Saturday, September 12, 2020

Upstream Thinking: Solving Problems Caused by Innovation

This is an interesting article by Tanzanian, Ben Kazora:

For months I have written articles making a case for innovation as the only way for Africa to close the economic gap with the global superpowers. However, one lesson I have learned over the years is that there is no perfect solution to anything, something always gives. With this in mind, I want to encourage for solutions that look beyond the present problem but far into the problems that will arise from solving these problems through innovation.

You Can read the entire Piece at:

Murder in Mozambique


Associated Press MAPUTO, Mozambique (AP) -  Amnesty International has accused Mozambique's government forces of torturing suspected members of an Islamist insurgency in the country's northern Cabo Delgado province, as well as "possible extrajudicial executions" and "discarding of a large number of corpses into apparent mass graves." Mozambique's extremist insurgency began in northern Cabo Delgado province, bordering Tanzania in the north and the Indian Ocean to the east, in October 2017. The rebels dramatically stepped up their attacks in 2020 and in August captured the strategic port city of Mocimboa da Praia and have held it for nearly a month.

Ajali Kubwa Katika Machimbo ya Dhahabu Congo Yaua Watu Zaidi ya 50

 Associated Press KINSHASA, Congo (AP) -  Officials say more than 50 people are dead after landslides caused the collapse of three artisanal gold mines near the city of Kamituga in eastern Congo's South Kivu province on Friday. Heavy rains for days led to the disaster. The mayor says that the diggers and the transporters of the stones were swallowed up by the waters. A team of rescuers with motor pumps came to recover the bodies of the victims. Mining quarries are often unsafe in eastern Congo and the Kasai region. Women and children also work in the mines to make ends meet.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Waandishi wa Habari wa Voice of America Walazimishwa Kuondoka Marekani!


Rais Trump amebadilisha Uongozi Voice of America.  Ni wabaguzi na hawajali watu bali wanalinda maslahi ya Rais  Trump!  Leo tunaambiwa kuwa baadhi ya waandish wa habari VOA watalazimishwa kuondoka nchini kwa vile uongozi wamekataa kushughulikia visa zao za kukaa nchini.

VOA inaajiri waandishi wa habari wengi kutoka nchi mbalmbali ikiwemo Tanzania. Inamilikiwa na Serikali ya Marekani.


Some VOA Journalists Forced to Leave US soon as Visas Expire

WASHINGTON (AP) - More than a dozen journalists with the U.S. government's premier international broadcaster may soon have to leave the United States as their visas expire with no action from the agency's new leadership. Congressional aides say some 16 Voice of America journalists will be forced to return to their native countries in the coming weeks unless the government agrees to either renew their visas or extend grace periods for them to depart. Several of them could face difficulties at home because of their work for VOA, the aides said. The agency has said it's conducting a review of its visa practices but has offered no other details. 

Kenyan Police Teargas Anti-Corruption Protesters in Nairobi

 NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -  Kenya's police have teargassed protesters holding a peaceful demonstration against alleged corruption including the theft of supplies for the fight against COVID-19. At least 12 demonstrators from a group of 100 protesting in different parts of Nairobi, the capital, were arrested by police, said central business district police chief Mark Wanjala. Picketing and protesting are rights guaranteed by the Kenyan constitution but police argue that they dispersed Friday's demonstrations because of concerns that large gatherings could lead to the spread of the coronavirus. However, protest organizer, Wanjeri Nderu, who runs a consumer watchdog site on Twitter called 'Buyer beware," charged that police were being used to silence demonstrators.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Tanzanian Miner becomes Instant Millionaire

Masai Miner Saniniu Laizer with his Tanzanite Gemstones

DODOMA, Tanzania (AP) -  A small-scale miner in Tanzania has become an overnight millionaire after unearthing two of the biggest rough tanzanite gemstones ever found. Tanzania's government bought the book-sized stones from Saniniu Laizer for $3.4 million. He said in a televised interview he plans to open a shopping mall and a school for his community. Tanzanite is found only in the East African country.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

JIhadhari na Ugonjwa wa Coronavirus

Mgonjwa wa Coronavirus akipata matibabu hospiatlini
Wadau,  tafadhali jikinge dhidi ya ugonjwa wa Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Huo ugonjwa unaua!   Hauchagui rangi, umri, au kama wewe ni maskini au tajiri!

Shemaji yangu, Dennis Whitlow, amefariki kwa coronavirus hapa Boston usiku wa kuamkia jumatatu. Hakuna aliyeruhisiwa kumwona hospitalini hadi amefariki.   Nafahamu wagonjwa wengi, wengine wamepona, wengine wamefariki!  Kuna babu wa miaka 88 aliyefariki niliyekuwa namfahamu na kijana mwenye afya mwenye miaka 28 ambaye amefariki. Coronavirus hauchagui.

Tafadhali mfuate masharti. Ukae mbali na mtu mwingine, kaeni majumbani na ukitoka funika  mdomo na pua!  Nawa mikono kila mara. Usiguse uso wako.

Kifo cha coronavirus ni sawa na kifo cha maji, mapafu yanajaa maji, mwili unashindwa kupata hewa (oxygen).

Mungu Atunusuru!

Kirusi cha Coronavirus
Kaburi la pamoj a ya waliofuka kwa Coronavirus mjini New York

Senene Watokea kwa Wingi Uganda Tena!

Kwa mara ya pili, senene (locusts) wametokea kwa wingi na kula kila aina ya mimea!  Wataalamu wanasema idadi ya wimbi ni mara ishirini ya wale waliojitokeza mwezai wa pili mwalka huu! Wanatokea Somalia.  Serikali ya Uganda ilishauri wananchi wao kuwala ili kuwapunguza.

Ugandan women with  platters of Roasted locuts 

Associated Press KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) -  The second wave of a huge locust outbreak is arriving in parts of East Africa. This wave of the voracious insects is estimated to be 20 times the size of the first. Billions of the young desert locusts are winging in from breeding grounds in Somalia in search of fresh vegetation springing up with seasonal rains. Millions of already vulnerable people are at risk. And as they gather to try to combat the locusts, they risk spreading the coronavirus. Some say the virus comes a distant second to the locusts in their concerns.

Ugandan schoolgirl chasing locusts

Watu wagombania chakula Kenya - Coronavirus

Watu wenye njaa waligombania chakula kilichokuwa kinatolewa kama msaa Nairobi.  Walipigwa na polisi baada ya fujo kuanza! Walitakiwa wa kae mbali ya mita moja kwa mtu mwingine lakinii wapi!  Hebu ona.!  Njaa kitu kibaya sana.
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Associated Press NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -  Thousands of people have surged for food aid in Kenya's capital in a brief stampede, leading police to fire tear gas and injure several people. Many were desperate for help as coronavirus-related restrictions make it more difficult to go out and make a living. The scene in Kenya's largest slum reflects the fears of millions across Africa as nearly 20 countries have imposed full lockdowns and others have shut down cities or imposed curfews. In the Nairobi chaos, men with sticks beat people back as they fought over food, some with face masks dangling off their chins. Some people fell and were trampled. Women shrieked.

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Thousands of people surged for food aid in a brief stampede Friday in Kenya's capital, desperate for help as coronavirus restrictions keep them from making a living. Police fired tear gas and injured several people, witnesses said.
Residents of Nairobi's Kibera slum, spotting a food distribution, tried to force their way through a gate outside a district office for their chance at supplies to keep their families fed for another day.
The scene in Kenya’s largest slum reflected the fears of millions across Africa as nearly 20 countries have imposed full lockdowns and others have shut down cities or imposed curfews. A vast population of informal workers, with little or no savings, worries about the next meal as no one knows when the measures will end. Already, Rwanda and South Africa have extended their lockdowns by two weeks.
In the Nairobi chaos, men with sticks beat people back as they fought over packages of food, some with face masks dangling off their chins. Some people fell and were trampled. Dust rose. Women shrieked. Injured people were carried to safety and placed on the ground to recover, gasping for breath.
“The people who have been injured here are very many, even we cannot count,” said one resident, Evelyn Kemunto. “Both women and children have been injured. There was a woman with twins, she has been injured, and even now she is looking for her twins. … It is food we were coming for since we are dying of hunger.”
The crowd had heard that popular opposition leader Raila Odinga had donated the food, said witness Richard Agutu Kongo, a 43-year-old who operates a motorcycle taxi. But in fact the distribution was from another well-wisher who had given selected families cards to turn in and receive aid, he said.
“They didn’t care about government restrictions that we were to stay 1 meter apart,” he added.
Kongo’s family, including six children, was given a card. They received two packets of maize meal, cooking oil and cereals.
People in the crowd “could see those with cards getting food and this caused the stampede as they tried to force their way in,” Kongo said.
He described his business as a standstill as Kenyans are discouraged from going out.
“Before, I used to make (the equivalent of) $10 and now with the coronavirus restrictions I can barely make $5,” he said. “It’s becoming hard to ensure my family gets three meals a day. Yesterday they missed breakfast.”
With Friday’s donation, his family now has enough for three meals, he said: “We are thankful for the donation, but it will only last two days.”
He lamented that Kenya’s government appears to have no plan to feed him and millions more.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Cases of Coronavirus now 1,000 on African Continent!

Associated Press OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) -  Africa's cases of the coronavirus have risen above 1,000. Two heads of state appeared to defy their own travel restrictions to attend another president's inauguration on Saturday. And Angola announced its first cases. That means at least 40 of Africa's 54 countries are now affected. Congo reported its first death; Burkina Faso reported two new ones. Ivory Coast was the latest to announce it's closing its borders. And Ethiopia's electoral authorities discussed the virus' effect on a major national election later this year.

Zimbabwe confirms First Coronavirus Case!

Associated Press JOHANNESBURG (AP) -  Zimbabwe has confirmed its first case of the coronavirus as the pandemic reaches a health system that has nearly collapsed amid an economic crisis. The health minister says the infected man lives in Victoria Falls, one of Africa's most visited tourist destinations. Meanwhile, two major African airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways, are canceling international flights over the coronavirus. And the continent's busiest airport says foreigners cannot disembark. Thirty-nine of Africa's 54 countries now have confirmed virus cases totalling over 900. South Africa's cases have jumped to 202, the most in the sub-Saharan region.

Anxiety is rising in Africa's richest nation as South Africa says coronavirus cases have jumped to 202, the most in the sub-Saharan region. The continent's busiest airport, in Johannesburg, says foreigners will not be allowed to disembark. And state-owned South African Airways is suspending all international flights until June. South Africa's government earlier announced travel restrictions and declared a national disaster. Thirty-seven countries in Africa have confirmed virus cases totalling over 800. So far most cases have been linked to overseas travel, but Niger's first patient had traveled in four West African capitals.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

WaHindi Wanywa Mikojo ya Ng'ombe - Eti ni Kinga Dhidi ya Coronavirus!

Wadau, waHindi wanaabudu ng'ombe. Wanawaona kama Mungu.  Hawali nyama.  Basi, kwa sasa wana kunywa mkojo wa ng'o mbe. Wanadai yata waepusha na athari za coronavirus.  Haya kazi kwenu!


WaHindi wakinywa Mkojo wa Ng'ombe

(AP) India on Saturday declared COVID-19 as a "notified disaster" which would enable the country to provide assistance and spend more funds to fight the pandemic. The move came after the number of coronavirus cases in the country rose to 84, with two deaths. Ten people have recovered fully.

 The health ministry said that more than 4,000 people who had contact with the confirmed cases are under surveillance.

On Saturday, a Hindu nationalist group that has ties with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party, hosted a gathering where people drank cow urine, saying it could ward off the coronavirus.

 Many Hindus consider the cow sacred and some drink cow urine believing it has medicinal properties. Experts have, however, repeatedly asserted that cow urine does not cure illnesses and there is no evidence that it can prevent coronavirus.

Over the past few days, India has ordered the closure of public buildings, cinemas and bars in several cities, and major sporting events have also been postponed. Several other states in India have also announced more limited restrictions, including the closure of some schools.

Mhindi akikinga mkojo wa Ng'ombe kwa ajili ya kunywa

Encore Casino in Boston Closing Termporarily - Due to CORONAVIRUS

The Encore Casino in Everett, Massachusetts


Encore Boston Harbor to Temporarily Cease Operations Beginning March 15

EVERETT, MA (March 14, 2020) – In consultation with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Encore Boston Harbor today announced that it will be closed to the public for two weeks. The gaming areas will close beginning 5:59 a.m. on Sunday, March 15.  All other non-gaming operations will cease beginning midnight on Sunday.

The Company will pay all full-time employees during this period as it evaluates the impact of the temporary closure.  A limited number of employees and management will remain at the resort to secure, sanitize and maintain the facility.

The health and welfare of our guests and employees has been our primary concern throughout this health crisis.  Encore Boston Harbor has been operating in excess of the safety recommendations of the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
For additional information and updates, please visit

Saturday, February 22, 2020

South Sudan Gets new Coalition Government

Associated Press JUBA, South Sudan (AP) -  South Sudan has opened a new chapter in its fragile emergence from civil war with rival leaders forming a coalition government. Opposition leader Riek Machar was sworn in Saturday as the deputy of President Salva Kiir, a day after the previous government was dissolved. That power arrangement between Kiir and Machar twice collapsed in fighting during the conflict that began in 2013 and killed nearly 400,000 people. Numerous attempts at peace in South Sudan have failed. Intense international pressure has followed the most recent peace deal in 2018. The rivals met the latest deadline to form the government.