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Askofu Kakobe Atakuwa Toronto Juni!

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WaTanzania Wote ni NDUGU!

Tusisahau mafundisho ya Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, WaTanzania Wote ni Ndugu!

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TTCIH and Zanzibar School of health (ZSH) Partnership

TTCIH and Zanzibar School of Health (ZSH) sign MOU to strengthen health training partnership

On 11th –Feb-2013 TTCIH and ZSH signed a three years memorandum of Understanding.  The management is delighted to share with you this important information of strengthening health training partnership in the United Republic of Tanzania. With this MoU TTCIH will provide technical support, study guidelines, curriculum, competent visiting lecturers and assessment tools.

The event was witnessed by Prof Senga Pemba on behalf of TTCIH and Dr. Amur Abdullah Amur for the Zanzibar School of health.

THE Zanzibar school of Health started operating since September 2011, but official inaugurated was on 30th June 2012 by the Speaker of the Zanzibar House of Representative, Honourable Pandu Ameir Kificho.

To be the leading School in providing quality education and excellent qualification contributing to community service and development

To mould our students to be role models in the academically professional arena by providing quality education through our enlightened management and committed faculty to ensure knowledge transfer, motivate, instill research attitude, promote skills and infuse ethical and cultural values to transform our students into disciplined and competent citizens to improve the quality of life

The aim of Zanzibar School of Health Diploma is to prepare Clinical Officers to be competent and effective primary health givers in health clinics and hospitals as well as assistants to medical officers and specialists in government and private sectors with regard to preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health services.

The duration of Diploma in Clinical Medicine for Clinical Officers is 3 years. The Training covers theory and practical studies of basic medical sciences, and clinical practice in hospitals and health clinics.
  1. Clinical Officers provide the following service to the community:
  2. Primary and emergency treatment at health clinics, outpatient clinics, wards, casualty and emergency department at hospitals
  3. Conduct preliminary and extensive check up on patients who need treatment
  4.  Examine, diagnose and treat common illness

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What kills one AFRICAN woman every minute of every single day? / The Most Important “Life” Survey You Will Read


ACCRA, Ghana, February 18, 2013/ -- The Most Important “Life” Survey You Will Read

Every survey starts with a simple question.

What kills one AFRICAN woman every minute of every single day?





Somewhere in AFRICA one woman dies every minute of every day from causes related to pregnancy and birth.

The hardest pill to swallow for even the most successful African nations is this: giving life to the continent’s next generation is one of the biggest killers’ of Africa’s women.

More often than not it is preventable: Uncontrolled bleeding, infection, poor medical care and a lack of education still sit at the very heart of this hidden crisis.

Those who survive may still suffer. For every woman who dies during childbirth, it is estimated that another 30 are injured or become sick bringing life to the world. Africa’s poorest are the most vulnerable.

But women themselves are not the only victims. The children left behind are more likely to die simply because they are motherless.

Too many babies also die unnecessarily. In Africa, over a million newborns die each year – that is - nearly four every single minute.

If Africa is to advance, MORE needs to be done. SIGNIFICANTLY more.

Today (18th February 2013), MamaYe (http://www.mamaye.org), a public action campaign to save the lives of mothers and babies will be launched in five countries most affected by the crisis of maternal and newborn mortality: Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Tanzania. This is the first part of a continent-wide campaign which will use digital and mobile phone technology to engage ordinary Africans in the most important fight of all – the battle to save our mothers and babies.

At its core MamaYe will challenge the status quo – the fatalism of millions of Africans, young and old, who accept the deaths of mothers and babies as “natural” or “God’s will.”

MamaYe is a campaign to both educate and encourage communities to take collective and individual action for pregnant mothers amongst them. It will seek to overcome the ingrained belief that responsibility for maternal and newborn survival rests elsewhere: with ‘the government’ ‘the ministry’ ‘professionals’ ‘the UN’ or foreign donors. For MamaYe the active participation of Africans as a whole is a critical ingredient.

MamaYe believes that technology can educate, motivate and mobilise people to take direct action to respond to the maternal and newborn crisis in Africa.

By 2016, it is projected that there will be one billion mobile phones in Africa. 167,335,676 Internet users. 51,612,460 Facebook subscribers. In Ghana, for example, mobile penetration in the country has reached a record 80% of the country’s population.

MamaYe has been initiated by Evidence for Action which is funded by the UK Department for International Development, and headed up in the five countries by African experts.

Country Director Ghana Professor Richard Adanu, who is also the Dean of the School of Public Health in Accra, said:

“We all have the power and the potential to save the lives of mothers and newborns.

“Men who support their wives to visit ante-natal clinics are helping to save lives. Taxi drivers who volunteer to get women to clinics in time for the birth can do the same. Voluntarily giving blood also saves lives, by helping women who haemorrhage during childbirth.

“Government officials that ensure clinics are well stocked with drugs and other essentials, are nothing less than life-savers. Midwives that respond to a crisis in the middle of the night are maternal survival heroines.

“We can all play our part. Childbirth is not a disease. We have known for decades what it takes to ensure the survival of women and babies in childbirth. But if our mothers are to survive, then the African public must also step up, take responsibility and become more involved and vigilant.

“MamaYe will provide the evidence, information and tools necessary to empower our citizens to demand change.

All it takes to make the change, is YOU. “

Visit http://www.mamaye.org to find out more about making a life-saving change for mothers and babies of Africa. On this website you will find easy to understand evidence, stories of heroes and heroines, commitments made by the Government and different actions you can take for this important cause.

Make your voice heard and demand more, join the MamaYe campaign at:

• http://www.mamaye.org



Distributed by the African Press Organization on behalf of MamaYe.

Contact: Rachel Haynes (for in-country contacts, see below)

Email: info@evidence4action.net



Nii Sarpei, Communicatons: n.sarpei@arhr.org.gh


Mwereti Kanjo, Communications: mweretik@gmail.com


Morooph Babaranti, Communications: m.babaranti@evidence4action.net

Sierra Leone:

Fatou Wurie, Communications: f.wurie@evidence4action.net


Chiku Lweno-Aboud, Communications: c.lweno-aboud@evidence4action.net

Tanzania Form Four Results - Asilimia 60 Wamefeli!

 Jamani, tunachekwa! Inakuaje asilimia 60 ya wanafunzi wapate Division 0 (yaani BUYU)!!! Shule za Tanzania zimeoza hivyo?  Je, walimu hawana kipaji cha kufundisha au wanafunzi hawataki kujifunza?

*60% of Tanzania students fail O Level exams

By Monitor Correspondent
Tuesday, February 19  2013 at  12:42

Sixty per cent of Tanzanian students who sat last year’s ordinary secondary level examinations attained the lowest grade possible, government results released on Monday show.
Close to 54 per cent of students tested picked up Division Zero in National Form IV exams, a big rise from the 32 per cent who had failed to score in 2011.
Some were so dismal that they instead resorted to writing insults on the answer sheets after the realisation that they were completely unprepared.
Private schools dominated the charts of best performers. Of the top 20, only two public schools made it to the list, with a flustered government blaming inadequate teachers and poor infrastructure.
Some 397,126 students of the 411,230 who were registered sat the national exam. Of these, only 23,520 of these managed to score between Division One and Division Three, just under six per cent of those who were eligible.
Some 1,641 scored Division One, a drop of 0.68 per cent on the number of those who excelled the previous year.
Tanzania has a basic five-tier educational structure, with those who pass Form IV proceeding for two more years of advanced secondary education if they so elect.
The results of 789 pupils were nullified for cheating, a drop from the 3,303 who opted to use unfair means in 2011.
Some 24 students will be charged in a court of law for using insulting language in the examination.
"We cannot tolerate this habit, those who wrote abusive words should be charged as barring them from attempting the exams prepared by (national examining body) Necta is not enough," Educational and Vocational training minister Shukuru Kawamba said.
They will also not be allowed to take any examination prepared by the National Examination Council (Necta) for a year and may face the law as per examinations regulations.
The results of close to 30,000 students were withheld and will be released only when they pay their examination fees.
As in previous years, boys performed better than girls: of the students who scored Division One, only 568 were girls as opposed to 1,073 boys.
Some 16,342 boys scored between Division One and Three, compared to 7,178 girls.
There is little difference though between boys and girls who completely failed their examination: a total 120,664 boys scored Division Zero, comparable to 120,239 girls.


Taarfif ya Jumuiya ya Maimamu Zanzibar (JUMAZA) - Kuwawa kwa Father Mushi


Shukurani njema zote anastahiki Allah Ambaye ametuwezesha kuwa hai tukiwa na afya njema. Tunamuomba Allah atuwafikishe kufanya mema na aujaalie uhai wetu wote uwe kwa ajili ya kumtumikia Yeye katika Dini hii ya Kiislamu. Rehema na amani ya Allah zimwendee kipenzi chetu, mtukufu wa viumbe Mtume Muhammad (Sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam), masahaba zake, jamaa zake na wale wote waliomfuata kwa wema mpaka Siku ya Malipo.

Ama baada ya hayo,Jumuiya ya Maimamu Zanzibar (JUMAZA) inachukua fursa hii kutoa taarifa rasmi kwa vyombo vya habari kufuatia tukio la kupigwa risasi na kuuwawa kwa Padri Mushi wa Kanisa Katoliki Parokia ya Mjini jana tarehe 17/2/2012 Beit – El – Ras.

JUMAZA kwa mshtuko mkubwa imepokea kwa masikitiko taarifa ya kuuwawa kwa Padre Mushin na inalaani kwa nguvu zote kitendo hicho cha kiharamia ambacho kinaashiria kuitia doa Zanzibar kisiwa cha amani na ukarimu tokea enzi na enzi. Kufuatia kadhia hii JUMAZA inawataka Wanzanzibari wote wa dini na madhehebu zote kuwa watulivu katika kipindi hiki kigumu na kuendelea kutunza amani na mshikamano tulionao chini ya Serikali ya Umoja wa Kitaifa na kutotoa mwanya kwa watu au vikundi ambavyo vina nia mbaya ya kutaka kuleta kutokuelewana kwa wananchi kwa malengo yao binafsi.

Aidha JUMAZA inaungana na kauli iliyotolewa na Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mheshimiwa Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete kwa kuliagiza Jeshi la Polisi nchini kufanya uchunguzi wa kina na waharaka ili kubaini nani waliohusika na tukio hili na hatimaye sheria ichukue mkondo wake.

Aidha JUMAZA inaliomba Jeshi la Polisi kufanya uchunguzi wa kiuadilifu na usioambatana na shindikizo la mtu au kikundi chochote ili hatimae ukweli halisi ujulikane na bila ya kuwadhuru wasiohusika.

JUMAZA inakemea vikali kauli za baadhi ya vyombo vya habari vinavyonasibisha waislamu na tukio hili na kuvitahadharisha vyombo vya habari ikwemo magazeti na redio hizo kutoanza kutoa taarifa ambazo kwa makusudi zinaweza kupandikiza chuki na uhasama katika jamii na hatimae kuotesha mizizi ya fitna na kupelekea Taifa kuingia kwenye machafuko bali viachiwe vyombo vinavyohusika kufanya uchunguzi wake na kutoa taarifa sahihi. Aidha JUMAZA inaziomba Serikali zote mbili kuwa waamgalifu sana katika kipindi hiki kwa kujizuia kutoa maneno yanayoashiria kuhusisha tukio hili na upande fulani wakati bado uchunguzi unaendelea.

Imesaniwa na:

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Priest Shot Dead in Zanzibar Another Beheaded on Mainland

 Kutoka : http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2013/02/priest-shot-dead-in-zanzibar-pastor-beheaded-on-mainland.html

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Padri Auwawa Zanzibar Akielekea Kanisani Leo!


Default Update: Watatu wahojiwa Zanzibar kuhusiana na mauaji ya Padre na Taarifa ya Polisi


Padre Evaristus Mushi

UPDATE/TARIFA MPYA (saa nane u nusu mchana) Taarifa ya Polisi:

Watu watatu wanashikiliwa na Polisi kwa tuhuma za mauaji ya Padre Mushi. Tafadhali bofya vipande vya picha zilizopachikwa hapo ili kuvikuza na kusoma taarifa ya Polisi inayoonekana hapo (shukurani kwa Francis Dande).

UPDATE/TAARIFA MPYA (saa saba mchana) Taarifa ya habari Radio One Stereo:

Taarifa ya habari ya Radio One Stereo iliyosomwa saa 7 mchana imeripoti kuwa Padre Mushi aliuawa na watu walipolisimamisha gari la Padre huyo alipokuwa akielekea katika kanisa la Mtakatifu Theresia lililoko eneo la Mtoni, na alipopunguza mwendo ili awasikilize, ndipo alipopigwa risasi kichwani na kusababisha gari alilokuwamo kukosa uelekeo na kuigonga nyumba iliyokuwa jirani. Watu walioshuhudia tukio hilo walimchukua Padre Mushi ili kumwahisha hospitalini katika jitihada za kuokoa uhai wake, lakini alifariki dunia. Waliomwua Padre Mushi bado hawajakamatwa.

Akina mama wakilia kwa uchungu kuomboleza kifo cha ghafla cha kupigwa risasi Padre Evaristus Mushi kilichotokea leo asubuhi muda mfupi kabla ya kuanza Misa ya Jumapili kwenye kanisa la Kigango cha Mtoni, Zanzibar. (Picha na Martin Kabemba via Lukwangule blog)
Taarifa kutoka Zanzibar zikiripotiwa na mwanahabari Donisia Thomas wakati kipindi cha Patapata cha WAPO radio FM kinaendelea, zinasema kuwa Padre Evaristus Mushi wa Kanisa la Parokia ya Minara Miwili huko Zanzibar amepigwa risasi majira ya saa moja asubuhi -na watu wasiofahamika- na kufariki dunia.

Taarifa za kufariki kwake zimethibitishwa na madaktari kutoka hospitalini alikopelekewa katika harakati za kuuokoa uhai wake.

Padre Mushi aliuawa akiwa anashuka kwenye gari lake tayari kuingia Kanisani kwa ajili ya kuendesha misa ya kawaida ya Jumapili katika kanida la Mtoni, mjini St. Joseph. Inaelezwa kuwa gari lisilofahamika lilifika na kufyatua risasi zilizomlenga Padre Mushi sehemu ya kichwani na hivyo kumsababisha majeraha yaliyokuwa yakivuja damu nyingi.

Mwanahabari anasema tukio hilo limezua taharuki kubwa miongoni mwa waumini ambao wamekataa kuahirisha ibada iliyokuwa iendeshwe na Padre huyo na kusema ikiwa kusudio ni kuwaangamiza Wakristo wote, basi na waangamizi wafike Kanisani wawaangamize wakiwa pamoja.

Jeshi la Polisi limeshafika katika eneo la tukio na kuanza uchunguzi.

Wakizungumza kuhusu hilo, raia wamesema hawana imani na Polisi wala Madaktari na hawatarajii jipya zaidi ya ripoti kuwa suala hili ni la uhalifu kwa kuwa tukio kama hili liliwahi kutokea mwishoni mwa mwaka jana kwa Padre Ambrose kupigwa risasi na taarifa zilisema lilikuwa ni tukio la kihalifu na kwamba risasi hazikutumika jambo ambalo halikuwa kweli kwani Padre Ambrose alikutikana na risasi alipohamishiwa katika hospitali ya Taifa, Muhimbili.

Kwa taarifa zaidi, tafadhali fuatilia vyombo mbalimbali vya habari.

Father Mushi Alipokuta mauti yake

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kichaa Jike Apiga Punyeto Hadharini!!!

Picha Kutoka Udaku Specially Blog
Yaani badala ya watu kumpeleka huyo dada hospitalini, wanabakia kumtizama kama sinema ya bure. Ugonjwa wa akili ni kitu kibaya sana.  Binadamu kupiga punteo mbele za watu ina maana zimefyatuka!

Kwa habari zaidi na picha BOFYA HAPA:

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Intern Wanted in Boston

Intern Position

Intern needed for a computer Project. Applicants should have their own laptop and be an independent associate, with some self direction skills for the task involved that should require two weeks work. Work to be done from home and from the lab. If you are interested, please mail your resume to haywoodfennell@gmail.com. No phone calls please. The deadline for applications is February 20th 2013.

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Wanapinga ukeketaji wanashabikia Ushoga na Usagaji?

JUMATANO wiki hii nilishtuka kusikia mtangazaji wa redio moja jijini Dar es Salaam, akitangaza kuwa siku hiyo ilikuwa siku ya kupinga ukeketaji duniani!

Kilichonishtua ni jinsi ambavyo wazungu kupitia mawakala wao wa kiafrika walivyokomalia hilo tendo la  ukeketaji au tohara kwa wasichana na kulivyolibebea bango, utadhani ni dhambi kubwa kuliko zote duniani.

Wamelikomalia, kila mwaka wanatenga bajeti kubwa kupambana na tamaduni zetu za kiafrika,wakiziita za kishenzi na  sisi tunachekelea kwasababu wanatupa peremende na shanga tunaogopa kuwahoji  vipi ushoga sio ushenzi?

Wazungu wana tamaduni nyingi za kipuuzi ambazo kama ni sisi tungekuwa tunaziendekeza pengine tungeitwa wanyama tusiostahili kuitwa binadamu. 

Wanatenga siku ya kupambana na ukeketaji lakini wao ambao wameathiriwa na vitendo vya ushoga hawataki kutenga siku ya kupinga ushoga na usagaji!

Najiuliza hivi kama vitendo vya ushoga chimbuko lake lingekuwa afrika hawa wakoloni wetu wa zamani wangetudharau vipi,wangetutukana vipi?

Tulidhani kuwa ingekuwa vema wakaja kujifunza kwetu, kufanya utafiti halisi inakuwaje baadhi ya makabila ya kiafrika wanafanya tohara kwa kisu au wembe bila kutumia ganzi na kijana anavumilia halafu anapona bila kutumia dawa ya hospitali?.

Inakuwaje kijana anatahiriwa kwa kisu halafu akitoka damu nyingi anapewa dawa za asili kukomesha damu hiyo na anapona  kabisa bila kwenda hospitalini kutumia madawa ya kizungu?
Hawataki kujiuliza hayo wanaoona tutapewa sifa waafrika wanatulazimisha tufuate kile wanachoamini,kwamba wao hutahiri wanaume wanataka tutahiri na sisi, kwamba wao hawakeketi wasichana na sisi  wanatuzuia. 

Sisi weusi tulizoea tendo la  ndoa hufanywa na jinsia mbili tofauti yaani mke na mme kama mwenyezi alivyoamuru lakini wazungu wamekuja na mapenzi yajinsia moja, yameendelea kushika chati katika miji mbalimbali hapa nchini.

Lakini cha ajaabu ni kwamba wakati utamaduni huo wa kishenzi ukizidi kushamiri katika shule za seminari na kwingineko mitaani, hakuna mkakati wowote wa kupinga vitendo hivyo zaidi ya kusikia wazungu wakitulazimisha tutambue haki za mashoga.

He! yaani hao watenda maovu yanayo mchukiza Mungu na jamii ya wanadamu mnaataka tuwatambue lakini wafrikakudumisha utamaduni wao kwa kufanya tohara mnawambia kuwa utamaduni wao  ni wa kishenzi.

Wafrika  wakioa wake wengi ili  kukidhi haja ya tamaa zao na kuepuka uzinzi wanaambiwa kuwa suala la kuoa wake wengi limepitwa na wakati,lakini kuwa na boyfriend au girl friend ruksa hata kama upo ndani ya ndoa!
Suala la kuoa wake wengi limeandikwa hadi kwenye biblia wafalme waliotukuka kama Suleiman walioa wake 700 na hata suala la kurithi ambalo wazungu wanalipiga vita kwa waafrika lilikuwepo tangu zamani.

Sisi tunapojaribu kufanya kile ambacho wazungu hawakipendi tunaambiwa kuwa utamaduni wetu ni wakishenzi wa kwao safi, hata kama wanalala na watoto wao wa kuwazaa.        
Kutokana na upuuzi huo wa kizungu leo katika safu hii nampongeza  kamanda wa Polisi  kanda maalum ya Tarime na Rorya,Justus Kamgisha na wengine waliofanya nzuri kama yeye  kuhakikisha utamaduni wetu unabaki.

Ni kweli na ni wazi kuwa mtu akitenda jambo jema anastahili pongezi akikosea, akosolewe,akiwajibishwa awajibike.
Kamanda wa Polisi wa Tarime/Rorya anastahili pongezi na tuzo ya heshima kwa watu wanaolinda na kutetea utamaduni wetu wa kifrika.
Kamanda huyo  amekataa kupokea mawazo ya kitumwa kutoka kwa mawakala wa kizungu eti azuie wakazi wa wilaya ya tarime kuwatakasa mabinti wao. 
Hiki ni kipindi kigumu ambacho dunia inapitia kuelekea katika utandawazi unaokuzwa na kuenezwa na mabadiliko makubwa ya teknolojia.
Anapotokea mtu kama Kamanda Kamgisha akapuuza amri ya mawakala wa Kizungu waliomtaka kukamata wananchi wa Tarime ambao wangediriki kujihusisha na vitendo vya tohara ya kiafrika, anapaswa kupongezwa.
Kamanda  huyo ameonyesha mfano kwa  makamanda wenzake kuwa unaweza ukatumia akiri kufikiri badala ya miguu au tumbo.
 kiongozi akifanya jema apewe shukrani zake akikosea akosolewe bila aibu, ndivyo leo ninavyoendelea kumpongeza  Kamanda huyo kwa jinsi alivyoshughulikia suala la tohara kwa wasichana wilayani tarime Mwezi Disemba Mwaka 2012.
Hicho ni kipindi ambacho mabinti wengi waliomaliza shule walikuwa wamejiandaa kutahiriwa ili kujiweka tayari kisaikolojia kwa ajili ya kuolewa ,kuposwa kwani tendo hilo huashiria pia ukuaji kimwili.
Kumuingiza kijana wa kiume au kike jando baada ya kumfanyia tohara kunamuepusha na vitendo hatarishi vya ushoga na usagaji, kwani anajitambua yeye ni nani anatakiwa kufanya nini baada ya hapo.
Kijana aliyetahiriwa kwa kisu ni vigumu kumkuta akiwa anajihusisha na utamaduni huo wa kizungu wa kugeuzana, watu wa jinsia moja kufanya yasiyompendeza Mwenyezi Mungu.
Hata hivyo licha ya kwamba utamaduni huo unasaidia kwa kiasi kikubwa kukomesha  vitendo hivyo lakini wenzetu hawapendi wakiona wanatenga fungu la pesa kuwagombanisha raia na serikali yao.   
Wanasema kamateni wote wanaojihusisha na mila hizo kwani zimepitwa na wakati,lakini hawatuambii zilipitwa na wakati kuanzia Mwaka gani.    

Ndipo taarifa zikamfikia Kamanda akitakiwa kuwakamata wale wote ambao wanafanya hivyo,bahati nzuri kamanda huyo ni mtani wa wakurya akitokea Bukoba ikabidi aone aibu akaamua kutumia busara kujumuika na watani zake katika sherehe hizo. 
Kamanda na kupongeza kwa kukataa mawazo  na fikra za kitumwa, umewaruhusu wakazi wa Tarime kuendelea na ustaarabu wao wa kutahiri watoto wa kike.

Hilo ni jambo la heshima kabisa analo stahili kufanyiwa kijana wa kiafrika kwa baadhi ya makabila hapa nchini hivyo,lisingefanyika kama Kamgisha angetumia miguu na tumbo kufikri, kutokana labda na ushawishi wa bahasha.

Nimefurahi nililiposikia kuwa Mkuu wa wilaya ya Tarime Dc.Frank Uhahura alipotoa amri ya kukamatwa wale wote waliokuwa wanakeketa wasichana kama wanavyoita wao, lakini  wewe kwa kushilikiana na vijana wako mkapuuza amri hiyo ili kudumisha amani tarime.
Busara zako, hekima zako zimedumisha amani Tarime kwa gharama ndogo, lakini kama Polisi wangedhubutu kuanza kuwakamata wale wote waliokuwa wanajihusisha na sherehe za jando amani ingetoweka na kuirejesha ingetumika gharama kubwa na umwagikaji wa damu.
Lakini kwa busara zako, Ewe Kamgisha umetambua kazi ya Polisi ni kulinda amani sio kushiriki kuvunja amani, wadau wa maendeleo ya tarime tunaamini kupitia busara hizo unaweza kukomesha mauwaji ya mgodi wa Nyamongo.

Unaweza kukaa na  wamiliki wa mgodi huo mkakubaliana namna ambavyo vijana wa Tarime wanavyoweza kuruhusiwa angalau mara moja kwa wiki kuzoa mawe yanayotupwa kama uchafu ili wao wakasafishe madini ya dhahabu kuliko sasa wanavyoitwa wavamizi.
Mnaweza kukaa mkakubaliana , eneo likaandaliwa ambalo mzungu atakuwa anakwenda kutupa mawe hayo kama dampo ili vijana waende wakaookote kule badala ya kuingia mgodini kama ilivyo sasa ili kuepuka maaafa zaidi.

Nimemalize kwa kuwapa ujumbe waafrika wenzangu hakuna utamaduni wa kishenzi hapa afrika,tunaweza kuungana na wamasai kudumisha utamaduni wetu.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Kimbunga Nemo Ilivyotukomesha!!

Wadau, Kimbunga Nemo imemwaga theluji (snow) kibao hapa Boston! Yaani karibu futi tatu!  Sasa kazi kuindoa maana haiyeyuki haraka, na kwa vile ilidondoka haraka kwa kipindi kifupi, ma-plow walishindwa kuondoa theluji kwenye barabara nyingi hapa mjini.

Wazungu hawajazoea kuambiwa wasiendeshe magari yao. Basi siku ya Ijumaa wakawa wanamwita Gavana wetu, Deval Patrick ambaye ni mweusi, Dikteta, MKomunisti nk..  Lakini sasa wanamshukuru na kukubali kuwa alifanya jambo la maana, maana barabara kuu ziliweza kusafishwa haraka.  Hata Connecticut na Rhode Island walifuata nyayo za Gava wetu na kuzuia watu wasiendeshe magari yao! Huko Long Island New York, watu walikoma maana mamia ya magari ya kwama na watu ndani.

Mtaani kwangu Cambridge, MA jumamosi mchana! Plow haikupita hadi jioni. Ilikuwa kazi kweli kufika nyumbani maana hiyo snow iliuwa zaidi ya futi mbili!!!  Nilitoka kazini nimechoka.  Ingawa Gavana alizuia watu kuendesha magari nilibahatika kupata lifi hadi karibu na napokaa.  Kufika mtaani ndo jinsi nilivyokaribshwa! DUUUUHHHH!

Wadau, mgongo unaniuma! Jana ilinichukua masaa kufukua mkweche wangu!!!!

Hii ndo Executive Order ya Gavaana wa Jimbo la Massachusetts kuamurisha watu wasiendeshe magari baada ya saa 10 jioni siku ya Ijumaa Februari 8, 2013.  Ilikuwa ukikamatwa unaweza kufungwa jela mwaka moja na kupigwa faini ya $500!   Gavana kaitwa Fashisti, na kutanawa matui ya nguoni.  Watu walirushusiwa kuendehsa magari saa 10 jino siku ya jumamosi. Hata hivyo, utaenda wapi bila ku-risk gari kukwama kwenye snow!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mtazame Rick Lake Show Kesho! Must See!

Wadau, wanaotazama The Ricki Lake Show. Mkianagalia kesho jumatatu 11/2/13., mtamwona rafiki yangu  na mwigizaji mwenzangu hapa Boston Almitra Wiggins. Inahusu, "Cougars" wanawake wanaopenda wanaume wenye umri mdogo kuliko wao. Nimeamabiwa itakuwa kiboko!




by Kitoto
Ukingoni mwa Ziwa Nyasa- Revo Meza
Wimbi la “blogging” liliikumba dunia kati ya 1995 hadi 1998 na kuanza kumea kwetu Tanzania kupitia mwanahabari Ndesanjo Macha miaka kumi iliyopita. Wakati Ndesanjo anaanza kublogu si wengi tuliomwelewa. Nakumbuka alivyokua akiniongelea juu ya fani hii kwa hamasa kwenye 2002. Baadaye kidogo aliendesha Jikomboe, blogu lililokua na taswira ya majani mabichi ya ukoka. Enzi hizo hakukua na hata senti moja aliyoichuma.
Ndesanjo Macha
Ndesanjo Macha- mwasisi wa blogu Tanzania
Ndesanjo alikua akisema blogu ni dunia ya kesho ya mawasiliano.
Wakati huo vyombo vikubwa vya habari nchi zilizoendelea vilianza kuona umuhimu wa blogu vikaanza kuunda idara pembezoni mwa tovuti zake mama. Kwetu wenye magazeti wengi hawakupenda wanablogu;waliwaona washindani.
Mwaka ambapo wanablogu wetu walianza kuchomoza ilikua 2006 baada ya kifo cha wapenzi wawili wa Kitanzania waliouliwa kinyama Marekani. Blogu la Michuzi (ambalo halikua maarufu kama leo) na Radio Butiama (inayojulikana kwa jina Podcast) zilisimama dede kutangaza habari hizo. Hapo ndipo miye binafsi nilipoanza kuona namna blogaz walivyokuwa na mwendo mkali - zaidi ya vyombo vya habari vya kijadi.
Nilianza rasmi kublogu mwaka 2007- nikisaidiwa na Ndesanjo na wanabloga wengine walionitangulia; akina Simon Kitururu, Jeff Msangi (Bongo Celebrity) mathalan. Nilichogundua siku za mwanzo ni kwamba Blogaz husaidiana sana. “Ukiwa mbinafsi huendelei kama Bloga” alisisitiza Ndesanjo.
Goats feeding on rubbish
Mbuzi wetu Bongo wakila kila aina ya takataka mitaani. Nyama yake tamu. Lakini je, ina nini kinachotudhuru tusichokijua? Nilipiga picha hii, Zanzibar, mwaka 2011.
Leo Jikomboe na ule ukoka havipo tena.
Ndesanjo, mwasisi wa blog za Kiswahili duniani, anafanya kazi shirika la habari- Global Voices. Kati ya mamia ya waandishi wa shirika hilo la kimataifa, Mtanzania huyu anaongoza kwa habari asilia za uchambuzi zaidi ya 4,200 . Tofauti ya mtu kama Ndesanjo na baadhi ya blogaz ni kwamba yeye kiasilia ni mwanahabari hivyo anachanganya ujuzi na mitindo hii miwili ya kusanifu matukio. Si ajabu mwaka jana Ndesanjo alishinda tuzo la Mwanablog bora wa Afrika.


Saturday, February 09, 2013

MTanzania Agombea American Idol

Sanni alitolewa tarehe 7/2/13 (February 7th), lakini kijana ana kipaji. Atafika mbali.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Marufuku Kuendesha Gari Binafsi Baada ya Saa 10 Jioni Massachusetts!

Hii mpya! Gavana wetu hapa Massachusetts ametangaza kuwa ni marufuku kuendesha gari binafsi baada ya kumi jioni leo! Polisi watakukamata na utapigwa faini au kufungwa jela! Kimbunga Nemo imefika!  Watu wengi hawakwenda kazini au waliruhusiwa kuondoka mapema leo.

Mimi sasa hivi naelekea hoteli ambayo imelipiwa na ofisi, halafu watatuma snowplow kuchukua wafanyakazi ili waweze kufanya shifti zao.

Mtaweza kusikia habari nilizoandika kuanzia saa 11 asubuhi (5:00am EST) HAPA:


February 8, 2013

Mass bans vehicles at 4 p.m.; offenders face fine up to $500, 1 year in jail

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency for blizzard that could bring near 3 feet of snow.
Patrick signed an executive order banning all vehicles from roadways starting at 4 p.m. today. Ban applies to all roadways, including highways and secondary roads. Any one caught driving after 4 p.m. faces up to one year in jail and $500 fine.
Patrick said the blizzard is “a profoundly different kind of storm than we have dealt with” and the projected snowfall rate of two to three inches per hour will “make safe travel nearly impossible.”
MEMA Director Kurt Schwartz said that a similar executive order banning vehicular travel went into effect after the “blizzard of ‘78” and said he is unaware of any similar ban since then.
The order is “outright ban on all roads” with no set time for when it will be lifted. There are exceptions for public utility and health care workers as well as delivery trucks and news media. Schwartz said that the maximum penalty for people who violate the ban is one year imprisonment.
There are currently 1,000 National Guard troops, and Patrick said nearly 5,000 would be in place over the course of the weekend. The Department of Transportation had 1,600 pieces of equipment on the roads around noon on Friday, and planned to bring that number up to 4,000 as the storm intensifies.
The MBTA will send its last train out at 3:30 p.m., and turnpike tolls will be opened starting at 2 p.m., Transportation Secretary Richard Davey said. A total of 2,000 utility teams are in place, though work repairing downed wires will not begin until the storm is over, according to Patrick and Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Richard Sullivan.
"Prepare for the possibility of being shut in and at home for the next 24 or 48 hours,” Patrick advised. He said drifts could grow to five feet and while saying he understood the desire for some exploring once the storm subsided, he asked people do so safely. “There are hazards under this winter wonderland,” he said.
Patrick advised people with generators to make sure to vent them, said people with wells should fill their bathtubs with water, and the cooling devices on refrigerators should be turned up.
More as it develops.

Kwa Ajlili ya Wanaokaa sehemu zinaopigwa na Kimbunga Nemo!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Jinsi Tunavyonyonywa Tanzania!

Yaani nchi yetu inanyonywa dhahabu, almasi, Tanzanite, Uranium na vingine, huko bado kuna upungufu ya pesa! Ni vizuri  ile 'deficit' inapungua, lakini kwa nini nchi eneye utajiri kama wetu uwe na upungufu?  Inasikitisha, kuna watu wanakubali kuhongwa hela ndogo, huko nchi inanyonywa!  Mwalimu  Nyerere alikuwa na busara sana katika suala huu!

Tanzania narrows current account gap in 2012 -cbank

DAR ES SALAAM Feb 7 (Reuters) - Tanzania's current account deficit narrowed 14 percent to $3.44 billion in 2012 helped by a strong jump in export revenues even though gold export volumes dipped, its central bank said on Thursday.

Total exports of goods and services rose 17 percent to $8.68 billion, while the country's import bill for goods and services rose 5.3 percent to $12.67 billion.

Export volumes rose for most of the traditional cash crops, manufactured goods and horticultural products, the Bank of Tanzania said in its latest monthly economic report.

Rvenues from tourism increased to $1.56 billion from $1.35 billion a year earlier as visitor numbers rose. Earnings from traditional exports - tobacco, cotton, coffee, cashew nuts and tea - jumped 40 percent to $956.7 million.

Gold exports, the country's top foreign exchange earner, edged down 2.4 percent to $2.17 billion. This was largely due to a fall in volumes although high prices on the world market underpinned revenues, the bank said.

Tanzania, with a population of around 45 million, is Africa's fourth-largest gold producer after South Africa, Ghana and Mali.

The value of oil imports rose 4.9 percent to $3.39 billion in the year to December, largely due to a rise in world market prices.

Gross official foreign exchange reserves held by the central bank rose to $4.07 billion in the year to December, or about four months of import cover, from $3.76 billion a year ago.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mbwa Mtu!

Bila shaka kuna mtu kalogwa kuwa akifa atarudi duniani kama mbwa! Basi ndo huyo hapa! HII PICHA SIYO PHOTOSHOP!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Ujumbe Kutoka Kwa Rais Obama Kwa WaKenya

Rais Obama katoa ujumbe mzito kwa WaKenya na waafrika kwa ujumla!

The Meaning of the Word Mzungu - Maana ya Mzungu

Kuna mzungu aliniuliza maana ya neno mzungu. Nikamwambia haihusiani kabisa na rangi bali inatokana na wale weupe wa kwanza waliofika Afrika na hawakujua wanakwenda wapi, hivyo walikuwa wanazunguka ovyo!  Kuna stori nilisimuliwa nikiwa mdogo, kuna kundi la wazungu walifika kijijini. Walikaribishwa vizuri na Chifu wakaondoka.  Baada ya wiki mbili wazungu hao hao wakarudi pale kijijini.  Chikfu kauliza, "Jamani, hao si ndo tuliwaaga majuzi!" Mzungu kashangaa hakufika popote bali anatembea katika mduara!

Mzungu From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mzungu (pronounced [m̩ˈzuŋɡu]) is the southern, central and eastern African term for a person of foreign descent. Literally translated it means "someone who roams around aimlessly" or "aimless wanderer" (from the Swahili words zungu, zunguzungu, zunguka, zungusha, mzungukaji, meaning to go round and round; from Ganda okuzunga which means to wander aimlessly). The term was first used by natives of East Africa to describe European explorers in the 18th century.[citation needed] It is now commonly used in most Bantu languages of East, Central and Southern Africa, especially in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.

In Swahili, the plural form of mzungu is wazungu.[1][2][3] The possessive kizungu (or chizungu) translated literally means "of the aimless wanderers". It has now come to mean "language of the aimless wanderers" and more commonly English, as it is the language most often used by Wazungu in East Africa. However it can be used generally for any European language. Wachizungu, Bachizungu, etc. – literally "things of the aimless wanderers" – have come to mean the Western culture, cuisine and lifestyle.

In Kinyarwanda and Kirundi, European people are also known as rutuku which means "red" (after their skin color). The word English has been loaned into Bantu languages as kiingereza in Swahili, chingeleshi in Bemba or lungereza in Ganda.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Letter to Uncle - Part I

Nimepata kwa email:

Hallo Uncle, 

Guess you are fine, so are we. Bongo iko poa tu na MSWAHILI is still at the helm though wengi wetu tusingependa hivyo!!! anatuharibia PROJECT yetu tuliyoianza miaka mingi huko nyuma, "KUWAFUKARISHA WATANGANYIKA". Analeta mpango wa kilimo cha matrekta wakati hili tulilisimamisha, watu wakiwa na uwezo wa maisha ni vigumu kuwafanya WARITADI. So the best option was to make them poorer and poorer.

Unakumbuka, japo ulikuwa mtoto mdogo, kauli mbiu inayosema "NCHI YETU MASIKINI" basi ni nchi ile ile ambayo sasa wanaharakati hawataki ichimbwe gesi, mafuta na urani, eti hatutaweza kuingia mikataba vizuri kama nchi!! Botswana wamewezaje? Na hawa ndiyo wasomi wa nchi hii!!!Kwa mtu asiefuatilia matukio ya kidunia, kikanda na ki-nchi, anaweza akadhani hawa jamaa wazalendo kweli kweli. 

Sasa wanaogopa mabadiliko ya katiba, wanachotaka wao ni kubadili vipengele vinavyowasumbua kuleta serikali nyingine, lakin STATUS QUO yao ibaki pale pale. Ndiyo maana nakwambia tumerithishwa unafiki kuwa ni sehemu ya maisha yetu ya kila siku. MSWAHILI kaanzisha kampeni ya shule za sekondari za kata, imekuwa nongwa, watoto wengi masikini watapata fursa ya kuwa na upeo wa kujua mambo, anawaharibia PROJECT ile kuu. 

Wanaharakati na wachambuzi wa masuala kadha wa kadha wa Bongo ni wa ajabu sana, akiuawa mtu ambae kwa hana maslahi yoyote hukaa kimya kama vile hakujatokea kitu, sasa ngoja auwawe mwenzao, kelele ni nyingi, maandamano kwa kwenda mbele, huu ni usomi wa aina gani uncle? Sheria ya ugaidi iliyopitishwa Bongo ilipigiwa kelele nyingi na wadau wenye luona mbali, lakini kwa vilke ilikuwa inawalenga watu fulani ambao kwa hakika watajijua wenyewe, ikapitishwa, Kenya ambako kuna wakristo wengi kuliko Bongo walisita baada ya kuona itawagawa kama nchi, hiyo ndiyo COMMON SENSE tuisemayo. 

Nimeku-forwardia mail za siku nyingi kidogo kukukumbusha ya kwamba, "Many world events do not just happen, they are made to happen" kwa hiyo sio ajabu kuona kuwa Somalia kuna rabsha licha ya kuwa vita vilikuwa vimekwisha tayari lakini kwa kutumia jina la MAHAKAMA YA KIISLAM, wasomali walipoteza sifa ya kuwa na amani nchini mwao, ndivyo vivyo hivyo itawakumba wamisri na Muslim Brotherhood, halikadhalika Mali, Zanzibar, Tunisia na kwingineko dunia ya Kiislam. Kwa wanaojua, CRUSADE is with us now though it still finds pockets of resistance on a few Islamic individuals, when the Islamic Nation as a whole wakes up to this fact, things will never be the same again, albeit, the cat is out of the bag already!!

Huku Bongo Waislamu sio wanalalamika, wanawaambia wenzao wakristo kwamba mchezo wao ni mauti kwa wenzao, lakini mazoea yana taabu, wanadhana kuwa waislamu hawana akili, wamezaliwa hali wakiwa wapumbavu. Ustaarabu wa dunia ya Magharibi una deni kubwa sana kwa uislamu ( hii inategemea na historia gani Mbongo kasoma maana Bongo inaongoza Afrika kwa kutengeneza HALF-BAKED Intellectuals!!!) Sasa inaingia kichwani kuwa wale waliostaarabisha dunia leo hii tena ndiyo waje kuwa hawajui kitu!! 

Hicho kisemwacho kuwa ni New World Order kinasumbuliwa na uislamu tu hadi sasa, jamaa wa itikadi hii wako busy kubomoa family values, mainstream society morals and ethics, traditions and God Worship etc., stumbling block ni Muslims and Islam, maana kama ni ushoga umeishakubalika, riba poa tu, kusagana poa, tena kwa baraka za makanisa, na watendaji wakuu wa makanisa ndiyo vinara wa kuonesha njia kwa vitendo!! elimu ya Evolution ndiyo hivyo tena, watu ni ma-Profesa wa fani hii, wanaharakati na wachambuzi wako busy wakijikaanga kwa mafuta yao wenyewe, eti tunasema zama za giza zimepita, mbona kwa sasa ndiyo GIZA TOTOLOOO!! 

Bye Uncle, nisiseme mengi, jamaa hawakawii kutumia sindano kunyamazisha ukweli. Regard

Letter to Uncle - Part 2

Hallo Uncle,

Happy new year. MJOMBA has been of late making headlines by opening up roads, bridges and a whole lot of new projects that you would expect the wananchi in all their divergence to come up with nice words of encouragement, but alas me, we keep hearing the same old crap of SERIKALI DHAIFU!!!

 In actual fact uncle, TANZANIANS were not supposed to live a life of luxury, this you can see thru common sense and by actions taken by NYERERE and his cohorts. Look at this: " Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!" This literally means, "One People, One Empire, One Leader!" The German people were subjected to continual propaganda, under the control of Josef Goebbels. It was the Cult of personality - everything was organised to make Germans permanently grateful to Adolf Hitler.

So we come with our own "ZIDUMU FIKRA ZA MWENYEKITI" And we are able to see and hear how a multitude of Tanzanian politicians of every colour (party) sing the same song of praising someone whose decisions have to a large extent brought us to this quagmire we are now in. Take the case of Gas and Mtwara residents uprising, it is nothing but Nyerere's marginalisation of the people of Mtwara and other areas mostly populated by muslims.

But since this is a Nation of Hypocrites, the local media houses will not permit this to be the case, but to be free one has to face the truth, and truth is there for everyone to see. Kigoma region is flexing it's muscle with oil, and I dont know which other part of Tanzania with a large population of muslims will take to the streets, even though they will soon go for the Diocese of NECTA and Dr Ndalichako!! As I told you before, the cat is out of the bag, things will never be the same again.

The funniest thing of all is, ili kuendelee kuwepo na amani eti ni kwa Waislamu waendelee kukubali kudhulumiwa, day in, day out, that's hogwash at it's best. Inahitaji wazalendo wa kweli kurekebisha hali ya mambo ili Taifa lisonge mbele, lakini kwa mtindo huu wa kubadili maneno na kuwapa watu majina ya ndivyo sivyo, hamkani mambo si shwari. Thes are just my thoughts though, you can always correct me as am a human being like the rest.


Friday, February 01, 2013

Hotuba ya Rais Kikwete Kwa Wananchi Mwisho wa Mwezi Januari 2013

Rais Jakaya Kikwete
Ndugu Wananchi;
Kama ilivyo ada naomba tuanze kwa kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu, Mwenye
Rehema, kwa kutujaalia uzima na kutuwezesha kuzungumza kwa mara
nyingine kwa kutumia utaratibu wetu huu mzuri wa mawasiliano baina ya
Rais na wananchi wa Tanzania kila mwisho wa mwezi.  Siku ya leo
nitazungumzia safari yangu ya Ufaransa, Uswizi na Ethiopia.  Pia
nitazungumzia ujenzi wa bomba la kusafirisha gesi asili kutoka Mtwara
kuja Dar es Salaam.

Safari za Kikazi Nje ya Nchi

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Safari yangu ya Ufaransa, Uswizi na Ethiopia ilikuwa na
manufaa makubwa kwa nchi yetu.  Nchini Ufaransa licha ya kuimarisha
uhusiano wa kirafiki baina ya nchi zetu, tumepata wawekezaji wengi
wakubwa wenye nia thabiti ya kuja kuwekeza hapa nchini.  Pia
tumekubaliana kuanza mazungumzo ya kuwa na mpango mwingine wa
ushirikiano.  Mpango wetu wa sasa ulioanza mwaka 2006 uliisha mwaka
2010.  Mpango ule ulitusaidia sana kuboresha huduma za maji katika
miji ya Utete mkoani Pwani na Mpwapwa mkoani Dodoma.

        Katika mkutano wa Kongamano la Uchumi wa Dunia uliofanyika
Davos, Uswizi, tumehakikishiwa ushirikiano katika kuendeleza juhudi
zetu za kuleta mapinduzi ya kijani ili tujihakikishie usalama wa
chakula na kupunguza umaskini vijijini na kukuza uchumi wa nchi yetu.
Aidha, tulipata bahati ya kushirikishwa katika mjadala wa kuanzishwa
kwa programu kubwa ya kuzisaidia nchi za Afrika kutatua matatizo ya
upatikanaji wa umeme.  Naamini programu hiyo ikitekelezwa na wakubwa
kuheshimu kauli na ahadi zao itakuwa msaada mkubwa kwa maendeleo ya
nchi za Afrika zilizo Kusini mwa Jangwa la Sahara.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Nchini Ethiopia tulishiriki katika mkutano wa Wakuu wa Nchi
na Serikali wa Umoja wa Afrika na katika kikao cha African Peer Review
Mechanism (APRM) ambapo taarifa ya tathmini ya utawala bora ya
Tanzania na Zambia iliyofanywa na APRM ilijadiliwa.  Kwa jumla hatuna
mahali tuliponyooshewa kidole kuwa tunafanya vibaya.  Tumepongezwa
katika mambo mengi na tumepewa ushauri kwa baadhi ya maeneo waliyoona
hatuna budi kuyaboresha.  Nilipata nafasi ya kusema ambayo niliitumia
kufafanua baadhi ya mambo yaliyokuwamo kwenye taarifa.  Niliwashukuru
na kuahidi kuufanyia kazi ushauri uliotolewa.  Tathmini ya nchi yetu
ilipitishwa kwa kauli moja.

Vurugu za Kupinga Gesi Kusafirishwa Kutoka Mtwara

Ndugu wananchi;
Kama mtakavyokumbuka tarehe 8 Novemba, 2012 kule Kinyerezi, Wilaya ya
Ilala hapa Dar es Salaam, niliweka jiwe la msingi la ujenzi wa bomba
la kusafirisha gesi asili kutoka Mtwara na Songosongo kuja Dar es
Salaam.  Karibu na mwishoni mwa Desemba, 2012 kukafanyika maandamano
mjini Mtwara kupinga ujenzi wa bomba hilo.  Katika
maandamano yale na baadaye kwenye kauli za wanasiasa na wanaharakati
yakatolewa madai kuwa gesi hiyo itumike kwa maendeleo ya Mtwara na
kwamba yale yanayotakiwa kufanyika Dar es Salaam yafanyike Mtwara.
Pia, zilitolewa shutuma nyingine dhidi ya Serikali eti kuwa kwa miaka
mingi imewasahau na haiwajali wananchi wa Mikoa ya Kusini na ujenzi wa
bomba hilo ni muendelezo wa hayo. Kauli mbalimbali za wanasiasa na
wanaharakati ni kama vile ziliongeza mafuta kwenye kaa la moto na
kuuchochea mpaka kukatokea matukio yaliyotusikitisha na kutshtua
sote.  Baadhi ya ndugu zetu wamepoteza maisha na mali za watu na
Serikali kuharibiwa.

Ndugu Wananchi;
Katika hotuba yangu ya kuaga mwaka 2012 na kuukaribisha mwaka 2013,
tarehe 31 Desemba, 2012, nililisemea jambo hili.  Leo mwezi mmoja
baadae, napenda kusisitiza mambo mawili.  Kwanza kwamba, si kweli kuwa
Serikali inapuuza Mikoa ya Kusini.  Na pili, kwamba kujenga bomba la
kuipeleka gesi Dar es Salaam hakuinyimi Mikoa ya Mtwara na Lindi fursa
ya kunufaika na gesi iliyopo Mtwara.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Serikali imefanya, inafanya na ina mipango ya kufanya mambo
mengi mazuri kwa ajili ya kuleta maendeleo katika Mikoa ya Mtwara na
Lindi.  Ipo mipango ya kuboresha miundombinu, huduma za kiuchumi na
kijamii pamoja na kukuza uchumi ikiwa ni pamoja na ujenzi wa viwanda
vikubwa na vidogo.  Serikali ya Awamu ya Tatu chini ya uongozi wa Rais
Mstaafu, Mheshimiwa Benjamin Mkapa, ilijenga daraja katika Mto Rufiji
maarufu kama Daraja la Mkapa.  Hii ilikuwa ni hatua kubwa ya awali
katika safari ya kutatua matatizo ya usafiri ya Mikoa ya Kusini.
Serikali ninayoiongoza mie iliachiwa kazi ya kukamilisha ujenzi wa
barabara za lami kufikia darajani na kuunanisha Mkoa wa Mtwara na Mkoa
wa Ruvuma.  Kazi hiyo, tumeitekeleza vizuri na sasa tunakaribia
kuimaliza.  Tulikamilisha ujenzi wa barabara ya kutoka Mnazi-Mmoja
hadi Nangurukuru.  Mwaka 2009 tukaanza ujenzi wa barabara ya kilomita
56kutoka Somanga hadi Ndundu (darajani).  Ujenzi wakilometa 36 za
mwanzo ulienda vizuri.  Bahati mbaya ujenzi wa kilomieta 20 za mwisho
umechelewa sana kwa sababu ya mmiliki wa kampuni iliyokabidhiwa
kufanya kazi hiyo kufariki.  Kwa sababu hiyo, kampuni ilipata
mtikisiko kiasi na kusababisha kazi kutotekelezwa kwa kasi
tuliyoitarajia.  Sasa mambo yametengemaa na kazi inaendelea kwa kasi
nzuri.  Matumaini yetu ni kuwa ifikapo mwezi Desemba, 2013 kazi hiyo
itakuwa imekamilika.

Hali kadhalika, Rais Mstaafu, Mzee Benjamin Mkapa alituachia jukumu la
kumaliza ujenzi wa Daraja la Umoja katika mto Ruvuma na ujenzi wa
barabara ya lami kuanzia Mikoa ya Mtwara na Ruvuma.  Tumelikamilisha
Daraja hilo na ujenzi wa barabara ya lami kutoka Masasi hadi Mangaka
umekamilika.  Mchakato wa kujenga barabara ya kwenda Songea na kwenda
Darajani umefikia  mahala pazuri.  Tenda ya ujenzi wa barabara kutoka
Tunduru hadi Mangaka mpaka Darajani imeshatangazwa.  Kama mambo
yataenda sawa miezi mitatu ijayo mjenzi atapatikana.  Wakati huo huo
ujenzi wa barabara kutoka Namtumbo hadi Songea – Mbinga na Namtumbo –
Tunduru unaendelea.  Hivyo basi, kwa barabara ya “Mtwara Corridor”
kazi iliyobaki ni kutoka Mbinga kwenda Mbambabay ambayo tutaifanya
wenyewe kama tulivyofanya kwa Mnazi Mmoja – Nangurukuru na Somanga –
Ndudu na Daraja la Umoja.

Ndugu Wananchi;
Ipo pia mipango ya kuipanua na kuijenga upya bandari ya Mtwara ili
iweze kuhudumia mahitaji ya utafutaji na uchimbaji wa gesi baharini,
kuhudumia na kuvifanyia matengenezo vyombo vinavyotumika katika
utafiti, uchimbaji na uendelezaji wa gesi.  Pia iweze kuhudumia
shughuli za kiuchumi zitakazotokana na uchumi wa gesi pamoja na
zilizopo sasa.  Nilipozungumza na makampuni ya utafutaji gesi pale
Mtwara tarehe 25 Julai, 2011 waliomba nikubali bandari ya Mtwara iwe
mahali pa kuhudumia vyombo vyote vinavyofanya shughuli ya utafutaji na
uchimbaji wa gesi na mafuta katika pwani ya Afrika ya Bahari Kuu ya
Hindi.  Pia waliomba kuwa sehemu hiyo ya bandari iwe bandari huru.
Niliwakubalia bila ya kusita na tayari eneo la hekta 110 zimeshatengwa
na kutangazwa rasmi kuwa bandari huru.  Vile vile waliomba wapewe
sehemu ya bandari ya sasa kuendeshea shughuli na eneo la kujenga kituo
cha mitambo ya kuchakata gesi na kusafirisha nje.

Ndugu Wananchi;
Baada ya kuzungumza na makampuni ya utafutaji gesi na mafuta na
kuelezwa mahitaji yao nilibaini kuwa bandari ya Mtwara inahitaji
kupanuliwa na kujengwa upya.  Bahati nzuri viongozi wa Mamlaka ya
Bandari walikuwepo na walinihakikishia kuwa watafanya hivyo.

Tayari eneo la bandari limeongezwa kutoka hekta 70.68 hadi 2,693.68.
Eneo la bandari huru limeshatengwa hivyo hivyo na eneo la kampuni ya
Dangote na makampuni ya gesi yaliyopo.  Aidha, mchakato wa kupanua
bandari iliyopo, kujenga gati mpya na kuendelea na ujenzi hadi maeneo
ya Msanga Mkuu ipo katika hatua mbalimbali za matayarisho na

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Kwa upande wa Mkoa wa Lindi mipango ya kupanua na kuijenga
upya bandari ya Lindi imefikia hatua nzuri.  Naibu Waziri wa Uchukuzi,
Mhe. Dkt. Charles Tizeba alithibitisha hayo tarehe 1 Desemba, 2012
nilipotembelea bandari hiyo wakati wa ziara yangu ya Mkoa wa Lindi ya
tarehe 1 mpaka 5 Desemba, 2012.  Hali kadhalika mipango ya kujenga
bandari ya Kilwa iko mbioni.  Tena kwa upande wa Mkoa wa Lindi moja ya
makampuni yaliyogundua gesi baharini wameamua kujenga bandari na kituo
cha kuchakata na kusarifisha gesi nje ya mkoa huo kama ilivyo kwa
Mtwara.  Naambiwa wametambua maeneo matatu, kilichobakia ni kuamua
mojawapo ili ujenzi uanze.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Nilipotoka bandari ya Mtwara, siku ile nilitembelea Chuo cha
VETA na kuzungumza na viongozi wa VETA taifa na wa Wizara ya Elimu na
Mafunzo ya Ufundi kuhusu kuwa na mitaala ya kutoa mafunzo mahsusi
yanayohitajika na sekta ya gesi na mafuta.  Nilisisitiza kwamba
tuwapatie vijana wetu mafunzo yatakayowawezsha kuajiriwa na makampuni
ya gesi na yale yatakayokuwa yanatoa huduma kwa makampuni hayo.
Nilisema tusipofanya hivyo, makampuni hayo yataajiri watu kutoka nje
na hatutakuwa na sababu ya kuwalaumu wala kulalamika.

Nafurahi kwamba agizo langu hilo limefanyiwa kazi ipasavyo.  Hivi sasa
katika chuo cha VETA Mtwara mafunzo hayo yanatolewa.  Kampuni ya
PetroBrass ya Brazil inaendesha mafunzo ya sekta ya gesi kwa vijana 25
kutoka mkoani Mtwara.  Aidha, chuo cha VETA kwa kushirikiana na
Kampuni ya Gesi ya Uingereza (British Gas) na Volunteers Service
Overseas ya Uingereza, kinatekeleza programu ya miaka mitatu iitwayo
Enhancing Employerbility Through Vocational Training.  Programu hii
inalenga  kutoa kozi zitakazowafanya wahitimu kuweza kuajiriwa katika
sekta ya gesi.  Programu hii ilifunguliwa na Makamu wa Rais,
Mheshimiwa Dkt. Mohamed Gharib Bilal, tarehe 26 Novemba, 2012.

Ndugu Wananchi;
Chini ya programu hii, walimu wa masomo yanayohusiana na gesi
wanaongezewa ujuzi ili waweze kufikia viwango vya kimataifa.  Vile
vile, Wizara ya Nishati na Madini imetoa upendeleo maalum wa
kudhaminiwanafunzi 50 kutoka mkoa wa Mtwara kusoma chuoni hapo ambao
tayari wameshahitimu mafunzo ya msingi ya uunganishaji vyuma
viwandani.  Mchakato wa kuwapatawanafunzi 50 kwa ajili ya mafunzo kama
hayo kutoka mkoa wa Lindi unaendelea.  Nimeambiwa mpaka wameshawapata
vijana 25 bado 25.

        Hali kadhalika, Wizara ya Nishati na Madini inadhamini
wanafunzi 10 kupata mafunzo katika Chuo Kikuu cha Dodoma ambako kozi
za mafuta na gesi zinatolewa.  Kipaumbele kwa udhamini huu unatolewa
kwa wanafunzi wa mikoa ya Mtwara na Lindi wenye sifa za kudahiliwa
katika mafunzo haya.  Wamepatikana watatu.  Wataalamu hawa na wengine
wa fani mbalimbali za gesi na mafuta watafundishwa kwa kiwango cha
shahada ya kwanza na baadae uzamili na uzamivu ili nchi yetu
ijitosheleze kwa wataalamu wa sekta hii.

Kupanga Mji wa Mtwara

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Baada ya kutembelea bandari ya Mtwara na Chuo cha VETA,
nilikaa na kuzungumza na viongozi wa Serikali na Manispaa ya Mtwara.
Katika mazungumzo yangu nao niliwasisitizia umuhimu wa kuwa na mpango
kabambe wa kuendeleza mji wa Mtwara – (Mtwara Masterplan) Mpango ambao
utawezesha kujengwa mji mkubwa wa kisasa unaokidhi mahitaji ya mji wa
uchumi wa gesi.  Niliwataka wahakikishe kuwa kuna maeneo ya viwanda,
biashara, makazi, mahoteli, huduma za afya, elimu, mapumziko na
burudani, viwanja vya michezo na kadhalika.  Kazi ya kutayarisha
Masterplan hiyo imeanza na Manispaa ya Mtwara inashirikiana na Wizara
ya Ardhi, Nyumba na Makazi.
Kwa upande wa uwekezaji nafahamu kuwa mpaka sasa makampuni 51
yameonyesha nia ya kuwekeza Mtwara katika viwanda, hoteli, shughuli za
uchukuzi na huduma hasa kwa sekta ya gesi.  Wanachosubiri ni kutengewa
maeneo ya kujenga, waanze.  Hivyo kukamilika mapema kwa Masterplan ya
mji wa Mtwara kutasaidia kuongeza kasi ya uwekezaji huu kufanyika.
Viwanda hivi vyote vitasaidia kuongeza ajira kwa vijana wa Mtwara na
Watanzania kwa jumla.  Nimeambiwa kwa mfano, wakati wa ujenzi wa
kiwanda cha saruji watu zaidi ya 7,000 wataajiriwa.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Kabla hata ya ugunduzi wa gesi iliyoko baharini, tulikuwa na
mipango ya kutumia gesi ya Msimbati (Mnazi Bay) kwa ajili ya kuzalisha
umeme, kuzalisha mbolea na kutumika katika kiwanda cha saruji.  Kwa
upande wa umeme kulikuwa na mpango wa kujenga mtambo wa kuzalisha
Megawati 300 kwa kushirikiana na mwekezaji binafsi.  Bahati mbaya
wakati wa matatizo ya kifedha ya dunia mwaka 2009 mwekezaji huyo
akashindwa kupata mkopo, hivyo mradi ukasimama kutekelezwa.  Haukufa
wala haukuhamishiwa Dar es Salaam au Bagamoyo kama ambavyo imekuwa
inapotoshwa kwa makusudi.  Mradi huo bado upo, tena mpango wa sasa ni
kujenga Megawati 600zitumike Mtwara na zingine kuziingiza kwenye gridi
ya taifa kupitia Songea.

Kwa upande wa kiwanda cha mbolea, wawekezaji wengi wameshajitokeza
tangu mwaka 2008 mpaka sasa.  Mchakato umefanyika wa kuchambua
wawekezaji wenye sifa na kutambuliwa.  Mambo mawili yamechelewesha
utekelezaji kuanza.  Jambo la kwanza ni wawekezaji na kampuni ya
Artumas iliyokuwa mbia na Shirika la Maendeleo ya Petroli Tanzania
(T.P.D.C) wakati ule, kushindwa kukubaliana nao juu ya bei ya kuwauzia
gesi.  Wawekezaji walitaka bei ya gesi ipunguzwe, lakini kampuni ya
Artumas na T.P.D.C. hawakuwa tayari kupunguza zaidi ya kiasi
walichopunguza, ambacho wawekezaji bado waliona hailipi kwa kuzalisha

Sababu ya pili ni matatizo ya kifedha yaliyoikumba kampuni ya Artumas
katika kipindi hicho.  Kufuatia machafuko ya masoko ya fedha na
mdororo wa uchumi wa dunia mwaka 2008/2009 kampuni ya Artumas
iliathirika na kulazimika kuuza hisa zake kwa wawekezaji wengine.
Katika kipindi hicho ilichopitia kampuni, mazungumzo na uwekezaji wa
kiwanda cha mbolea hayakuweza kupewa kipaumbele.  Mtazamo wa sasa wa
wabia wapya na T.P.D.C. ni kuwa wao wenyewe sasa wawekeze katika
ujenzi wa kiwanda cha mbolea. Serikali imekubali rai yao hiyo na
wanaendelea na matayarisho.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Kwa upande wa kiwanda cha Saruji kitakachojengwa na kampuni
ya Dangote ucheleweshaji ulikuwa kwa sababu mbili.  Kwanza, kampuni ya
Dangote iliomba eneo zaidi ya ililokuwa imeomba na kupewa.  Hoja yao
ilikuwa kwamba eneo la ziada walilokuwa wanaliomba ndilo lenye
malighafi nyingi na bora kwa utengenezaji wa saruji.  Hivyo, waliamua
kusubiri mpaka watakapopewa eneo hilo.

Bahati mbaya eneo hilo lilikuwa linamilikiwa na mtu mwingine na
alikuwa na hati miliki nalo.  Halmashauri ya Mtwara iliomba Serikali
eneo hilo litwaliwe na baadaye ipewe kampuni ya Dangote. Serikali
ilikubali.  Hata hivyo, mchakato ulichukua muda na hata pale
ulipokamilika mwenye eneo aliupinga uamuzi wa Serikali Mahakamani.
Kesi ilichukua muda kusikilizwa na kumalizika.  Bahati nzuri Serikali
ikashinda na mara baada ya uamuzi wa Mahakama ndipo kampuni ya Dangote
ikamilikishwa eneo hilo.

Kampuni nayo ilichukua muda kuanza.  Hivi sasa, timu yake ipo kwenye
eneo na mradi uko tayari kuanza kutekelezwa.  Niliambiwa kuwa katika
magari yaliyopigwa mawe katika fujo za Mtwara ni pamoja na lile la
mradi huu.  Huo ndiyo ukweli kuhusu ujenzi wa kiwanda cha saruji cha
Dangote.  Madai kuwa kiwanda hicho kimehamishiwa Bagamoyo si ya
kweli.  Ni uzushi wa makusudi wa watu wenye nia mbaya na Serikali.
Huwezi kudai kuwa mtetezi wa wananchi wa Mtwara kwa hoja za uongo na
kufanya upotoshaji wa makusudi kabisa.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Ujenzi wa bomba la gesi ndiyo uliozua mzozo wote huu.
Zilijengwa hisia kuwa gesi yote inapelekwa Dar es Salaam na kwamba
Mtwara itakosa gesi na maendeleo yatayotokana na gesi hiyo.  Na,
wengine wakasema gesi inapalekwa Bagamoyo ili kuzidisha chumvi na
kupandikiza chuki kwa wananchi dhidi ya Serikali kwamba Rais anapeleka
gesi kwao. Kwanza, Kinyerezi iko Ilala na siyo Bagamoyo.  Pili, ukweli
ni kwamba pale Mtwara kuna gesi nyingi ya kutosheleza mahitaji ya
Mtwara, Lindi na Dar es Salaam na kubaki.  Gesi itakayoletwa Dar es
Salaam niasilimia 16 tu ya gesi yote iliyoko Mtwara kwa miaka ishirini
ijayo.  Hivyo asilimia 84 ya gesi itabaki Mtwara kwa ajili ya kuuzwa
nje ya nchi na kupelekwa kwingineko nchini.

        Kwa sababu hiyo, ndugu zetu wa Mtwara hawana sababu ya kuwa
na wasiwasi. Ipo gesi ya kutosha kwa mahitaji ya sasa na ya miaka
mingi ijayo.  Viwanda vinavyotumia gesi kama mali ghafi na vile
vinavyohitaji gesi kama nishati vyote vitapata gesi ya kutosha.  Kwa
upande wa uzalishaji umeme hali kadhalika ipo gesi ya kutosha
kuzalisha umeme mwingi zaidi.  Hivi sasa tunacho kituo kinachozalisha
umeme wa megawati 15 unaotumika Mtwara, Lindi, Tandahimba, Newala,
Masasi, Nachingwea, Ruangwa, na Mtama. Bado umeme huo hautumiki wote
hivi sasa.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Nayaeleza yote haya kuwathibitishia wananchi wa Mtwara kuwa
tunawathamini sana na kuwajali.  Mimi nitakuwa mtu wa mwisho kuwapuuza
na kuwatupa mkono wananchi wa Mikoa ya Kusini.  Aidha, sitakuwa tayari
kuwaruhusu watu au mtu ye yote Serikalini kuwapuuza wananchi wa Mikoa
ya Kusini au mkoa wo wote hapa nchini.  Hiyo haitakuwa sawa.
Nilishasema siku za nyuma na napenda kurudia tena leo kuwa kwangu mimi
hakuna mkoa ulio bora kuliko mwingine.  Ni kutokana na msimamo wangu
huo ndiyo maana tumeelekeza nguvu na rasilimali nyingi za Serikali
katika mikoa iliyokuwa inadaiwa kuwa imesahauliwa.  Kazi ya ujenzi wa
barabara za lami iliyofanyika na inayoendelea kufanyika katika mikoa
ya Lindi, Mtwara, Ruvuma, Rukwa, Kigoma na Kagera inajieleza yenyewe.
Mipango ya kuboresha Kiwanja cha Ndege cha Mtwara kufikia hadhi ya
kimataifa na uboreshaji wa viwanja vya ndege vya Lindi na Kilwa ni
ushahidi mwingine kati ya mambo mengi tunayoweza kuyataja.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Haya niliyoyasema ni sehemu ndogo tu ya yale yaliyofafanuliwa
na kuelezwa kwa kina na Mawaziri na Wakuu wa Idara husika  za Serikali
na Mashirika  ya Umma pale Mtwara katika mkutano wa Waziri Mkuu na
viongozi wa Serikali, dini, vyama vya siasa na wazee wa Mkoa wa Mtwara
tarehe 29 Januari, 2013.

Ndugu Wananchi;
Napenda kutumia nafasi hii kutoa pongezi nyingi kwa Waziri Mkuu,
Mheshimiwa Mizengo Pinda, kwa kazi kubwa na nzuri aliyoifanya kule
Mtwara.  Uvumilivu wake, usikivu wake na utulivu wake vimesaidia sana
kulivusha taifa katika moja ya mitihani mikubwa ambayo ingeikuta nchi
yetu tangu Uhuru.  Nawapongeza Mawaziri na Wakuu wa Mashirika ya Umma
na Idara za Serikali kwa mchango wao muhimu walioutoa, uliosaidia
kufafanua masuala ambayo yalikuwa hayaeleweki vizuri.  Kwa wao
nawasisitiza na kuwakumbusha wajibu wao wa kuelimisha jamii kuhusu
shughuli wazifanyazo.  Wakifanya hivyo mara kwa mara migongano
haitakuwepo na wapotoshaji hawatapata nafasi.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Nitakuwa mwizi wa fadhila kama sitawashukuru viongozi wa
Serikali, vyama vya siasa, madhehebu ya dini, viongozi wa jamii,
wazee, wana-Mtwara na makundi mbalimbali ya jamii, kwa muda waliotumia
kuzungumza na Waziri Mkuu na kuwasikiliza wasaidizi wake wakifafanua
masuala mbalimbali.  Uvumilivu wao na uelewa wao ndivyo vilivyosaidia
kurejesha hali kuwa ya kawaida.  Nawaomba nao sasa, wote kwa pamoja
washirikiane na Serikali kuelimisha umma kuhusu ukweli wa mambo.  Pia
watumie nafasi hiyo kutahadharisha jamii na kuwataka watu kuwa
waangalifu na kupima maneno wanayoambiwa na watu.  Wajiepushe na
maneno au vitendo vinavyofarakanisha, kuchonganisha na kupandikiza
chuki dhidi ya watu au Serikali. Waambieni kuwa ghasia hukimbiza
wawekezaji kwani wakipata hofu kuwa hali ya amani na usalama ni ya
mashaka, watatoka kwenda kuwekeza kwingine.  Vyema iwe hapa hapa
nchini, lakini wanaweza kwenda nchi nyingine na sisi kupoteza kabisa.

Ndugu Wananchi;
        Nawapa pole wananchi wa Mtwara na Masasi kwa usumbufu
walioupata kutokana na ghasia zilizofanywa.  Nawapa pole waliofiwa na
kujeruhiwa.  Nawapa pole waliopoteza au kuharibiwa mali zao.  Kwa
kweli inasikitisha na kufadhaisha kuona watu wanafanya vitendo vya
kuua, kuchoma moto nyumba za watu na majengo ya Serikali pamoja na ,
kuharibu na kuiba mali za watu.  Huu ni uhalifu ambao hauna maelezo na
haukubaliki.  Tunaviachia vyombo husika vya dola na sheria kutimiza
wajibu wao.  Kwa waliohusika iwe fundisho kwao na kwa wengineo
kutokubali kutumika kwa maslahi ya watu wengine siku zijazo.  Sasa
wameachwa pekee yao wakati wenzao wako huru na kufaidi maisha

Ndugu Wananchi;
Hili sakata la bomba la gesi limefika mahali pazuri.  Yaliyopita si
ndwele tugange yajayo.

Mungu Ibariki Afrika!
Mungu Ibariki Tanzania!
Asanteni Sana kwa Kunisikiliza!

Source: http://www.wavuti.com/4/post/2013/02/hotuba-ya-rais-kikwete-ya-mwisho-wa-mwezi-wa-januari-2013.html#ixzz2JkbkOTwJ