Monday, November 30, 2009

Nyumbani ni Nyumbani 2009

Tanzania Professionals Network (TPN)

Nyumbani Ni Nyumbani 2009

Kongamano la Wanataaluma Waishio Ndani na Nje ya Nchi Golden Tulip 18th December 2009

Siku na Muda: Ijumaa; 18th December 2009;Saa 2.00 Asubuhi -11.00 JioniMahali: Golden Tulip Hotel; Masaki, DSMWashiriki: Wanataaluma na Wasomi Wote Mnaombwa Kufika Bila KukosaAda ya Ushiriki: TZS 50,000


Namna Wanataaluma Wanavyoweza Kuchochea Maendeleo

Kujiandikisha na Maelezo Zaidi:

0715 740 047


TPN – Costech – OUT – UDSM - Serikali

Sponsors are Welcome

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiger Woods Apigwa na Mke Wake na Kupata Ajali ya Gari!

Duh! Tiger Woods ana mke mzuri, lakini inasemekana ameanza kutembea na mama fulani (bimbo) huko New York. Na ndo chanzo cha mke wake kumpiga na yeye kukimbia saa 8 za usiku na kupata ajali ya gari jana! Kwanza kama hii habari ni kweli namsifu mke wake kwa kumtwanga! Wanaume hawana dogo! Na si ajabu huyo mwanamke ni mbaya kuliko mke wake! Tiger na mke wake wana watoto wawili wadogo.


Police in Florida hope to talk to golfing great Tiger Woods today about the circumstances surrounding his SUV accident early Friday.

The 33-year-old was treated and released from a hospital after his vehicle struck a fire hydrant at his estate near Orlando and then and hit a tree on a neighbor's property in the early morning hours.

Police say they attempted to talk to Woods yesterday, but his wife said he was sleeping. One key question is where he was headed at that hour.

The accident came two days after the National Enquirer published a story alleging that Woods had been seeing a New York night club hostess, and that they recently were together in Melbourne, where Woods competed in the Australian Masters.

Kwa habari zaidi someni:,0,1369881.story

Asante Hasheem Watoto 3,000 Bongo Kupata Fulana za Grizzlies

Grizzlies to send jerseys to Tanzania

Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol (left) of Spain shoots with a skyhook against the Phoenix Suns in the first quarter of their NBA basketball game in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday.

Memphis Grizzlies plan to send to Tanzania the Allen Iverson promotional jerseys that they had planned to distribute on December 4.

Greg Campbell, Grizzlies President of Business Operations said yesterday the offer is on behalf of Grizzlies centre Hasheem Thabeet to impoverished children in his home country of Tanzania.

The Grizzlies are also paying tribute to Gasol�s impressive start with an exclusive jersey T-shirt that will duplicate his name and number as they appear on his Grizzlies home uniform.

The Grizzlies second-year centre is currently one of only three players in the NBA to rank in the top 10 in rebounds (10.7, 7th in NBA) and field goal percentage (.626, 2nd in NBA) and recently broke a franchise record with 15 consecutive field goals over the course of two games from Nov. 14-18.

The Grizzlies worked with the NBA's Basketball without Borders program to facilitate the shipment of jersey's that will be distributed to those in need in Thabeet's native African country. Approximately 3,000 jerseys will be distributed to impoverished children in Tanzania.

Basketball without Borders is the NBA�s global basketball development program that uses the values of the game to create positive social change in the areas of education, health and wellness.

"We are thrilled to partner with Hasheem Thabeet and the NBA�s international program Basketball without Borders to put the Allen Iverson promotional jerseys in the hands of children in need," said Campbell.

"This also gives us the opportunity to recognize Marc Gasol for his inspiring start to the season with a unique jersey t-shirt, courtesy of Sonic Drive-Ins."

Ndege ya Zimbabwe Imeanguka China

Associated Press Writer

SHANGHAI (AP) - A cargo plane crashed as it took off from Shanghai's main airport Saturday, killing three American crew members and injuring four other employees after it veered off the runway and burst into flames.

Three Americans on the seven-member crew died and a fourth American was injured, U.S. Embassy spokesman Richard Buangan told The Associated Press. He did not know the injured person's condition.

Shanghai television showed what it called a 61-year-old American co-pilot in a hospital bed, conscious and saying "Thank you" to staff and officials.

The TV report said the other crew were from Indonesia, Belgium and Zimbabwe.
The aircraft's tail struck the ground on takeoff, China Central Television reported. Footage showed black smoke billowing from the wreckage.

The crash at Shanghai Pudong International Airport occurred just after 8 a.m. (0000 GMT), the official Xinhua News Agency said. The plane was headed to Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan.
Xinhua said the three people died at the People's Hospital of Pudong New Area. A propaganda official there had no comment Saturday night.

The aircraft was operated by Zimbabwe-based Avient Aviation. An Avient Harare official said the flight was operated out the United Kingdom and could not say what cargo was on board. The official was not authorized to speak to the media and spoke on condition of anonymity.

State media said the plane was an MD-11. In March, another MD-11 cargo plane crashed and exploded while landing at Japan's largest international airport, killing its two American pilots. Xinhua said another MD-11 with Korean Air crashed shortly after takeoff 10 years ago at Shanghai's Hongqiao Airport.
More than 30 international flights from the Shanghai airport were delayed Saturday morning, leaving about 4,000 travelers stranded on planes or in airport lounges, Xinhua said. CCTV said two runways at the airport were shut down.

Shanghai is China's largest city and its economic capital. The Pudong airport is located on the eastern edge of the city, by the East China Sea.

Recent crashes in China include two Chinese air force jets colliding in June 2008 in Inner Mongolia, with both pilots parachuting to safety. In June 2006, a Chinese military plane crashed in eastern Anhui province, killing all 40 people aboard.

Happy Idd El Hajj!

Nawatakia wadau waIslamu Idd El Hajj (Eid Al Adha) njema!

Na pia wanaoenda kuhiji Mecca, nawaombea msafiri salama.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Mzee wa miaka 86 Ambaka Msichana mdogo Dar!

Duniani kuna mambo! Huko Kinyerezi, Dar es Salaam, Mzee mwenye miaka 86 kambaka msichana mwenye miaka mitano! KHAA! Yaani alishindwa kumpata hata malaya wa kumridisha! Na wanasema kuwa alimpenya huyo mtoto! Nadhani huyo mzee atafia jela hivi karibuni! DUH!

Kama miaka mitano iliyopita hapa Boston, kuna Babu mwenye miaka 83 alimtia mimba msichana mwenye miaka 9! Hapa watoto wengine wana vunja ungo mapema. Yule binti alikuwa anakwenda na kikundi fulani cha watoto kwenye nyumba za wazee kuwatembelea na kuwa marafiki na wazee. Si mnajua nyumba za wazee hapa ni nyumba za kusibiri kifo. Tulishangaa kusikia bado vinaongelea na umri huo.


Kutoka ippmedia.com

Elderly man (86) charged with raping kid (5)
By Jacqueline Mosha
27th November 2009

An elderly man, Omari Kitambo (86), was on Thursday arraigned in the Ilala District Court charged with raping a five-year-old girl (name withheld).

The accused, a resident of Kinyerezi on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, appeared before Resident Magistrate Joyce Minde.

According to Asma Shemweta who read the charge sheet, the accused had carnal knowledge of the girl.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded in custody after failing to meet bail conditions.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ubaguzi Mpaka kwenye Poster!

Wadau, hivi kribuni ilitoka sinema, Couples Retreat.

Walianza kuionyesha Marekani halafu walianza kuionyesha nchi za Ulaya. Producers (Universal Studios) waliamua kuondoa weusi katika bango la sinema. Hebu cheki bango la Marekani (picha ya juu), na bango la Ulaya (Picha ya chini). Waliona wakiweka weusi kwenye bango watu hawataenda kuoiona huko Ulaya nini? Baada ya zozo kubwa hapa Marekani waliamua kutumia ile bango la awali!

Kwa habari zaidi BOYA HAPA:

Sinema 'Maangamizi' Ilivyotua Academy Awards - Oscars

Wadau, sinema gani kutoka Tanzania itakuwa ya pili kutua huko Academy?Maangamizi ilikuwa ya kwanza mwaka 2001.

December 7, 2001

For Immediate Release

Tanzania’s First Ever Entry In The 74th Academy Awards

Los Angeles, CA – The United Republic of Tanzania has submitted MAANGAMIZI– THE ANCIENT ONE as its film entry in the Foreign Language Film categoryfor the 74th Academy Awards. Maangamizi – The Ancient One will be competing with foreign language films from 50 other countries around the world, thelargest group ever in this category for the Academy. The only other African country in the running is Algeria; however, Tanzania remains the onlysub-Saharan African country in this year’s competition.

Maangamizi – The Ancient One represents the first ever entry by the UnitedRepublic of Tanzania. The film was selected by a group of film, televisionand theater professionals and was released in Tanzania the last week ofOctober 2001, and was received by excited local audiences.With over 50 million Swahili speakers in the world, Maangamizi – TheAncient One represents the first feature film made for worldwide release inSwahili--another "first" for Tanzania.Maangamizi – The Ancient One reaches beyond the parameters of Africa andspeaks to the whole world as a film of hope and healing and has broughtmany American Film Festival audiences a sense of peace and reconciliationin the wake of the tragic events of September 11th.

Summoned to the majestic heights of Kilimanjaro, two women--one African,one American are led by an ancient and mysterious ancestor on a primaljourney of spiritual awakening. The story locations set in Tanzania, EastAfrica, proceed from the shores of the Indian Ocean to the heights of Mt.Kilimanjaro. Maangamizi – The Ancient One was shot at some of the mostbeautiful and historic landmarks in Tanzania and was made with the supportof Tanzania’s Embassy to the U.S., Tanzania’s Ministry of Tourism, TanzaniaNational Parks (TANAPA) and the Tanzania Film Company.

Maangamizi – The Ancient One centers around three women, a doctor, herpatient and the mysterious ancestor that comes to take them on a journeyinto their past and inevitably delivers them to a place of healing.Among the film’s executive producers are Oscar winning producer/directorJonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia) as well as Joan Cunningand Steven Shareshian. The film produced by Martin Mhando (currently theChairperson of Media Studies at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia) andQueenae Taylor Mulvihill was seven long years in the making with principlephotography starting in June 1994.

Co-producer Leonard Merrill Kurz inassociation with Forest Creatures Entertainment, and co-producers DavidRosshirt and Casta Tungaraza helped to walk the production to its completion which was finalized in November, 2000. Additional AssociateProducers Fatma Alloo and Mark Leveri to name only a few were alsoinstrumental in bringing the film to completion.The film’s two directors, both veteran Tanzanian filmmaker Martin Mhando(Mama Tumaini, Yomba Yomba) and first time feature film director RonMulvihill deliver an outstanding directorial feat. Both have been laudedfor bringing an exemplary and outstanding spiritual tale to the big screen.Additionally, they brought together an international pool of talent, bothcast and crew.

The cast and crew made up primarily of Tanzanians alsocomprised Kenyans, Australians, Americans, Brits and Scottish citizens.African American cinematographer Willie Earl Dawkins captures the beauty ofTanzania through the lens of the camera and transforms the audience toTanzania’s exotic locations. James B. Ling, the film’s editor has craftedthe images together to make it one of the most memorable film experiencesimagined--a film that remains etched in the mind’s of audiences long afterthey have left the theater.The original screenplay, written by Queenae Taylor Mulvihill while she wasa graduate student at UCLA’s film school was a story originally based onthe Greek Goddess, Hekate. Director Mulvihill and screenwriter TaylorMulvihill met at UCLA, however, Maangamizi – The Ancient One representstheir first film project together.

Music composed by Grammy Award winner Cyril Neville, the youngest of TheNeville Brothers is both mesmerizing and hypnotic and features the FinaMbira, an unusual mbira designed by Italian musician Enzo Fina. BothNeville and Fina build inspiring crescendos and harmonic rhythms in the score.The film stars Amandina Lihamba, a renowned Tanzanian actress who deliversan award-winning performance as "Samehe." Ms. Lihamba studied at Yale andalso studied and performed with the American Negro Ensemble. Currently sheis chairperson of the Department of Drama at the University of Dar Es Salaam.BarbaraO, also stars as "Dr. Asira" in her first major role since hermemorable and powerful performance as "Yellow Mary" in Julie Dash’s indiefilm, Daughters of the Dust.

Maangamizi – The Ancient One features Mwanajuma Ali Hassan as "BibiMaangamizi" a formidable and accomplished "Taarab" singer from Zanzibar,Ms. Hassan delivers a rare performance by a Zanzibari elder. "Bibi", (aSwahili word meaning grandmother--as the cast and crew affectionatelyaddressed her) effectively brings a loving, compassionate, strong,confident and sometimes humorous quality to the ancient ancestor she portrays.Additionally, the film has garnered two Best Actress Awards for AmandinaLihamba at the Zanzibar International Film Festival and at the SouthernAfrican Film Festival.

The Film won the first place prize, The Golden Dhowat the Zanzibar International Film Festival, Second Place Feature at the San Francisco Black Film Festival and Second Place Feature at the BlackFilmmakers Hall of Fame. It has also garnered an Honorable Mention at theBlack Dot Ritual Film Festival. Maangamizi – The Ancient One had its world premiere at the Tokyo AfricanFilm Festival, and has played as an official selection at:·

Montreal International Film Festival· Mill Valley Film Festival· FESPACO, Burkina Faso· Haus der Kulturen der Welt Retrospektive, Berlin, Germany· Afrikanisches Filmfestival, Osnabrück/Germany· African Summer Film Series - University of Wisconsin, Madison· West Virginia International Film Festival· Arizona International Film Festival· Pan-African Film Festival, Los Angeles· Pan-African Film Festival, Denver· New York African Film Festival· New York African Diaspora Film Festival· Africa in the Picture, Amsterdam· Southern African Film Festival· Zanzibar International Film Festival· Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame· Black Dot Ritual Film FestivalAdditional special screenings have been held at:· The United Nations World Conference on Racism, Durban, South Africa;· The Spiritual Institute for Divine Wisdom, Atlanta, GA· The Institute of Karmic Guidance, Washington DC· the KRST Unity Church, Los Angeles, CA.

As one of the 51 Foreign Language film entries, Maangamizi – The AncientOne has been invited to screen at the prestigious Palm SpringsInternational Film Festival, Jan 10-21, 2002.The film has been distinguished with praises and accolades from famedauthor Alice Walker (The Color Purple) who describes Maangamizi – TheAncient One as "more than a movie. It is a look at how we’ve been torn atour roots; severed from nourishment at the source…. Those of us who can remember and honor who we have been over eons of time, will be able toinspire the whole world to greater heights of compassion."

Maangamizi – The Ancient One has also received favorable reviews includingmost recently in The Variety (a major Hollywood industry trade paper)."A quietly impressive drama, U.S. Tanzanian co-production "Maangamizi"…repsa rare wade into multicultural spirituality that’s neither obscure noroversimplified… Screenplay… is unhurried yet concise in focus. Results sport significant conceptual overlap with exec producer Jonathan Demme'sToni Morrison adaptation "Beloved." In its smaller-scaled, less ambiguousway, "Maangamizi" locates a similar healing intersection betweenWesternized identity, traditional African religious belief, andregenerative matriarchal strength.

[The film’s] confident understatement a small miracle given myriad hurdles(scant location tech support, cast/crew malaria bouts, et al.) first-timefeature helmer Ron Mulvihill and Tanzanian-bred vet Martin Mhando ("YombaYomba," "Mama Tumaini") weathered en route to completion.Willie Earl Dawkins' color lensing provide leavening visual notes; diversesoundtrack assembled and composed by Cyril Neville is another well-judgedplus."(Dennis Harvey, The Variety, 9/28/01)Additional information including a synopsis can be accessed at:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jua Likizama Mjini Boston

Hii picha nilipiga nikiwa kazini Copley Place, Boston, MA. Jua ilizama kwenye saa 10:30 jioni. Tulishangaa kuona hiyo jengo kwa mbali ikionekana kama vile inawaka moto.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

'Wake' Leo wa Mzee Robert L. Feruzi

Wadau, Mzee Robert L. Feruzi atasafirishwa siku ya jumatatu kwenda Tanzania na hatimaye kupumzishwa kwao Bukoba. Leo kulikuwa na wake na misa ya kumwombea na kumwaga marehemu huko Faggas Funeral Home, Watertown, MA. Mzee Feruzi alifariki Mass General Hospital siku ya jumapili 11/15/09. Mungu ailaze roho yake mahala pema mbinguni. AMEN.

Mimi na Program ya Kumbukumbu

WaTanzania walijitokeza kwa wingi

Pastor Jared Mlongecha wa International Gospel Church Chelsea, MA alisimamia misa ya kumwombea marehemu

Siku ya Choo Duniani - World Toilet Day

Siku ya Alhamisi ilikuwa siku ya choo duniani. Ilikuwa siku ya kutambua umuhimu wa kutumia choo, kuwa na choo kisafi, na hata kuwa na choo. Nchi zingine watu hawana choo wanajisaidia wanapojiweza. Ni kero, hasa sehemu zingine Africa na hata Bongo unatembea njiani na kukutana na kinyesi cha binadamu, au unakuta sehemu inanuka mikojo, kumbe ndo 'unofficial' choo cha wanaume! Wanaume wanajisaidia haja ndogo popote bila aibu.
Kwa habari zaidi tembelea:

Wake Leo - Msiba wa Robert L. Feruzi


Tunapenda kuwajulisha kwamba kutakuwa na kumbukumbu ya kumuaga Marehemu, Mzee Robert Lugarema Feruzi, kabla ya kusafirisha kwenda nyumbani Tanzania, itakayofanyika Jumamosi, tarehe 21 November, 2009.


Faggas Funeral Home, 551 Mt. Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472
Toll Free 1-800-222-2586 or 617-926-2163


3pm to 5pm (Tisa mchana mpaka kumi na moja jioni) - tafadhalini tuzingatie muda.

Kwa maelezo zaidi wasiliana na:

Bw. Innocent E. Lugumamu 978 996 7690
Bw. Steven Buberwa Mutasa 603 320 3220
Bw. Crispine Kahabuka 603 261 0802

Kwa maelezo zaidi pia, tembelea

Ratiba itasambazwa siku hiyo ya "WAKE"

Tunatanguliza Shukrani zetu.

Steven Mutasa.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mchango Unahitajika - Msiba wa Robert L. Feruzi

Ndugu na Marafiki,

Kama mlivyosikia kuhusu Msiba wa Mzee wetu Robert L. Feruzi uliotokea tangu Jumapili Nov 15, 2009 at Mass General Hospital.

Bado tuko kwenye jitihada za kuomba misaada ya michango kusudi tuweze kufanikisha shughuli za kusafirisha mwili wa marehemu to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and then tunategemea watu wa Dar watashughulika na jitihada zingine za kusafirisha mwili from Dar to KITOBO, Bukoba.

Mpaka sasa tumeweza kupata michango with a total of almost $3,000 and we're still running way short of our goal which supposed to be in the range of $8,000.

Kwa hali hiyo basi, nilikuwa najaribu kuomba tena msaada wenu. I know it is tough times now, ila I'm very sure bado tuna muda kidogo and it is my hope mtatu-unga mkono.

Unaweza kusaidia kutuma mchango wako kwenye Account ya wafiwa kama ifuatavyo:

Innocent E. Lugumamu


ROUTE NUMBER :011000138

ACCOUNT NUMBER:004628572563

Address: 12 Walker St , Lowell , MA 01854

IMPORTANT: Kwa wale waliopo nje ya state ya Massachusetts , Out of state deposit circle (zungushia) namba 77 , MA. Unapotuma pesa. (haya ni maelezo muhimu toka kwa bank of America )

Kwa mawasiliano zaidi unaweza kuwasiliana na wafuatao:

Innocent E. Lugumamu 978 996 7690

Steven Buberwa Mutasa 603 320 3220

Crispine Kahabuka 603 261 0802


Innocent E. Lugumamu

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sinema - Precious (PUSH: Based on the Novel by Sapphire)

Wadau, jana nilienda Loews AMC Boston Common kuona sinema, Precious. Ilikuwa Advance Screening kiingilio bure. Kwa bahati mbaya nilishindwa kuingia kwani nilikuwa kati ya watu zaidi ya 1,000 waliorudishwa kwa vile ukumbi ulikuwa umejaa. Watu walifika pale saa 9 mchana, na screening ilikuwa saa moja. Nilifika pale saa 12 kasorobo na mamia ya watu walikuwa wanarudhishwa! Walisema waliofika hiyo saa 9 walikuwa wengi mno na kujaza ukumbi!
Watu wamekuwa wakingoea kuona hii sinema kwa zaidi ya mwaka moja! Stelingi wake ni Mo'nique na mgeni katika sinema, Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe. Inahusu maisha ya msichana mwenye miaka 16 aliyebakwa na baba yake na kuzaa watoto wawili huko Harlem, New York mwaka 1987. Kwa vile ni mweusi tii na mnene anaona kama hana thamani duniani. Gumzo ni kuwa sinema ni nzuri mno na huenda stelingi wake na sinema enyewe itapata tuzo ya Oscar.
Ijumaa wiki hii sinema itaonyeshwa katika sinema kadhaa hapa Marekani. Nitaenda kuangalia na kuwapa maoni yangu.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Msiba Boston - Robert L. Feruzi

Robert L. Feruzi 1946-2009


Ndugu,Jamaa na Marafiki, Tunasikitika kuwajulisha ya kuwa Mzee Robert L Feruzi Boston-Masachusetts amefariki dunia siku ya Jumapili [Nov 15th 2009] asubuhi hapa Boston,USA.

Taratibu na mipango ya kusafirisha mwili wa marehemu kwenda Dar es salaam kwa mazishi zinafanyika nyumbani kwake 98 Itasca St, Mattapan, MA
Tunawaomba ndugu zetu mtusaidie kuchangia fedha kwa ajili ya kuwezesha kusafirisha mwili wa marehemu kurudi nyumbani kwa mazishi. Gharama za kuhifadhi mwili,kusafirisha mwili, Jeneza pamoja na gharama zingine ambazo normally uja na haya matatizo.

Unaweza kusaidia kutuma mchango wako kwenye Account ya wafiwa kama ifuatavyo:

Innocent E. Lugumamu
ROUTE NUMBER :011000138
ACCOUNT NUMBER:004628572563
Address: 12 Walker St, Lowell, MA 01854

IMPORTANT: Kwa wale waliopo nje ya state ya Massachusetts, Out of state deposit circle (zungushia) namba 77 , MA. Unapotuma pesa. (haya ni maelezo muhimu toka kwa bank of America)

Kwa mawasiliano zaidi unaweza kuwasiliana na wafuatao:
Innocent E. Lugumamu 978 996 7690
Steven Buberwa Mutasa 603 320 3220
Crispine Kahabuka 603 261 0802


Email-Address:- au

Rais Obama Aonyesha Heshima Japan na Kuzua Zozo!

Yaani watu hapa Marekani wanadhani kuwa Marekani ndo nchi ya kuzidi nchi duniani. Kuna zozo sasa kwa vile Rais Barack Obama aliinama wakati anamsalimu Emperor Akihito wa Japan. Jamani, kuonyesha heshima kwa kufuata mila ya nchi unayotembelea ni kosa? Mimi nampongeza Rais Obama kwa kutambua na kuheshimu mila na utamaduni za nchi zingine.
Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mikumi Kukavu!

Nilidhani nitaona wanyama wengi wakati basi niliyopanda kwenda Kyela inapita katika mbuga ya wanyama, Mikumi. (Mikumi National Park) mkoani Morogoro. Naona moto uliteketekeza mbuga hiyo. Ilikuwa kavu, mito imekauka kabisa, yaaani ilisikitisha kabisa kupita pale Mikumi. Ila niliweza kuona twiga watatu, punda milia mmoja na swala kama ishirini.

Athari za moto

Kuchimba Dawa Safarini Mkoani

Siku hizi Tanzania kuna tangazo kwenye TV la TIGO. Jamaa yuko kwenye basi ya mkoani kwenda songea. Wanasimama kuchimba dawa na yeye anaachwa. Anamtumia jamaa text message kwenye basi na wanamrudia.

Kwenye basi la kwenda Kyela, tulisamama mara kadhaa ili watu waweze kuchimba dawa. Tulisamama Kitonga Mountain Resort, kwenye kituo cha mafuta na kuna vituo vya kuchimba dawa porini. Chini ni picha ya kituo fulani huko Iringa. Mnashuka mnaingia bush. Hebu ona toilet paper zilivyozagaa.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bandari ya Kyela

Meli MV Songea (Meli Kubwa)

Wadau, Ziwa Nyasa ni kubwa mno. Ni kama bahari. Ina mawimbi makali kama bahari. Nilitoka Dar es Salaam na basi, hadi Kyela. Nililala gesti (Pattaya Centre Hole) na asubuhi tuliondoka kuelekea bandarini. Kuna bandari mbili huko Kyela. Hii bandari tuliyoenda ni nje ya mji wa Kyela. Ukitaka kwenda Lupingu, Manda, Mbamba Bay na sehemu kadhaa unapanda meli hapo. Hiyo Meli inaendeshawa na Tanzania Railways.

Siku tuliyoondoka, Oktoba 29, 2009, ndo meli kubwa MV Songea ilikuwa inarudishwa katika huduma. Walikuwa wanaifanyia matengenezao ya mwisho mwisho. Walisema meli itaondoka saa 7 mchana, lakini iliondoka saa 11 jioni. Swahili Time kweli kweli. La sivyo ingebidi tupande meli ndogo MV Iringa kesho yake.

Muda wote huo wasafiri pale bandarini waliishia kuchomwa na jua kali. Yaani kali kuliko hata Dar es Salaam. Kulikuwa na akina mama na watoto wao wengi tu pale. Kivuli hakuna. Kulikuwa na vimiti, na pia kajumba. Hiyo jumba walisema inafunguliwa tu, kama kuna wasafiri wanaolala pale kungojea meli, mfano inachelewa kuondoka. Ofisi ya kuuza tiketi ni kontena.

Kundi la akina mama waliamua kwenda kupeleka watoto wao kuoga pale kwenye beach. Mimi mwenyewe nilitia miguu kwenye maji ili kupooza ile joto. Ajabu, polisi fulani mwenye cheo ndogo sana alitokea na kuwafukuza wale wakina mama na watoto wao pale kwenye maji. Halafu alikuwa anatukana matusi ya nguoni, ila watu wamsikie huko kavaa magwanda yake. Sijui alijiona mtu mkubwa sana kwa kitendo chake.

Ningeomba serikali waweke angalau kibanda chenye kivuli pale, bandari ili watu wasichomwe na jua.

Kuna akina Mama Ntilie pale, na wanapikaga dagaa safi sana!
Jua lina zama. Ziwa Nyasa imetulia.
Bado tuko Kyela

Chai kwa Mama Ntilie. Ndizi, dagaa na soda.

Vibanda Vya Mama Ntiliel. Nilipata wali/dagaa/maharage safi sana pale kwa shs. 1,200/-.

Bandari ya Kyela

Hao wazungu ni wanafunzi wa udaktari huko Muhimbili. Wanatoka Ujerumani. Walikuwa wanafanya backpacking. Tulisafiri nao kwenye meli, walikuwa wanaenda Mbamba Bay. Mmoja wao aligombezwa kwa kupiga picha ya meli, MV Songea.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chemi Kijijini Ilela, Manda

Kaburi la marehemu bibi yangu, Gandula Mary Makatochi. Alifariki 1977 nikiwa mwanafunzi wa Form One, Zanaki Girls Sec.

Manda saa za jioni, mnaona Ziwa Nyasa

Muhogo ni chakula kikuu huko Manda. Hivi sasa kuna ukame. Nashangaa kwenye picha naona kijani kijani, lakini nilivyokuwa huko kila kitu kilikuwa 'brown' shauri ya kukosa mvua! Ugali wa muhogo na dagaa wa Ziwa Nyasa tamu sana.

Nilionana na ndugu wengine sana huko Ilela. Wengi walinikumbuka kwa vile nilikuwa mtundu sana nuikiwa mdogo.

Kaburi la Marehemu baba mdogo, Prof. Crispin Hauli huko Ilela. Alipofariki mwaka 2001 alikuwa mbunge wa Ludewa na pia Naibu Waziri wa Fedha.

Njia kati ya Nsungu na Ilela, Manda Mnaona mlima wa Manda. Inaitwa Mt. Likolombola. (wadau naomba mnisaidie jina sahihi)

Ndugu huko Ilela Manda (Mama Nsumuka)

Niko na Ndugu wengine

Mimi na Bibi Mburuma, siyo bibi yangu lakini ni ndugu wa karibu.
Sara binti wa ndugu yangu Cassian ananisalimia
Niko na Happy, mtoto wa ndugu yangu Mama Rose


Baada ya mchakato mzima wa kuibua vipaji vya wasanii chipukizi wa maigizo yaani IBUA Film Star Tanzania kuanzia Arusha, zoezi zima linahamia Mwanza katika Nyanza Shule ya msingi iliyopo Balewa Road tarehe 14 na 15 Novemba kabla ya kuhamia Dodoma.

Chipukizi waliofanikiwa kuiwakilisha mkoa wa Arusha ni pamoja na Salum Ahmed Shafii, Pauline Edward Munisi, Michael Elias Mrema, Mbara Meena na Enhard Haruna. Kutokana na mwamko mkubwa wa wasanii chipukizi, fomu za kujiunga na shindano la IBUA Film Star Tanzania zinaendelea kutolewa maeneo mbali mbali na mikoa husika. Hii ni kuwawezesha wasanii chipukizi kupata nafasi ya kuonyesha uwezo wao ya kuendeleza vipaji vyao na kuviacha vikipotea kwa kukosa njia ya kuvikuza. Usaili wa mikoani utaandaliwa vipindi maalum na kuonyeshwa kupitia mojawapo ya runinga hapa nchini.

Taasisi ya YEC Production, inayojihusisha na kukuza na kuibua vipaji kwa vijana katika ulingo wa filamu nchini, imegundua njia pekee ya kuibua vipaji hivyo na kuviokoa visipotee kwa kuanzisha shindano maalum la kusaka vipaji. Washiriki wataonyeshwa kwenye runinga kupitia kipindi maalum ambapo watazamaji watahusishwa kumpata staa halisi wa filamu Tanzania.

Mbali na kuviendeleza vipaji vyao pia washiriki watapata mafunzo katika nyanja zote kuanzia za uandishi wa muongozo (scripting) hadi uigizaji bora na kuwawezesha kufikia malengo yao.

Vigezo vilivyotumika katika kumsaka msanii huyo chipukizi ni kuwa na umri wa miaka 16 ikiwa ni pamoja na uelewa. Hata kutokuonekana katika tamthilia au sinema ya aina fulani hapa nchini hicho pia ni kigezo kimojawapo ambacho ni kizuri, kwani vijana wanaochipukia ndiyo wanahitaji msaada mkubwa katika kuibuliwa vipaji, tofauti na wakongwe ambao tayari wamejitangaza.

YEC, imeahidi kuyaangalia matatizo yanayowakabili wasanii kwa kina na kuahidi kutoyarudia, kama yanavyofanywa na baadhi ya wasanii wakongwe, ndiyo maana wameamua kuingia mikataba ya mwaka mmoja na washindi watakaofika kumi bora, ili kuliepuka tatizo hilo.

Sambamba na mikataba hiyo kwa watakaofika kumi bora, pia watatoa nafasi ya kuwapeleka shule watakaoingia tano bora kwa ajili ya kujiendeleza mambo mbali mbali ya sanaa ambapo atakayeibuka kinara atapewa zawadi nyingine maalum.

Pia mchakato wa kuwapata washindi kumi hadi tano bora utaanzia kwenye 20 bora, ambapo watacheza filamu mbili huku majaji wakiangalia kipaji cha msanii mmoja baada ya mwingine na kuendelea kuchujwa hadi kupatikana mshindi.

Filamu watakayocheza zitakuwa katika mandhari ya mtanzania halisi, huku asilimia 60 ya mauzo ya kazi hizo yatakayopatikana zitakuwa kwa ajili ya wasanii wenyewe.

Kutokana na kuona umuhimu wa suala hilo, Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) liliamua kutoa vibali halali vya kuendesha mchakato huo, ikiwa ni pamoja na kupewa baraka na chama cha hakimiliki Tanzania (COSOTA) ya kusimamia kazi hiyo.

Mikoa husika katika mchakato wa kwanza ni Arusha, Mbeya, Zanzibar, Mwanza, Dodoma na Dar es Salaam lakini wigo wa mikoa utaongezeka mwaka hadi mwaka.

Jackline Wolper
Balozi IBUA Film Star Tanzania

Kipindupindu (Cholera) Dar es Salaam

Jamani, ugonjwa wa kipindupindu umeingia tena Dar es Salaam. Kuna shida kubwa mno ya maji jijini. Watu wameongezeka lakini uwezo wa kuleta maji safi ya kutosha haipo. Watu wananunua maji ya kunywa na ya mahitaji ya nyumbani nk. kuoga, kuflashi vyoo. Lakini je, hayo maji wanoletewa ni masafi? Kuna watu wanaopitsiha maji na videbe kwenye mikokoteni, je, ni masafi? Hapo zamani za kale, eheee, uliweza kunywa maji ya bomba mjini Dar es Salaam. Hivi sasa huwezi maana watu wametoboa mabomba na mauchafu yanaingia kwenye maji! Uchafu kutoka kwenye vyoo vya shimo unaingia humo pia! Mungu Atunusuru!

Je, serikali ina mpango gani wa kuleta maji safi ya kutosha kwa wakazi wa Dar es Salaam?


10th November 2009

18 admitted to special camps

At least 18 people in Dar es Salaam suffering from cholera, have been admitted to a special camp set up to control the disease.

Dar es Salaam City’s acting chief medical officer; Dr Hawa Kawawa said yesterday that the patients have been hospitalized in three special camps for people who have contracted cholera.
She said that the affected patients come from Temeke, Ilala and Kinondoni municipalities.
She said that one patient is from Ilala, seven are from Kinondoni and ten are from From Temeke.

“We have decided to introduce these three special camps which deal with cholera in each municipality, where full time medical doctors have been deployed,” said Kawawa.
The camps are located at Tambuka Reli in Temeke, Buguruni in Ilala and Mburahati in Kinondoni.
She said the patients were from Tabata, Tegeta-Kibaoni,Makurumla, Mburahati , Tandale, Magomeni, Tuangoma,
Tandika and Maguruwe.
According to her, medicines were available to treat the patients.
The official further underscored the need for extensive awareness campaign to address the problem, in the country’s metropolitan city.
She said the city council will introduce house-to-house inspections to ensure that surroundings were clean.
“I urge Dar es Salaam dwellers to ensure that their homes are clean all the time. And those whose surroundings would be found to be dirty would face serious consequences,” she stressed.
It was reported recently that at least 59 people have died of the disease in the past two months in the country, with the most affected being the north-eastern coastal region of Tanga.


Ilela, Manda

Kijiji waliokaa mabibi na mababu zangu ni Ilela, Manda. Sehemu kubwa ya hicho kijiji kiko chini ya maji ya Ziwa Nyasa. Kijiji nilichojua nikiwa mtoto iko chini ya maji unayaoona pichani. Yaani hii beach unayoona ndo ilikuwa milima ya enzi zile. Nilikaa kwenye kiti nje ya tulipofikia na kutazama yale maji na kutoa machozi. Kijiji kilimezwa mwaka 1974. Natamani marine archeologists waende huko wachunguze hiyo eneo. Kumbe kuna Tsunami Afrika, tena kwenye ziwa! Na tulipokuwa kwenye meli kuelekea kijijini nilionja hasira ya Ziwa Nyasa, mawimbi makali kama bahari!

Marehemu bibi yangu, Gandula, kabla ya kufariki alisimulia hivi.... Walikuwa kijijini wanafanya shughuli zao. Ghafla wakaona zinga la wimbi la inakuja, walikimbia mlimani. Kijiji karibu chote kikamezwa. Maajabu hakuna aliyekufa wakati huo. Nyumba za wanavijiji, nyumba za mkoloni, miti, mibuyu, shule, makaburi, kila kitu kilimezwa na ziwa!

Wanasema kuna Mzee fulani, Mzee Kwiyanja, aliwaambia miaka mingi, hameni hapo Ilela, maana kijiji kitamezwa. Bibi alisema kuwa walikuwa wanamcheka yule Mzee na kumwona mwendawazimu. Yeye alihama na kujenga mlimani. Baada ya tukio wakamwona yule mzee kama mtume (prophet).

Kuna sehemu ya Ilela imebaki. Na nilipoenda kutembea nilikutana na wanavijiji wengi walionikumbuka hasa kwa ajili ya utundu wangu nikiwa mdogo. Picha zaidi za Ilela zinakuja.

Bandari ya Manda

Ukitoka bandarini kuelekea kijijini unakutana na huo mbuyu mkubwa. Niliuliza vijana wenye mgahawa hapo historia ya huo mbuyu, wakasema ni mbuyu tu. Nahisi ina miaka kama mia 500 au zaidi. Lazima imeona mengi. Ingeweza kusema! Manda, ilikuwa makao makuu ya Nyasaland enzi za Mjerumani. Walipaita, Wiedhaven au Wiedhafen.

Hiyo ni gofu la bandari ya zamani.
Meli ndo inapiga nanga hapo usiku sana kwenye giza. Manda hakuna umeme. Tulifika saa nane ya usiku, lakini kulikuwa na mba la mwezi safi sana. Ziwa Nyasa ni kubwa kama bahari.