol. Ndege ilikuwa ikitoka Schipol kwenda San Francisco direct, kwa hiyo lazima ilimwaga mafuta mengi kweli.

Kaka Michuzi alipiga hii picha akiwa ameshika roho mkononi. Ndege ina mwaga mafuta kusudi iweze kutua salama kwenye Emergency landing. Habari alizonitumia ni kuwa yuko salama na kwa sasa yuko San Francisco, California.

Mnaweza kupata picha na maelezo zaidi hapa:

Mambo ya ZIFF Mwaka Huu!

Zanzibar International Film Festival/Tamasha la Nchi za Jahazi kwa muda mrefu sasa limekua likitoa nafasi za mafunzo ya muda mfupi (Training Workshops) kwa wadau wa filamu nchini na pia kutoa nafasi kwa soko la filamu la Africa mashariki kwa ulimwengu.

Ikiwa sasa tuko katika Tamasha la 12 la nchi za majahazi, ZIFF imeendelea kunadi na kukuza soko hili la filamu, ZIFF inatambua mahitaji ya kiwanda kizima cha filamu ili kikue na kufikia malengo tuyatakayo. Lakini kumekuwa na mwamko mdogo sana kwa wadau ama washiriki wa fani hii, ukiangalia kiwanda hichi hakina watu wenye ujuzi upasao (Professionalism) na ndio maana kimekua kikizalisha ilimradi kazi tena zisizo na ubora.

Mwaka huu tena ZIFF inatoa nafasi ya mafunzo ya muda mfupi kwa wadau na washiriki wa soko/kiwanda cha filamu. Tunaomba watu wajitokeze kutuma maombi yao ili kuweza kushiriki. Pia tunaomba wadau/washiriki wasisite kuuliza maswali pale wapohisi hawajaelewa au panawatatiza.

Naambatanisha Tangazo la Warsha za Mafunzo ya muda mfupi ili kuwajulisha wadau/washiriki nini kinaendelea katika ZIFF 2009 na pia kuwaomba washiriki.

Nashukuru kwa vyombo vya habari kwa kuwa mstari wa mble kuzungumzia soko na kiwanda cha filamu kwa upana lakini tukumbuke bila elimu kiwanda hichi kitakufa.


27th June – 3rd July, 2009 - Film Production for Children Workshop by DFI15 Participants (10 From Mainland, 5 Zanzibar), Application Deadline 25th May, 2009For Film Makers/Producers Only.

28th June – 5th July, 09 - Screenwriting Workshop by Maisha Film Lab9 Participants: Application Deadline 21st May, 2009For Script Writers Only.

2nd July, 2009 - Acting for Camera by Ntare Mwine and Danny Glover (USA)20 Participants (15 from Tanzania Mainland/East Africa, 5 from ZanzibarFor Actors Only.Application Deadline 25th May, 2009.

2nd- 3rd July 09 - Tourism Conference by ZIFFFor All Tour Operators in Tanzania (Zanzibar and Mainland)Apply now for this special opportunity.
Deadline for Application 1st June, 2009

3rd July, 2009 - African Film Makers/Producers Forum by ZIFF/TAIPAFor East African Film Makers/Producers
Application Deadline 1st June, 2009

3rd July, 2009 - Wild Life filming by South African WildlifeFor all Wildlife Film Makers/Producers Application Deadline 1st June, 2009

4th July, 2009 – Development Film Workshop by GTZFor All Film Makers/Producers/Media Houses.25 Participants (15 from Mainland, 10 from Zanzibar and East Africa)Application Deadline 1st May, 2009

Wako katika Filamu,

Daniel NyalusiEvents Coordinator/Film Programs
Zanzibar International Film Festival 2009

Open Call - Gospel Singers and Groups


The Oscar Micheaux Family Theater Program

Producers of:
The Annual Harlem Renaissance Revisited With a Gospel Flavor
From Gospel to Hip-Hop and All in Between, Featuring Dance A Lot, A Lot of Dance


Gospel Singers
Gospel Groups

Blackstone Community Center
50 West Brookline Street
Boston, MA. 02118

May 30th, June 6th and June 13th 2009

From 12:30PM until 2:30PM

Call for audition appointment: (617) 238-2460

Program Sponsored By: Tri-Ad Veterans League, Inc.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

WaGanda Kutulipa Fidia Kwa Kumfukuza Idi Amin

Kutoka Bongo Pix Blog:

The government of Uganda is planning to pay a compensation fee to the government of Tanzania for the help offered Uganda in the 1979 liberation war that overthrew the government of self proclaimed Uganda life President Idd Amin Dada.

The Minister of East African Affairs, Eriya Kategaya says that the two government are still in discussions over the amount of compensation.He says that was it not for the support of Tanzania troops in 1979, Uganda would still be backward and probably still under the rule of Idd Amin.
Kategaya told Parliament today that Tanzania spent a lot of money to fight Amin, lost many soldiers in the war that overthrew the government of Amin, and therefore deserve to be compensated.He says the compensation is a sign of appreciation on the part of Uganda for the help Tanzania gave to Uganda at the time of need.

Many Ugandans who had been exiled mainly in Tanzania and Kenya appealed for regional support in overthrowing Amin, considered by many as a tyrannical dictator. The Tanzania government then under President Julius Kambarage Nyerere (RIP) sent its troops who fought alongside Ugandan guerilla forces to overthrow Amin.

Sinema mpya ya 'Kutisha" Bongo

Naona Bongo wameingia katika genre ya sinema za Horror (Kutisha). Tunapiga hatua!
Asante Kaka Beda Msimbe (Lukwangule Blog)

Kampuni mama ya kutayarisha, kudurufu na kusambaza sinema Tanzania inayokwenda kwa jina la Tollywood Movies, imechukua dhamana ya kusambaza movie mpya ya kutisha iitwayo Roho Sita, Joseph Shaluwa anashuka nayo.

Roho Sita ambayo imetayarishwa na Koga Film chini ya Mkurugenzi wake Thomas Simon, itakuwa sinema ya kwanza ya kutisha ambayo matukio mengi yanaonekana halisi tofauti na nyingine zilizotangulia.

Mkurugenzi wa Filamu za Tollywood Movies, Hamie Rajab, aliliambia Ijumaa kwamba, katika sinema zote za kutisha za Tanzania, hakuna iliyowahi kuifikia ubora wa Roho Sita.

“Mpaka Tollywood tumeamua kuichukua basi mashabiki waamini kwamba kitu kimetulia, ni sinema ya kwanza ya kutisha ambayo kila kitu kinaonekana halisi, kubwa zaidi ni kwamba program iliyotumika katika uhariri ni ya kisasa duniani, ndiyo maana imeifanya kuwa bora na yenye kiwango cha Kimataifa.

Wadau wasubiri kidogo, siku si nyingi ngoma itaingia mtaani,” alisema.
Baadhi ya wakali walioonyesha uwezo wao katika kitu hicho ni pamoja na Ndumbangwe Misayo, Charles Magali, Juma Kankaa, Chuchu Hans na Evans Komu ambao wameigiza katika kiwango cha hali ya juu huku uhusika ikiwa ni kitu cha kwanza.

NB - Promo hii nimeinyaka kwa kaka abbycool ndani ya

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ubalozi Wetu Italy

Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Italy Mh.A.KARUME leo alipokea ugeni wa viongozi wakuu wa jumuiya ya Watanzania Italy walioambatana na wakili wa jumuiya Avv.Angela Felice Senese.Pamoja na mazungumzo marefu juu ya malengo na mikakati ya jumuiya,mwenyekiti wa jumuiya ya Watanzania ndugu Abdulrahaman A.Alli alimtambulisha rasmi wakili wa jumuiya kwa balozi. Balozi Karume pia alimsisitizia wakili wa jumuiya kulinda na kutetea haki na maslahi ya watanzania. Kesho ijumaa Mwenyekiti atakuwa na kikao na viongozi wa jumuiya Napoli,kikao hicho pia kitahudhuriwa na wakili wa jumuiya . Pichani kutoka kushoto ni Avv.Angela Senese,Mh.Balozi A.Karume,Mwenyekiti wa jumuiya Italy ndugu Abdulrahaman A.Alli na Katibu mkuu wa jumuiya Italy ndugu Kagutta N.M. katika picha ya pamoja mara baada ya mazungumzo.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nyumba za Fahari za Mbwa Marekani

Ama kweli wazungu wanapenda mbwa wao. Hebu cheki hizi nyumba ambazo mbwa wamejengewa.
Mnaweza kuona picha zaidi hapa:

Josiah Kibira: One Film at a Time

May 11th, 2009 - ANJ Online

From Tanzania to Kansas, comes a man on a mission to change the international film industry, one film at a time.

By: Nneka Onyilofor

Josiah Kibira is that man; the man that came to the U.S. to attend school at Bethany College in Kansas, and ended up founding his own production company, Kibira Films. For more than 20 years in the U.S., Josiah dreamed big, and turned those dreams into reality. By day he’s a software testing engineer, but during the rest of his life, he’s a writer, director, and producer. And it all began with an interest he had in writing scripts as he exercised this interest while he was in college. After college, he moved to Minnesota and began to recruit actors from local Twin Cities colleges and Universities for his first film titled, “Bongoland.”

Many Tanzanian’s may recognize the term “Bongo,” as it is a slang term for the country itself. However, Josiah added a spin to the title of his first featured film by calling it, “Bongoland,” which he describes as a more inclusive term. Bongoland was produced in 2003, which is a film about an immigrant who comes to the U.S. to look for opportunities and runs into a lot of issues that many immigrants can relate to. In this film, the main character makes a decision that brought about the film Bongoland II in 2007. With the support of UCLA, Josiah’s first film proved to be a success in a unique fashion. This uniqueness comes from the fact that both films are spoken in the Swahili language.

Josiah was motivated to do these films in Swahili because there was a lack of movies in this language that is spoken so widely in Africa and in the U.S. Bongoland was performed in about 60 percent Swahili, and in Bongoland II, Swahili was spoken throughout the entire film; 100 percent of the time.

“There are so many things that have to be done that are not known…Africa is full of those people that did great things but it’s only the Edi Amen’s that get the lime light.” There are so many things that are particular to Africa that Hollywood is not interested in,” stated Josiah. Thus, in 2005, Josiah produced a film titled, “Tusamehe,” which means forgiveness, and is about the AIDS epidemic. Swahili is spoken in about 70 percent of this film as well.

So what else can be said about Josiah Kibira? We’ll, his next goal is to continue to break down more barriers. “When you are in Africa, African Americans are looked at as heroes and when I got here, that’s what I was expecting. I was expecting my brothers to embrace me, but it was different,” he stated. This reality is going to open up a dialogue about the relationship between Africans and African Americans in the U.S. in Josiah’s upcoming documentary titled, “Two Africas in America.

” The ultimate goal of this documentary is to dispel the myths that both cultures have about the other and to begin the healing process that is well needed. Currently Josiah is marketing and promoting his films at film festivals in the U.S., UK, and Tanzania. His films have already been featured in various film festivals including the Pan-African film festival in Los Angeles.
“Most of the movies I do are very male centered…you need to find something that is female centered people told me.” Thus, a film that many women can relate to is another project Josiah is working on in addition to his upcoming documentary.
For more information you can email or go to Look out for a preview of Josiah Kibira’s new documentary at the African Global Roots Art Festival on July 25th, 2009 from 5pm-midnight at the Grand Rios Ramada Hotel in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tumemaliza Harlem Renaissance Play 2009

Wadau, wiki iliyopita nilikuwa kwenye mchezo wa kuigiza (tamthiliya)hapa Boston. Tulicheza May 7-9. Show ya mwisho ilijaa watazamaji mpaka ilibidi wengine wasimame. Show inahusu kipindi cha Harlem Renaissance miaka ya 1920-39. Ni kipindi ambacho wasanii waMarekani weusi walistawi Marekani na Ulaya.
Mtunzi na Producer wa mchezo, Haywood Fennell Sr. Nyuma yake mnaweza kuona mlango wa stage
Kabla sijavaa costume. Kwenye mchezo mimi niliigiza kama Mama, Bibi na Ms. Thelma.
Joe Banks (Steve Lucky) na Mwongoza mchezo Lee Smith wakitaniana

Ron Murphy (Father Africa) akipumzika Dressing Room kabla ya kwenda stage

Ona nilivyokuwa tajiri kwenye mchezo, binti Sidney ananiibia.

Ron Murphy, Ruby Hill (Bag Lady) na Charles Jackson

Ms. Thelma (Mimi) na Joe the Bartender (Charles Jackson). Kwenye mchezo Joe anampenda Ms. Thelma lakini namkataa halafu baadaye namkubali.

"Mko Tayari!" Mwongoza mchezo Lee Smith na msaisdizi, Stanley Everett (Weldon Johnson) wakihakisha wachezaji wako tayari.

Ms. Thelma
Baba Afrika (Ron Murphy) na Mama Afrika (Irene O'Bannon)

Mimi na Lee Smith (Hapo nimevaa costume ya kwanza. Mimi ni mtumwa na tunafanyakazi shambani, halafu ghafla mwanangu wa kike anachukuliwa kwenda kubakwa, naishia kulia na kuzuiliwa kwenda kumfuata mwanangu)
Mapacha Dariana na Dashiana na Nia (Katikati)

Costume yangu kwenye scenes za mwisho. Ms. Thelma amekubali kufunga ndoa na Joe.

Kwa habari zaidi someni: