Sunday, September 10, 2017

Shaka Atembeles Waziri Mkuu Mstaafu John Malecela Mjini Dodoma

Kaimu katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi ( UVCCM ) Shaka Hamdu Shaka akimuaga Waziri Mkuu Mstaafu, John Malecela alipomtembelea nyumbani kwake Mtaa wa Kilimani Mjini Dodoma(PICHA ZOTE NA FAHADI SIRAJI) CODES
Waziri Mkuu Mstaafu, John Malecela akizungumza na Kaimu Katibu wa umoja wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi ( UVCCM ) Shaka Hamdu Shaka (kushoto) wakati alipomtembelea, nyumbani kwake mjini Dodoma

Waziri Mkuu Mstaafu, John Malecela akimwonyesha kaimu katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi ( UVCCM ) Shaka Hamdu Shaka kinyango chenye uzito wa tani 1 wakati alipomtembelea, nyumbani kwake mjini Dodoma
Waziri Mkuu Mstaafu, John Malecela akimwelezea kaimu katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi ( UVCCM ) Shaka Hamdu Shaka picha iliochorwa na Mwanafinzi wa darasa la saba Mwaka 1982 wakati wa hali ngumu ya uchumi nchini.
Waziri Mkuu Mstaafu, John Malecela akimwelezea kaimu katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi ( UVCCM ) Shaka Hamdu Shaka picha iliyochorwa na mjuu wake ikimuonesha yeye na Marehemu Baba wa Taifa Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

 Picha ya pamoja Waziri Mkuu Mstaafu, John Malecela na Kaimu katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi ( UVCCM ) Shaka Hamdu Shaka picha
 kaimu katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Vijana wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi ( UVCCM ) Shaka Hamdu Shaka  akimuaga  Waziri Mkuu Mstaafu, John Malecela alipomtembelea nyumbani kwake Mtaa wa Kilimani Mjini Dodoma(PICHA ZOTE NA FAHADI SIRAJI)


Saturday, September 09, 2017

Burundi Refugees Repatriated Home

   DODOMA, Tanzania (AP) - The U.N. refugee agency has started repatriating hundreds of Burundian refugees back home from neighboring Tanzania.

   Emmanuel Maganga, government commissioner for the Kigoma region in northwestern Tanzania, said 300 refugees returned home Thursday using public transport.

   At least 12,000 Burundian refugees have signed up for voluntary repatriation. Maganga said the initial agreement with U.N. officials says 300 Burundians will be repatriated every week.

   More than 240,000 Burundian refugees are sheltering in Tanzania. Most of them fled political violence in 2015 after President Pierre Nkurunziza announced plans to seek a disputed third term that he ultimately won.

   Tanzania's government has been putting pressure on UNHCR to facilitate the repatriation of those refugees who want to return home.

   Burundi's government says the country is now peaceful.

Tanzania Police arrest Suspects in Killing of Wayne Lotter

DODOMA, Tanzania (AP) - Police in Tanzania say they are holding suspects in the killing last month of prominent South African wildlife conservationist Wayne Lotter. Police chief Simon Sirro said in a statement Friday that some of Lotter's possessions were seized from the suspects. He did not say how many suspects are being held. Lotter was fatally shot in Tanzania's commercial capital Dar es Salaam while being driven from the airport to his hotel. Lotter helped to train thousands of game scouts throughout the East African nation. He also developed an "intelligence-based approach" against poaching that has had success in countering wildlife trafficking, according to the U.S.-based conservation group PAMS Foundation that Lotter co-founded. Poachers have killed tens of thousands of elephants in Tanzania in the past decade.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Opposition Leader Tundu Lissu Airlifted for Treatment in Kenya

DODOMA, Tanzania (AP) - An official says a Tanzanian opposition figure who was seriously wounded in a shooting has been transferred to a hospital in neighboring Kenya. Lawmaker Joseph Selasin of the opposition Chadema party says Tundu Lissu was airlifted to Nairobi early Friday. Health officials in Tanzania's capital, Dodoma, say Lissu was shot in the stomach, leg and arm on Thursday. Police are looking for multiple gunmen. The attack has been condemned by both the opposition and the government. Lissu, who heads the lawyers' association in Tanzania, is one of the most vocal critics of President John Magufuli. He recently was charged with using abusive language after he called Magufuli a dictator over alleged attacks on the opposition and the media.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Burian Anatolia Nseka

Mama Anatolia Nseka enzi za uhai wake

Appeal Denied for Rwanda Genocide Participant Beatrice Munyenyezi

The Faces of Beatrice Munyeyezi

   CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A federal judge has denied an appeal bid from a woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for lying about her role in the 1994 Rwanda genocide to obtain U.S. citizenship.

   Beatrice Munyenyezi (moon-yehn-YEH'-zee) was convicted and sentenced in 2013 in the same federal courthouse in New Hampshire where she was granted citizenship years earlier. She's serving sentence in a federal prison in Alabama and faces deportation afterward.

   Munyenyezi was convicted of lying about her role as a commander of one of the notorious roadblocks where Tutsis were singled out for slaughter. She also denied affiliation with any political party, despite her husband's leadership role in the extremist Hutu militia party.

   Judge Steven McAuliffe on Thursday found no merit in her arguments that her lawyers were ineffective and her case was hurt by pretrial publicity.

Former Rwanda Presidential Candidate Diane Rwigara Detained!

Diane Rwigara

Associated Press

   KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) - A women's rights activist and former presidential hopeful is in police custody in Rwanda, her brother said, raising concerns about the whereabouts of a rare challenger to longtime President Paul Kagame.

   Police have said Diane Rwigara is free after her home in the capital, Kigali, was searched on Wednesday.

   But Rwigara's brother Aristide, who lives in the United States, told The Associated Press late Thursday that his sister was arrested Wednesday along with three siblings and their mother.

   Police have said Diane Rwigara is under investigation for tax evasion and forgery. She is accused of forging signatures to support a candidacy for the Aug. 4 vote.

   She was disqualified ahead of the election won easily by longtime President Paul Kagame, whose government has long been accused by human rights groups of silencing opposing voices. Kagame, who called the election a "formality" and won by nearly 99 percent of the vote, has denied the accusations.

   Rwigara could not be reached; her known phone number was switched off Thursday.

   "One of my sisters called my uncle, telling him the police had come to take them on Wednesday morning and we have never heard from them since Wednesday," Aristide Rwigara told the AP.

   The criminal allegations against the family are false, he said, insisting it has been targeted by Rwanda's government.

   "The government has been after my family for a long time because we refused also to do business with the ruling party," he said.

   Diane Rwigara is the daughter of the late Assinapol Rwigara, a businessman who fell out with Kagame before his death in a car accident in 2015.

   In an interview with the AP earlier this year, the 35-year-old acknowledged the risks of running against one of Africa's longest-serving leaders. "People disappear, others get killed in unexplained circumstances and nobody speaks about this because of fear," she said. "We must end this silence."

   Two days after declaring her candidacy for president, nude photographs allegedly of her were leaked on social media. It was not clear who was behind the leak.

   Rwigara later was disqualified as a candidate after allegedly failing to collect enough supporting signatures ahead of the election.

   Rwanda's electoral commission said she turned in signatures of some people who had long been dead and others who belonged to a rival political party. Rwigara denied it.

   Kagame has been de facto leader or president since the end of Rwanda's 1994 genocide.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Acheni Mchezo wa TIGO, Watu Wanajamba Ovyo Siku Hizi!

Wadau, juzi nilikuwa naongea na MBongo. Alikuwa analalamika kuhusu jinsi watu wanavyoshindwa kujikaza siku hizi na kuachia pumzi (kujamba)!

Nayoona ni hivi, Bongo mchezo wa TIGO ( Kufira/ Sodomy) umezidi!   Na nimekuwa nikisema siku nyingi mtaona athari za huo mchezo kuongezeka!

Kwanza, kwa vile ile sphincter ya mkundu/anus imelegea, mtu anashindwa kuzuia pumzi kutoka. Pia maji maji yanatoka, na inabidi avae nepi/pedi.  Halahala huyo akae kwenye kiti/cochi. Unashangaa kwa nini nzi wanaenda pale alipokaa huyo mtu!  Mnaona biashara ya nepi za wakubwa invyoshamiri huko Bongo?

Pili, Ugonjwa wa UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) kwa wanawake na wanaume umeongezeka Bongo kwa vile, mchezo wa TIGO unasababisha uchafu kuingia kwenye ume na uke. Fikiria, dume anaingiza ume wake kwenye mkundu, lazima anapatwa na chembe chembe za mavi!  Na uchafu lazima unateremka kwenye uke wa mwanamke!

Nilishasema na ninawakumbusha, mungu aliumba mkundu/anus kwa ajili ya kunya. Yaani kutoa uchafu mwilini. Haikuumbwa kwa ajili ya kuingiza kitu! Ndo maana inalegea mchezo ukizidi.

Acehni mchezo huo chafu!Tumieni kondomu kwa usalama wenu!

Kikao cha Wanatasnia Wote wa Filamu Tanzania

Friday, July 28, 2017

Tigo Imechangia Kisima kwa wakaazi wa Mji Mpya mkoani Morogoro

Mkuu wa wilaya ya Morogoro mjini, Regina Chonjo (katikati) akikata utepe kuzindua kisima kilichotolewa msaada na kampuni ya Tigo chenye thamani ya shilingi milioni 17/- kwa hospitali ya Mji mpya jana mjini Morogoro. Wanaoshuhudia kutoka kulia ni Meneja wa huduma za jamii Tigo, Halima Okash, Ofisa Mkuu wa Ufundi na Taarifa wa Tigo (CTIO) Jérôme Albou,  na  Diwani wa mji mpya Wence Kalogelezi

Mkazi wa Mji mpya akiwa kabeba ndoo ya maji mara baada ya uzinduzi wa kisima kilichotolewa msaada na kampuni ya Tigo chenye thamani ya shilingi milioni 17/- kwa hospitali ya Mji mpya jana mjini Morogoro.

Mkuu wa wilaya ya Morogoro mjini, Regina Chonjo (katikati) akihutubia wakazi wa Mji mpya mara baada ya  kuzindua kisima kilichotolewa msaada na kampuni ya Tigo chenye thamani ya shilingi milioni 17/- kwa hospitali ya Mji mpya jana mjini Morogoro.

Mkuu wa wilaya ya Morogoro mjini, Regina Chonjo akiwa katika picha ya pamoja  na Wakazi wa Mji Mpya Mkoani Morogoro mara baada ya uzinduzi w kisima hicho.

 kisima kilichotolewa msaada na kampuni ya Tigo chenye thamani ya shilingi milioni 17/- kwa hospitali ya Mji mpya jana mjini Morogoro.

·        Uchangiaji huu ni ishara ya shukurani kwa wakaazi hao kwa kuzima moto katika kituo cha data cha Tigo.

Tarehe 27 Julai 2017 – Tigo Tanzania imechangia kisima chenye thamani ya TZS milioni 17 kwa hosipitali ya Mji Mpya na maeneo yanayoizunguka katika mkoa wa Morogoro kama mkono wa shukurani kwa wakaazi kwa kuhatarisha maisha yao wakati wakipambana na moto ambao ulilipuka katika kituo cha data cha kampuni katika eneo hilo.
Kwa mujibu wa Tigo, uchimbaji wa kisima hicho pia ulikuwa sambamba na nia ya kampuni hiyo kusaidia ustawi wa jamii ambako Tigo inaendesha  shughuli zake.
Akizungumza katika sherehe za makabidhiano zilizofanyika katika hospitali ya mji mpya katika manispaa ya mji wa Morogoro Afisa Ufundi na Taarifa wa Tigo (CTIO) Jerome Albou alielezea matarajio yake kwamba kisima hicho kitawafikisha mbali sana katika kuondoa suala la upungufu wa maji katika hospitali na pia kutoa maji safi na salama ya uhakika kwa jamii inayokizunguka.
“Tunawashukuru sana watu wa Mji Mpya kwa kuonesha kujali na kujitoa wakati wa kupambana na moto ambao karibu uteketeze kabisa kituo cha Data mapema mwaka huu. Kweli Tigo ina deni kwa wanajamii, serikali ya mtaa na viongozi wa ulinzi na usalama wa manispaa kwa kuitika  kwa wakati kuhakikisha kuwa hakuna uharibifu mkubwa unasababishwa wakati wa moto,” alisema Albou.   
“Kwa hiyo msaada huu, unakuja kutimiza ahadi walioiweka Tigo kwa wakazi wa Mji mwema wa kuwapatia maji safi na salama kama namna ya kutambua juhudi zao katika kulinda mali za kituo hicho cha data.”
Albou alibainisha kwamba uchangiaji huo unakamilisha idadi ya vijiji 20 ambavyo vimenufaika kutokana na jitihada za Tigo za kutoa maji safi na salama nchi nzima, ikiwa inawasaidia zaidi ya watu 187,000.
Mwaka huu, Tigo ina mpango wa kuchimba visima zaidi katika maeneo yanayohitaji ambayo zaidi ya watu 350,000 wanatarajiwa kunufaika katika jitihada zetu za kusaidia juhudi za serikali za kuondoa upungufu wa maji safi na salama nchini.
Makabidhiano yalishuhudiwa na Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Morogoro Dr Kebwe Stephen Kebwa ambaye aliishukuru Tigo kwa kufikiria kutoa msaada huo. Alisema kwamba kisima hicho kitasaidia utoaji wa huduma bora za kiafya katika hospitali ya Mji Mwema na kusaidia katika maendeleo ya kiuchumi na kijamii. Aliwaomba wasamaria wema wengine kujitokeza na kuunga mkono juhudi za kuondoa upungufu wa maji katika mkoa huo.
Tunapenda kuishukuru Tigo kwa kutusaidia katika juhudi zetu za kutoa huduma za kiafya za uhakika katika eneo hili kwa kutatua tatizo lililokuwepo la upungufu wa maji. Tunaamini kwamba upatikanaji wa maji safi na salama karibu na wakaazi pia itaongeza uzalishaji wa kiuchumi hasa kwa wasichana na wanawake ambao hawatakuwa wanapoteza muda mwingi wa kutafuta maji safi na salama sehemu zingine. Hii itawapatia wasichana fursa ya kuhudhuria masomo kwa uhuru na kuipa jamii fursa ya kuhudhuria kwa ufanisi katika shughuli zao za maendeleo ya Taifa,  Alisema Dr Kebwe. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

SGA Security Comes to the Rescue of Abandoned Patients at MOI

In response to appeal in both mainstream and social media, the largest and oldest security company in the Tanzania, SGA Security, responded with donations. 

These were presented on 21st July 2017 to the management of Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute(MOI) and received by the Director of Nursing – Ms. MF Kimaro. She expressed their gratitude to SGA for being the first to respond to the plight of the patients.  
 Security Group Africa Group (SGA),Managing Director, Eric Sambu (right) handing over donations worth 2.5m/- to the Nursing Director at the Bone Institute (Moi), Ms. Flora Kimaro during a special visit to patients.

The donations included foodstuff, sanitary items and wheel chairs, all valued at TZS.2.5 Million. The SGA Customer and Public Relations Manager, Ms. Aikande Makere, explained that it is their practice to support community initiatives, in line with their corporate social responsibility. 

SGA has health and safety core theme and that extends to the public. She explained that she heard the appeal and felt that they needed to chip in and called upon other institutions to follow suit. “The patients belong to all of us and we have to shoulder this responsibility, as a society, jointly”, she added.

Mr. Jumaa Tram Almasi, MOI’s Manager, Welfare& Public Relations Unit expressed gratitude to SGA Security for choosing their institution to make the donation. “As you might be aware, treatment of the destitute patients is costly and we cannot do it alone, that is, provision of both medical and social needs. 

We need support from Well-Wishers and Good Samaritans to support us”, he said. “Patients dumped by their relatives add a strain in the already overloaded health services. 

The support from SGA security is timely and a stitch in time. We kindly urge the rest to support us through their CSR Programs”, he added.

SGA Security Managing Director, Mr. Eric Sambu, explained that they have spent over TZS.55 million this year on CSR programs, with a few activities remaining before end of the year. He explained that being part of the society, they always decide on areas to provide support as a way of giving back to the public.

 He was there with the ambulance team and guards during the presentation. They visited the patients in wards to give them a word of encouragement.
Security Group Africa Group (SGA),Managing Director, Eric Sambu (right) handing over donations worth 2.5m/- to the Nursing Director at the Bone Institute (Moi), Ms. Flora Kimaro during a special visit to patients.

SGA Security was the first Private Security Company registered in Tanzania in 1984, as Group Four Security, following deregulation of the sector from Government control. Today, after more than 33 years of successful operations, SGA is the largest private security company in Tanzania, represented in every service area in the sector. Employing about 5,000 employees in Tanzania and over 18,500 in the region, SGA is one of the largest employers in the region.

Speaking during the presentation at MOI, the Managing Director, Mr. Eric Sambu, said that they aid to entrench corporate citizenship by playing bigger role in the society as they strive to continuously add value to their customers. 

SGA recently launched a new fleet of ultra-modern and fully-equipped armored vehicles to provide alarm response services and cash in transit services in the country. SGA provides a full spectrum of integrated security services, which ensures that its clients enjoy a cost-effective interfusion of manpower and technology, safeguarding their personal and business assets, wherever they may be located. “We are presently updating skillsets for all our employees to empower deliver our promises in line with our mission. 

The training cuts across all cadres and facilitators are from all sectors, including our disciplined forces.”, he added. In addition to donations like this, SGA conducts free awareness training to selected public to improves health and safety in the society. They recently completed such training to bodaboda riders that covered 230 riders. They also donated reflective jackets and helmets after the awareness training.
Mr. Sambu continued to explain that SGA is the largest provider of Cash in Transit and Cash Management services in Tanzania and the provider of choice for over 85 Banks and Financial Institutions in the East Africa region. Our large fleet of fully armoured CIT vehicles visit over 750 bank branches in Tanzania, safely moving tens of billions of shillings, millions of kilometres each year. 

All our Cash Management services are fully insured through reputable, internationally renowned insurers. Our expertise extends to the Diplomatic and NGO sectors with over 65 Embassies and Development Aid clients in the region. We understand the specific risk profile of these clients and have specifically trained staff for these.

Vyuo na Vyuo Vikuu- UVCCM Wamkingia Kifua Raid Dkt. Magufuli

Kaimu Katibu Mkuu wa Idara ya Vyuo na Vyuo
Vikuu-UVCCM Daniel Zenda akizungumza wakati
 wa kikao cha kazi na viongozi
wa Vyuo na Vyuo Vikuu mkoa wa
Dar es Salaam, leo
Na Nassir Bakari
Umoja wa Vijana wa CCM (UVCCM), kupitia Idara yake ya Vyuo na Vyuo vya Elimu ya Juu, umemkingia kifua Mwenyekiti wa CCM Rais Dk. John Magufuli ukisema kwamba hafanyi uteuzi kwa njia za kibaguzi bali anafanya hivyo kwa kuzingatia weledi na uwezo wa anayemteua.

UVCCM imesema, hayo leo jijini Dar es Salaam, na kupinga vikali kauli iliyotolewa hivi karibuni na Mbunge wa Singida Mashariki Tundu Lissu, kwamba Rais Dk. Magufuli amekuwa akifanya uteuzi kwa kuzingatia ubaguzi wa ukanda, ukabila, dini na jinisa.

Akifungua Kikao cha kazi cha Viongozi wa Vyuo na Vyuo vikuu mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, Kaimu Katibu Mkuu Idara ya Vyuo na Vyuo Vikuu- UVCCM, Daniel Zenda alisema, UVCCM kupitia Idaya yake, inapinga na kulaani vikali kauli hizo za Tundu Lissu kwa sababu ni kauli za hatarai kwa kuwa zina lengo la uchochezi, kudhalilisha na kugawa Wananchi kwa misingi ya kibaguzi.

"Ndugu Watanzania kauli hii ya Tundu Lissu ni yenye lengo la kuchonganisha, kudhalilisha na kuwagawa wananchi, Sisi Vjana wa Vyuo na vyuo Vikuu, tunalaani kwa nguvu zetu zetu kauli hii. Kwa mfano ukitazama uteuzi wa Mkuu wa Majeshi nchini anatoka Bara, lakini hupo chini ya Waziri wa Ulinzi Dk. HusseinMwinyi ambaye anatoka Zanzibar", sasa hapo ubaguzi unakujaje",  alisema na kuhoji.

Alisema, kimsingi katika kufanya uteuzi, Rais anazingatia haki yake ya kikatiba ambayo inampa mamlaka ya kuteua na kutengua kwa kadri anavyoona inafaa. "ibara ya 36 kifungu cha pili ambayo kinasema Rais atakuwa na madaraka ya kuteua watu wa kushika nafasi za madaraka ya viongozi wanaowajibika kuweka sera za idara za taasisi za Serikali na watendaji wakuu wanaowajibika kusimamia utekelezaji wa sera za idara hizo", alifafanua.

"Mnajua siasa ni kama dawa, dawa huwa inaisha muda wake, sasa huyu Tundu Lissu naye amekwisha muda wake kisiasa, ndiyo maana inafika wakati anazungumza maneno ya kipuuzi katika jamii, nawaomba ndugu Watanzania wenzangu tuyapuuze maneno yake, hayana maana, Ndugu Wananchi wa Singida Mashariki tunawaomba 2020 msifanye makosa tena tuleteeni anayefaa kuliko huyu Tundu Lissu", alisema Zenda.

Alisema, kuisha kisiasa kwa Tundu Lisu na upinzani kwa jumla, kunatokana na uchapakazi ulioonyeshwa na uongozi wa awamu ya tano, chini ya Rais Dk. Magufuli. " Hawa kina Tundu Lisu kwa sasa hawana hoja, ndiyo maana sasa wanatapatapa kujaribu kutafuta pa kushika.

"Sisi kama vijana wasomi tunaiunga mkono Serikali ya awamu ya tano inayoongozwa na Rais Dk.  Magufuli kwa mambo yote inayoyafanya, Watanzania wenyewe tumekuwa ni mashahidi wazuri wa hayo mambo, tunaomba Mungu ampe afya njema ili aendelee kututumikia Watanzania" alisema Zenda.
Kaimu Katibu Mkuu wa Idara ya Vyuo na Vyuo Vikuu-UVCCM Daniel Zenda (kulia) akiongoza kikao cha Kazi cha Viongozi wa Vyuo na Vyuo Vikuu-UVCCM mkoa wa Dar es Salaam, leo katika ukumbi wa jengo la Makao Makuu ya UVCCM jijini Dar s Salaam. PICHA NA BASHIR NKOROMO

Msiba wa Prof. Henslay Kabisama USA

WaTanzania nchini Marekani wanaomboleza msiba wa Profesa Henslay Kabisama aliyefariki huko California mwishoni mwa mwezi June
Mjane wa Marehemu pamoja na wadau kadhaa waliungana na Mubelwa Bandio katika kipindi cha NJE-NDANI kuongelea mipango ya mazishi ilipofikia sasa.
Unaweza kushiriki kusaidia gharama za kuusafirisha mwili kupitia akaunti HII ya GoFundME
Karibu uwasikilize

Ijue Piano na Manufaa Yake!

Na Freddy Macha

KWA SIMU TOKA LONDON-  Mitaani na muziki wa Kizungu

Piano (au kinanda)  ni chombo mahsusi cha  Wazungu. 
Kitaaluma muziki maana yake ni vitu vitatu : melodi (unayoisikia bila hata kujua maneno na kuipigia uluzi), ridhimu (mapigo), na mpangilio wa sauti (“harmony”). Kipengele cha tatu ndiyo kigumu zaidi....
Kati ya vyombo muhimu  vya kitengo cha utunzi na upangaji (“harmony”) wa muziki ni Piano na Gitaa.
Ila Piano inaongoza Uzunguni.
 Ndiyo maana kila utakapokwenda,  makanisani, mabaa, mashuleni, majumbani na hata vituo vya usafiri hukosi Piano. Kihistoria, watunzi mashuhuri wa muziki ulimwenguni wametumia Piano kupanga vibao vyao vilivyofahamika na kupendwa miaka mingi  zaidi.
 Mifano michache  ni George Gershwin (“Summertime”- 1934),  Stevie Wonder (“Superstition”, 1973 ), Billy Joel  (“I love You Just the Way You are”- 1977) , Herbie Hancock (“Watermelon Man”, 1962), Paul McCartney ( “Nyimbo za Beatles,  “Let it Be”, “Long Winding Road”, “Yesterday”, nk), Prince (”When Doves Cry”, 1984), Gill Scott Heron (Mtunzi mashuhuri wa Mashairi aliyefariki 2011),  na  Alicia Keys , binti , kijana anayewika sasa.
Hata wanamuziki waimbaji walipiga piano, ingawa si sana hadharani. Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown, nk.
Afrika yetu tunao marehem Fela Kuti na Abdullah Ibrahim (Afrika Kusini) anayeheshimika kama mmoja wa wapiga piano wakubwa duniani wa Jazz. Watanzania marehemu Patrick Balisidja  na Kassim Magati (Sunburst) vile vile. Miaka yake ya mwisho marehem Balisidja alipiga Piano akiwa na King Kiki.
 Kimuziki Piano ni kama kamusi. Ni muhimu kuijua kuelewa nini kinatendeka katika moyo, ngozi na mifupa  ya muziki.
Kiafya upigaji Piano huoanisha pande mbili za Ubongo na kuzuia kuchakaa kwake.  Hivyo kwa Wazee na watu wa makamo ni kinga maradhi ya kusinyaa na kulemaa Ubongo mathalan “Dementia” na “Alzheimer”...
Hii ni sababu mkono  mmoja hufanya tendo tofauti na mwingine, unapotwanga Piano.
Kufuatana na maelezo ya mwanasayansi wa Kimarekani,  Roger Sperry (aliyeshinda tuzo la Nobel 1981) upande wa  kushoto wa Ubongo hufikiri,  na kulia  mambo ya hisia na utunzi. Bw Sperry alifikia ugunduzi huo akifanya utafiti wa kiini cha Kifafa.
 Ni vizuri pia kwa watoto wadogo na huwasaidia kufanya vyema katika masomo yote. Ndiyo maana muziki na Sanaa (kijumla) huzingatiwa sana mashuleni Uzunguni. 
Mwafrika jifunze Piano hata kama unaanza kuzeeka, itakufaa.  Na wasisitize wanao kufanya muziki na sanaa, utawajenga kiakili katika hesabu na sayansi pia.