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Babu Seya na Familia Yake Wapewa Msamaha na Rais Magufuli

Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania na Amiri Jeshi Mkuu Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli leo Disemba 09,2017 kwenye sherehe za miaka 56 ya Uhuru wa Tanganyika ametoa msamaha kwa wafungwa 8157.

Bonyeza hapa kusoma zaidi

Mashoga wa Geita Wako Jela

Tanzania kuna sheria kali kuhusu ushoga, usenge na ufiraji.  Unaweza kufungwa maisha ukikamatwa.

Image result for Tanzania Lesbian
Mashoga wa Uganda
   DODOMA, Tanzania (AP) - Tanzanian police say they have arrested three more people over a video shared online in which a woman kisses and embraces another woman.

   Ahmed Msangi, police chief in the Mwanza region, says 25-year-old Janeth Shonza was arrested in the central region of Singida. He says police also are holding a man accused of creating the video and another woman seen in it.

   One of the women seen kissing, Milembe Suleiman, was arrested in the northwestern region of Geita earlier this week.

   Homosexual relations are criminalized in Tanzania and the law prescribes sentences of up to life in prison.

   This East African nation has launched a crackdown against people accused of promoting homosexuality. Authorities have threatened to deregister non-governmental organizations accused of supporting gays.

Kwa habari zaidi BOFYA HAPA:

Wasio na Makaratasi Marekani Warudishwa Kwao

Halahala kama huna makaratasi Marekani siku hizi:

Wiki hii  Mke na Mume WaSpanish kutoka Mexico waliokuwa na kampuni ya landscpaping  New  JerseyJwaliokuwa wamezaa watoto watatu Marekani wamerudishwa kwao Mexico. Hawakuwa na hatia zaidi ya kutokuwa na makaratasi.

   NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A couple who came to New Jersey from Mexico 30 years ago have been deported, leaving their three children behind.

   Oscar and Humberta Campos lived in Bridgeton, New Jersey, and own a landscaping company. They said goodbye to their children Friday morning at Newark's airport before boarding a flight to Mexico City. The children, ages 16, 22 and 24, are all American citizens.

   "There is no distance. I will always have them in my heart," Oscar Campos told WCAU-TV .

   Campos said he fled violence in his hometown, Tamaulipas, and crossed the border into Texas in 1989.

   WCAU-TV reports that after a lengthy effort to obtain work visas, the couple were ordered by immigration officials to leave the country.

   Democratic U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey tried to help the family stay in the U.S. He says he's "extremely disappointed" their stay of removal was denied.

   "Mr. and Mrs. Campos' case reinforces the urgent need for us to stand united in seeking common sense solutions to our broken immigration system that are consistent with our core American principles," he said in a statement.

   Just before the couple left, Oscar Campos gave his children some parting advice.

   "Fight for your dreams, because life continues and you will always find good people that support you," he said. "There are a lot of good people. Don't give your hopes up."

Na pia Mama MGhana anarudishwa Ghana baada ya kukutwa na hati ya kudhulumu maskini food
stamps zao hapa Massachusetts.

   WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) - The owner of a Massachusetts store has pleaded guilty to her role in a food stamp fraud scheme that netted her more than $280,000.

   Federal prosecutors say 49-year-old Esther Acquaye, who owns Esther's Fashion Paradise in Worcester, paid some customers 50 cents for every Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program dollar and received the full value of the benefits from the government.

   Acquaye pleaded guilty Thursday to aiding and abetting SNAP fraud, trafficking in counterfeit goods, and conspiracy. Sentencing is scheduled for March 7. The Ghana native who is in the U.S. legally also faces deportation.

   Authorities started investigating when they noticed a spike in SNAP transactions at the store. Prosecutors say she also allowed customers to use SNAP benefits to buy the fake designer merchandise she stocked, which is against program rules.

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Wanajeshi Kutoka Tanzania Walinda Amani wa UN Wauawa Congo

Image result for Tanzania peacekeeper
UN Tanzanian Peacekeepers

Associated Press

   KINSHASA, Congo (AP) - In the deadliest single attack on a United Nations peacekeeping mission in nearly 25 years, rebels in eastern Congo killed 15 peacekeepers and wounded over 50 others in an assault on their base that was launched at nightfall and went on for hours.

   U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed "outrage and utter heartbreak" and called the attack a war crime, urging Congolese authorities to swiftly investigate. The State Department's Bureau of African Affairs said it was "horrified."

   U.N. peacekeeping spokesman Nick Birnback said it was the deadliest attack on a U.N. peacekeeping mission since June 1993, when 22 Pakistani soldiers were killed in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu.

   The peacekeepers killed Thursday were from Tanzania. Tanzanian President John Magufuli expressed his shock and prayers for the wounded, three of whom are in critical condition. At least five Congolese soldiers also were killed in the attack Thursday evening that has been blamed on one of the region's deadliest rebel groups.

   Three peacekeepers were missing, the U.N. said. More than 20 were evacuated for medical treatment in the regional capital, Goma.

   Birnback, the U.N. peacekeeping spokesman, called the assault "a determined and well-coordinated attack by a well-armed group."

   It was not clear when military reinforcements arrived after the attack, the U.N. said. Conditions in the region are "very, very challenging," said U.N. peacekeeping chief Jean-Pierre Lacroix, who said the attack followed a recent increase in activities by various armed groups. He called the assault a response to the U.N. mission's own "increasingly robust posture."

   "We are disturbing them," he said. "They do not like it."

   The peacekeeping base is about 45 kilometers (27 miles) from the town of Beni, which has been repeatedly attacked by the Allied Democratic Forces, or ADF, rebel group. The ADF is suspected of being behind Thursday's assault. The base is home to the U.N. mission's rapid intervention force, which has a rare mandate to go on the offensive against armed groups in the vast, mineral-rich region.

   The U.N. mission in Congo is the largest and most expensive in the world. It has also been a high-profile target of the Trump administration's cost-cutting efforts. The mission has a budget of $1.14 billion and over 16,500 soldiers. Nearly 300 peacekeepers have been killed since the mission arrived in 1999, according to U.N. data.

   Members of the U.N. Security Council, which authorized the peacekeeping mission, stood in silent tribute to the victims at the start of a meeting Friday afternoon on a five-nation force in Africa's Sahel region.

   Later, the council condemned the attack "in the strongest terms," underlined that deliberate attacks targeting peacekeepers may constitute war crimes, and called on Congo's government to ensure that the perpetrators "are swiftly brought to justice."

   "This attack, the worst on U.N. peacekeepers in recent years, is a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by these brave women and men every day," the council said.

   Birnback said U.N. flags will fly at half-staff Monday all over the world in memory of those killed or injured.

   Congo, the size of Western Europe, has seen immeasurable cruelty and greed as a result of its mineral resources while more than 80 percent of the population lives below the absolute poverty line of $1.25 a day. The nation suffered through one of the most brutal colonial reigns ever known before enduring decades of corrupt dictatorship. Back-to-back civil wars later drew in a number of neighboring countries.

   Many rebel groups have come and gone during the U.N. mission's years of operation, at times invading the regional capital.

   One of the greatest threats now comes from the ADF. While the fighters are mainly Muslim, experts say there are no proven links between the rebels and other extremist organizations in Africa.

   The ADF "has an agenda both ideological and extremist in nature, but also focused ... on exploitation of illegal resources," Lacroix said. He accused the rebels of preying on the local population.

   The rebels once aimed to overthrow President Yoweri Museveni's regime in neighboring Uganda. By the 1990s, they had established themselves in Congo.

   Human rights groups say at least 1,000 people have been killed in the last three years as the ADF intensified attacks in Congo. About a dozen rebels have been sentenced to death on charges related to participating in an insurrection movement.

   The U.N. mission in 2006 helped carry out Congo's first free and fair elections in 46 years. Since then, the winner of that vote, President Joseph Kabila, has become entrenched in power. Anger has grown as presidential elections originally set for late last year have been repeatedly delayed. The government has blamed insecurity for the delays.

   The U.N. secretary-general in October warned that without real progress toward elections, Congo "is likely to enter a period of extreme volatility."


   Lederer reported from the United Nations. Associated Press writer Al-Hadji Kudra Maliro in Beni, Congo contributed.

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Mwanza Wazindua Mwongozo Kuhusu Uwekezaji wa Mkoa

MKOA wa Mwanza umefanya Uzinduzi wa Mwongozo wa Uwekezaji ambao umeandaliwa na Taasisi ya Tafiti za Kiuchumi na Kijamii (ESRF). Mwongozo huo ni sehemu ya ripoti tatu zilizotokana na agizo la mkoa wa Mwanza la kutaka kuwekewa pamoja taarifa sahihi zinazogusa uwekezaji mkoani humo ili kurahisisha na kuwavutia wawekezaji wa ndani na nje. Ripoti nyingine ni Fursafiche katika Viwanda (Industrialization Potentials Report), na Ripoti ya Fursa za Uwekezaji (Investment Opportunities Report) . Akizungumza katika uzinduzi huo uliohudhuriwa na watu mbalimbali wakiwemo viongozi wa serikali, Mashirika ya Umma, Sekta binafsi na mashirika ya kimataifa, Mkuu wa mkoa wa Mwanza, Mh. John Mongella, alisema walilazimika kuwatafuta wataalamu wa ESRF, kuwasaidia kuweka pamoja fursa zote za mkoa katika mpangilio mmoja unaobainisha fursa zilipo. [caption id="attachment_3212" align="aligncenter" width="1404"] Mkuu wa mkoa wa Mwanza, Mh. John Mongella akitoa hotuba ya uzinduzi wa Mwongozo wa Uwekezaji wa mkoa huo uliondaliwa na ESRF kwa chini ya ufadhili wa UNDP katika hafla fupi iliyofanyika katika viwanja vya ofisi ya Mkuu wa Mkoa jijini Mwanza.[/caption] kwenye viwanja vya ofisi za Mkuu wa Mkoa huo jijini Mwanza.[/caption]


MAJIRA ya saa 7:20 leo hii Alhamisi Novemba 30, imetokea hitilafu kwenye Gridi ya Taifa na hivyo kusababisha umeme kukatika takriban kwenye mikoa yote iliyounganishwa kwenye Gridi hiyo.

Kwa mujibu wa Kaimu Meneja Uhusiano wa TANESCO, Bi. Leila Muhaji, mafundi na wataalamu wa Shirika la Umeme Tanzania TANESCO wameanza kufuatilia kujua chanzo chake hasa ni nini na taarifa Zaidi zitatolewa kila baada ya muda ili kuufahamisha umma na watuamiaji wa umeme.

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Rais Trump Akaribishwa na Mabango 'Welcome to Kenya"!

Rais Donald Trump wa Marekani alikaribishwa Hawaii, USA jan na watu walioshika mabango yaliyoandikwa 'Welcome to Kenya" (Karibu Kenya).  Ni kwa vile Trump alidai kuwa Rais Barack bama alizaliwa Kenya wakati amaezaliwa Hawaii.  Kama Obama angezaliwa Kenya angeshindwa kuwa rais wa Marekani.

South Sudan Unrest Update

South Sudan Preisdent, Salva Kiir

JUBA, South Sudan (AP) - Tensions were high in South Sudan's capital on Saturday after President Salva Kiir sent troops to surround the home of former military chief of staff Paul Malong, disarm his bodyguards and remove all weapons.

   A copy of the order obtained by The Associated Press says any resistance by Malong "should be met with reasonable force."

   Malong's wife, Lucy Ayak Malek, told the AP that bodyguards refused to hand over arms and the situation had worsened, with hundreds of soldiers deployed. "I think things will escalate if the president doesn't act quickly," she said by telephone.

   The United Nations issued an emergency notification advising staff in the capital, Juba, to remain vigilant.

   It was not immediately clear what led to the president's order, which also prevents any visitors to Malong's home. Acting army spokesman Col. Santo Domic Chol said whatever was taking place was "political."

   Malong, who has been under house arrest, was fired in May and had been one of Kiir's closest allies. He was accused of directing last year's fighting in Juba that killed hundreds. A former governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, he also has been accused of controlling an ethnic militia that numbers in the thousands.

   In February, a handful of top-level military officials resigned while accusing Kiir and Malong of ethnic bias and corruption. Shortly after his firing, Malong told the AP that he would not take up arms against the government of the East African nation, saying "we don't fight a meaningless war."

   The United States in September imposed sanctions on Malong, along with two senior South Sudan officials, for undermining the country's peace, security and stability. South Sudan's civil war erupted in late 2013 and has killed tens of thousands of people and sent more than 2 million fleeing the country, creating the largest displacement of civilians in Africa since the Rwanda genocide in 1994.

   Many of Malong's supporters have been advocating for his release from house arrest. Concerns have grown that the supporters will take up arms.

   South Sudan's government said it was trying to "give Malong proper protection" since he can't protect himself.

   "We want to ensure that criminals from the outside don't run to his house for protection and find his weapons," said the minister of cabinet affairs, Martin Elia Lomoro.

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Kwa Simu Kutoka London

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mahafali ya kidato cha nne shule ya sekondari Eden Jijini Mwanza hii leo

Wahitimu wa kidato cha nne 2017, shule ya sekondari Eden iliyopo Mahango Kata ya Buswelu Manispaa ya Ilemela Jijini Mwanza wakisoma shairi kwenye Mahafali ya saba ya shule hii leo jumamosi Oktoba 21,2017 shuleni hapo.

Shule za Eden zinajumuisha ni shule za Nursery, Primary & Secondary za kutwa na bweni zenye kutoa elimu bora na ufaulu wa juu ambapo wanazo pia nafasi za masomo kwa ajili ya mwanao hivyo wasiliana na uongozi kwa nambari za simu 0759 81 95 23.
Binagi Media Group
Meneja wa shule za Aden, Charlotte Mbabazi, akizungumza kwenye Mahafali ya saba, shule ya sekondari Eden iliyopo Mahango Kata ya Buswelu Manispaa ya Ilemela Jijini Mwanza
Mkurugenzi wa shule za Eden, Joseph Mbabazi (katikati), akifurahia jambo kwenye Mahafali ya Saba ya kidato cha nne katika shule ya sekondari Eden. Kushoto ni mgeni rasmi ambaye ni Mkaguzi wa Elimu
Meneja wa shule za Aden, Charlotte Mbabazi (katikati), akifurahia jambo kwenye Mahafali ya Saba ya kidato cha nne katika shule ya sekondari Eden. Kushoto ni Mkuu wa shule hiyo na kulia ni mgeni rasmi ambaye ni Mkaguzi wa Elimu
Wahitimu wa kidato cha nne, shule ya Sekondari Eden iliyopo Mahango Kata ya Buswelu Manispaa ya Ilemela Jijini Mwanza, wakifuatilia matukio mbalimbali yanayoendelea kwenye mahafali yao ya saba mwaka huu 2017 shuleni hapo
Baadhi ya wahitimu wa kidato cha nne, shule ya Sekondari Eden iliyopo Mahango Kata ya Buswelu Manispaa ya Ilemela Jijini Mwanza, wakiimba wimbo wa kuwashukuru akina mama kwa malezi bora
Pongezi kwa mmoja wa wahitimu kwa kuimba vyema wimbo wa kuwashukuru akina mama kwa malezi bora
Wahitimu wa kidato cha nne 2017, shule ya sekondari Eden wakitumbuiza kwa wimbo wa kuvutia wa kuwapongeza akina mama kwa malezi bora
Wazazi na waalimu wakifuatilia matukio yanayoendelea kwenye mahafali
Meneja wa shule za Aden, Charlotte Mbabazi, akisimama kuwalaki wahitimu wa kidato cha nne baada ya kuimba vyema wimbo wa kuwashukuru na kuwapongeza akina mama kwa malezi bora
Meneja wa shule za Aden, Charlotte Mbabazi, akiwapongeza wahitimu wa kidato cha nne baada ya kuimba vyema wimbo wa kuwashukuru na kuwapongeza akina mama kwa malezi bora
Meneja wa shule za Aden, Charlotte Mbabazi (mwenye miwani) akifurahia wimbo pamoja na wahitimu wa kidato cha nne mwaka huu
Wageni waalikwa wakifurahia jambo kwenye mahafali hayo
Wahitimu wa shule ya sekondari Eden wakitoa burudani
Wanafunzi 66 wa shule ya Sekondari Eden iliyopo Mahangu Ilemela Jijini Mwanza wanahitimu masomo yao mwaka huu 2017
Wanafunzi wa Shule ya Sekondari Eden iliyopo Mahangu Kata ya Buswelu Manispaa ya Ilemela Jijini Mwanza wakifuatilia mahafali hayo
Salamu kutoka kwa waalikwa meza kuu
Salamu kutoka meza kuu
Miongoni mwa wageni waalikwa akisalimia
Ndugu, jamaa na marafiki wakiwa kwenye mahafali hayo katika viunga vya shule ya Eden Sekondari, Mahango Kata ya Buswelu Manispaa ya Ilemela Jijini Mwanza
Shughuli inasimamiwa na mshereheshaji maarufu Jijini Mwanza, Mc Katumba ambaye pia ni mtangazaji wa Metro Fm Mwanza
Mandhari safi na bora ya shule ya Sekondari Eden iliyopo Mahango kata ya Buswelu Manispaa ya Ilemela Jijini Mwanza. Bonyeza HAPA Mahafali ya kidato cha saba 2017.

Arrested for Promotion of Homosexuality in Tanzania

   DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (AP) - Tanzanian police say they are holding 12 men, including two South Africans, for questioning over allegations of promoting homosexuality in this East African country.

   Dar es Salaam Police Chief Lazaro Mambosasa said Thursday that authorities are gathering evidence and will arraign all the suspects in court to face criminal charges. He said the suspects include two South Africans, a Ugandan and nine Tanzanians

   The men were arrested at a hotel in the port city of Dar es Salaam.

   Homosexuality is criminalized in Tanzania under a colonial-era law banning sex acts "against order of nature."

   Tanzanian authorities have recently ramped up a crackdown on the activities of LGBT people, even ordering clinics to stop offering services to homosexuals

Helicopter Crash in Kenya

   NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - A Kenyan official says a helicopter has plunged into Lake Nakuru in the Rift Valley moments after taking off from a nearby hotel.

   National Disaster Management Unit Deputy Director Pius Mwachi said Saturday it's not clear yet how many people were on board the helicopter and who they were.

   Mwachi says a search-and-rescue mission is underway. Lake Nakuru, located 170 kilometers (105 miles) northwest of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, is famous for flamingo colonies that turn the shoreline pink at their peak.

   Environment degradation has threatened the lake and the wildlife that depend on it.

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Support the new TAMWA History Book

I am a Founding Member of  the Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA). TAMWA is celebrating 30 years and a friend has set up this self explanatory link. Wd like your support.

Zilipendwa -Soul Makossa - Manu Dibango (1973)

Msss Shooting at Kenya Boarding School

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Gunmen suspected to be from neighboring South Sudan shot dead seven people, including six students, in a raid on a high school early Saturday that appeared to be a revenge attack, a Kenya police official said.

   The shooting occurred at dawn at Lokichogio Mixed Secondary School near the countries' border, Rift Valley regional criminal investigations chief Gideon Kibunja said.

   A key suspect is a senior at the school who was suspended last week after he was found fighting and vowed to take revenge, Kibunja said.

   The gunmen were looking for the school's principal and the student involved in the fight but couldn't find them, so they shot other students out of frustration, he said.

   The shooting comes a month after a high school girl was charged with murdering nine of her colleagues in a fire at a Nairobi boarding school.

   Kenya's border areas are littered with firearms from neighboring countries that have experienced war, including South Sudan and Somalia. High schools have experienced a wave of violent incidents in the past two years.