Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big Brother 9 Casting Call

Haya hii ni nafasi yako kama unataka kuingia kwenye Big Brother House. Zawadi ni $500,000 kwa mshindi.


CBS presents 'Big Brother 9' Open Casting Call - Reality TV
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Project Type: Reality TV
Audition Date: 11/18/2007 Time: 12-8pm
Pay Scale: TBD - chance at winning $500,000
Submissions must be received by: 11/19/2007

CBS presents "Big Brother 9!" NYC open casting call!! Imagine living with a group of strangers under one roof, cut off from the outside world, while cameras catch your every move 24 hours a day. All for the chance at winning $500,000! Are you up for the ultimate challenge?

Casting Date: Open Call - Sun., Nov. 18
Casting Time: 12 noon - 8pm
Shoot Date: TBD
Open Call Location: NYCastings 243 W. 30th Street, 3rd FloorBtwn. 7th and 8th AvenuesNew York, NY

Seeking: Talent: Males and females, any ethnicity, 21-60. Attractive, outgoing, energetic, fun. "Characters" a must, and New York accents a plus.

COME PREPARED AND CAMERA READY!! Be prepared to give us 2 minutes or less why you would be a great house guest and what sets you apart from the rest. Download and fill out the online application at bring it with you to the audition along with a printed copy of your photo ID.

Send photos/resume/ reels via DIRECT SUBMIT link. Please include cover note.

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Anonymous said...

Heard this rumor at looks like BS to me
"The season will be called, "HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES". It will be 6 celebrities (paid a handsome fee for their appearance) and 6 non-celebrities. The celebrities would live in plush surroundings at one end of the house and the
non-celebrities would live in the other end in "basic" surroundings, complete with mechanical rats and roaches. They unwittingly vote each other to move back and forth between the areas until they are merged. Alice Cooper is one of the celebrities under consideration-so is George Michael. 3 nights a week starting Sunday Jan. 13, right after AMAZING RACE finale.