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A Night of Inspiration! - By Dr. Natalie Hayes, MD.

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Utalia! Historia ya Utumwa Marekani

This is a photograph showing a group of Plantation Slaves. The photograph was taken on Smith's Plantation, Beaufort, South Carolina. It shows a group of about 30 blacks gathered around a large slave cabin. Photograph is by Timothy O'Sullivan.

Wadau, hii ndo chanzo cha kufuta uafrika kutoka kwa watumwa. Na kama mmewahi kusikia neno lynching (kuua/kunyonga weusi) inatokana na huyo mshenzi Willie Lynch. Alitamka maneo yafuatayo mwaka 1712. Alikuwa anafundisha wazungu wenzake kuwa weusi ni sawa na wanyama, lugha zao zifutwe na pia wawe watu wasio na akili zaidi ya kutmukia wazungu.
Leo nimesikia kuwa kuna wazee hapa Marekani waliofundishwa tangu wadogo imani hizi potofu za Ubaguzi. Wanadhani kweli kuwa eti Obama akichaguliwa kuwa raisi basi itakuwa mwisho wa dunia! Inasikitisha kweli.


By Willie Lynch, The Origin and Development of a Social Being Called "The Negro"

Let us make a slave. What do we need? First of all we need a black nig-ger man, a pregnant nig-ger woman and her baby nig-ger boy. Second, we will use the same basic principle that we use in breaking a horse, combined with some more sustaining factors. We reduce them from their natural state in nature; whereas nature provides them with the natural capacity to take care of their needs and the needs of their offspring, we break that natural string of independence from them and thereby create a dependency state so that we may be able to get from them useful production for our business and pleasure.


For fear that our future generations may not understand the principles of breaking both horses and men, we lay down the art. For , if we are to sustain our basic economy we must break both of the beasts together, the nig-ger and the horse. We understand that short range planning in economics results in periodic economic chaos, so that, to avoid turmoil in the economy, it requires us to have breadth and depth in long range comprehensive planning, articulating both skill and sharp perception. We lay down the following principles for the long range comprehensive economic planning:

Both horse and nig-gers are no good to the economy in the wild or natural state.
Both must be broken and tied together for orderly production. For orderly futures, special and particular attention must be paid to the female and the youngest offspring. Both must be crossbred to produce a variety and division of labor. Both must be taught to respond to a peculiar new language. Psychological and physical instruction of containment must be created for both. We hold the above six cardinals as truths to be self-evident, based upon the following discourse concerning the economics of breaking and tying the horse and the nig-ger together... all-inclusive of the six principles laid down above. NOTE: Neither principles alone will suffice for good economics.

All principles must be employed for the orderly good of the nation. Accordingly, both a wild horse and a wild or natural nig-ger is dangerous even if captured, for they will have the tendency to seek their customary freedom, and in doing so, might kill you in your sleep. You cannot rest.

They sleep while you are awake and are awake while you are asleep. They are dangerous near the family house and it requires too much labor to watch them away from the house. Above all you cannot get them to work in this natural state. Hence, both the horse and the nig-ger must be broken, that is break them from one form of mental life to another, keep the body and take the mind. In other words, break the will to resist.

Now the breaking process is the same for the horse and the nig-ger, only slightly varying in degrees. But as we said before, you must keep your eye focused on the offspring of the horse and the nig-ger. A brief discourse in offspring development will shed light on the key to sound economic principles. Pay little attention to the generation of original breaking but concentrate on future generations.

Therefore, if you break the female, she will deliver it up to you. For her normal female protective tendencies will have been lost in the original breaking process. For example, take the case of the wild stud horse, a female horse and an already infant horse and compare the breaking process with two-captured nig-ger males in their natural state, a pregnant nig-ger woman with her infant offspring.

Take the stud horse, break him for limited containment. Completely break the female horse until she becomes very gentle whereas you or anybody can ride her in comfort. Breed the mare and the stud until you have the desired offspring. Then you can turn the stud to freedom until you need him again. Train the female horse whereby she will eat out of your hand, and she will train the infant horse to eat out of your hand also.

When it comes to breaking the uncivilized nig-ger, use the same process, but vary the degree and step up the pressure so as to do a complete reversal of the mind. Take the meanest and most restless nig-ger, strip him of his clothes in front of the remaining male nig-gers, the female, and the nig-ger infant, tar and feather him, tie each leg to a different horse faced in opposite directions, set him afire and beat both horses to pull him apart in front of the remaining nig-gers. The next step is to take a bullwhip and beat both the remaining nig-ger male to the point of death in front of the female and the infant. Don't kill him. But put the fear of God in him, for he can be useful for future breeding.


Take the female and run a series of test on her to see if she will submit to your desires willingly. Test her in every way, because she is the most important factor for good economics. If she shows any sign of resistance in submitting completely to your will, do not hesitate to use the bull whip on her to extract that last bit of bitch out of her. Take care not to kill her, for in doing so, you spoil good economics. When in complete submission, she will train her offspring in the early years to submit to labor when they become of age.

Understanding is the best thing. Therefore, we shall go deeper into this area of the subject matter concerning what we have produced here in this breaking of the female nig-ger. We have reversed the relationships. In her natural uncivilized state she would have a strong dependency on the uncivilized nig-ger male, and she would have a limited protective dependency toward her independent male offspring and would raise offspring to be dependent like her. Nature had provided for this type of balance. We reverse nature by burning and pulling one civilized nig-ger apart and bull whipping the other to the point of death--all in her presence.

By her being left alone, unprotected, with the male image destroyed, the ordeal caused her to move from her psychological dependent state to a frozen independent state. In this frozen psychological state of independence she will raise her male and female offspring in reversed roles. For fear of the young male's life she will psychologically train him to be mentally weak and dependent but physically strong. Because she has become psychologically independent she will train her female offspring to be psychologically independent as well.

What have you got? You've got the nig-ger woman out front and the ni-gger man behind and scared. This is a perfect situation for sound sleep and soundly, for out of frozen fear, his woman stands guard for us. He cannot get past her early infant slave molding process. He is a good tool, now ready to be tied to the horse at a tender age. By the time a nig-ger boy reaches the age sixteen, he is soundly broken in and ready for a long life of sound and efficient work and the reproduction of a unit of good labor force.

Continually, through the breaking of uncivilized savage nig-gers, by throwing the nig-ger female savage into a frozen psychological state of independency, by killing the protective image, and by creating a submissive dependent mind of the nig-ger male slave, we Have created an orbiting cycle that turns on its own axis forever, unless a phenomenon occurs and reshifts the positions of the male and female savages. We show what we mean by example. We breed two nig-ger males with two nig-ger females. Then we take the nig-ger males away from them and keep them moving and working. Say the nig-ger female bears a nig-ger female and the other bears a nig-ger male.

Both nig-ger females, being without influence of the nig-ger male image, frozen with an independent psychology, will raise their offspring into reverse positions. The one with the female offspring will teach her to be like herself, independent and negotiable (we negotiate with her, through her, by her, and negotiate her at will). The one with the nig-ger male offspring, she being frozen with conscious fear for his life, will raise him to be mentally dependent and weak, but physically other words, body over mind. Now, in a few years when these two offspring become fertile for early reproduction, we will mate and breed them and continue the cycle. That is good, sound, and long range comprehensive planning.


Earlier, we talked about the non-economic good of the horse and the nig-ger in their wild or natural state; we talked out the principle of breaking and tying them together for orderly production, furthermore, we talked about paying particular attention to the female savage and her offspring for orderly future planning; then more recently we stated that, by reversing the positions of the male and the female savages we had created an orbiting cycle that turns on its axis forever, unless phenomenon occurred, and reshifted the positions of the male and female savages.

Our experts warned us about the possibility of this phenomenon occurring, for they say that the mind has a strong drive to correct and recorrect itself over a period of time if it can touch some substantial original historical base; and they advise us that the best way to deal with this phenomenon is to shave off the brute's mental history and create a multiplicity of phenomenon or illusions so that each illusion will twirl in its own orbit, something akin to floating ball in a vacuum.

This creation of multiplicity of phenomenon or illusions entails the principles of cross-breeding the nig-ger and the horse as we stated above, the purpose of which is to create diversified divisions of labor. The result of which is the severance of the points of original beginning's for each spherical illusion. Since we feel that the subject matter may get more complicated as we proceed in laying down our economic plan concerning the purpose, reason, and effect of cross-breeding horses and nig-gers, we shall lay down the following definitional terms for future generations.

1. Orbiting cycle means a thing turning in a given pattern. 2. Axis means upon which or around which a body turns. 3. Phenomenon means something beyond ordinary conception and inspires awe and wonder 4. Multiplicity means a great number. 5. Sphere means a globe. 6. Cross-breeding a horse means taking a horse and breeding it with an ass and your get a dumb backward ass, long-headed mule that is not reproductive nor productive by itself. 7. Cross-breeding nig-gers means taking so many drops of good white blood and putting them into as many nig-ger women as possible, varying the drops by the various tones that you want, and then letting them breed with each other until the circle of colors appear as you desire.

What means is this: Put the nig-gers and the horse in the breeding pot, mix some asses and some good white blood and what do you get? You got multiplicity of colors of ass backwards, unusual nig-gers, running, tied to backward ass long-hand mules, the one productive of itself, the other sterile. (The one constant, the other dying. We keep the nig-ger constant for we may replace the mule for another tool) both mule and ni-gger tied to each other, neither knowing where the other came from and neither productive for itself, nor without each other.


Cross-breeding completed, for further severance from their original beginning, we must completely annihilate the mother tongue of both the nig-ger and the new mule and institute a new language that involves the new life's work of both. You know, language is a peculiar institution. It leads to the heart of a people.

The more a foreigner knows about the language of another country, to the extent that he knows the body of the language, to that extent is the country vulnerable to attack or invasion of a foreign culture. For example, you take a slave, if you teach him all about your language, he will know all your secrets, and he is then no more a slave, for you can't fool him any longer and having a fool is one of the basic ingredients of and incidents to the maintenance of the slavery system.

(Courtesy Black Arcade Liberation Library; 1970 --Recompiled and reedited by Kenneth T. Spann)

For example if you told a slave that he must perform in getting out 'our crops' and he knows the language well, he would know that 'our crops' didn't mean 'our' crops, and the slavery system would break down, for he would relate on the basis of what 'our crops' really meant. So you have to be careful in setting up the new language for the slave would soon be in your house, talking to you as 'man to man' and that is death to our economic system. In addition, the definition of words or terms are only a minute part of the process. Values are created and transported by communication through the body of the language. A total society has many interconnected value system. All these values in the society have bridges of language to connect them for orderly working in the society. But for these bridges, these many value systems would sharply clash and cause internal strife or civil war, the degree of the conflict being determined by the magnitude of the issues or relative opposing strength in whatever form. For example, if you put a slave in a hog pen and train him to live there and incorporate in him to value it as a way of life completely, the biggest problem you would have out of him is that he would worry you about provisions to keep the hog pen clean, or partially clean, or he might not worry you at all. On the other hand, if you put this same slave in the same hog pen and make a slip and incorporate something in his language whereby he comes to value a house more than he does his hog pen you got a problem. He will soon be in your house.

And the message is still true........
By William Lynch

Gentlemen, I greet you here on the bank of the James River in the year of Lord one Thousand seven hundred and twelve. First. I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of Virginia, for bringing me here. I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Your invitation reached me on my modest plantation in the West Indies where I have experimented with some of the newest and still the oldest methods for control of slaves. Ancient Rome would envy us if my program is implemented. As our boat sailed south on the James River, named for our illustrious King, whose version of the Bible we cherish, I saw enough to know that your problem is not unique. While Rome used cords of wood as crosses for standing human bodies along its old highways in great numbers you are here using the tree and the rope on occasion.

I caught the whiff of a dead slave hanging from a tree a couple of miles back. You are not only losing valuable stock by hangings, you are having uprisings, slave are running away, your crops are sometimes left in the fields too long for maximum profit, you suffer occasional fires, your animals are killed. Gentlemen, you know what your problem[s] are; I do not need to elaborate, I am not here to enumerate your problems, I am here to introduce you to a method of solving them.

In my bag here, I have a fool proof method for controlling your Black slaves, I guarantee everyone of you that if installed correctly it will control the slaves for at least 300 hundred years. My method is simple. Any member of your family or your overseer can use it,

I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves: and I make these differences and make them bigger. I use fear, and envy for control purposes. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South. Take this simple little list of differences, and think about them. On top of my list is "Age" but it is there only because it starts with an "A"; the second is "Color" or shade, there is intelligence, size, sex, size of plantations, status on plantation, attitude of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley, on the hill, East, West, North, South, have fine hair, coarse hair, or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you an outline of action - but before that I shall assure you that distrust is stronger than trust, and envy is stronger than adulation, respect or admiration.

The Black slave after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self re-fueling and self-generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands.

Don't forget you must pitch the old Black male vs. the young Black male, and the young Black male against the old Black male. You must use the dark skin slave vs. the light skin slaves and the light skin slaves vs. the dark skin slaves. You must use thefemale vs. the male, and the male vs. the female. You must also have your white servants and overseers distrust all Black, but it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us, They must love, respect and trust only us.

Gentlemen, these kits are your keys to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them, never miss an opportunity. If used intensely for one year, the slaves themselves will remain perpetually distrustful. Thank you, gentlemen.

Note: This speech was delivered by a white slave owner, William Lynch, on the bank of the James River in 1712.

Wazee Wastaafu Wafunga Njia Dar - Wakubwa Hakuna Kupita!

Hii ni aibu kwa serikali! Hebu walipe hao wazee hela yao! Kuwalipa ni sawa na kununua shangingi ngapi?

Picha hizi ni mazingira yalivyokuwa siku ya mgomo wa staili yake wa wastaafu wa iliyokuwa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki ambayo ilivunjika mwaka 1977. picha hizi ni kwa hisani ya Jackson Albart wa kampuni ya Ladyband.

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Bongoland II itaonyeshwa Edinburgh Kesho 10/30/08

Bongoland II will be screened in Edinburgh Scotland on this thursday, October 30th at 20:15 The venue is at the FILM HOUSE CINEMA. The address is 88 Lothian road.

For more details.We hope you can attend and see this rare Swahili film which shows the unexposed talents of artists from East Africa and particularly Tanzania. This special screening is part of the Africa-in-motion film festival which started on October 23rd and will end on November 2nd.

This is UK's premiere of Bongoland II.You can get more details about this movie from the movie's OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

In case you cannot make it to the screening, you can buy the DVD from the ONLINE STORE.To watch the movie's trailer CLICK HERE

Wahariri Waandamana Dar

Wahariri kutoka magazeti mbalimbali Tanzania waliaandana kwenda Wizara ya Habari leo mjini Dar es Salaam. Lengo lao ilikuwa kuonyesha chuki na kupinga kufungwa kwa miezi mitatu gazeti la MwanaHalisi. Gazeti hilo ilifungwa hivi karibuni baada ya kutoa habari kuwa kulikuwa na njama za kumpindua rais wetu mpendwa, Jakaya Kikwete.

Nina swali, kwa nini headline ya ippmedia imewaita 'Dumb' (wajinga)? Siku hizi waandishi wa habari hawaheshimiani? Maandamano ilikuwa ya amani na wana haki ya kusema kuwa wanapinga maamuzi ya serikali. Kweli hii siyo enzi za Mwalimu. Enzi zile hutathubutu kuaandana! Utakosa kazi, na kufukuzwa kwenye nyumba na mambo mengine mabaya yangekupata.

Mzee Nyundo kanifurahisha hapo, lakini najua alikuwa anafanya kazi yake.


'Dumb` editors stage demo


By Correspondent Felister Peter

Editors from different media houses yesterday staged a peaceful demonstration to register their opposition to a government ban on MwanaHALISI weekly tabloid.

The peaceful march that started at Lugoda Street, Gerezani near Business Times offices and headed to the information ministry offices along Samora Avenue in Dar es Salaam, was also supported by activists from other organisations.

The editors marched with sealed mouths, being a mark of silencing the media and suppressing its freedom. They also displayed placards that carried varied messages, all opposed to the banning of MwanaHALISI.

Some of the placards read as follows: ``The government should not temper with press freedom, Mwanahalisi is banned but the corrupt leaders are still in office.`` ``Who revealed the EPA, Richmond and UVCCM scandals?`` ``We want MwanaHalisi back.``

``We shall continue writing until the end of this world.`` ``The newspapers Act of 1976 should be abandoned; MwanaHaLISI is the ear, mouth and eye of every Tanzanian.``

At the Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports headquarters, the protestors were received by the Deputy Director of the Tanzania Information Services Habib Nyundo, as the minister was not in office at that time.

Nyundo said he had received the message and would convey it to the minister. However, he advised the editors to stop using the name `Editors Forum`because it was not registered anywhere.

``I received your message, but I would like to advise you to stop identifying yourselves under the Editors Forum banner because it is not known to the government,`` he said.

In response, Editors Forum acting chairperson Absalom Kibanda differed with Nyundo.

Kibanda argued that the editors forming the body were fully known and operated legally because they were registered professionals with the Tanzania Information Services (Maelezo).

He said it was improper for the government to reject the editors group at the same time accepting its members as registered professionals. ``They should tell us the suitable persons who should belong to the Forum.``

He said the banning of MwanaHALISI was improper because contribution of the private media to the development of the country was crucial as compared to state-run outlets.

Kibanda said the aim of the demonstration was not to prove the story wrong or right, but making it clear to the government that silencing the media was totally wrong.

The chairman of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)-Tanzania, Ayoub Rioba, said Tanzania was a country that was ruled by democratic principles and there was no way the state could deny that fact but only adhere to it.

Ananelia Nkya, executive director of the Tanzania Media Women Association (Tamwa), said the banning of MwanHALISI denied people the right to give their opinion. ``If this continues, a day will come all private newspapers will be banned,`` she said.

MwanaHALISI was banned for three months after it published a story early this month linking big shots in the ruling party CCM to an alleged secret plot to oust President Jakaya Kikwete.

SOURCE: Guardian

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Dar es Salaam kumezwa na bahari

Imaandikwa na Maura Mwingira, New York

JIJI la Dar es salaam ni kati ya miji mikuu 19 Barani Afrika ambayo imo katika hatari kubwa ya kuathiriwa na uongezeko la kina cha maji ya bahari kunakosababishwa na mabadiliko ya hali ya hewa duniani.

Hayo yamo katika ripoti ya mwaka 2008/09 ya hali ya miji mikuu duniani (State of the World’s Cities), taarifa ambayo imeziduliwa mbele ya waandishi wa habari, katika makao makuu ya Umoja wa Mataifa na Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Shirika la Makazi la Umoja wa Mataifa, (UN- HABITAT) Bibi Anna Tibaijuka.

Ripoti hiyo ambayo hutolewa kila miaka miwili inaonya kuwa ni miji mikuu michache sana iliyoko katika ukanda wa bahari itakayonusurika na janga hilo.

Pamoja na Dar e s salaam, miji mikuu mingine ambayo imo katika hatari ya hiyo na hata kutoweka kabisa ni pamoja na Abijani, Accra, Alexandria, Algiers, Capetown, Casabalanca, Dakar, Djibout, Durban, Freetown, Lagos, Libreville, Lome, Luanda, Maputo, Mombasa, Port Louis na Tunis.

Akizungumza katika uzinduzi huo, Mkurugenzi mtendaji wa UN-Habitat, Anna Tibaijuka, anatoa wito kwa serikali zote kutoa kipaumbele katika kujadili na kuweka mikakati ya kukabiliana na tishio hilo lilodhahiri la mabadiliko ya yali ya hewa.

Anasema serikali za mataifa yaliyoendelea na yanayoendelea yote yanakabiliwa na hatari hyo, hivyo zinatakiwa kuzingatia masuala ya mipango miji endelevu na inayoweka mbele maslahi ya watu maskini ambao ndio watakaoathirika zaidi kutokana na athati hizo za kuharibiwa kwa mazingira na ongezeko la joto duniani.

Taarifa hiyo inafafanua na kubainisha kwamba si muda muda dunia itaanza kushuhudia madhira ya mabadiliko ya hali ya hewa , na hasa katika wakati huu ambao zaidi ya asilimi 50 ya watu wanaishi katika miji.

Na kwamba hali itakuwa mbaya zaidi kwa afrika kwa kuwa haina mipango mkakati madhubuti ya kukabiliana na majanga ya kibinadamu na hasa yale yanayotokana na mabadiliko ya hali ya hewa.

Taarifa hii ambayo walengwa wake ni waandaaji wa sera na wahusika wa mipango miji, pamoja na mambo mengine inalenga kutoa tahathari kwa kuonyesha ni miji mikuu ipi ambayo katika hatari kubwa ya kuathirika na ongezeko la kina cha maji na ni jumuia zipi zinazoweza kutoweka kabisa katika uso wa dunia.

Kwa mujibu wa taarifsa hiyo, katika karne iliyopita ya 20, ilikadiriwa kuwa kina cha maji kiliongezeka kwa sentimeta 17, na kwamba inatarajiwa kuwa kati ya mwaka 1990 hadi 2080 kina cha maji kitaongezeka kati ya sentimeta 22 na 34.

Aidha taarifa hiyo , inaeleza zaidi kwamba kuna miji mikuu3,351 ulimwenguni ambayo aidha iko yako chini ya usawa wa bahari, au haiku mbali sana na usawa wa bahari, na kwamba asilimia 64 ya miji hiyo iko katika nchi zinazoendelea.

Huku Asia ikiwa na zaidi ya nusu ya miji mikuu hiyo na ambayo yako katika hatari kubwa, ikifuatiwa na Bara la Amerika na Caribbean lenye asilimia 27 ya Miji Mikuu, na Afrika ikiwa na silimia 15.

Aidha Bara la Ulaya lina robo tatu ya miji mikuu, huku moja ya tano ya miji yote katika America ya Magharibi iko chini ya usawa wa bahari.Pamoja na kuonesha ni miji mikuu ipi itakayoathiriwa na ongezeko hilo la kina cha maji, taarifa hiyo pia inaelezea hali halisi ya ukuaji wa miji mikuu, idadi ya watu inaoingia katika miji hiyo, hali ya huduma za jamii , lakini pia inaainisha utofauti wa makazi uliopo kati ya watu matajiri, wa kipato cha wastani na maskini kabisa.

Aidha ripoti hiyo inaonyesha kwamba katika kila watu watatu katika nchi zinazoendelea, mmoja anaishi katika makazi duni (slums) Taarifa hiyo pia inabainisha kwamba karibu watu milioni tatu kila siku wanaingika katika miji mikuu na miji hususani katika nchi zinazoendelea.

Inaonyesha taarifa hiyo kwamba ifikapo kati kati ya karne ya 21 idadi ya watu wanaoishi katika miji mikuu katika nchi zinazoendelea itaongezeka maradufu kutoka watu bilioni 2.3 mwaka 2005 hadi bilioni 5.3 ifikapo mwaka 2050 Kwa mujibu wa taarifa hiyo, bara la frika na kama hali hii ya watu kukimbili kuishi katika majiji na miji mikubwaitaendelea, basi ifikapo mwaka 2050 idadi ya kubwa ya watu wake itakuwa inaishi katika miji mikubwa, huku kukiwa na watu 1.2 bilioni watakaokuwa wakiishi katika majiji na miji hali itakyoifanya afrika kuwa na robo ya watu wote duniani wanaoishi katika miji mikuu.


Tanzanian D'J's

Tanzania DJs set to launch a DJ Unit in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania is soon to experience the launch of the most versatile local DJs who will take Djing to another whole new level. This most anticipated launch will mark a turn in entertainment and DJ culture in Tanzania. This is the launch of C4 Entertainment Unit in Dar es Salaam.
C4 Entertainment is a highly selective, hand-picked group of self-driven individuals yielding vastly specialized talent as DJs.

C4 Entertainment diverse roster of outstanding DJs includes both established and emerging talent representing the whole spectrum of the club scene.

C4 Entertainment aims to revolutionize Djing in Tanzania and has already acquired the latest DJ Equipment and software. For a start C4 boasts of SERATO and VIRTUAL DJ MIXING SOFTWARE, NUMARK HDX TURNTABLES, Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3, Technics 1200 Turntables and Denon.

With a music library that cuts across all the genres, C4 are fully equipped and possess the expertise needed to successfully take over DJing in Tanzania.

The launch is scheduled for Saturday 1st November 2008 at the Little Theatre from 10:00pm. There will be a Special DJ Showcase by C4 DJs and more entertainment. All these for only 10,000/- per head .

For more information please contact C4 on Email:

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Njama ya Kumwua Obama

Paul Schlesselman, left, and Daniel Cowart said they planned to kill more than 100 African-Americans.

Wadau, si nilisema wabaguzi bado wapo hapa Marekani na hawapendi kuona maendeleo ya watu weusi.

Leo jioni, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wametangaza kuwa skinheads (wabaguzi) wawili wamekamatwa wakiwa wakipanga kumwua Senator Barack Obama ambaye anagombea urais wa Marekani kupitia chama cha Democrats.

Pia hao wabaguzi walikuwa wamepanga kuua watu weusi mia moja. Wasingechagua watu wa kuua. Walipanga kwenye kwenye shule za weusi kusudi waue wengi! Walipanga wapite kwenye maenoe ya weusi na magari yao na kuwinda weusi! Jamani!

Leo nilikuwa naongea na watu hapa Boston na tulikubali kuwa weusi wako hatarini Obama akishinda. Kwanza hao McCain na Palin wamechochea ubaguzi kiasi kwamba wabaguzi wanaona ni haki yao kuua weusi. Juzi kwenye rally ya Palin mbaguzi alifoka Obama ni 'n-word' lakini Palin hakusema kitu.
Wadau mlio nje ya Marekani, ninawaomba mtuombee sisi ndugu zenu tulio kwenye mikoa ya hapa Marekani. Mtuombee usalama maana kuna watu wametabiri kuwa Obama akishinda na atashinda watu watakufa.'
Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Bush Achokoza Syria!

Wanajeshi wa Marekeni wamevamia mpaka wa Syria leo! Waliingia kupitia Iraq. WaSyria wanasema kuwa watu tisa walikufa wote raia wa kawaida. Marekani wanasema wlaimkuwa wanamtafuta gaidi fulani.

Hivi huyo Bush ana nini, anadhani akianza kuvamia nchi za watu atapendwa! Katika marais wote wa Marekani huyo George W. Bush ndo hapendwi! Ameharibu nchi!

Poleni watu wa Syria.

Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Palin Rally

Cheki mtoto wa Palin anavyomtusi mtoto mwenzake! Anampa 'the finger'!

Maiti ya Mpwa wa Jennifer Hudson Yapatikana

William Balfour (Kushoto mwneye kofia) na mke wake Julia Hudson (Katikati) William ameshikiliwa na polisi kwa sasa. Inaelekea yeye ndiye aliyewaua Familia ya Jennifer Hudson.
Mama yake Jennifer Hudson, Darnell Donerson
Mpwa wa Jennifer Hudson, Julian King (7)
Kaka yake Jennifer Hudson, Jason Hudson (29)

Maiti ya mpwa wa Jennifer Hudson, Julian King (7), ulikutwa ndani ya SUV iliyokuwa imegeshwa upande mwa Magharibi mwa Chicago (West Side) leo asubuhi. Polisi wanasema kuwa mtoto alikuwa amebakwa na alipigwa risasi mara kadhaa.

Kwa kweli sijaweza kulala vizuri tangu nisikie habari za mama na kaka yake Jennifer kuuwawa siku ya Ijumaa iliyopita. Na sasa huyo malaika mwenye miaka 7 tu kauliwa kikatili hivyo.

Kwa sasa polisi wanamshikilia mume wa dada yake Jennifer, William Balfour (26). Habari zinasema kuwa wiki kadhaa zilizopita aliiba gari ya mke wake Julia Hudson, na kuiuza bila ruhusa yake. Ugomvi ulizuka hasa Julia alipokataa kumpa 'title' ya gari. Balfour alimtishia Julia kuwa atamwua mtoto wake na familia yake yote. Julia hakutoa taarifa polisi maana hakutegemea atatenda maovu yake ingawa jamaa aliwahi kufungwa miaka saba kwa kosa la kutaka kuua mtu.

Mungu alaze roho za marehemu mahala pema mbinguni. AMEN.

Kwa habari zaidi someni:,0,7364921.story,0,7284673.story

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mama na Kaka wa Jennifer Hudson Wameuawa!

Jennifer Hudson ma Mama yake mzazi

Kuna habari za kusikitisha. Mama yake mzazi Jennifer Hudson, Darnell Donerson (57), na kaka yake Jason Hudson (29), walmeuawawa kikatili jana nyumbani kwao huko Chicago. Mpwa wake mwenye miaka 7 anatafutwa na polisi wametoa Amber Alert (tangazo maalum kwa ajili ya watoto waliohatarini). Polisi wanamshikilia William Balfour (27) ambaye ni mume kwa mdogo wake.

Jennifer Hudson alipata tuzo la Oscar mwaka jana kwa ajili ya sinema, Dreamgirls. Aliigiza kama Effie White ambaye alikuwa mwimbaji mkuu wa kikundi cha Dreamgirls kabla ya kupinduliwa na Deena Jones (Beyonce). Jennifer alipata umaarufu kwenye American Idol.

Wiki iliyopita sinema, The Secret Life of Bees, ilitoka. Jeenifer anaigiza mle na akina Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys na Sophie Okonedo. Hivi karibuni kachumbiwa na mwanasheria na mwigizaji, David Otunga.

Mungu awalaze roho za marehemu mahala pema mbinguni. Amen.

Watu wanauliza kwa nini Jennifer hawakuhamisha familia yake kutoka South side ambayo inajulikana kwa kuwa eneo hatari sana huko Chicago. Habari zinasema kuwa mama yake hakutaka kuhama maana alikaa pale maisha yake yote.

Kwa habari zaidi someni:,0,4062243.story

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kumbe Mwongo!

Ashley Todd aka. Jike Jiongo

Huyo mama wa kizungu alikuwa na njama ya kuchochea chuki kwa weusi na hasa Obama! Kama hamkusikia huyo mama kutoka Texas alidai kuwa alipokuwa Pittsburg, Pennsylvania alienda kwenye ATM kuchukua hela. Alidai kuwa mwanaume mweusi mwenye urefu wa futi 6.4 alimwimbia dola $60. Alipoona kuwa ana sticka kwenye gari lake iliyoandikwa McCain ndo yule mweusi alimpiga na kuchora 'B' kwenye shavu lake. Khaa! Uzuri polisi walisema wanachunguza madai yake, kwanza eti hakujua hiyo ATM ilipo.

Leo yule mama alikubali kuwa alisema uongo! Na ni bora kasema mapema maana wazungu wenye moyo wa kibaguzi tayari walikuwa na njama za kupiga weusi wenye bumper sticka za Obama na kuwauumiza.
Yaani John McCain na Sarah Palin walimpigia simu huyo mhuni na kumpa pole! Mbona wameaibika!

Kampeni ya McCain ilisema,
Woman admits making up attack linked to McCain sticker, police say

(CNN) -- A woman who told police she was assaulted by a man angered about a John McCain bumper sticker on her car admitted she made up the report, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, assistant police chief said Friday.

Police said the woman admitted making up the report she was attacked because of a John McCain sticker on her car.

The 20-year-old from Texas told investigators a man approached her Wednesday night at an ATM in Pittsburgh's East End, put a blade to her neck and demanded money, Pittsburgh Police Department public information officer Diane Richard said.

She said she gave him $60 and stepped away from him, Richard said.

She further said the man "punched her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground, and he continued to punch and kick her while threatening to teach her a lesson for being a McCain supporter," according to a police statement.

The woman also told police her attacker "called her a lot of names and stated that 'You are going to be a Barack supporter,' at which time she states he sat on her chest, pinning both her hands down with his knees, and scratched into her face a backward letter 'B' on the right side of her face using what she believed to be a very dull knife."

At the time, Richard said, "We, the police, cannot substantiate this yet. This is what she told police."

The woman refused medical attention, Richard said, although she told the investigating officer she would see a doctor Thursday.

Richard said the woman described her alleged attacker as an African-American, 6 feet 4 inches tall with a medium build and short dark hair, wearing dark clothing and shiny shoes.

Before the revelation that the report was false, McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said that McCain and running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin "spoke to the victim and her family after learning about the incident."

The Obama campaign also had issued a statement wishing the woman a "speedy recovery."
Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Obama Family

Kuna mtu ametoa albamu za picha nzuri za familia ya Obama hapo:

Click here:


Eclyse the Zorse
Eclyse ni women's libber hana time na huyo dume!!!

Eclyse akitembezwa kwa ajili ya watalii

Baada ya kuona ile picha ya Zonkey niliamua kutafuta wanyama wengine waliochanganya damu.
Nimempata huyo Zorse...yaani ni mchanganyika wa punda milia (Zebra) na farasi (Horse).
Zebra + Horse = Zorse

Huyo Zorse anaitwa Eclyse na yuko Ujerumani. Mama yake ni punda milia na baba yake ni farasi. Alizaliwa baada ya mama yake kupelekwa kwa muda mfupi kwenye ranch ya mafarasi huko Italia. Alivyorudishwa kwake kwenye Safari Park walishangaa kuona ana mimba na kuzaa shombe.
Kwa habari zaidi za Eclyse tembelea:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chotara, ponjoro, shombe ehh?

Hivi tumwiteje huyo mtoto wa punda na punda milia? Akiwa mkubwa sijui atakuaje.

Photo from Michuzi Blog:

Ndugu weusi wa John McCain

Wadau, kama mnavyofahamu Senator John McCain anayegombea urais wa Marekani kupitia chama cha Republicans aliwahi kukana kuwa ana ndugu weusi. Aliwahi kusema hana ndugu mweusi hata moja na familia yake hawakuwa na watumwa! McCain anakataa lakini mbona ndugu zake wengine wanakubali kuwa wana ndugu weusi?

Kama mnaelewa historia ya utumwa hapa Marekani ni vigumu kwa wazungu ambao ndugu zao walikuja Marekani hapo zamani za kale kusema kuwa ndugu zao hawakuwa na watumwa. Labda kama walikuwa kwenye mikoa ya kaskazini hapa Marekani kama Massachusetts na New Hampshire. Wenye ndugu waliotoka kusini mwa Marekani lazima walikuwa na watumwa. Na hao watumwa walichukua majina ya ma slave masters wao.

Wiki hii CNN na magazeti mengine wamefichua siri yake. Sijui wale crackers wabaguzi watasema nini sasa! LOL! Kumbe mtu wao mweupe an ndugu weusi! Tuna cheka mpaka mbavu hatuna!

David Neiwart kutoka, "Crooks & Liars" kaandika:

"So it's perhaps not a surprise that, given the chance to banish that cloud by doing the human thing, the right thing, and embracing the black side of the McCain family, the Straight Talking Senator From Arizona chose essentially to run from them and hide. Because acknowledging them not only was too painful, but might prove too harmful to his chances of success in a political party predicated on white privilege.
Moreover, this also fits what we know about his reflexive predisposition on civil-rights matters. This is, after all, the guy who voted against a Martin Luther King holiday back in 1984."

Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Tishio za Wazungu Wabaguzi

Wadau kama hamwamini kuwa kuna ubaguzi Marekani, hebu soma hii habari na usikilize jinsi weusi wanavyotukwanwa na wazungu wenye hasira.

Wanasema, "weusi wote wanyongwe, warudi Afrika, Weusi wasipate matibabu, eti kazi ya weusi ni kuzaa na kupokea welfare!"

Yaani hao wazungu wame-internalize maneno ya McCain na Palin. Wengine wansema eti, Barack Hussein Obama" Ni kweli hiyo ni jina la Obama lakini McCain na Palin wanasema jina lake kamili kusudi wamfananishe na Saddam Hussein. Hali inatisha. Na wanasema halahala Obama akishinda.


Msikilize hiyo clip ya katikati utadhani ni mwaka 1960 kabla ya Civil Rights!

Hata hapa Boston, ofisi ya Acorn ilishambuliwa! Nashangaa kwa nini hakuna mtu aliyekamtwa!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ya Kale Dhahabu

Wadau, nilopokuwa nasoma Zanaki Girls 1977, amri ilitoka ya kuchoma vitabu vyote vilvyoachwa na Aga Khan Girls. Zanaki ilikuwa Aga Khan Girls kabla ya kutaifishwa. Vitabu vilikuwa vingi. Kulikuwa na vitabu vya hesabu, literature, Shakespeare, English na masomo mengi. Nilikuwa Form One na walikuwa wanavichoma kwa vile vilikuwa na kasumba! Tuliletewa vitabu vya Tanzania curriculum, hivyo literature badala ya Shakespeare na wengine tulisoma African writer's series. Ten a wakati tunachoma hivyo vitabu, kupata hata za kiswahili ilikuwa shida kidogo. Hizo zilizochomwa zingetusaidia anagalau.

Mnakumbuka enzi zile, eti ukiongea kiingereza unatukanwa eti una kasumba! Ilikuwa enzi za kukuza Kiswahili kuwa lugha ya taifa. Matokeo yake watu waliokuwa wanajua kiingereza walifanya kuwa hawajui! Matokeo yake wabongo wengi wanaongea kiingereza kibovu kwa vile walifundishwa na walimu wasioelewa lugha vizuri.

Dada Subi ameniletea habari za kusikitisha. Ni tukio uliotokea alipoenda kwao. Alikuta vitabu vya kiswahili vimechomwa! Khaa! Jamani, kwa nini vitabu vichomwe??? Si zina gharama. Yaani hazina faida tena? Hata hapa Marekani hawachomi vitabu vinapelekwa second hand store au zinasafirishwa nchi za nje.


Imeandikwa na Dada Subi:

Ya kale dhahabu!

Mimi nilipokuwa Tanzania majuzi niliwenda hadi shule yangu ya Msingi kumwomba Mwalimu Mkuu vitabu vya zamani, hadithi niliyopewa nilichoka. Ati Waalimu wakuu wa shule za msingi wote walipewa amri toka kwa Waziri wavichome vitabu vya zamani ili kutoa nafasi kwa vitabu vipya. Huyo waziri mbumbumbu sijui alitamka akiwa amelewa buza ama gongo gani. Kumbuka zile stoo za vitabu zilivyokuwa zimejaa vitabu, vyote vikapigwa kiberiti. Najiuliza, kwa nini hakuwepo mjanja mmoja akahifadhi nakala moja moja?

Nina imani atakuwepo mtu mmoja mmoja aliyeficha kimoja na mwingine kingine na siku moja tutaviona tena na vitauzwa kwa bei nzuri kweli. Nilipambana na maboksi ya vitabu vya Bibi na Mama kwa kuwa wao walikuwa Waalimu, wakanifahamisha kuwa sitafanikiwa kuvipata kwani wao walikuwa watiifu, hawakuchukua mali ya Shule/Serikali na kuihifadhi kama yao.

Kila mara huwa nakumbuka:
Juma na Roza. Someni kwa Furaha, hatua ya tatu.
Hadithi za Pazi na Jogoo alivyomning'iniza kichwa chini miguu juu, na ile hadithi ya Mwanamke aliyevalia hereni kubwa kisha akaenda sokoni kuuza bidhaa zake mara mbuzi wakapita wakarusha mguu ndani ya tundu la hereni nayo ikalikata sikio....
Unamkumbuka Kalumekenge alipokataa kwenda shule? Fimbo ikaambiwa imchape Kalumekenge ili Kalumekenge aende shule. Lakini fimbo ikakataa kumchapa Kalumekenge aliyekataa kwenda shule. Moto ukaambiwa uichome fimbo ili fimbo imchape Kalumekenge ili Kalumekenge aende shule. Lakini moto ukakataa kuichoma fimbo, iliyokataa kumchapa Kalumekenge, aliyekataa kwenda shule. Ndipo maji yakaambiwa yauzime moto, uliokataa kuichoma fimbo, iliyokataa kumchapa Kalumekenge, aliyekataa kwenda shule. Ndipo maji yaka kuuzima moto, moto ukaichoma fimbo, fimbo ikammchapa Kalumekenge, ndipo Kalumekenge akaenda shule.

Unawakumbuka Wagagagigikoko?

Unamkumbuka yule mtoto aliyetumwa kwenda kwa Bibi yake akacheza barabarani hadi simba akamla Bibi yake na kulala kitandani halafu yule mtoto alipofika akamwuliza, Bibi mbona masikio yako makubwa? Bibi akamjibu, ili niweze kukusikia vizuri. Akamwuliza tena, mbona macho yako makubwa? Akamjibu, ili niweze kukuona vizuri. Akamwuliza, mbona meno yako makubwa? Akamjibu, ili niweze kukutafuta vizuri. Ndipo akaiona miguu yake na simba akamrukia na kumla.....

Nikakumbuka na hadithi ya Usiku wa Mbalamwezi, na kabla ya hiyo ilikuwepo hadithi ya Muro na mifugo yake, halafu ilikuweko 'Leo ni Sikukuu' wachilia mbali ile hadithi ya mjukuu aliyekuwa anataka kushindana na babu yake kunywa chai lakini kumbe chai ni ya moto, basi babu yake akawa anatoa sababu ambazo zilikuwa zinaishia na neno 'fu' na kila aliposema 'fu' alipuliza chai 'fu fu fu'....

Mi nilikuwa nasoma na kurudia zile hadithi hadi nyumbani. Bibi kwa vile alikuwa Mwalimu, basi alikuwa akiazima kitabu kwa niaba yang nami nakisoma nyumbani na kukikabishgi ili kirudishwe kabla Ijumaa makusudi nisikose kuazimwa wiki inayofuata. Nilikuwa nasoma hadi mwisho na nyuma ya kitabu, jalada, kabisa nahakikisha nimesoma kujua kama kitabu kile kina chapa ya MTUU, TPS, Oxford, Longman ama Maximillian Publishing!

Unakumbuka hesabu zilivyokuwa zimepangika kwenye vitabu halafu pembeni zina picha zinazoendana na hisabu yenyewe?

Halafu somo la mwandiko nimemkumbuka mwalimu alikuwa anatufundisha kuumba herufi kwa wimbo, 'chirioooo cha, chirioooo cha....'

Eh jamani! Wametupa jongoo na mti wake! La haula la kwata!

Nasikitika sana mimi lakini najipa moyo kuwa ipo siku tutaviona tena vitabu vyenye hadithi na mafunzo murua...

Golden Days Are Gone? Aaaarrrrrrrgh!
Memories are made of this!


Mambo si ndo Hayo - Flaviana Matata

Mnamkumbuka mrembo wetu, Flaviana Matata aliyefanikiwa kufika katika Top Ten wa mashindano ya Miss Universe mwaka 2007? Watu walimpenda na kusifia kipara chake. Sasa yuko South Afrika akiendelea na shughuli zake za modelling. Hivi karibuni ametoka katika matangazo (print ad) kwenye gaztei la True Love.

Flaviana, endelea na moyo wa kutaka kujiendeleza katika fani ya modelling. Na usiache huo mtindo wako wa 'natural'. Mungu akubariki!


Picha na maelezo ya chini kutoka Michuzi Blog:

Mrembo wa Miss Universe Tanzania 2007, Flaviana Matata ambaye hivi sasa yuko nchini Afrika ya Kusini ameendelea kupanda chati baada ya kunyakua tangazo katika jarida la True Love.
Flaviana ambaye anaonekana amevaa mavazi mawili tofauti ukurasa wa 73, ameweza kupata mkataba huu.

Akieleza mkataba huu wa kutangaza nguo Flaviana alieleza," Huu ni mkataba mmoja tu, na hivi punde narajia tangazo langu la televisheni pia lianze kuonekana hapa South Africa na bara la Afrika".

Flaviana hakuwa tayari kuzungumzia mkataba wake mwingine hadi itakapoonekana lakini alieleza wazi kuwa hivi sasa anaendelea kupata mialiko mingi ya kazi (casting).

Flaviana Matata aliwakilisha nchi yetu kwa mara ya kwanza katika mashindano ya Miss Universe nchini Mexico ambapo alifanikiwa kushika nafasi ya 6. Hivi sasa yuko nchini Afrika Kusini akifanya kazi ya uanamitindo.

Matako Wowowo!

Kwa hii picha ya juu najua kuna akina kaka watarukwa na akili kabisa! Hapa Marekani ukiwa na matako makubwa wazungu wanasema eti, "Ghetto Booty"!
Hao waasia hawana kitu huo nyuma. Wamepigwa pasi, sasa kusudi waonekane kama wana matako makubwa kwa muda wanaenda kupiga picha kwenye hivi viti vya matako.
Sijui kwa ni kaweka mdoli wa mbwa hapo?

Mwizi wa Mabango ya Obama

Nakuambia kuna wazungu ambao wameshikwa na roho ya kibaguzi.Cheki huyo mzungu jike anavyoiba mabango ya Obama! Hapo ni Tempe, Arizona. Polisi bado wanamtafuta! Na bado! siku zinakaribia mambo yatazidi kuwa mabaya. Tayari kuna wazungu wanaosema bila aibu kuwa hawataki n-word aongoze nchi. Mungu amlinde Obama na familia yake maana kuna njama za kummaliza!

Unaweza kusoma maoni na kuiona kwa KuBOFYA HAPA:

Mtu moja huko kasema, " This does not surprize me. After all, Republicans are well known to STEAL elections, so this is probably the lady's initiation into her local Republican party. She must return with at least 25 stolen Obama signs or else no membership. "

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bibi yake Obama yuko Mahututi!

Obama akiwa na bibi na babu yake (wazazi wa mama yake)

Wadau, ninawaomba tumwombee Bibi yake Barack Obama, Bi Madelyn Dunham, aweze kuishi na kumwona mjukuu wake akichaguliwa kuwa rais wa Marekani. Habari zinasema kuwa alianguka na kuvunjika kiuno na yuko mahututi. Bibi yake Obama alimlea wakati mama yake alivyokuwa masomoni. Nawapongeza kwa moyo wao wa upendo maana wazazi wengi wa kizungu walifukuza watoto wao waliozaa na weusi. Wengi hata walidariki kudai wasionane tena shauri ya ubaguzi wa hapa Marekani.

Barack Obama anaacha shughuli za kampeni kwenda kumtembelea huko Hawaii.

Itapendeza kuona bibi zake (pamoja na Bibi Sarah Obama wa Kenya) na ndugu wengine kwenye innauguration mwezi January.



Who is Grandma Toot?

Barack Obama's campaign announced Monday that he'd be taking a few days off of the campaign trail to visit his ailing grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, in Hawaii.

Dunham, 85, practically raised Obama while his mother studied abroad. She's the "white grandmother" he mentions in speeches, a "trailblazer in her own right," the BBC wrote, "having risen from a lowly position to be one of the first women vice-presidents of the Bank of Hawaii."

When it was clear he would win the Democratic nomination for president, Obama said that night was for her. His grandmother, Obama told a crowd of excited fans, is the one "who poured everything she had into me and who helps to make me the man I am today."

He explains in his book "Dreams from My Father," "We call my grandmother Tutu, Toot for short; it means "grandparent" in Hawaiian, for she decided on the day I was born that she was still too young to be called Granny."

Obama credits Dunham, a Kansas native, with giving the Democratic nominee his pragmatic, hard-working side. He's written, "she's suspicious of overwrought sentiments or overblown claims, content with common sense."

That may explain her low-key reaction to her grandson's win of the Democratic nomination. During an appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman," Obama said his grandmother telephoned him after he clinched the nomination and simply said: "That's nice, Barry."

Even though she can't travel due to health concerns, Dunham has been a frequent presence on the campaign trail in spirit. Obama speaks of her often, talking about her heartland values and her work on a bomber assembly line during World War II.

Obama also discusses his grandmother when tackling tougher issues, like race in America. In his now-famous March speech, he said, she is "a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe."

Her importance in his life cannot be overstated, which is why Obama will be leaving the campaign trail with less than two weeks left until Election Day. He'll leave for Hawaii Thursday afternoon and is not planning to campaign again until Saturday.

"I think everyone understands that the decision that Senator Obama is making to go to Hawaii underscores the seriousness of the situation," campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

It is reported that Dunham broke her hip recently and is "gravely ill," but the campaign will not elaborate on how much her health has deteriorated.


John McCain & Sarah Palin wazidi Kuchochea Ubaguzi!

Wanaokaa Marekani wataniambia! Mzungu mwenye roho ya kibaguzi anaweza kukuua! Hao McCain/Palin wamechochea hizo roho za kibaguzi mpaka hali inataisha!

Impending GOP Losses Lead to Rage and Hate
by Paul Hogarth‚ Oct. 20‚ 2008

Liberals have worried about Barack Obama’s safety ever since he entered the race—but only in the past week have I started to get nervous. We’ve all heard about the hostile rhetoric coming from crowds at Sarah Palin rallies. Now John McCain’s impending loss has made Republicans increasingly vicious—leading to rage, hate and occasional acts of violence. ACORN organizers report getting death threats and their offices being vandalized, while an Obama canvasser was physically assaulted this weekend by a deranged Republican. But the McCain campaign refuses to tone down its rhetoric. Palin told a crowd she was glad to be in a “pro-American” part of the country, while a McCain spokesperson called liberal Northern Virginia “not real Virginia” because it is less “southern.” By making the race about who is a “real” American, Republicans only fuel the fire of dangerous people who intend to cause harm—like the man in Ohio who hung an Obama effigy by a noose in his yard. As the McCain campaign sinks to its inevitable conclusion, will Republicans keep fanning the flames of hate—or will they go out on a high note?

We all know that George Bush and Dick Cheney could bring out the worst in their supporters, but I can’t remember it getting this nasty four years ago during the final two weeks. But in 2004, Republicans had a good shot at winning the presidency (the race was a dead heat all the way up to Election Day)—so you never had this palpable aura of desperation we now see among McCain supporters. Obama is going to win this race, and they know it. The party’s right-wing base is mortified at the prospect of a black President—and hateful rhetoric by their leaders could incite them to action.

McCain supporters have shouted “terrorist” or “kill him!” at Sarah Palin rallies when Obama’s name gets mentioned, but John McCain still won’t recognize it. By far the worst moment in last week’s final Presidential Debate was how McCain chose to respond to the issue. A clearly agitated McCain interrupted Obama to say how proud he was of “all the dedicated and patriotic men and women” who attend these rallies. Oblivious to the well-documented hate speech, McCain defended the old WWII veterans at the rallies—as if Obama had impugned all of his rally attendees.

Already, the climate of hate we have seen at Sarah Palin rallies has produced violent consequences. An Obama canvasser in Wisconsin was physically assaulted this weekend by an angry voter—who accused her of being part of ACORN. A member of ACORN in Ohio who appeared on TV received an e-mail that said she was “going to have her life ended,” and the group has had their Boston and Seattle offices vandalized.

ACORN is one of the most effective grass-roots political organizations in the country, and the McCain campaign has accused them of perpetrating voter fraud on behalf of Obama in minority communities. ACORN has defended their efforts to register low-income voters, but the subtext behind turning ACORN into a bogeyman for the Right is the kind of people they have worked to enfranchise: African-Americans and Latinos. And for the right-wing base, the prospect of more black and brown voters electing the nation’s first black President is what scares them the most.

Sarah Palin said at a rally in North Carolina last week how happy she was to be in a “pro-American” part of the country—and later explained that she meant small towns. McCain spokeswoman Nancy Pfotenhauer later told MSNBC that while Obama was doing well in northern Virginia (the D.C. suburbs), her candidate would do better in “real Virginia.” When asked to clarify exactly what she meant, Pfotenhauer explained that the “real” Virginia is “more southern in nature.”

So according to Republicans, “real” Americans are just southerners who live in small towns. While not as explicit as the racially coded language George Wallace used in the 1960’s and 70’s, it’s the kind of rhetoric that spawns a confused racist into action.

Take Mike Lunsford of Ohio. Despite concerns from his (white) neighbors who feel uncomfortable about it, he put an effigy of Obama in his front lawn—and tied it to a noose. He unapologetically admits to being a racist, admits that his effigy is racist, says that America is a “white, Christian nation” and fears having a black man elected President.

Normally, Lunsford would just be a crank with racist views who would not be taken seriously. He might even keep his prejudices private at the ballot box. But with the Republican base freaking out about losing this election—and rhetoric from their leaders about who is “American”—now he has validation. And hanging an effigy in his lawn is the line that he crossed from latent racist views to overt racist action.

Ubaguzi Unazidi Marekani asante Uchochezi wa McCain/Palin

Wadau, tangu McCain/Palin waanze mikutano zenye ujumbe za kibaguzi, watu weusi wamejikuta wanapigwa na kunyanyaswa bila sababu. Hali hasa ni mbaya sehemu zinazowapendelea McCain na Palin. Watu alioenda kwenye mkutano wa Barack Obama walitoka na kukuta matairi ya magari yao yametobolewa. Pia weusi walioenda kupiga kura mapema walizomewa!

Mungu amlinde Barack Obama na familia yake. Pia atulinde sisi weusi tunaokaa Marekani.

Yaani hali ilivyo na huyo McCain alivyofanikiwa kuchochea ubaguzi, sijui kama Obama ataweza kushinda tena.



McCain/Palin Supporters Slash Tires and Heckle Early Voters in North Carolina

October 20, 2008

Attendees at a Barack Obama rally Oct. 19 in Fayetteville, North Carolina, had their tires slashed apparently by supporters of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Following the rally, early Obama voters were heckled by McCain/Palin supporters outside at least one polling place in Fayetteville.

According to the Fayetteville Observer, some person or persons unknown slashed the tires of at least 30 vehicles parked outside Fayetteville's Crown Coliseum during the Oct. 19 Obama rally, leaving attendees including a single mother and her baby stranded and upset. At least four tow trucks had to be called for stranded vehicles at a cost upwards of $100 for each vehicle. One Obama supporter quoted in this report expressed the belief that the slashed tires were an effort to intimidate her and others like her, but insisted that she wouldn't be deterred from supporting Obama.

Following the rally, Obama supporters taking advantage of early voting were met by hecklers outside at least one Fayettevile polling place. Unlike the anonymous tire-slashers of earlier in the day, the hecklers outside this polling place left no doubt as to who they were and why they were there. As shown in two videos posted to the Washington Times, many of the hecklers were holding McCain/Palin campaign signs; and all were white while most of the voters they were heckling were black. Reporter Christina Bellantoni described the McCain/Palin forces here as "a group of loud and angry protesters who shouted and mocked the voters as they walked in" to vote, their shouts including the usual claims that Obama is a "socialist" or a "terrorist," and even that the voters themselves were "cheaters."

A report by the Institute for Southern Studies in Durham NC suggests that the heckling incident may be a violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1964, which states: "No person, whether acting under color of law or otherwise, shall intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person for voting or attempting to vote, or intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person for urging or aiding any person to vote or attempt to vote."

John McCain and Sarah Palin did not tell their supporters to slash the tires of Obama supporters or to heckle voters at a polling place. In view of their continued insistence on the use of fear and hate to manipulate voters, however, and in view of the similar types of hate-based behavior we have seen at McCain/Palin rallies across the United States, I would argue that McCain, Palin, and the GOP are as responsible for these acts as the perpetrators themselves. McCain and Palin need to be held accountable for the lynch-mob mentality they have knowingly cultivated among their supporters with their own divisive rhetoric

Mark C. Eades


Dead bear cub covered in Barack Obama posters found at University

Matthew Weaver and agencies,

Tuesday October 21 2008

A dead bear cub draped in Barack Obama posters has been found at the entrance to a university in North Carolina, police said today.

Police and wildlife officials are investigating the incident at the Western Carolina University.

Maintenance workers found the 34kg (75lb) bear cub in front of the administration building at the entrance to the campus.

It had been shot, and Obama posters were stapled together and placed over its head.

"Someone evidently was wanting to draw attention to the election," Tom Johnson, the chief of university police, told the Asheveille Citizen's Times newspaper.

"If we find out who they are, we'll make sure they'll get some attention themselves."

Leila Tvedt, a spokeswoman for the university, said the institution "deplores the inappropriate behaviour that has led to this troubling incident".

"We cannot speculate on the motives of the people involved, nor who those people might be," she added.

"Campus police are cooperating fully with authorities to investigate this matter."

University police asked state wildlife officials to remove the dead cub and help in the investigation.

The bear hunting season in North Carolina began last week.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mbaguzi na mpenda Madawa ya Kulevya Rush Limbaugh amtukana General Colin Powell

Mbaguzi Rush Limbaugh

Sijui kwa nini kuna watu hapa Marekani wanaomwambudu Rush Limbaugh. Huyo Limbaugh ni mbaguzi kupindukia na mlevi wa madawa ya kulevya. Hafichi kuwa hapendi watu weusi, lakini analipwa mamilioni ya dola kila mwaka kuwa na kipindi kwenye redio.

Jana, mara baada ya kusikia kuwa General Colin Powell, kampendekeza Barack Obama kuwa rais, Limbaugh alisema kuwa Powell alifanya hivyo kwa vile Obama ni mweusi mwenzake. Alisema hivyo ingawa Powell alitoa sababu nyingi za maana kutompendekeza John McCain, sababu moja ikiwa kuwa alimchagua Sarah Palin kuwa naibu wake na hana uwezo wa kuongoza nchi.

Sijui kwa nini huyo Rush Limbaugh hajapigwa na radi bado! Ana roho ya kishetani!

Limbaugh defends comment about Powell

Posted: 01:55 PM ET

From CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

(CNN) - Conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh Monday strongly defended his recent remark that Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama largely because of race, and lashed out at members of the media and Democrats for appearing to take issue with his comment.

"So what if it's race?" Limbaugh said on his radio show. "Why is it so hard to admit that it's race.What's so problematic about admitting it?"

Limbaugh's original comments came in an email to Politico reporter Jonathan Martin Sunday, when the talk-radio host took issue with Powell's contention that his endorsement of the Illinois senator did not have anything to do with the color of his skin.

"Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race," Limbaugh wrote in the e-mail. "OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I'll let you know what I come up with."

The comments immediately caused a stir on several Democratic blogs and an Obama campaign spokeswoman called them "disgusting." They were also heavily reported on several news programs Sunday night and Monday morning. But Limbaugh made clear Monday he is not backing down from them.

"I thought it should be about race," he said. "I thought you liberals thought this was a historic candidacy because finally we are going to elect a black guy.why hide behind this, why act like it's not about race?"

"This was all about Powell and race, nothing about the nation and its welfare," Limbaugh added. The talk radio host also criticized members of the media for not addressing his claim that Powell likely hasn't endorsed white candidates who, according to Limbaugh, have similar political leanings and experience as Obama.

"Just so you know, I haven't come up with any," he said. "I worked diligently on this on the airplane on the trip home from Green Bay yesterday. I can't find any of these inexperienced white liberals that Powell has endorsed."

In announcing his endorsement of Obama, Powell said his decision was not based solely on race, but added "I can't deny that it will be a historic event for an African-American to become president."

"Should that happen, all Americans should be proud - not just African-Americans, but all Americans - that we have reached this point in our national history where such a thing could happen," Powell said on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday. "It will also not only electrify our country, I think it'll electrify the world."

Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Dume Akikojoa Hadharani!

Nilishawasema hao wanaume wanatoa dudu zao na kukojoa hadharani bila hata aibu! Jamaa kasimama na kashika dude lake kama vile ni mfalme wa hapo Ferry! Huyo nyuma yake sijui anaosha nini lakini inaelekea anaiosha na mkojo wa jamaa! Au anadhani kwa vile bahari ina maji ya chumvi haina madhara! Khaa!

Asante Michuzi Jr. (Jiachie blog) kwa hii picha.
Na mlioko Bongo hebu mpashe huyo jamaa kuwa atazame neti ajione akifanya ushenzi wake!


Gado Leo!

Ama kweli Gado mchokozi! Amepatia kweli!

Mtoto Albino auawa Bongo

Jamani, hivi huu imani na ushrikina unatupeleka wapi? Wanatoa roho ya mtoto aliyezaliwa albino, kisa???? Hao waliomwua wanaenda motoni! Kwa kweli serikali ifanye juu chini kuwakamata waliyomwua na wanyongwe hadharani.

Mungu alaze roho ya mtoto Esther Charles mahala pema mbinguni. AMEN.

Mtoto mmoja Albino auawa kikatili mkoani Shinyanga



Na Radio One Habari

Wimbi la mauaji ya watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi -Albino limeingia mkoani Shinyanga kufuatia mauji ya mtoto mmoja Albino katika kijiji cha Shilela, Kata ya Segese wilayani humo.

Mtoto huyo wa kike aitwaye Esther Charles, mwanafunzi wa Darasa la Tatu katika shule ya msingi kijiji hapo ameuawa na watu wasiojulikana usiku wa kuamkia jana.

Diwani wa Kata ya Segese Bwana Joseph Mayala amesema watu wasiojulikana wakiwa na mapanga usiku wa manane walivamia nyumba ya Afisa Mtendaji wa Kijiji hicho Bwana Mzolewa Mashili ambaye ni baba wa mtoto huyo kwa kuvunja mlago wa nyumba yake kwa kutumia jiwe kubwa.

Amesema watu hao waliwaweka chini ya ulinzi wazazi wa mtoto huyo na kuanza kumchuna sehemu za usoni, kichwa hadi ngozi ya kisogoni na kumkata miguu yake kuanzia sehemu za nyonga na kuondoka nayo.

Diwani huyo amewataka wananchi wakiwemo walinzi wa jadi Sungusungu Wilayani Kahama kuhakikisha watu wanaojihusisha na mauaji hayo wanafichuliwa.

SOURCE: Radio One

WAPI Zanzibar Oktoba 26, 2008





TOKOMEZA UFISADI "Eradicate corruption/theft of public resources"

Mipambano ya wasanii jukwaani
Zavaa wataonyesha sanaa ya Henna kwenye kanvasi
Kizoro atatoa mada juu ya Sanaa na Ujasiriliamali
DJ Yusuf atazungumzia soko la muziki


Ni Bureee.......Karibuni

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mauji ya Albino Tanzania

SATCOM (Soft Tech)

Kuna mdau ameniletea hii barua akidai kuwa kampuni ya SATCOM, Tanzania hailipi kodi inayostahaili kwa serikali. Nimeona matatizo ni yaleyale kwa wazawa wanaofanya kazi katika haya makampuni ya wageni Bongo. Mnaonaje?

Dear Satcom,

Five months ago, I had a problem with the Company (SATCOM) as you could not be able to pay me when I was on my leave, and as a result I could not be able to attend/resume my job due to financial crisis I had. In spite of tried several times to talk to you as to reach a conclusion and resolve the situation, but still as company you failed to explain to me why you could not pay me while I was on my leave.

Further, Satcom ceased my employment without any notice or anything else in spite of having a CONTRACT AGREEMENT OF PERMANENT EMPLOYEE and which has not breached yet following formal procedures/official manners. It had cost me a lot, when you asked me not to resume my work, just for you being specious with me, if I could come back from my leave or not. I lived a very hard life in followed three months later, as you over suddenly ceased my employment and left me hanging in streets in spite of working with you so honestly and faithfully.

I thank GOD that he was with me on my all troubles. Now I have gained power and I am having enough energy to fight for my rights and other employees' rights. For the matter of fact, I need to take the company to court, for the following reasons;

1. Its normal and very life style for SATCOM to ceased employees employment without notice and in most cases without paying them anything. A thing which happened for me and so many others such as; M.........., E........, A........., B......., etc.

2. SATCOM has been stealing from me for all 2 years which I have been working with them. - When I joined we agreed salary to be 250,000 Tshs, where by I was deducted 20,000 Tshs as PPF contributions, and as expected SATCOM was also supposed to contribute the same amount on my PPF account, therefore, I was supposed to be contributed the total of 40,000 Tshs each month on my PPF account. This has been done, even after I had an increments on my salary twice times. - First was from 250,000 Tshs to 350,000Tshs, whereby I was supposed to be deducted 35,000Tshs as PPF contributions and and Satcom, was supposed to contribute the same amount. Instead I was only deducted 20,000Ths , which was a gain contribution for both parties. -Secondly was from 350,000Tshs to 550,000Tshs whereby I was supposed to be deducted 55,000Tshs as PPF contributions and Satcom, was supposed to contribute the same amount. Instead I was only deducted 30,000Ths , which was again contribution for both parties (max & Satcom). -VASUDHA( UNQUALIFIED HR) I left you with three copies of my salary slips so you can check and share those slips with your fellow as to witness on what I am talking here. PPF/NSSF contribution is only 10% of employee's Salary whereby employer is suppossed to contribute the same amount to employees.

-SATCOM was displaying my basic salary as 100,000 Tshs which was not correct, and 10,000 Tshs as my PPF contributions, this means; the 20,000Tshs, which I was been deducted from my salary initially (250,000) was the same amount which was going to PPF as my monthly contributions for us both (Maxmillian and Satcom). By doing this, the company has been stealing from me for not contributing the extra 20,000Tshs from the company to my PPF account for all those years I have worked with the company.

This also implies that, this bad behavior of the company is also affecting the rest of employees, but they can not talk as they afraid, if they do so they will lose their jobs. - Further, this is not only stealing from poor employees, but also is the theft for NSSF/PPF as organizations, thus they will also need to play a part on this case. As its not enough, this ends up on contributing less on TAX which is supposed to be collect for boosting up country's economy. - Also you have a lot of experts, which are not qualified as well as not supposed to have what they are paid compared to local experts who are real professionals and real workers. - You as a company, you do not have equality (equal right and treatment s) to all your employees, INDIANS as highly paid compared to LOCAL ones, but when it comes to work, local employees are the ones who generates almost 85% of the company's income, which you usually use to favor your fellow Indians in spite of their qualification less.

Now, I am asking the company to provide me with an explanation on the following areas within five (5) working days as starting from 6th October 2008.

1. Company should state clearly why it has ceased my employment without any notice. 2. Why the company ceased my employment without any prior notice or any settlements to be done with me.
3. Why company has been stealing from me by not contributing the right amount to my PPF account?
4. Why is the company keep on stealing from other employees up to moment as how it did to me with my PPF?
5. Why is company avoiding contributing to our COUNTRY ECONOMIC GROWTH, by contributing TAX which is supposed to and not as exactly what is right now?
6. Why the company's Salary sleeps does not clearly state the actual employee earnings and deductions? {GOVT. has reduced the taxes, thus we expect employees gross and net salaries to rise compared to before being reduced.

I do not think this is the same with SATCOM Fail to answer my question with enough and satisfactory explanations, this will give me go ahead, on whatever plans I have in mind, which including; - Open a case on court - Talk to the Medias as to make sure everyone knows what is going on with these kinds of today's companies.

Make sure this bad behavior of mistreatment and injustice done by employers is stopped, I will make sure the issue is discussed in the Parliament and SATCOM to be mentioned as an example.

Make sure I stop all illegal issues which goes on with SATCOM, this includes; Migrations & working permits, number of expertise's required by the company, employment rules, regulations and policies should be followed. - Definitely, NSSF/PPF and the GOVERNMENT in general, will come into picture, as everyone will know that SATCOM are TAX EVADERS. I hope you arrange your self well so that, when you provide the required explanations above, will be correct and detailed and I hope will be provided at my satisfactory level.

For any related issue, please do not hesitate to ask or call me on the following details; Email: Mobile; 0773520988 Address: c/o E. N. Nyanguli P.O.Box 9111, Dar-Es-Salaam.