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Kumbe Kabaka Mwanga II wa Buganda alikuwa Shoga!

Papa Francis yuko nchini Uganda kwenye ziara rasmi. Alitoa heshima kwa wakristo 45 wailouawa huko Uganda zaidi ya miaka 100 iliyopita.  Katika historia, wanasema kuwa waAnglikana 23 waliuawa na waKatoliki 22 waliuawa kwa vile walitaka kusambaza ukristo Uganda.  Kumbe waliuawa kwa vile Kabaka huyo alikuwa shoga na hao wakristo walikataa kutembea naye! Duh! Kabaka anataka uroda halafu unamnyima! Walivyomnyima ilikuwa kashfa kwake!

Sasa, tunaweza kuona sababu kuu ya waGanda kuwa na sheria kali dhidi ya usenge/ushoga.   barani Afrika wao wako wazi kabisa na chuki ya dhidi ya ushoga. Ni historia ambayo hawapendi kuongelea. (Zamani  kabla ya mamisionari ushoga/usenge ulikuwa ruksa!)

Associated Press

   NAMUGONGO, Uganda (AP) - Pope Francis on Saturday honored the Ugandan Christians who were burned alive rather than renounce their faith a century ago, urging today's Catholics to follow in their missionary zeal and spread the faith at home and abroad.

   A somber Francis prayed at shrines dedicated to the 23 Anglican and 22 Catholic martyrs who were killed between 1885 and 1887 on the orders of a local king trying to thwart the influence of Christianity in his central Ugandan kingdom. According to historians, the Christians were also killed because they refused the king's sexual advances, citing the church's opposition to homosexuality.

   At Namugongo, outside the capital, Kampala, where most of the martyrs were burned alive, Francis prayed first at the gruesome sanctuary dedicated to the Anglicans, kneeling before part of the same tree where they were tortured before being executed. He then prayed at the Catholic shrine and celebrated Mass in their honor to mark the 50th anniversary of the Catholics' canonization.

   As many as 2 million people were expected to attend the Mass, including Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, the president of South Sudan and the descendant of the king who ordered the deaths.

   Francis urged them to use the martyrs' example of faith to be missionaries at home by taking care of "the elderly, the poor, the widowed and the abandoned."

   "This legacy is not served by an occasional remembrance or by being enshrined in a museum as a precious jewel," he said. "Rather we honor them and all the saints when we carry on their witness to Christ, in our homes and neighborhoods, in our workplaces and civil society, whether we never leave our homes or we go to the farthest corner of the world."

   The Argentine pope knows of what he speaks. When he joined the Jesuit order as a young man, he longed to be a missionary in Japan. But his superior told him to stay home for health reasons, and he later developed a ministry in the slums of Buenos Aires that has formed the basis of his papacy.

   During his two days in Uganda, Francis is expected to touch on some of the same themes he emphasized during the first leg of his trip in Kenya: corruption, poverty and giving young Christians hope and encouragement. After the Mass on Saturday, Francis has a rally with young people, a visit to a charity and a meeting with local priests, seminarians and nuns on his agenda.

   Some of the pilgrims attending the Mass had been here all night to honor the martyrs and see the pope, braving rains and sleeping on mats to guard against the mud that turned the grounds into chocolate-colored muck.

   "They are so important because they sacrificed their life because of their religion," said Beneh Ssanyu, 27, who showed off the mud encrusting her sandals and pants - evidence of her arrival at 1 p.m. Friday that scored her a prime front-row seat.

   Security at the shrine was tight, with those entering the main area passing through metal detectors and police boats monitoring the moat surrounding the altar where Francis celebrated the service.

   Francis has made a point on his foreign travels to honor local martyrs in hopes of inspiring a new generation of missionaries. When he was in South Korea, for example, he beatified 124 missionaries who helped bring the faith to the Korean Peninsula. He has also spoken out frequently about today's martyrs, the Christians in the Middle East and Africa who have been slaughtered by Muslim militants.

   The history of Uganda's martyrs has helped shape the Catholic Church here, with huge numbers of pilgrims flocking to the Namugongo shrine, many of them Africans arriving from as far away as Congo and Tanzania. Most of the pilgrims walk long distances to the site to underscore their faith.

   King Mwanga II of Buganda Kingdom ordered the martyrs killed during a period of political and religious turmoil as he tried to assert his authority amid the growing influence of missionaries from Europe.

   But the history of the martyrs also shows a personal grudge Mwanga held against them: After the martyrs converted to Christianity, they began rebuffing his sexual advances since church teaching forbid homosexuality - a humiliation that was part of the reason they were ordered killed, according to the history of the killings, "African Holocaust" by J.F. Faupel.

   "It is absolutely true. It is a fact," said Bishop Giuseppe Franzelli, a longtime Italian missionary in Uganda. "When they became Christians, they saw that this was not according to the Gospel, the teaching of Christ and they said no."

   The little-known history might help explain why homosexuality remains so taboo today in Uganda, which is 47 percent Catholic and has criminalized homosexuality.

   The Vatican has refused to say whether Francis will discuss gay rights openly while here.

   On Sunday, Francis heads to his final destination, the Central African Republic.

Mashoga wakitafuta wateja katika hoteli ya kitalii

Friday, November 27, 2015

Waziri Mkuu Majaliwa Aamuru Maafisa Kadhaa wa TRA Kukamatwa

Waziri Mkuu Mhe Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa leo ameamuru kukamatwa kwa maafisa kadhaa  wa Mamlaka ya Mapato (TRA) na wengine kufukuzwa kazi  baada ya kufanya ziara ya kushtukiza Bandarini na kukuta madudu ambayo hakuyafurahia.
Maafisa hao, ambao kwa sasa tunahifadhi majina ili Jeshi la Polisi liweze kuwashughulikia, wametakiwa pia kusalimisha hati zao za usafiri.
Hii imekuja baada ya kugundulika kwamba kuna makontena 349 yenye thamani ya zaidi ya bilioni 80 ambayo data za Mamlaka ya Bandari inazo lakini katika mtandao wa TRA hayaonekani.
Habari kamili inaandaliwa. Fanya subira....
Kwa sasa anza na picha....

Waziri Mkuu Mhe Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa akisisitiza jambo wakati wa mkutano wake na uongozi wa TRA na TPA alipofanya ziara ya kustukiza Bandarini leo asubuhi.
 Waziri Mkuu Mhe Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa akiongea na viongozi wa TRA na TPA
Waziri Mkuu Mhe Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa akikabidhi orodha ya makontena yaliyopotea na ambayo TRA haina taarifa nazo
Waziri Mkuu Mhe Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa 
akiagana na viongozi wa TRA na TPA.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kanisa za WaKenya Boston Zimeguezwa Miradi ya Kutafuta Pesa

Pastor Elizabeth Wanyoike of the newly launched International Restoration Reformed Church (IRRC) in Tewksbury, near Lowell during dedication ceremoney on Sunday November 15, 2015. AJABU MEDIA PIC/H.MAINA
Kenyan Churches in Boston turned into financially motivated Social Clubs, says new Pastor
LOWELL, Mass.,( Ajabu African News) Nov 19__Most Kenyan community churches in Boston have abdicated their primary role of spreading the true gospel of Jesus Christ and instead have been turned around into "help those who help you" social clubs emphasizing too much on financially motivated manipulations. 
The charge was made by pastor Elizabeth Wanyoike last Sunday during the dedication ceremony of the newly launched International Restoration Reformed Church (IRRC) in Tewksbury, near Lowell.

She said that many Kenyans attending Kenyan community churches today have no clue of where they are headed yet they are being lead down the drain by church leaders many of whom are only concerned with parishioner contributions to cater for their weekly paychecks and social problems among members. 

"There is a lot of ungodliness in the church today.The church has been turned around to help those who help you. It is the spirit of Jezebel and somebody must wake up to breaks the yokes of this spirit," she said during the sermon top about a dozen Kenyans present"

It is time to destroy the ungodliness in our church just like Elijah destroyed the idols that citizens were worshipping during King Ahab's rule," she added while quoting from the book of1st Kings Chapter 16 &17.

.Wanyoike said that there is a spirit of fear, oppression and intimidation going around the body of Christ today in the Kenyan community similar to what took place during King Ahab's reign.

"You can be in the church but the people in authority are taking you nowhere. People are covered in the spirit of oppression and intimidation."
She called on Kenyans of faith to take a proactive effort to change things so that the church "can operate on what God wants us to do."

"Things have to change and the church return to order. We don't have to gather for the sake of gathering. Even Obadiah was so afraid to tell the King that Prophet Elijah had arrived with a message to the people but Elijah forced him to bring up King Ahab to listen to the message and destroy the alters of worshiping idols instead of the read God," she added.

Fedha za Hafla ya Bunge Zinunue Vitanda Muhimbili: Rais Magufuli

Baada ya kulihutubia na kulizindua bunge la 11 la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt JOHN POMBE MAGUFULI amehudhuria hafla fupi iliyoandaliwa kwa ajili ya wabunge katika viwanja vya Bunge Mjini Dodoma na kuagiza fedha zilizochangwa kwa ajili ya kugharamia hafla hiyo zipelekwe Katika Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili kwa ajili ya kununulia vitanda vya wagonjwa.

Mheshimiwa Magufuli ametoa agizo hilo baada ya kupokea taarifa kuwa wadau mbalimbali wamechanga kiasi cha shilingi milioni 225 kwa ajili ya kugharamia hafla ya wabunge katika siku ya uzinduzi wa Bunge.

Dkt Magufuli amesema alipata taarifa za kuwepo kwa michango hiyo ya fedha na kutoa maelekezo kuwa zitumike kwa kiasi kidogo kwa ajili ya hafla hiyo na sehemu kubwa zipelekwe katika Hospitali ya Taifa ya Muhimbili ili zikatumike kununulia vitanda na hivyo kupunguza tatizo la wagongwa wanaolala chini kutokana na uhaba wa vitanda unaikabili hospitali hiyo.

“Nilipoambiwa kwamba zimechangwa shilingi milioni 225 zimekusanywa kwa ajili ya sherehe, nikasema fedha hizo zipelekwe katika hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili zikasaidie kununua vitanda” alisema Dkt Magufuli na kusisitiza kuwa “kwa kufanya hivyo tutakua tumejinyima sisi wenyewe lakini tutakua tumewanufaisha wenzetu ambao wanamatatizo makubwa yanayoweza kutatuliwa kwa fedha hizo”.

Awali akitoa taarifa ya michango hiyo Ofisa wa Spika wa Bunge Bwana SAID YAKUBU amesema jumla michango iliyopatikana na shilingi milioni 225 na kwamba fedha zilizotumika katika hafla hiyo ni shilingi milioni 24 tu baada ya kuzingatia maagiza ya Rais Magufuli.

Katika Hafla hiyo Rais Magufuli amekabidhi vyeti vya kutambua mchango wa wadau waliochangia fedha wakiwemo Benki za NMB, CRDB na Benki ya Afrika pamoja na Mifuko ya Hifadhi ya Jamii ya PSPF na PPF.

Gerson Msigwa

Kaimu Mkurugenzi wa Mawasiliano IKULU

November 20, 2015

USA Visa Waiver Program

Visa Waiver Program

Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
November 20, 2015

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP), administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), allows eligible citizens or nationals of countries which have met U.S. security requirements to travel to the United States without visas in exchange for visa-free travel to those countries by U.S. citizens. The VWP utilizes multiple layers of security to detect and prevent terrorists, serious criminals, and other potentially dangerous individuals from traveling to the United States. These layers of security include comprehensive screening of VWP travelers prior to departure for the United States, at various points throughout the traveler’s journey, and upon arrival at U.S. ports of entry.
Over the last year, DHS and the Department of State, in coordination with several other federal agencies, have made a number of significant enhancements to the VWP to ensure our security apparatus continues to adapt in the face of evolving threats.
How Does the Visa Waiver Program Work?
  • Every prospective VWP traveler undergoes counterterrorism screening and must receive approval through DHS’ Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). Through ESTA, DHS evaluates whether individuals are eligible to travel to the United States under the VWP before they are allowed to board a carrier bound for the United States.
  • The counterterrorism check draws on information from U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies. DHS uses this information to decide if the travel poses any law enforcement or security risks. Without DHS approval through ESTA, VWP travelers cannot travel to the United States and must appear in person for a visa interview if they still want to travel to the United States.
  • Any individual applying for a U.S. visa undergoes thorough biographic and biometric screening against U.S. law enforcement and counterterrorism databases. Biometric screening includes checks based on fingerprints and/or facial recognition software. No visa can be issued unless all relevant concerns are fully resolved.
  • Information submitted during an ESTA application is shared with consular officers to help them determine whether a visa should be issued after an ESTA application has been denied.
  • As part of this screening process, information that identifies suspected or known violators of the law and other persons of concern will be provided to the appropriate law enforcement, national security, and/or counterterrorism agency.
  • This process has been enhanced repeatedly to improve security and more effectively identify individuals who might pose a threat to the United States.
  • Travelers must be a citizen of a VWP country to use the program. Residence in a VWP country, or the possession of refugee travel documents issued by a VWP member state, does not qualify an individual for VWP travel.
  • For the list of countries whose citizens are eligible for VWP travel, please visit
Recent Enhanced Security Measures
  • DHS, in consultation with the Department of State, continuously adapts the VWP to address current threats.
o DHS introduced additional data fields to the ESTA application in November 2014 that already have already security benefits.
o DHS introduced new traveler screening and information sharing requirements for VWP countries in August 2015 specifically to address the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters.
o DHS and the Department of State are working with VWP partners to implement the new VWP requirements, which will strengthen U.S. security and the security of our partners.
  • These security enhancements are part of our continuing assessments of U.S. security in the face of evolving threats and challenges, and our determination to stay one step ahead of those threats and challenges.
For further information, please contact the Bureau of Consular Affairs at or visit

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mwanahabari Nashon Kenedy Awapa Siri Ya Mafanikio Wasanii wa Mwanza

Kulia ni Mwanahabari Nashon Kenedy kutoka gazeti la kiswahili la Habari Leo na lile la kiingereza la Daily News akiongea katika hafla ya kuzaliwa kwa Yusuph Kisiba a.k.a Yuskiss ambae ni Mtengenezaji wa Filamu katika Kampuni ya Shafineyz Film Production ya Jijini Mwanza.
Na:George Binagi-GB Pazzo wa Binagi Media Group
Mwanahabari Nashon Kenedy kutoka gazeti la kiswahili la Habari Leo na lile la kiingereza la Daily News amewashauri wasanii wa maigizo Jijini Mwanza, kubadilika na kuigiza filamu zinazogusa maisha halisi ya Kitanzania na kuachana na uigizaji wa filamu zisizo na uhalisia wa maisha ya Kitanzania hususani filamu za mapenzi. 

Kenedy aliyasema hayo jana katika hafla ya kuzaliwa kwa Yusuph Kisiba a.k.a Yuskiss ambae ni Mtengenezaji wa Filamu katika Kampuni ya Shafineyz Film Production ya Jijini Mwanza ambapo alikuwa mgeni rasmi katika hafla hiyo ambayo pamoja na wageni wengine, pia ilihudhuriwa na wasanii mbalimbali wa muziki na filamu kutoka Jijini Mwanza.

"Japokuwa maisha yetu yanategemea mapenzi, lakini mimi nawashauri kwamba acheni kuigiza filamu za mapenzi kila siku kama mnahitaji kufanikiwa. Igizeni filamu zinazoeleza maisha halisi ya kitanzania kama vile kuonyesha matatizo yanayowakabili wananchi, na hapo ndipo mtaweza kuwa tofauti na waigizaji wengine jambo ambalo litawasaidia kufikia katika mafanikio yenu". Alibainisha Kenedy.

Katika hafla hiyo, Kisiba aliwashukuru wale wote walioungana nae katika kuadhimisha siku yake ya kuzaliwa ambapo aliahidi kuitimiza ahadi yake ya kuhakikisha kuwa soko la uigizaji wa filamu Jijini Mwanza linafufuliwa kupitia Kampuni anayofanyia kazi ya Shafineyz Film Production kwa kuwa ni aibu kukosekana kwa soko la filamu Jijini hapa ikilinganishwa na majiji mengine nchini kama vile Jiji la Dar es salaam. 
Tazama HAPA Picha za Hafla hiyo

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mwanalibeneke Yuskiss Kisiba Asherekea Birthday!

Anaitwa Yusuph Kisiba a.k.a Yuskiss Kisiba ambae ni Blogger @Lake Zone Media & Kisibasharesky Media, Graphics Desiner & Video Editor @Shafineys Film Production Jijini Mwanza.
Na:George Binagi-GB Pazzo wa Binagi Media Group
Tarehe kama ya leo (Nevemba 19) miaka kadhaa iliyopita alizaliwa hivyo hii leo anafurahia siku yake ya kuzaliwa na ndugu, jamaa na Marafiki. Nasi tunamtakia maisha mema katika kuzaliwa kwake.

"Novemba 19 ni tarehe ambayo Mwenyezi Mungu aliweza kuniruhusu kutoka katika tumbo la mama yangu kipenzi na kuuona ulimwengu huu. Na hapo ndipo safari yangu ilipoanzia na ikawa ndiyo chanzo cha kufahamiana na wewe hivi sasa. Novemba 19 ni siku ambayo huwa ya kipekee sana kwangu katika huzuni na furaha kutokana na kuishi mazingira haya ya ulimwengu uliojaa kila aina ya uzuri na ubaya wake.Ukiwa kama ndugu/rafiki yangu sina budi kukukumbusha kuungana nami kufanya ibada ikiwa na lengo moja la kumuomba  Mungu atusamehe makosa yetu. Kwa yeyote niliewahi kumkosea sina budi kukuomba radhi katika siku hii". Anasema Kisiba.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Msaada wa Wasamaria Wema Unahitajika Kwa Ajili ya Matibabu

Ndugu Wasamaria wema
Napenda kutumia fursa hii kukushirikisha habari ya kusikitisha kuhusu dada Joyce Mwambepo (pichani akiwa na mwanaye, na migu yake iliyopooza) mkaazi wa Sinde jijini Mbeya. Dada huyu mwenye umri wa miaka 27 anaishi na bibi yake mwenye umri wa miaka 80 pamoja na mwanaye mwenye umri wa miaka 4.
Kwa bahati mbaya mwezi April mwaka jana dada huyu alipata ajali ya kugongwa na gari ambayo haikusimama kumsaidia. Ila kwa msaada wa wasamaria wema alipelekwa hospitali ya rufaa ya mkoa wa  Mbeya ambako inasemekana alikaa kwa miezi mitatu bila kupata matibabu.
Katika uchunguzi wa awali ilibainika kuwa Joyce amevunjika miguu yote miwili,  hivyo akahamishiwa katika hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili ambako pia baada ya kukaa kwa miezi kadhaa alirejeshwa Mbeya baada ya kukosa shilingi 550,000/- za vipimo na matibabu.
Hadi nakutana naye dada huyu alikuwa amelala nyumbani kwa bibi yake (pichani kushoto) ambaye ni mlezi wake tangu akiwa na miaka minne baada ya wazazi wote wawili kufariki dunia. 
Hawezi kukaa wala kusimama na anajisaidia hapo hapo kitandani kwa msaada wa mwanaye na bibi yake. Inasikitisha.
Hivyo nimejitahidi kufuatialia ili kujua mahitaji halisi lakini sikufanikiwa kumpata daktari bingwa wa mifupa . Ili kumsaidia Joyce inatakiwa aanze process upya za matibabu kuanzia hapa Mbeya referral Hospital  hadi Muhimbili jijini Dar es salaam.
Gharama za matibabu ni kama ifuatavyo:
1. shilingi 300,000/- za kupima CT-SCAN
2. Shilingi 250,000/- za MRI
3. Usafiri wa kutoka Mbeya-Dar kwa gari maalum la kukodi 700,000/-
4. Gharama za msaidizi ambaye ni rafiki yake 300,000/-
5. Chakula 450,000/- (Endapo watakaa hospitali mwezi mzima)
6. Gharama za matibabu (CT-SCAN&MRI ni vipimo tu) 500,000/-
7. Na mahitaji mengineyo wakiendelea kupata tiba 500,000/-

Hivyo kwa kuanzia kiasi cha shilingi 3,000,000/- (milioni tatu) kinahitajika kumpunguzia mateso dada yetu huyu. Asante sana kwa moyo wako wa kujitoa na Mungu atakubariki.

Deo Kakuru Msimu
Msamaria mwema
+255769 512 420

Wakati huo huo kwa niaba ya Michuzi Media Group, Ankal amejitolea kusaidia uratibu wa kufanikisha matibabu ya dada Joyce. Hivyo unaweza kuwasiliana naye kwa email ama whatsapp namba +255 754 271266 kwa jina la Ankal.