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Heri ya Pasaka! Happy Easter!

Nawatakia wadau wote Pasaka Njema!  Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

WaTanzania Wako Wapi Katika Mbio za Kukimbia Siku Hizi?

Wadau, mnakumbuka majina, Suleiman Nyambui, Juma Ikangaa, Filbert Bayi, Nzael Kyomo,  Walikuwa wanariadha walioshinda katika Marathon na  michezo Olympics.  Walifanya jina la Tanzania ijulikane na isifike! Waliinua jina la Tanzania.  Lakini kwa sasa mbona Tanzania haijawa na mwanariadha anayeweza kushinda  kwa miaka mingi?

Jumatatu kutakuwa na mashindano ya Boston Marathon. Karibu kila mwaka ni MKenya anayeshinda! Kenya ni nchi jirani na sisi, kwa nini Tanzania hatuwezi kushinda? Au tabia ya Party kila wiki na mkao wa kula/bahasha umefanya watu wasijali.


Suleiman Nyambui - Alishinda Tuzo ya Fedha (Silver) katika Commonwealth Games huko akiwa amefunga kwa ajili ya mwezi mtukufu wa Ramadhan!  BOFYA HAPA kwa habari zaidi

Suleiman Nyambui akifanya mazoezi Texas, USA

Nzael Kyomo  alishiriki Olympics mwaka 1980 halafu alienda kusoma Marekani.  BOFYA HAPA:


Juma Ikangaa alishinda Marathon nyingi ikiwemo New York Marathon.  Alipata zawadi ya Benzi ambayo serikali ya Tanzania walizuia bandarini kwa zaidi ya mwaka kwa vile Ikangaa hakuweza kuilipia ushuru! Aibu kwa serikali kumnyanyasa shujaa!  BOFYA HAPA:  

Juma Ikangaa katika Boston Marathon 1990


Filbert Bayi alishinda mashindano ya Olympics na Commonwealth Games.   Kwa habari zaidi BOFYA HAPA:

Filbert Bayi katika mashindano ya Commonwealth 1974

Dutch Holocaust Survivors Forced to Pay Unfair Taxes!

Associated Press
   AMSTERDAM (AP) - Charlotte van den Berg was a 20-year-old college student working part-time in Amsterdam's city archives when she and other interns came across a shocking find: letters from Jewish Holocaust survivors complaining that the city was forcing them to pay back taxes and late payment fines on property seized after they were deported to Nazi death camps.

   How, the survivors asked, could they be on the hook for taxes due while Hitler's regime was trying to exterminate them? A typical response was: "The base fees and the fines for late payment must be satisfied, regardless of whether a third party, legally empowered or not, has for some time held the title to the building."

   Following her discovery four years ago, Van den Berg waged a lonely fight against Amsterdam's modern bureaucracy to have the travesty publicly recognized. Now, largely due to her efforts, Amsterdam officials are considering compensating Holocaust survivors for the taxes and possibly other obligations, including gas bills, they were forced to pay for homes that were occupied by Nazis or collaborators while the rightful owners were in hiding or awaiting death in the camps.

   "I didn't expect any of this to happen, though I'm happy it finally did," Van den Berg told The Associated Press in an interview. "I never dreamed that compensation could be the result."

   An unpublished review of those files by the Netherlands' Institute of War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies - or NIOD - found 217 cases in which the city demanded that returning Jews pay the taxes and penalty fees for getting behind in their payments.

   Two Dutch newspapers, Het Parool and De Telegraaf, have received leaked copies of the report and published its conclusions. The report found that the city's top lawyer advised politicians of the time not to enforce the fines, but the recommendation was rejected. Politicians worried granting one claim might lead to more.

   "The city made a conscious decision to reject this advice, which cannot be described otherwise than as a totally needless callousness toward (Jews) who had their property taken during the war," De Telegraaf quoted the report as saying.

   Amsterdam's official ruling of Sept. 12, 1947, a public document viewed by the Associated Press, was that "the city has the right to full payment of fees and fines" and that most excuses - including that property had been seized by the Nazis - were invalid.

   Ronny Nafthaniel - a leader of the Dutch Jewish community who sat on a vetting panel for the NIOD report and has reviewed a copy - said the papers' reporting is accurate. Spokespeople for the NIOD and the city declined to comment on the findings ahead of a statement planned next week.

   Nafthaniel said many of the homes were sold to Dutch collaborators who left the bills unpaid and fled at the end of the war.

   "Another thing that happened, and this is almost too sad to relate, is that Jews got back from Auschwitz - and then got an invoice for the gas that had been used in their homes," Nafthaniel said.

   The Netherlands deported a relatively high percentage of its Jews during the Nazi occupation of 1940-1945 compared to other European countries, in part because of its efficient bureaucracy. An estimated 110,000 Dutch Jews died in the Holocaust, including teenage diarist Anne Frank. Around 30,000 survived the war, many later emigrating to Israel.

   The Institute report recommends that the city now pay survivors or their families 4.9 million euros ($6.7 million): 400,000 euros for the fines and 4.5 million euros for the back tax payments on homes they were unable to use while in hiding or incarcerated at German camps.

   However, these are only for one type of housing tax, specifically fees for long-term leases when the city owns the ground a house is built on. Nafthaniel said there were numerous other categories of unfair charges - such as the retroactive gas bills - but remaining records may be too spotty to do anything about those. There is also a major unanswered question about whether Jews who paid the back taxes and fees without filing a formal complaint should also be reimbursed.

   In one of the letters Van den Berg found, a Jewish man asked for an extension in paying the back taxes because his home had been seized by an organization created by the Nazis in 1941 to despoil Jews of their property. Before deportation, the man was also forced to surrender his assets to the Lippmann, Rosenthal & Co. bank in Amsterdam, which transferred them to the Third Reich - leaving him with neither the house nor funds to pay for taxes on it.

   "In conclusion," the man wrote, "I'm asking you in handling this matter to be led by moral considerations."

   No response was found in the archives, Van den Berg said.

   None of Van den Berg's colleagues or superiors had the time or inclination to take the matter further. So she took up the challenge: "My feeling was, they were too important to just let them lie there," she said. "This was an injustice that was done, not something you could just put aside and forget about."

   She did further research and found there were public records on the postwar tax charges in city archives, eventually leading to 342 case files in all.

   Van den Berg notified city officials about the documents and received assurances they would be fully investigated. Now and then she checked in, only to learn that nothing had been done. In March 2013, Van der Berg heard that the documents were "one signature away" from being destroyed, as other documents from the era had been. She was told that didn't matter because they had been digitized, but she felt it was important to preserve the physical evidence.

   She hoped the letters would one day go on public display.

   In desperation, she turned her findings over to Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool in March 2013.

   The publication caused an outcry, and the city quickly commissioned a more thorough study by the NIOD to examine the documents and place them in a wider context of the city's postwar treatment of Jews. The study, partly leaked by the newspapers, is due to be officially released this month.

   Nafthaniel said other painful revelations have come to light during the investigation, such as a chain of letters during the occupation where Amsterdam city officials complained that "dog tax" revenue had plummeted, and demanded compensation from German authorities.

   They never mentioned the reason for the decline in revenues: the dogs' Jewish owners had been deported.

   Naftaniel praised Van den Berg's role in uncovering the documents.

   "She is absolutely a hero" he said. "She pushed her bosses and all the civil servants around her to open up these files, even when they told her not to bother."


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Against the Jab - Film Made in Boston by Patrick Jerome

    Pat Jerome

    I need your help to support my movie AGAINST THE JAB. We have an important screening this Saturday April 19 at 7:30pm at AMC loews Theater Boston Common. I will have a Q & A after the showing with the audience. The goal for this screening is set up a wider distribution or influence more distribution outlets around the country. I hope you can come and support. The tickets is $12.00 if you cannot make it. Please tells a friend that may be available that day. I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any questions please let me know. You may need the set the theater location if you don't live in Boston. It usually say showtime is not available in your area. You need to set the location by enter the theater zip code 02111, MA. Patrick
    Session 28B- Against the Jab
    On this installment of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday April 16th 2014) we discuss: New X-MEN Trailer review Ferrell and Reilly re-team for BORDER GUARDS Walker's brothers join FAST 7 MAGIC MIKE XXL gets...

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Mpiga Gitaa Chiri Challa Afariki Dunia


Mpiga Gitaa wa Skylight Band maarufu kwa jina la Chiri Challa(pichani) amefariki dunia ghafla usiku wa kuamkia April 17 katika Hospitali ya Muhimbili.

Taarifa za awali zimethibitishwa na uogonzi wa bendi hiyo kuwa mpiga gitaa huyo machachari amefariki baada ya kuugua kwa siku mbili ugonjwa wa kupooza nusu ya mwili wake na kuepelekea kutofanya kazi ipasavyo.

Kwa mujibu wa Meneja wa bendi hiyo Aneth Kushaba AK47 Ugonjwa wa kupooza ulipelekea mishipa ya damu kichwani kupasuka hivyo na kumsababishia maumivu makali sehemu kichwani.


Kutokana na msiba huo uongozi unapenda kutoa taarifa kuwa Show ya Escape One iliyokuwa ifanyike Alhamis ya April 17 imeahirishwa hata hivyo uongozi unasikitika kumpoteza msanii huyo ambaye alikuwa ni kiungo muhimu wa bendi na inaungana na familia ya marehemu Chiri Challa kuomboleza kifo cha mpendwa wao na inatoa pole kwa familia na mashabiki wa Skylight Band na wapo bega kwa bega katika kipindi hiki kigumu.

Msiba na shughuli za mazishi zinafanyika maeneo ya Mwanyamala Ujiji mtaa wa Mpunga.

Kwa mawasiliano zaidi namba ya Meneja wa Bendi +255 715 677 499.

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Kumbe Wazee bado Wamo!

Jamani, jamni hebu tuach ule tabia ya kuanika wazee juani na eti kutokurushu hata kucheza ngoma!  Huyo Bi Kizee anafanya vijana waone haya kwa kipaji chake cha kucheza ngoma!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Waziri Membe Akutana na Gavana wa Maryland

Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Mhe. Bernard K. Membe (Mb.) akisalimiana na Gavana wa Jimbo la Maryland la nchini Marekani, Mhe. Martin O'Malley walipokutana jijini Washington D.C kwa mazungumzo kuhusu namna ya kuimarisha ushirikiano kati ya Jimbo hilo na Tanzania katika masuala ya uchumi, jamii na siasa. Mhe. Membe alipata fursa ya kukutana na Gavana huyo alipokuwa mjini humo kwa ajili ya kumwakilisha Mhe. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania kwenye upokeaji Tuzo ya Kiongozi mwenye Mchango Mkubwa zaidi katika Maendeleo ya Bara la Afrika kwa Mwaka 2013.
Mhe. Gavana O'Malley akisalimiana na Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani, Mhe. Liberata Mulamula
Mhe. Waziri Membe akitoa salamu maalum kwa wajumbe kabla ya mkutano kuanza. Pembeni ni Mhe. Gavana O'Malley.
Mhe. Membe akizungumza huku Gavana O'Malley akimsikiliza.
Mhe. Membe akiendelea na mazungumzo huku Mhe. Gavana O'Malley na wajumbe wengine wakimsikiliza.
Mhe. Gavana O'Malley akizungumza.
Balozi Mulamula akiwa na wajumbe wengine wakimsikiliza Gavana O'Malley (hayupo pichani)
Mkurugenzi wa Mawasiliano Ikulu, Bw. Salvatory Rweyemamu akimsikiliza Gavana O'Malley (hayupo pichani). Wengine ni Balozi wa Nigeria nchini Marekani Prof. Adebowele Adufye pamoja na Bi. Mindi Kasiga, Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Mawasiliano ya Serikali, Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa.
Wajumbe wengine wakati wa mkutano kati ya Mhe. Membe na Gavana O'Malley (hawapo pichani). Kushoto ni Bw. Thobias Makoba, Katibu wa Waziri Membe na Bi. Redemptor Tibaigana, Afisa Mambo ya Nje.
Wajumbe wengine
Mhe. Membe akimweleza jambo Mhe. Gavana O'Malley mara baada ya mazungumzo yao.
Mhe. Membe akisalimiana na Bw. John Kennedy Opara, Katibu Mtendaji wa Tume ya Mahujaji Wakiristo wa Nigeria ambaye pia ni Mshauri wa Rais Goodluck Jonathan wa nchi hiyo kuhusu Uhusiano wa Kidini nchini Nigeria. Bw. Opara pia alipokea Tuzo ya Heshima siku hiyo.
Mhe. Gavana O'Malley katika picha ya pamoja na Bal. Mulamula
Mhe. Gavana O'Malley katika picha ya pamoja na Bi. Kasiga.
Mhe. Membe na Mhe. Gavana O'Malley katika picha ya pamoja na wajumbe wengine.