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1.6 Million People Living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania - THMIS REPORT


Ag. UN Resident Coordinator, Dr. Jama Gulaid, speaks to his fellow UN staffs to mark the Commemoration of the World Aids Day at Karimjee hall in Dar es Salaam.

By. Staff Reporter

THE Latest Tanzania HIV and Malaria indicator Survey (THMIS) 2011 to 2012 interviewed 10,967 female and 8,352 male age group between 15-49 shows that there are 1.4 million to 1.6 million people living with HIV in the country.

Speaking to his Colleagues during the Commemorations of World Aids Day, Acting UN Resident Coordinator Mr. Jama Gulaid said that HIV prevalence is 5.1 percent and the occurrence is higher among women than men is estimated between 6.2 percent versus 3.8 percent

“HIV prevalence among young women is higher than among young men – particularly for youth age 23- 29 where women are three times more likely to be infected than men,” he said.

He added that high vulnerability of young women to contract HIV would require an additional individual and national effort, to ensure that associated structural factors are addressed.

Gulaid said that it is also critical to have a comprehensive sexual reproductive education in the communities and it’s vital that each and every one should discuss about HIV/Aids with their children.

“As we are all aware, World AIDS Day is celebrated on the 1st of December every year for the purpose of raising awareness about HIV and AIDS and to demonstrate International Solidarity to respond to this global pandemic,” he added.


UNAIDS Country Director, Patrick Brenny gives his opening remarks during the Commemoration of the World Aids Day at Karimjee hall in Dar es Salaam.

He noted that the global theme for World AIDS Day from 2011-2015, as selected by the World AIDS Campaign is ‘Getting to Zero’ and the campaign focuses on Zero New Infections, Zero Stigma and Discrimination and as a result Zero AIDS related deaths.

Gulaid underscored that the reports from Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) as of 2012 shows that remarkable progress has been made over the last decade, yet significant challenges remain. As of 2012.

He went on to say that globally there are 35.3 million people living with HIV while there are new 2.3 million HIV infections and among those, there 960,000 new HIV infections that prevail among women aged 15 and above and 260,000 new HIV infections among children below the age of 5.

“28.6million PLHIV are in need of treatment, however only 9.7million (34 percent ) PLHIV are accessing HIV treatment; 1.25 million Children in need of HIV treatment did not have access; There are 1.6million AIDS related deaths, Furthermore reports inform that 2 million adolescents (10 to 19 years) are living with HIV,” he clarified .


Beatrice Mkiramweni from the UN Resident Coordinator's Office shares her experience on HIV/AIDS to her fellow colleagues.

According to him that the report further informs that there are 86,000 estimated new HIV infections annually (between age 15-49years).

He explained further that the use of Condom is very low. Only 27 percent of the interviewees were conversant on the importance of consistent use of both female and male condoms, however only 8.3 percent reported using of condoms.

“I wish to emphasize here, that, in order to achieve the ‘Getting to Zeroes’, it is important to practice a “Shared Responsibility” as each one of us has a role to play in order to achieve “AIDS-Free Generation.” He noted.

Gulaid noted that today more than 30 years with HIV/Aids epidemic, the world should stop the epidemic to continue to kill thousands of young boys and girls around the globe.

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Dialogue session...“Achieving Zero Stigma & Discrimination” .

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UN Operations Adviser, Mr George Otoo (left) in a tête-à-tête with Ag. UN Resident Coordinator, Dr. Jama Gulaid during the event.


Great to meet you.....UN Communications Analyst, Hoyce Temu (left).


Mjomba Band Entertaining UN Staff with a special message.



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