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Matapeli wa Nigeria sasa wajifanya Wazee!

Hivi Mzee wa miaka 87 anaweza kuingia kwenye internet na kuandika hii kweli? Kwa experience yangu wazee wengi wanaogopa na kudharau computers na internet.

I am sure this mail would be coming to you as a surprise since we have never met before and you would also be asking why I have decided to choose you amongst the numerous internet users in the world, precisely I cannot say why I have chosen you but do not be worried for I come in peace and something very positive is about to happen to your life and the lives of others through you, if only you can carefully read and digest the message below.
The internet has made the world global villages where you can reach anybody you have not met before.

Before I move further, permit me to give you a little of my biography, I am Mother Emily Olivier, 87 Years old woman and the wife of Late Sir Jackman Olivier who died in a Plane crash on Monday the 7th of September 1998 GMT 4:22 UK while they were flying from New York to Geneva. Please see site below for more information:

After the death of my husband I became the Head of his investment and now that I am old and weak I have decided to spend the rest of my life with my family and loved ones whom I never had time for during the course of my business life, but before the death of my husband we had a plan to use the last days of our lives to donate half of what we have worked for to the less privilege and charity homes and the other half for ourselves, family members and close friends. Unfortunately, my husband is not alive today to do this with me and I am very weak and old now, hence I have decided to do this philanthropic work on behalf of my late husband and I.

Presently, I have willed out almost half of our assets to several charity homes and to some of the less privilege in different countries.

Despite the agreement between my late husband and I to give aid to the deprived, we also agreed to render support to an unknown individual we have not met before due to the fact that when we were still young in life we receive an anonymous help from an individual we did not know and which we have not being able to know till date, the impact we got from such gesture gave us the impression to pay it forward by doing same to an unknown person.

I am sorry to inform you that you will never have the chance to know me nor will I respond to your next email because I have just concluded the assignment which my husband and I have agreed upon before his sudden death and you happened to be the Unknown beneficiary of our last WILL, irrespective of your previous financial status, hence I need you to do me a favor by accepting our offer that will cost you nothing.

Three weeks ago I deposited a cheque in the sum of $5,800,000.00 United State Dollars with FedEx to deliver to you,but i have not been able to notify you because of my ill health. What you have to do now is to contact the FedEx Delivery Service as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of the expiring date on the cheque. For your information, I have paid the delivering Charge, the Insurance premium and clearance Certificate fee of the cheque. The only money you are expected to pay is $255.34 United State Dollars for the Security Keeping of the cheque so far. I would have paid the fee but the company insisted that I should not because they don't know when you will be contacting them and to avoid demurrage or further cost.

You have to contact the FedEx COURIER SERVICE now for the delivery of your cheque with this information bellow;
Contact Person: Mr. Mark Robbins
Email Address:
(anwani sahihi ingekuwa

You are to reconfirm the below information to them to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and ask them to provide you with the method they wish to use in
receiving their security keeping fee of $255.34 United State Dollars for their immediate action.

Postal address:
Full Names:
Direct telephone number:
Security Keeping Code: (SCT/0433/UY)

Below is the security keeping code: (SCT/0433/UY) of you draft, you are to also present it to them for verification before delivery.

Note: Please I do not want you to thank me or my husband, all I need you to do is to invest wisely with it and do the same good to someone`s life someday as this world would be a better community if we render selfless services to one another.

Also, be notified that I will no longer be reading my emails or surfing the internet as I have retired completely from the outside world to my ranch, at this moment all further correspondence should be forwarded to the courier company for the delivery of your cheque to you.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Emily Olivier Jackman

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Watu karibu 500 walikufa katika Ajali ya Moto mjini Boston mwaka 1942

Ukiwa unatembea maeneo ya Piedmont st. karibu na Arlington St. tafuta hii Plaque. Iko kwenye sidewalk usipoangalia vizuri unaweza kuikanyaga.
Watu wakingojea mortuary kwenda kutambua maiti za ndugu na marafiki zao

Klabu baada ya moto
Jitihada za kuokoa watu

Usiku wa Novemba 28, 1942, miaka 66 iliyopita watu 492 walikufa katika moto uliozuka katika klabu ya Cocoanut Grove. Watu walikuwa wanastarehe huko nakusikiliza muziki na kunywa vinywaji na kula chakula wakati motomkali ulizuka.

Habari zinasema kuwa kuna vijana huko waliokuwa wanataka kupiga mabusu katika giza. Waliondoa taa iliyokuwa juu yao. Kuna mfanyakazi aliyeamuriwa airudishe. Aliporudisha aliwasha kibiriti na kusababisha mapambo yaliyotengenezwa na karatasi kuwaka moto. Moto ulivyosmbaa mle watu walishindwa kutoka maaan mlango wa kutoka ulikuwa moja tu. Mwenye klbau alifunga milango kwa hofu kuwa watu watatoroka bila kulipa bili zao. Na kun watau waliopona huo ajali wanaosema kuwa wakati moto una waka kuna mfanyakazi alikuwa anadai watu walipe madeni yao.

Siku zingine ukipita eneo hiyo karibu na Arlington St., Boston utasikia kwa mbali milio ya watu.

Kutokana ma moto huo sheria za klabu mjini Boston zilibadilishwa. Mfano milango yote inafunguliwa kwenda nje, badala ya ndani.
Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Maoni ya Wananchi Tanzania - Afrobarometer


Key Findings for Tanzania

Introduction to the Survey

The Afrobarometer survey seeks citizen’s opinions on the way their countries are managed economically, politically and socially. This is a regional survey, currently involving 20 countries in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa . Prior surveys were held in Tanzanian in 2001, 2003 & 2005.

Further information can be obtained from:

The questionnaire is standardised across the countries participating in the surveys, with subjects covering: democracy, rule of law, politics, corruption, management of the economy, service provision, governance, citizens’ trust in the leadership and institutions of governance, and livelihood. In addition, 14 Tanzania specific questions relating to the East African Community; the selection process for the Cabinet, and the process for contracting large international tenders were posed to the survey participants.

Overall Summary

Looking at the overall survey results for the last four surveys (2001-2008), a major difference is the confidence in responses of the respondents, which is a positive trend. The confidence level for responding is high, though there are still some questions where some people are reluctant to give their opinion, particularly on questions relating to democracy. However, there is a clear overall decrease in the proportion of this type of non-committal response as compared to the survey findings for 2005. There could be many reasons for this, perhaps the fact that 2005 was the year of national elections had an influence on the volume of “Don’t Knows”. In addition, increasing communication efforts since 2006, particularly the growth in the strength of the media may have aided citizens to feel more informed.

In our findings, we have picked those responses with highest percentages. In this case, the remaining percentage is therefore, distributed to the rest of the response options in each respective question.

Generally, people are satisfied with democracy in Tanzania , there is a marked improvement from the last survey conducted in 2005, and to a lesser extent since the surveys commenced in 2001. Variations exist, especially with the Zanzibar findings, notably Pemba .

Respondents’ opinions indicate that the political environment appears healthier in Mainland Tanzania than in Zanzibar , particularly Pemba . There is room for improvement regarding political expression, especially in Zanzibar , where there has been a marked decrease from previous surveys.

Respondents’ trust in President Kikwete is high, along with satisfaction with his performance. Respondents trust the institutions of governance, with slight differences between the Mainland and Zanzibar . These levels of trust have been more or less maintained across the survey questions, with some variations.

There is need for improvement in the application of the rule of law, as there is a perception of discrimination against ‘ordinary’ citizens.

Respondents do not perceive institutions of governance as being highly corrupt, and these results have been fairly consistent over the four surveys. However, the responses indicate that there is much room for improvement regarding tax officials and police.

There is general dissatisfaction with the management of the economy, especially inflation, job creation, livelihood and the income gap between the rich and poor. There is deterioration in respondents’ opinions on economic issues in the surveys from previous years, though this might reflect to some degree the then ongoing impact of the global issues of rising fuel and food prices (the survey was conducted in July 2008).

Water and sanitation remain as the major areas of dissatisfaction in the social sector.

Sample Methodology

There were 1,208 respondents aged from 18 to 75, an even split of male and female respondents. Nearly 55% of the respondents had completed primary school, and 74% of the respondents were living in rural areas. The survey was conducted during July 2008.

The sample was randomly drawn from every region of the country, with each Mainland region’s share of the sample in proportion to its share of population. Using this formula Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba) should have had a sample of less than 30 respondents, yet the final sample was Mainland 1,096 respondents = 91%, and Zanzibar 112 respondents = 9%. As Zanzibar has autonomy in many respects of issues investigated, there was a deliberate over sampling of Zanzibar , thus the results from Zanzibar can be interpreted with a high level of confidence. The sample was based on the National Master Sample and the margin of error was +/-3%.


In general, there is a high level of satisfaction with the degree of democracy and its mechanisms for implementation.

· 74% of the respondents overall perceive Tanzania as democratic; Zanzibar 64%. This is the highest percentage overall since the surveys commenced in 2001. The lowest response was 40% for the 2005 survey.

· 70% of the respondents overall are satisfied with the way democracy works; Unguja 57%%; Pemba 43%. This is an upward trend from the surveys of 2005 at 39%, and 2003 and 2001, where 62% was recorded for both surveys.

· However, 63% of the respondents overall believe that their voice is not heard between elections; Unguja 76%, Pemba 73%.

· 87% of the respondents overall believe that the 2005 general election was free and fair; Unguja 68%, Pemba 33%.


People are generally satisfied with the current political environment.

· 48% overall believe that there is freedom of expression on issues of politics; this is a marked decrease from the 70% recorded in the 2005 survey, and the lowest record for all four surveys. Furthermore, 82% of the Zanzibaris believe that one has to be careful when expressing political opinions.

· 71% overall do not fear political intimidation or violence during election campaigns; in strong contrast 81% of the respondents from Zanzibar fear political intimidation during campaigns.

· 60% do not believe that competition between parties leads to conflict; this is up from 45% and 51% for 2005 and 2003 respectively, and reflects a ‘healthy’ and stable political environment. However, 71% of Zanzibaris believe that it does lead to conflict; Pemba 88%.

· 81% of the respondents overall trust the ruling party; a decrease from the peak recorded in 2005 of 89%, however this is still a high level of trust. Unguja 68%, Pemba 48%.

· 56% overall do not trust the opposition political parties; a slight decrease form the 62% recorded in the 2005 survey. Unguja 54%, Pemba 48%.

· 82% overall feel close to a political party; 76% reported this in the prior survey. Unguja 74%, Pemba 90%.

· 71% overall indicated that they are close to CCM; a slight increase from 69% in 2005. Unguja 64%, Pemba 43%.

5% overall indicated that they are close to CUF; a slight increase from 4% in 2005. Unguja 6%, Pemba 45%.

· 79% of the respondents overall would vote for CCM if elections were held the day after this survey (July 2008), this was 83% in 2005. 5% would vote for CUF, 4% in 2005. Unguja 63%, Pemba 45%.

Trust in the President

Citizens’ trust in President Kikwete is high, this perception cuts across the entire country, including Unguja and Pemba .

· 88% of the people overall trust the President; this is within the range of the results for the three previous surveys (which ranged from 87% to 94%), indicating that perhaps it is the position of President which is regarded as trustworthy, as there was a change of the President during this survey’s history. Zanzibar 78%.

· 90% approve of the way that President Kikwete has performed his job over the last 12 months (ending July 2008). The three prior surveys recorded a range of 84% to 93% for his predecessor. Zanzibar 80%, Pemba 70%.

· 76% believe the President complies with the laws of this country; Zanzibar 57%.

Trust in the Institutions of Governance

In general, there is a high level of trust in the institutions of governance.

· 82% of citizens overall trust Parliament. There has been a decrease in the level of trust from the peak recorded in 2001 of 90%, but this is still a high level of trust. Zanzibar 70%, Pemba 65%.

· 65% of citizens overall are satisfied with the performance of their Member of Parliament during the preceding 12 months; Unguja 50%, Pemba 75%.

· 66% of citizens overall indicated that businessmen who win parliamentary elections should not be appointed to Cabinet positions, due to potential conflicts of interest.

· Generally, Tanzanians are undecided about the appointment of cabinet ministers from the Parliament. However, 65% of the Unguja respondents had no problem with ministers appointed from Parliament, while in contrast 73% of Pemba respondents thought that there should be separation of powers between the executive and the legislature.

· 77% of citizens overall trust the National Electoral Commission; this is a decrease in the level of trust from the peak recorded in 2005 of 86%, perhaps this was a reflection of the Commission’s prominence in the public arena, as 2005 was the year of National Elections. Zanzibar 64%, Pemba 53%.

· 74% of citizens overall trust elected local government councillors; Zanzibar 68%, Pemba 75%.

* 68% of citizens overall are satisfied with the performance of their elected local government councillor; Unguja 58%, Pemba 68%.

· 73% of citizens overall trust the courts of law; Zanzibar 63%, Pemba 58%.

· 61% of citizens overall trust the police; Unguja 50%; Pemba 60%.

· 66% of citizens overall are satisfied with the Government’s efforts to reduce crime; a small decrease from the 2005 survey findings of 69%. (The lowest rating was 56% recorded in 2003). Unguja 36%, Pemba 73%.

Rule of Law

In general, people are unhappy about discrimination in the application of the rule of law.

· 45% believe that there is unequal treatment under the law; this is a slight increase from 2005 (42%). Zanzibari respondents recorded 72%.

· 50% believe officials who commit crimes go unpunished; Zanzibar 76%.

· 84% believe ordinary people who break the law are punished.

Corruption within the Institutions of Governance

There is a general perception that there is not a high level of corruption within the institutions of governance.

· 56% overall believe that the Government is fighting corruption; this finding is down from the overall survey high of 61% recorded in 2005. Zanzibar 64%.

· 64% overall indicated that the President and the officials in his office are not involved in corruption; Zanzibar 44%. This perception could be influenced by the level of interaction between the Office of the President and the public on this issue.

· 72% overall indicated that Members of Parliament are not involved in corruption.

· 85% of citizens overall indicated that Parliament should review government contracts on behalf of citizens.

· 72% overall indicated that elected local government councillors are not involved in corruption.

· 65% of citizens overall indicated that government officials are not involved in corruption.

· 71% of citizens overall indicated that any public official under investigation for corruption should immediately resign to protect the integrity and credibility of Government; Unguja 65%, Pemba 93%.

· 63% overall indicated that judges and magistrates are not involved in corruption; Zanzibar 69%.

· 57% overall indicated that tax officials were not involved in corruption; Zanzibar 68%.

· 53% overall indicated that the police are not involved in corruption; Zanzibar 59%. However, only 43% of the respondents from Pemba believed that the police were not involved in corruption.

Management of the Economy

In general, there is dissatisfaction with the way the economy is managed.

· 51% overall are dissatisfied with the management of the economy; this is a marked increase from prior surveys – 19% in 2005 and 25% in 2003. Zanzibar 59%, Pemba 53%.

· 64% overall are dissatisfied with Government’s efforts to create jobs; (in the three prior surveys this has ranged from 65% in 2003 to 53% in 2005). Zanzibar 76%, Pemba 80%.

· 82% overall are dissatisfied with Government’s management of keeping prices down, a sharp increase to the prior surveys, from 50% in 2001, to a 41% in 2003 and 42% in 2005.

· 78% overall are dissatisfied with Government’s efforts in narrowing the income gap between the rich and the poor. This dissatisfaction has ranged from 54% (2005) to 70% (2001) in prior Afrobarometer surveys.

· 61% overall are dissatisfied with the Government’s efforts in providing a reliable supply of electricity.

· 56% overall expressed satisfaction with Government’s efforts in maintaining roads and bridges.

· 70% overall expressed satisfaction with the Government’s efforts to protect rivers and forests; Unguja 48%, Pemba 90%.


There is a general dissatisfaction with living standards.

· 70% overall are dissatisfied with Government’s efforts to improve standards of living.

· 56% overall are dissatisfied with Government’s efforts to ensure everyone has enough to eat; this is an increase of the 2005 findings of 47%. Unguja 64%, Pemba 53%.

Provision of Social Services

There is general satisfaction with the provision of social services, except for water and sanitation.

· 78% overall are happy with Government’s efforts in addressing educational needs; a decrease from the 2005 high of 85%, but still up on the findings for 2003 and 2001. Unguja 42%, Pemba 63%.

· 63% overall are happy with the Government’s efforts in improving basic health services; a decrease form the high of 70% recorded in the 2003 and 2005 surveys. Unguja 40%, Pemba 63%.

· 83% overall are satisfied with Government’s efforts in combating HIV/AIDS; this positive perception has grown each survey round, with 2005 recording 80%. Unguja 57%, Pemba 88%.

· 55% overall are unhappy with Government’s efforts to provide water and sanitation services; this result is consistent with the 2005 and 2003 surveys, 54% and 52% respectively. Unguja 60%, Pemba 48%.

East African Community

In general, Mainland Tanzanians support economic integration of East African, however many respondents, especially those from Zanzibar , did not reveal their preference on various aspects of the integration. In addition, Mainland Tanzanians do not support political and military unification.

Further Information:

REPOA will be publishing briefs relating to this survey during January 2009.

Afrobarometer has a website which contains reports and data for all the countries involved:

Readers are referred to another public perception survey, which covers similar material:

‘Views of the People 2007. Tanzanians give their opinions on: Growth and Reduction of Income Poverty, Their Quality of Life and Social Well-being, and Governance and Accountability’.

This is the largest perception survey conducted in Mainland Tanzania to date. 7,879 Tanzanians, aged from 7 to 90 years, from ten mainland regions, were asked for their opinion on aspects of: economic progress, their standard of living, quality of and access to economic and social services, and trends in governance. This publication was produced by the Research and Analysis Working Group of the MKUKUTA Monitoring System, Ministry of Planning, Economy and Empowerment, and is available from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and REPOA.

Sonja Tiscenko


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Lazima Amlipe Mke wake Dola 12.5 Milioni kwa kumwambuzia UKIMWI!

Sheria za UKIMWI hapa Marekani ni kali. Yaani mtu akigundulika kuwa alimwambukiza mtu virusi vya UKIMWI wakati alijua kuwa ni muathrika, anaweza kufungwa.

Kuna jamaa Los Angeles alimwambukiza mke wake ugonjwa wa UKIMWI. Wanasema kuwa kabla ya kufunga ndoa wote hawakuwa nao. Ila mume alikuwa anasafiri. Iaelekea alitembea na malaya 'somewhere' na kaambukizwa ndo kampelekea mke wake zawadi ya virusi vya UKIMWI! Jamaa na mke wake wameachana.

Sasa mahakama imemwamuru amlipe mke wake dola 12.5 milioni kama fidia. Duh!


Man Ordered to Pay $12.5 Million for Infecting Wife with HIV

November 24, 2008

LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled that a man who infected his ex-wife with HIV while they were married must pay her $12.5 million.

The award consists of $7.5 million in general damages and $5 million for past and future lost earnings. Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu declined to award the woman -- named simply as 'Bridget B.'-- any punitive damages in her case against 'John B.', saying he did not have information on the man's assets in order to make such a determination.

Before the trial began, both parties agreed to have the case decided by Treu rather than by a jury.

The lawsuit Bridget B. brought against John B. alleged negligence, fraud and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Outside the courtroom, John B. said he feared the worst when the judge issued his decision.

He added that, "there's no money left, so let them try and collect."

John said he had spent considerable money in the past on attorney's fees. He acted as his own lawyer in the recent hearings.

Treu ruled in June that the plaintiff filed her case within the statue of limitations, in April of 2002, rejecting her ex-husband's argument that it was brought too late.

Bridget's attorney Lars Johnson said in closing arguments that his client lost a six-figure income as a management executive with Deloitte & Touche.

He argued that she should receive an award of $10 million in general damages and $5 million in punitive damages.

"If ever there was a case that warranted punitive damages, this is it," Johnson said. He told Treu that John, "repeatedly lied to the court, just as he did with Bridget."

Johnson said John claimed during his opening statement Tuesday that his ex-wife was responsible for bringing the virus into the marriage, but he contradicted himself later that day, saying he could have been the responsible one.

During his closing argument, the defendant again mixed his words, saying he might have given his ex-wife the virus, but also that he was "100 percent sure" that he was not at fault.

Asked by the judge to clarify which was true, John paused and said he would stay with the position that his ex-wife was to blame.

The former couple married in July 2000 and divorced in October 2003.

Both were diagnosed with HIV in October 2000, although he had tested negative in June and August of that year.

Dr. Howard E. Pitchon testified in behalf of Bridget that that he examined medical records of both parties and believes John B. acquired HIV in July 2000 and infected his wife within a month while they were on their honeymoon in the South Pacific.

The state Supreme Court ruled in July 2006 that she could sue her former partner for allegedly giving her the virus that causes AIDS if he had reason to know at the time that he was infected.

But the high court also set limits on how much information she could get about his past sexual partners.

Kipanya Asema....


Kipanya (Rat Character): Is it a grave? No, I don't think so maybe it is a ditch.

Barua kutoka kwa Michael Jackson

Asante mdau D.C. wa Dar kwa kuniletea hii. Ni utani lakini nadhani Michael Jackson anajuta kujikrimu mwili mzima. Bahati ana hela na anaweza kupata check-up mara kwa mara, maana wengine wanaojichuna hivyo wanakufa kwa kansa ya ngozi (skin cancer). Na hivyo siku hizi tunasikia anaumwa umwa, lazima itakuwa atahari za jinsi alivyoharibu mwili wake. Mbona kaka zake wazuri, lakini yeye alijiona mbaya. Anasema alivyo sasa ndo jinsi Mungu alivyotaka awe. Khaa! Si Mungu anakutaka uwe kamalivyokuumba?


Message from Michael Jackson


It is with a heavy heart and regret that I come to you my fellow black brothers and sisters.
Had I known that one day America would be ruled by a black man, I wouldn’t have changed my color.

Please tell me what I should do now?

Yours truly

Michael Jackson (Fellow Black)

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Yaliyompata Mdau Mlimani City

Nimeletewa hii na mdau huko Dar:



Jumamosi ya juma lililopita tarehe 22 majira ya jioni,

Nilipata nafasi ya kutembelea duka la nguo lijilikanalo Mr.Price hapo mlimani city,

Katika kujichagulia nikapenda na top moja nyeupe,mi nikaenda kuijaribisha ile top,pamoja na nguo zingine nilizozipenda,wakati naangia na ile nguo,yule dada amabye yuko mlangoni kwenye chumba cha kubadilisha akaniambia angalia nguo yangu nyeupe usije ukaichafua,ah mi nikamwambia kwa mfano ikitokea ikachafuka itakuwaje akasema ah aha mi nakuambia tu,basi mie nikajaribu kwa umakini sana tena sana lakini haikunitosha so ikawa sio chaguo langu tena,ile nguo ilivyotoka nje baada ya dakika 10 wakati najaribu nguo nyingine na kunitosha ndo nikawa naelekea kaunta kulipa zile zilizonitosha yule dada akaniitia walinzi wao kuwa nimechafua shati lao jeupe kwa wanja(make up ya machoni),na sheria yao ni kwamba mtu akichafua nguo lazima alipe.basi wakaning’an’gania nilipe ile top ya thamani ya Tsh22,000/= .kwa kweli nilighadhilika na kuwaambia kuwa mimi sitaweza kulipa maana sikuona kuwa nimechafua na kama nimeichafua ni bahati mbaya na wala hamkuniambia kuwa kuna malipo iwapo mteja akitokea kudamage nguo,basi nikawaambia hapa kwenye kapu nina nguo ya thamani ya 150,000 na hii top moja mnayotaka kuninunulisha ni 22,000 tu sasa nilipie hizi zilizonisha nah ii niache au niziache hizi za laki na nusu,wakasema utajua mwenyewe,na hapo uku mie mteja napewa lugha za kashfa na dharau mtindo mmoja kutoka kwa hawa wafanyakazi wa humo MR PRICE..Basi mie nikaawaambia mie narejesha hizi za laki na nusu na kulipia moja ya 22,000/= wakasema kwa jeuri sawa.sasa sijui hapa nani kaumia ni mimi ambaye iyo Top nilimpa mdogo wangu hapo hapo maana ilikuwa inamtosha au wao kuleta sifa mbaya na kutokuwa na customer care na kupoteza laki na nusu na kuku bali 22,000 pia kupoteza wateja?

Maana sikatai kuwa kuna watu wananunua hadi laki5 but mteja ni mteja tu hata kama akiwa mweusi mwenzio na wewe uko unafanya kazi kwenye duka la mzungu sasa unajiona na wewe mzungu,na kudharau wabongo wenzio.

Hii ni tahadhari kwa WaTanzania wenzangu watembeleapo maduka ya MR Price pale mlimani city dar es salaam,unaweza ukapata kiherehere cha kujaribu nguo labda kwa lengo la kuja kuifata kesho then ukawa hauna pesa,utajikuta umegadishwa kwa muda mrefu na kupoteza muda wako kwa wabaguzi na wasiojua biashara ya nguo kama hawa.

Ni hayo tuu.


Jitihada za Kuua Mende Zasababisha Mlipuko!

Kuna mama moja huko DeKalb, Georgia aliamua kuua mende kwenye fleti yake kwa kutumia mabomu ya kuua mende. Alitumia mabomu 14, ingawa maelekezo yanasema utumie kimoja tu kwa chumba! Nadhani alikuwa na mende wengi ndo maana aliaamua kutumia mobomu yote haya!

Matokeo yake ni kuwa alilipua fleti yake na sehemu ya jengo anayokaa. Kwa bahati nzuri hakuna mtu aliyeumia!


Roach Bombs Blamed For DeKalb Apartment Explosion

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- DeKalb County fire officials say a woman’s attempt to get rid of bugs in her apartment caused an explosion Tuesday morning.

Capt. Eric Jackson with the DeKalb County Fire Department said a woman set off 14 indoor foggers – also known as roach bombs – in her Columbia Drive apartment before she left for work. Fire officials said the foggers interacted with a pilot light which caused an explosion.

Several windows in the apartment building were blown out. Part of a brick facade on the back of the building was also blown off.

The explosion caused a loud boom, which scared residents, but no one was hurt.

The renter spoke with Channel 2’s Jovita Moore and she said she felt awful about the incident. The woman said she was sorry and that she was thankful everyone in her building was OK.

Four families were relocated to other apartments.

Nafasi ya Kazi - Uandishi wa Habari

Kama wewe ni mwandishi wa habari (hasa uandishi wa mtandaoni) na unaishi Dar es Salaam, unaweza kutuma maombi ya kuwa mwandishi wa Ghetto Radio ya Uholanzi:

I’m the editor of, and I’m looking for a young (under 40), semi-professional/professional multi-disciplinary reporter/journalist in Dar es Salaam to provide “street” content and “significant” news reports in multi-media form for the website on aregular and ongoing basis.

If you know anyone who would be perfect for the role (job description attached), you’d be doing a colleague a huge favour by sending me an e-mail with their contact details, or sending them the job descriptiondirectly.

ukitaka zaidi nenda 'Jikomboe' kwa mfalme wetu wa globu za kiswahili duniani Ndesanjo macha kwa kubofya hapa

Mh. Mramba na Mh.Yona Mahakamani!

Waheshimiwa Daniel Yona na Basil Pesambili Mramba wakiwasili mahakama ya Kisutu leo (picha kutoka Michuzi Blog)


Mramba, Yona watua kortini


Na Mwandishi Wetu, Kisutu

Vigogo wawili maarufu ambao walikuwa mawaziri katika Serikali ya awamu ya tatu na mmoja akabahatika kuwa Waziri pia katika Serikali wa awamu ya nne, leo wameburuzwa katika Mahakama ya Hakimu Mkazi Kisutu, Jijini Dar es Salaam.

Watuhumiwa hao ni aliyekuwa akiongoza Wizara ya Fedha wakati wa utawala wa Rais Mkapa, Bw. Basil Mramba na mwenzake Daniel Yona, ambaye yeye, hadi kumalizika kwa utawala wa awamu ya tatu wa Mkapa, alikuwa ndiye Waziri wa Nishati na Madini.

Taarifa za kimahakama zinaeleza kuwa, Mawaziri hao wa zamani wanakabiliwa na tuhuma za kutumia madaraka yao vibaya wakati wakiwa madarakani.

Imedaiwa kuwa Mramba na mwenzake Yona waliletwa Kisutu leo asubuhi kwa siri kubwa mno.

Taarifa hizo zimeendelea kueleza kuwa kesi hiyo nzito imepangwa kusikilizwa na hakimu Hezron Mwankenja wa Mahakama hiyo ya Kisutu.

Hata hivyo, hadi ilipokufikia mishale ya saa 3:47 asubuhi, mawaziri hao wa zamani walikuwa bado hawajapandishwa kizimbani, ingawa ilielezwa kuwa tayari walishafikishwa mahala hapo na kuhifadhiwa ndani ya gari moja, nyuma ya jengo la mahakama hiyo.

Imedaiwa zaidi kuwa walikuwa ndani ya gari moja la rangi ya kijani, lenye vioo vya giza (tinted), aina ya Toyota Land Cruiser na ambalo nambari zake za usajili zilikuwa ni zile za magari binafsi, ikiishia na ATD.

Imedaiwa zaidi kuwa Bw. Mramba na Yona, wanatuhumiwa kuyatumia vibaya madaraka yao, hasa kuhusiana na lile sakata la kampuni ya Alex Stewart ya Uingereza na pia Alex Stewart Affairs ya nchini.

Hadi Alasiri likienda mitamboni, mawaziri hao wa zamani walikuwa bado hawajasimamishwa kizimbani.

SOURCE: Alasiri


Kutoka Michuzi Blog

The Mramba-Yona Case

TWO former senior cabinet ministers appeared before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam today charged with abuse of office and occasioning loss of over 11bn/- to the government.
They have been remanded for failure to meet bail conditions.

Mramba Basil Pesambili and Daniel Aggrey Ndhira Yona, who were Minister for Finance and Minister for Mineral and Energy, respectively are facing a total of 13 counts. They pleaded "not guilty" before Resident Magistrate Hezron Mwankenja.

Thought they appeared composed on the dock as the prosecution read the charges against them, Yona was sweating profusely and kept wiping his face the whole day. Members of the public booed at them as they were being taken to remand.

The magistrate granted them bail, but on stringent conditions requiring each to deposit cash 3.9bn/- and secure two reliable sureties.

He also ordered them to surrender their passports and restrained them to leave the city without court’s permission.

None of them met the conditions and were ordered to remain in remand until December 5, when their case will be mentioned.

Investigations into the case have not been completed, the prosecution, led by a team of five prosecutors told the court.

They are Principal State Attorney Boniface Stanslaus, Senior State Attorney Frederick Manyanga and three officials from the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Hole Joseph, Benn Linkon and Tabu Mzee.

The then ministers, who are defended by advocates Michael Ngalo, Joseph Tadayo, Sam Mapande, Mafuru Mafuru and Elisa Msuya, arrived at the court premises in a PCCB vehicle, Toyota Land cruiser GX registration number T 319 ATD.

They also boarded the same vehicle when were taken to Keko Remand Prison. Their arraignment was witnessed by several people who jammed at the court premises early in the morning after learing that the duo would be brought there to answer criminal charges.

The charges against the two former ministers are not related with the scandal surrounding the External Payment Arrears (EPA) account of the Bank of Tanzania as previouslyassumed by many.

Both accused are facing jointly five charges of abuse of office and one count of occasioning loss to the government, while Mramba alone faces eight similar counts.
It is alleged that the duo committed the offences between 2002 and 2007 at their respective offices.

The prosecution alleged that between August 2002 and May 28, 2005, being employed in public service and serving as ministers, the duo abused the authority of their offices by doing several decisions.

They include arbitrarily procured M/S Alex Stewart (Assayers) UK and its subsidiary company, M/S Alex Stewart (Assayers) Government Business Corporation to sign and execute gold production assaying agreement in Tanzania in contravention of Public Procurement Act and Mining Act, respectively.

The prosecution alleged that the former ministers left the Alex Stewart (Assayers) Government Business Corporation to sign an addendum extending gold production assaying agreement for two years from June 14, 2005 to June 23, 2007 in contravention of the said Acts.

It is alleged further that the duo invited Dr. Enrique Sugura of the said company to formalise the two years extension before the Government Negotiation Team was convened to work on the matter.

The accused also abstained from attending the mining assayer’s fees issue and submitting the agreement to the Attorney General for vetting as it was recommended by the team consequent upon which act an addendum extending the gold production assaying agreement for two years.

Between June 1003 and May 28, 2005, serving as ministers, willfully and by their failure to take reasonable care or discharge their duties in reasonable manner, the duo unjustifiably allegedly processed a gold production assaying agreement with a clause number 4.3.1.

The prosecution alleged that the said clause led to unjustified tax exemption in favour of M/S Alex Stewart) Assayers) Government Business Corporation, thereby occasioning loss to the government to the tune of 11,752,350,148/-.

While Mramba alone, the prosecution alleged, between October 10, 2004 and November 15, 2005, as Minister for Finance, abused the authority of his office by arbitrarily doing several unjustified decisions.

They include ignoring the recommendation by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) not to grant tax exemption to M/S Alex Stewart Assayers) Government Business Corporation.

He also allegedly processed and issued Government Notices (GN) No. 423/2003, 424/2003, 497/2004, 498/2004, 377/2005,378/2005, which granted tax exemption to the whole of withholding income tax payable by the said company contrary to the recommendations given by the TRA.

Between 2003 and 2007 in the city, as Minister for Finance, willfully and by his failure to take reasonable care of to discharge his duties in a reasonable manner, Mramba unjustifiably allegedly signed the said government notices.

The said notices, according to the prosecution, had the effect of exempting the said company from paying income tax, thereby occasioning loss to the government of the said 11bn/-.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama, hii mitindo ya Nywele ni Marufuku!

Asante mdau D.C. wa Dar kwa kuniletea hii.

Mike Sikawa Laid to Rest



Kutoka Daily News:

Mike Sikawa laid to rest


Daily News; Monday, November 24, 2008

Former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa, accompanied by his wife Regina, yesterday led hundreds of mourners from all walks of life at the burial of veteran journalist Mike Sikawa at Mareu village in Arumeru district, Arusha region.

The well-attended burial service was preceded by paying last respects at the Mareu Rural Cooperative Society grounds, a stone’s throw away from his place of domicile. Mike was laid to rest at the family’s farm where his father and mother were buried.

Prior to paying last respects several speakers, including Mr Lowassa, described Mike as one of the outstanding journalists in the country and Africa at large. The same was echoed by the head of the BBC Kiswahili Service, Solomon Mugera who led a team of four BBC staff to represent the Broadcasting House.

“Although Mike had been sick for a long time, his colleagues did not know because he did not show any sign and continued working normally. This proved that Mike was a hard working journalist and was ready to go out for assignments without showing any hesitation much as he was sick,” said Mr Mogera.

The mourners, who included the clergymen from various churches, government leaders, representatives from AICC, Tanapa and Retired General Mirisho Sarakikya, said the only way to remember Mike is to continue practicing excellent journalism. Mike joined the 'Daily News' and 'Sunday News' in 1975 until 1994 when he joined the BBC. He begun battling with diabetes in 1978 and underwent several treatments inside and outside the country until November 18 when he lost the battle.


Navyokumbuka mimi aliondoka Daily News 1984. Na siyo 1994. Walibandika notice ubaoni newsroom kutujulisha.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tarzan wa Bongo

Mnakumbuka ile hadithi ya Tarzan ya kijana wa kizungu aliyelelewa na wanyama kwenye pori Afrika? Naona huyo kijana Baraka ni Tarzan wa kweli. Vyombo vya habari vya nje vikipata hii habari mtasikia hata Hollywood wanatengeneza sinema juu yake.


Mtoto amlilia nyani aliyemlea

Na Godfrey Monyo

Kijana Baraka Bahati Rose (11) aliyelelewa na nyani porini kwa miaka zaidi ya mitano anamlilia `mama yake` huyo mlezi na akasema kuwa heri asingeuawa.

Alisema nyani huyo aliyemlea ndiye anayempenda zaidi na hakukuwa na haja ya kuuawa.

Bahati alikuwa akizungumza na Nipashe jana jijini Dar es Salaam ilipomtembea kwa lengo la kujua namna anavyoishi.

Alisema hakumbuki wala hajui alifikaje huko msituni ila anajua kuwa kulikuwa na mnyama mkubwa aliyekuwa akimtunza na kumlinda katika majanga yote yaliyokuwa yakitokea msituni kule.

Bahati alisema anakumbuka wakati askari wa wanyamapori walipokuwa wakijaribu kumchukua katika mikono ya nyani huyo alipigwa risasi mguuni jambo ambalo lilimsababishia maumivu makubwa.

Mtoto huyo alisema angependa siku moja kuwa daktari ama polisi na angependa kusoma kama wanavyosoma watoto wengine.

``Nataka kuwa polisi au daktari kama walivyo watu wengine,`` alisema mtoto huyo huku akishika shika vitu na mara nyingine akitaka kukaa chini kana kwamba anataka kuanza kuruka ruka kama nyani.

Mtoto huyo hata hivyo haonekani kama akili zake zimeshakuwa sawa kutokana na uwezo wake mdogo wa kujua mambo ukilinganisha na watoto wengine wenye umri wake.

Aidha, mtoto huyo anazungumza kwa shida kama wanavyofanya watoto wanapoanza kujifunza kuzungumza.

Pia, lafudhi na mpangilio wa maneno ya Kiswahili anayozungumza yana mapungufu mengi.

Naye mama mlezi wa mtoto huyo, Rose Mbwambo, ambaye ndiye aliyekubali kumtunza na kuja naye Dar es Salaam akitokea Shinyanga, alisema imani yake ndiyo iliyomsukuma kumsaidia mtoto huyo.

Alisema kuwa wapo watu wengi wanaoguswa na tatizo la mtoto huyo, lakini wanaogopa kumsaidia.

``Mimi nilipoelezwa namna mtoto huyu anavyopata shida na jinsi alivyookotwa niliamua kumchukua na kuja naye ili apate msaada kwa wasamaria wema wengine,`` alisema mama huyo.

Kuhusu mtoto huyo, alisema kama akichukia hukunja uso na kuwa na sura kama ya nyani kabisa, sio mwoga na anajiamini kupita kiasi.

Aidha, alisema kuwa mtoto huyo ni mbunifu wa mambo mbalimbali na kila akiona kitu lazima ahakikishe anakichunguza hadi akijue.

Nipashe ilipowasiliana na Katibu Tawala Wilaya ya Bukombe mkoani Shinyanga, Michael Nhende, alithibitisha mtoto huyo kuokotwa msituni na alikuwa akiishi na nyani huyo.

Alisema katika eneo la mbuga ya Usanga alipookotwa mtoto huyo hakuna mtu ambaye hajui habari ya Bahati na wala sio habari ya kutunga.

Mtoto huyo aliokolewa kutoka katika mbuga hiyo mwaka 2005 na kupelekwa katika Hospitali ya Ushirombo.

SOURCE: Nipashe

Ubumbumbu wa Sarah Palin Unaendelea!

Kinchoshangaza ni kuwa katoka kumsamehe bata mzinga kama desturi ya magavana wa Marekani wakati wa sikukuu ya Thanksgving. Halalfu hapo anaongea huko nyuma yake bata mzinga wanachinjwa.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Kipanya Asema....

UK Counsulate Official: Get out of my way! As of today, all your visa requests will be processed in Kenya!

Kipanya (Rat Character): You're sucking up to Obama!? Why don't you just close down the Counsulate!

Waziri Mkuu Pinda

Waziri Mizengo Pinda akiwa ndani ya vazi la jadi huku akishika silaha za jadi katika ziara yake ya "kuhimiza maendeleo" mkoani Dodoma hivi karibuni (Picha: Prime Minister's Office).

Asante Faustine's Baraza Blog:

Mwinjilisti na Mkewe Wauawa Tanzania

Namwomba mungu hao waliofanya huo unyama wakamatwe!
Mungu alaze roho za marehemu mahala pema mbinguni. AMEN.



Mwinjilisti, mkewe wauawa kwa bomu


Na Leonard Mubali, Ngara

Mwinjilisti wa Kanisa la Anglikana na mkewe, wakazi wa kijiji cha Mukubu, Tarafa ya Murusagamba, wilaya ya Ngara mkoani Kagera, wameuawa kwa bomu la kutupwa kwa mkono lililorushwa kwenye nyumba yao usiku wa manane wakiwa wamelala.

Bomu hilo lilimkata kichwa Mwinjilisti, Reverian Mlengera (52 ), na kusababisha kifo chake papo hapo.

Tukio hilo lilitokea usiku wa kuamkia juzi baada ya bomu hilo kurushwa katika nyumba ya Mwinjilisti huyo na kundi la watu wasiofahamika.

Ilielezwa kuwa, siku hiyo ya tukio, kundi hilo la watu, lilifika kijijini hapo na kuvunja dirisha la nyumba ya Mwinjilisti huyo na kurusha bomu la mkono kitandani alipokuwa amelala na mkewe ambalo lililipuka na kumkata kichwa huku likimkata mkono wa kulia mkewe, Leokadia Reverian (44).

Hata hivyo, mkewe huyo alipoteza maisha saa chache baadaye kutokana na kuvuja damu nyingi.

Baadhi ya wakazi wa kijiji hicho, waliiambia PST kuwa, baada ya kufanya unyama huo, watu hao waliingia ndani ya nyumba ya Mwinjilisti na kupora redio kaseti moja, kilo 20 za karanga na debe moja la maharage vyote vikiwa na thamani ya Sh. 60,000 na kisha kutokomea.

Mtendaji wa kijiji hicho cha Mkubu, Nicodem Daniel, aliiambia PST kuwa mauaji hayo ni ya kinyama na yamefanywa na watu wanaodhania kuwa wametoka nchi jirani ya Burundi wakishirikiana na baadhi ya wenyeji wasio waaminifu.

Alisema walimlenga marehemu kwa kuwa alikuwa kipingamizi kwa baadhi ya watu waliokuwa wakipita maeneo hayo wakiwa na silaha kuelekea nje ya vijiji hivyo kwani alikuwa mmstari wa mbele katika utoaji taarifa zinazohusu ulinzi na usalama.

Aidha, mtendaji huyo aliongeza kuwa marehemu alikuwa akiwazuia wahamiaji haramu kuingia na kulima katika kijiji hicho suala ambalo wanalihusisha kwa karibu na uvamizi huo uliosababisha kifo chake.

Nicodem alisema tukio hilo la aina yake ni la pili kutokea kijijini hapo ambapo miezi mitatu iliyopita mtu mmoja na mke wake waliuawa kwa kukatwakatwa kwa mapanga katika kitongoji cha Nyakapandi kijijini Mkubu.

Jeshi la polisi wilayani Ngara wamefika eneo la tukio na kuthibitisha kuuawa kwa mwinjilisti huyo.

Mwinjilisti huyo ameacha watoto watatu, mvulana mmoja na wasichana wawili.

SOURCE: Nipashe

Babu Vipi?

Yaani dume ni dume tu! Khaa!

Breaking News - Kitengo cha UKIMWI Muhimibili Kinaungua Moto!


Kuna taarifa iliyosambaa jijini Dar kuwa jengo la kitengo cha ukimwi pamoja na kliniki yao vinateketea kwa moto. Habari zaidi zitaendelea kumiminika baadae. Moto huo umeanzia stoo.

Walimu Wachachamaa Tena!

Walimu wakitafuta majina yao

OFISI za maDC na Maded wa Temeke na Kinondoni leo zilipata matatizo kidogo wakati walimu walipovamia kutaka kujua kulikoni baada ya majina yao kutokuonekana katika karatasi za malipo kwenye mbao.Pichani ni walimu wakiangalia majina yao.Imeelezwa kuwa wilaya ya Kinondoni zaidi ya walimu 200 walijiandikisha kuuliza kulikoni kwingine wakafanya maandamano.

OniSomething is wrong somewhere kwanini taarifa sahihi zisitolewe kuhusu nini kinafanyika mbona watu wanafanya vitu vionekane kama matusi? Na nilipowatafuta jamaa kujazia stori kila mtu akawa anaruka kimanga. Kuna shida kwelikweli na ofisi hizi za umma, utafiti vile wanalinda magunia ya bangi. - Lukwangule
Nami nauliza hivi Tanzania walimu wetu wanadhauruliwa kiasi hicho? Hao walimu wanakazi nzito ya kuelimisha watoto wetu. Kazi wataweza kufanya vizuri kweli kama wanakuwa na wasiwasi wa kulipwa mshahara, tena ambao wamekwishaifanyia kazi? Hii ni aibu sana. Zamani shule za serikali zilikuwa za hakika lakini siku hizi mmmmh!- Chemi

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mike Sikawa wa BBC Afariki Dunia

(Mike Sikawa 1982 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Mike alinitumia hizi picha nikiwa denti Form Five, Tabora Girls. Mbona nilitamba nazo, kwanza zilikuwa za rangi, halafu pili alikuwa mwandishi wa habari maarufu sana hivyo kujuana naye ilikuwa fahari kweli. Miaka yote hii nimekaa nazo.)


Nimepokea habari za kusikitisha sana leo. Mwandishi wa Habari wa BBC, Mike Sikawa, amefariki dunia. Aliwahi kufanya kazi Daily News. Alikuwa na kipaji mkubwa wa kuandika habari mpaka Daily News walimpa 'special privileges'.

Nilikutana naye kwa mara ya kwanza nikiwa nasoma 'A' levels Tabora Girls. Nilikuwa likizo Dar na tuliktana kwenye party Chuo Kikuu cha DSM. Wakati huo Mike Sikawa alikuwa maarufu sana. Nilimwambia kuwa nataka kuwa mwandishi wa habari na yeye alisema kuwa huo kazi haufai mwanamke. Nikamwambia kuwa hata hivyo bado nataka kuwa mwandishi wa habari. Nilianza kazi Daily News Agosti 1984, na baada ya muda mfupi yeye alitoka na kwenda Uingereza. Nilikutana naye tena miaka ya 90 na Mike aliniambia kuwa alijua nitakuwa na mafanikio makubwa katika uandishi wa habari.

Nakumbuka huo ugonjwa wa kisukari ulianza kumsumbua wakati huo na ndo ulimaliza.

Mungu ailaze roho yake mahala pema mbinguni. Amen.

Kutoka Lukwangule Blog:

Mike Sikawa wa BBC afariki dunia

MTANGAZAJI wa idhaa ya Kiswahili ya Shirika la Utangazaji la Uingereza (BBC), Mike Sikawa (55) ,amefariki dunia jana mchana baada ya kusumbuliwa kwa muda mrefu na ugonjwa wa kisukari.

Sikawa, ambaye pia aliwahi kufanya kazi katika Kampuni ya Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN) inayomiliki magazeti ya Daily News na HabariLeo, alifariki dunia juzi majira ya saa 8.47 mchana nyumbani kwake Njiro, nje kidogo ya mji wa Arusha.

Kwa mujibu wa mdogo wake marehemu, Mchungaji Charles Sikawa, ndugu yake alikuwa akisumbuliwa na ugonjwa wa kisukari kwa muda mrefu na kutokewa na kidonda mguuni.
Mchungaji huyo alisema ndugu yake alipata matibabu katika hospitali mbalimbali hapa nchini ikiwamo AICC, KCMC, St. Thomas na Hospitali ya Rufaa ya Muhimbili iliyoko Dar es Salaam lakini hakupata nafuu yoyote.

Alisema ilifika wakati nusura akatwe mguu uliokuwa na kidonda lakini madaktari walifanikiwa kukwangua nyama ya mguu wa kidonda lakini haikuweza kusaidia.
Mchungaji huyo aliendelea kusema kuwa baada ya kuhangaika kwa muda mrefu katika hospitali mbalimbali hapa nchini na kushindwa kupata nafuu, Sikawa alikuwa akipata matibabu akiwa nyumbani kwake hadi alipofikwa na mauti.

Alizaliwa King’ori wilayani Arumeru mkoani Arusha na kusoma elimu ya msingi katika eneo hilo kabla ya kufaulu na kuendelea na elimu ya sekondari katika shule ya Ilboru na Mzumbe ya mkoani Morogoro.

Katika miaka ya 1970, aliajiriwa katika kampuni ya TSN kama mwandishi wa kawaida na baadaye kujiunga na idhaa ya Kiswahili ya BBC kama mtangazaji. Ameacha mjane na watoto wawili ambao wako Amerika ya Kusini.

Mipango ya maziko inasubiri ndugu, jamaa na marafiki walioko nje ya mkoa wa Arusha na sehemu zote alizofanyia kazi.

Wakati huo huo, Naibu Katibu Mkuu wa Umoja wa Mataifa, Dk. Asha-Rose Migiro ametuma salamu za rambimbi kutokana na kifo cha mwandishi huyo na kuelezea jinsi alivyoguswa na msiba huo.

Dk. Migiro alisema alipoteuliwa kushika wadhifa huo katika UN, Sikawa alikuwa mwandishi wa kwanza kumtafuta kwa ajili ya kumhoji juu ya uteuzi huo.

Kwa habari zaidi soma:

Albino Mjamzito Akatwa Mikono Bongo!

Wadau, kwa nini siku hizi tunazidi kusikia habari za kupigwa au kuuliwa wa albino (zeruzeru) Bongo. Mbona zamani tulikuwa hatusikii habari za albino kunyanyaswa hivyo? Khaa! Utu wetu umeenda wapi?


Albino mjamzito avamiwa usiku

Na Mwandishi Wetu, Kagera

Mama mmoja mwenye ulemavu wa ngozi yaani albino, ambaye pia ni mjamzito, amevamiwa na watu watatu akiwemo jirani yao usiku wa manane na kumfyeka mikono.

Majeruhi huyo aliyefahamika kwa jina la Bi.Mariamu Stanfod amesema kuwa akiwa amelala na wadogo zake, alivamiwa na wahalifu hao kisha wakamkata mikono na kutoweka.

Amesema kutokana na kupoteza mkono, sasa anahitaji msaada hasa utakapofika wakati wa kujifungua na jinsi ya kumhudumua mototo wake.

Kaimu Mganga Mkuu wa Hospitali Tteule ya Mrugwanza ambayo amelazwa majeruhi huyo, Dk. Maginus Ndolichimpa, amesema mwanamama huyo alikatwa na kitu chenye ncha kali.

Akasema kitu kilichotumika kumkata mikono kilikuwa na kutu inayoozesha vidonda, hali inayowalazimisha kusafisha vidonda hivyo kila siku ili kumnusuru majeruhi huyo na kansa ya mifupa.

Baba mzazi wa Marimu, Bw. Stanfod Bandaba amesema, baada ya kushitushwa na kelele za mtoto wake aliyekuwa akiomba msaada, alitoka nje na kuwakuta wahalifu hao wakiwa wamezingira nyumba yake.

Amesema hata hivyo wahalifu hao walifanikiwa kutoroka ila kutokana na maelezo ya Mariamu wameweza kubaini mmoja ni jirani yao.

Bw. Bandaba amesema wananchi walifanikiwa kumtamata jirani huyo akiwa nyumbani kwake na kumfikisha kituo cha Polisi.

Amesema kwa yeyote atakayegushwa na tukio na angependa kumsaidia Bi. Marimu, atumie akaunti namba 3211601173 au awasiliane na Kaimu Mganga Mkuu wa hospitali hiyo kwa simu namba 0785-424299, au 0755- 8019 17.

SOURCE: Alasiri

Al Qaeda wamtishia Obama

Barack Obama ni rais mteule wa Marekani hata hajaapishwa, na tayari Al Qaeda wanamtumia vitisho! Doh! Wanamtukana na kusema kuwa ingawa baba yake ni mwislamu na kakulia kikristo anawaabudu wayehudi!

Unaweza kupata habari zote CNN.

Vitisho vinazidi juu ya maisha ya Barack Obama na familia yake. Kuna wazungu wachache wenye hasira kwa vile kashinda. Wanaona kuwa nguvu ya mzungu Marekani umepungua. Na nasema acha ipungue weusi na watu wengi wasio wazungu wamenyanyaswa kweli hapa Marekani. Hii nchi ina historia chafu na mbaya mno kwa upande wa ubaguzi.

Wataalamu wanasema kuwa Sarah Palin alichochochea huo ubaguzi ambayo tunaiona leo. Watoto wadogo wanasema "Mwue Obama", Misalaba inachomwa kwenye nyumba za weusi, nyumba na magari ya weusi zinachorwa na maneno ya kukashifu weusi na matukio mengi.

Mnaweza kusoma habari zaidi hapa:
Mimi nadhani Obama atakuwa ni rais mzuri kuliko wote hapa Marekani. Kwanza hapa USA ukiwa mweusi ni lazima uchape kazi mara nne ya mzungu. Hivyo tayari tunajua atachapa kazi zaidi. Watu wana matumaini makubwa juu yake. Obama ana kazi kubwa sana ya kujenga nchi aliyobomoa Bush.

Na naomba kuuliza, Bush yuko wapi siku hizi? Hata zile hotoba zake za kila wiki kwenye redio zimezidi kuwa fupi. Bush kachoka na nadhani siku akiondoka White House atafurahi sana.

Salamu kutoka familia ya Baracka Obama

Familia ya Barack Obama inawatumia salamu za msimu wa sikukuu.

Happy Holidays from the Obama Family

WAPI Novemba


Programu yetu itaanza saa 9 Alasiri Mpaka 2 usiku (3pm-8pm) Ngome Kongwe (Old Fort)




Mashindano ya uchoraji kwa vijana chini ya miaka 17

Mchakato wa kumtafuta Emsii wa WaPi

Ushindani katika kipaza sauti


Dr Mjusi na Profesa Kazi – Dar es salaam (Muziki na vichekesho)

Black Roots

Chabi 6 & Mr Mvuto

Zero Kasorobo

Na Ngoma asilia

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Urgent- Casting Notice African Women

Wadau, hii ni nafasi yenu:


November 25, 2008

Boston University Medical Center
Dowling 7
One Boston Medical Center Place
Boston, MA 02118

12pm to 8pm

Bob Dreissig

Boston Medical Center and the U.S. DHHS Office of Minority Health is having an open casting for a series of videos directed to African immigrant and refugee women and focusing on issues of women’s health.

We are looking for female African women actors playing the roles of patients, friends, relatives, etc. These are speaking roles. The ages range from teenagers to women in their mid 40’s.

We also need one African male, who plays the role of a husband. His age is between 25 and 45.

We need Extras with non-speaking roles. The ages range from 5 – 35.

All cast personnel must be available for Rehearsal on Friday, December 5, 2008 and for Shoot days from December 2 – 11. We will only be shooting two of these days. As of now, we are focusing on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 9 & 10.

These are paying roles and you must contact Bob Dreissig from Playback, Inc. at 508-655-3555 for more details.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Swahili Time itarudi Jumatano 11-19-08

Wadau, niko safarini. Blog itakuwa updated Jumatano ijayo November 19, 2008.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tiba ya UKIMWI!!!

Wadau, hivi kweli inawezekana tiba imepatika ya UKIMWI? Ila navyoona kama ni tiba itakuwa ghali sana. Hizo tiba za kansa zina bei kweli.

Tuombe kuwa hii tiba ni tiba ambayo dunia umeusubiri kwa muda mrefu mno na utaponyesha watu wengi walioathirika na UKIMWI na virusi vya UKIMWI.



Cancer Treatment Might Offer Clue To AIDS Cure

Doctors at a Berlin hospital were surprised to discover that, while treating a man for cancer, they also rid his blood of the HIV virus. This could yield a new direction in the fight against AIDS.

The patient in question was a 42-year-old American living in Berlin who was undergoing a bone marrow transplant at that city's Charite hospital.

The bone-marrow donors were selected because they possessed a rare HIV-resistant genetic mutation since the man had to stop taking AIDS-inhibiting medication for the cancer treatment to work.

On Wednesday, Nov. 12, doctors announced that after two years of treatment, not only had the patient not contracted AIDS -- his blood now appeared to be clear of HIV infection.

"There is no longer demonstrable evidence that the patient is infected," Eckhard Thiel, Director of Charite's Clinic for Hematology and Oncology, told reporters. "We're very happy and proud to have achieved this breakthrough."

Thiel added that the result was the first of its kind ever recorded in the world.

The question is now: What could it mean in the search for a cure for HIV-AIDS?

No immediate remedy
Some 2 million people died of AIDS in 2005

Scientists cautioned that the fact that the HIV virus can no longer be detected in the patient's blood stream does not necessarily mean it is absent from his entire body.

"The HIV virus could be in the spleen, the lymph nodes, the nerve cells -- anywhere really," Norbert Brockmeyer, a clinic director at the university hospital of Bochum, told the online edition of the news magazine Der Spiegel.

And even if effective against HIV, several factors argue against the idea that similar treatments could be carried out on a wide-spread basis.

Bone marrow transplants and the accompanying chemotherapy are themselves dangerous procedures, and the patient in question was fortunate in having a genetic make-up that allowed for an unusually high number of potential donors.

Charite doctors say they are monitoring the patient's health and are prepared to put him back on anti-retroviral drugs if the HIV infection reappears.

"We cannot say with certainty that the virus won't begin replicating itself in the future," Thomas Schneider, Charite's Director of Infectology, told a press conference. "But the mere fact that it hasn't yet done so, is a minor sensation."

More research will be needed to determine what exact significance, if any, the breakthrough at the Charite has for the overall fight against AIDS.

Today, more than 38 million people, mostly in Africa and Asia, are estimated to be infected with HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.

Wimbo 'Barack's House'

Wadau, ni lazima msikilize huu wimbo! SAFI MNO!

UPDATE - Kifo cha Miriam Makeba 'Mama Africa'

Body of S African singing legend Makeba arrives home

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) — South African singing legend and activist "Mama Africa" Miriam Makeba on Wednesday made her final journey home, arriving in Johannesburg from Italy where she died age 76.

Makeba's wooden coffin was met at OR Tambo Airport by the singer's family, who were joined by arts minister Pallo Jordan and several prominent South African musicians.

Family and friends led a procession of cars to take the coffin from the airport to a mortuary in Soweto, radio reports said.

The South African cabinet was discussing a state funeral for Makeba during its weekly meeting, said arts ministry spokesman Sandile Memela.

"There is no doubt that the whole question of whether Mama Africa should recieve a state funeral will definitely come up," said Memela.

"A decision has not yet been made but it is hoped that at the end of the meeting... we'll know what the plans are."

Makeba's band, who returned to South Africa on Tuesday, gave details of the star's final concert to the local media.

"She was enjoying herself," Zamo Mbutho, a backing singer and composer with the band, told the Sowetan newspaper.

The audience had loved her performance, althought she played fewer songs than originally planned. She finished off with "Pata Pata", one of her best known hits, he added.

"After the song she thanked the audience, blew kisses at them with a radiant smile and left the stage. As she went past me, she put the mic on the drum. As she went down the stairs, she fell."

"It was the first time she left alone," guitarist Mandla Zikalala told the Star.

Born in Johannesburg on March 4, 1932, Makeba was one of Africa's best known singers, famed for hits such as "Pata Pata" and "The Click Song" but also for speaking out about the abuses of apartheid.

South Africa's white regime revoked Makeba's citizenship in 1960 and even refused to let her return for her mother's funeral. The singer spent more than three decades in exile, living in the United States, Guinea and Europe.

Makeba won a Grammy award for Best Folk Recording with US singer Harry Belafonte in 1965. But her music was outlawed in her homeland after she appeared in an anti-apartheid film.

"I kept my culture. I kept the music of my roots," she said in her biography. "Through my music I became this voice and image of Africa, and the people, without even realising."

While she was still in enforced exile, she performed with Paul Simon in the US singer's 1987 Graceland concert in Zimbabwe, neighbouring South Africa.

She finally returned to her homeland in the 1990s after Nelson Mandela was released from prison, as the apartheid system they had both fought for so long began to be dismantled.

But it took her six years to find someone in the South African recording industry to produce a record with her. She entitled it "Homeland."

Ajaribu Kuuza Mke Wake Zeruzeru

Wadau, huyo mwanaume ni mshenzi kupindukia! Naomba akamatwe na anyongwe hadharani! Yaani jamaa alitaka kumwuza mke wake ambaye ni zeruzeru albino. Hivi alimwoa kwa nia gani, kumwuza?

Bora wazazi wamchukue binti wao maana huyo jamaa alikuwa ni shetani!


Kutoka BBC News

Man 'tried to sell' albino wife

This albino grave was sealed to stop people digging up the body
Police in southern Tanzania say they have arrested a man accused of attempting to sell his albino wife.

The man was allegedly planning to sell his wife to two Congolese businessmen for around $3,000.

Albinos have been living in fear in Tanzania after a series of killings due to a belief their body parts can make magic potions more effective.

At least 27 people with albinism have been killed since March, including a seven-month old baby.
President Jakaya Kikwete ordered a police crackdown on those involved in the killings, and 170 witchdoctors have since been arrested.

But BBC investigations suggest that some police are being "bought off" in order to look away when such crimes are committed.

Angry parents

Rukwa regional police commander Isunto Damian Mantage said the fisherman was arrested following a tip-off from an informer, according to the Daily News newspaper.

His wife was not aware that he was planning to sell her off, police say.

Mr Mantage says the wife's angry parents have decided to take back their daughter.

The businessmen managed to escape arrest, and are suspected to have fled back to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The police have asked Interpol to help track them down, the newspaper reported.

The recent attacks on albinos have been linked to witchdoctors who are peddling the belief that potions made from an albino's legs, hair, hands, and blood can make a person rich.

Albinism affects one in 20,000 people worldwide, but in Tanzania the prevalence appears to be much higher.

The Albino Association of Tanzania says that although just 4,000 albinos are officially registered in the country, they believe the actual number could be as high as 173,000.

A census is now underway to verify the figures.


Wadau, ni kwa nini Tanzania tuna idadi kubwa ya albino kuliko nchi zingine?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hotoba ya Mwalimu Nyeyere

Asante sana Da Subi kwa hii:


Karibu kumsikiliza Mwalimu J.K Nyerere katika hotuba aliyoitoa sikuya Jumanne, Machi 14, 1995 katika iliyokuwa hoteli ya Kilimanjaro.

Hotuba ya Mwl. J.K Nyerere siku ya Jumanne Machi 14, 1995 (sehemu ya1/3)


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Habari Moto moto

Kwa habari moto moto tembelea:


Utabiri wa Robert Kennedy

Marehemu Robert Kennedy, mdogo wake John F. Kennedy ambaye aliuawawa mwaka 1963 akiwa rais wa Marekani, alitabiri mwaka 1968 kuwa huenda baada ya miaka 40 mtu mweusi ataweza kuwa rais.

Just for common knowledge: Negro was the politically correct term for identifying black people in the 1960?s, instead of the other word, so Bobby Kennedy was being quite respectful to Black (African Americans) in that aspect when he gave this quote at that time.

But aside from that, his words were prophetic. Kennedy said this in 1968, here it is 2008? Exactly FORTY YEARS LATER!!! One of those things that make you say hmmm.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Miriam Makeba akiimba Pata Pata

Miriam Makeba akiimba Brazil 1968.

Rest in Peace - Miriam Makeba 'Mama Africa'

Miriam Makeba akiimba huko Italia jana muda mfupi kabla ya kifo chake. Watu waliokuwepo wanasema aliimba vizuri mno na alivyomaliza walikuwa wanataka aimbe tena, lakini ndo alishaanguka na kukimbizwa hospitalini.

Miriam Makeba 1932-2008

Mwimbaji maarufu wa Afrika Kusini, Mama Miriam Makeba amefariki dunia huko Italia. Habari zinasema kuwa alikuwa anafanya oncert huko na alianguka mara baada ya kumaliza kuimba. Wanasema kuwa alipata ugonjwa wa moyo (Heart attack). Mama Makeba alikuwa na miaka 76.

Alikuwa ni mcheza sinema pia, aliigiza kama mama yake, Sarafina, kaitika sinema Sarafina, na sinema zingine.

Nyimbo zake kama Malaika, Pata Pata, The Click song na Jikele Maweni zilikuwa maarufu sana miaka ya 60 na 70 na pia aliwahi kushinda tuzo la Grammy Marekani.

Mungu ailaze roho yake mahala pema mbinguni. AMEN.


South African Singer Miriam Makeba Dies

November 10, 2008 ,

Diane Coetzer, Johannesburg

South Africans are mourning the loss of Grammy-winning singer Miriam Makeba, who died in Italy last night (Nov. 9).

The singer has been described as "one of the greatest songstresses of our time," by the country's Foreign Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, and tributes to Makeba are pouring in from her creative collaborators.

Makeba died at the Veneto Verde hospital near Naples after performing at the Castel Volturno.

Although no official word has been received of the cause of death, the 76-year-old reportedly suffered a heart attack after taking part in a concert for Roberto Saviano, a writer threatened with death by the Mafia over his expose "Gomorrah." Her last performance was a half-hour set alongside other singers and artists.

Makeba's publicist, Cape Town-based Marc le Chat, has confirmed that the singer had been struggling with arthritis over the past years but had still been accepting key live dates.

Many here are seeing it as important that "Mama Africa" -- as Makeba was dubbed -- died after performing for a cause that puts human rights in the spotlight.

Makeba had first come to fame as a singer with the Manhattan Brothers in the 1950s. She later formed her own group, the Skylarks, and joined the cast of the now iconic musical "King Kong." In 1959 she starred in the anti-apartheid documentary "Come Back, Africa," which led to a meeting with Harry Belafonte, who helped Makeba gain entry to the United States, where she lived in exile.

Among her many notable achievements was becoming the first African woman to win a Grammy, gor Best Folk Recording in 1966 with Belafonte for "An Evening With Belafonte/Makeba." Makeba also scored hits with "Pata Pata" and "The Click Song."

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Majina ya Watoto Bukoba

Nimeletewa hii kwa e-mail, sijui kama ni utani au ni kweli.


Yafuatayo ni majina ya watoto waliozaliwa Juzi huko Kanyigo Bukoba Kagera Baada ya Obama kushinda Uchaguzi mkuu wa USA:

baraka Rutabanzibwa

Wapenzi wa Obama Uturuki

Asante kwa kuleta habari hizi.


Kijiji Uturuki chachinja kondoo 44 kumtolea kafara Obama

Baada ya Barack Obama kuchaguliwa kuwa rais wa 44 wa Marekani
wanakijiji wa Cavustepe katika Mkoa wa Van nchini Uturuki wameamua
kumtolea kafara mheshimiwa Obama kwa kumchinjia kondoo 44.

kwa habari kamili na picha zaidi link ni

Visit for Tanzania and world news

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Casting Call - The Cougar


The search is on for charming, attractive, adventurous guys 21-29 are interested in vying for the attention of a successful, smokin’ hot, older woman!
If you or someone you know fits the bill, then meet us for our OPEN CALL at:

FELT Boston
533 Washington St. Boston, MA 02111
Saturday, November 15, 2008

*To submit via home tape if you are unable to attend the casting event, please email contact information & recent pictures to:*

Friday, November 07, 2008

Sura ya Obama Ichongwe Mt. Rushmore!

Na mimi nadhani Barack Obama anastahili nafasi huko Mt. Rushmore. Sura za marais huko ni,
Baba wa Taifa wa Marekani George Washington, Rais Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln na Theodore Roosevelt.

Picha hii ni asante Photoshop.

Mbwa wa Rais Bush amwuma Mwandishi wa Habari

Barney Bush na master wake Rais Bush (Bush anasema kuwa Barney ni mtoto wake wa kiume)
Kadi ya salamu kutoka kwa Barney Bush
Barney akimwuma Jonathan Decker

Mbwa wa rais Bush, Barney, jana alimwuma kwenye kidole, mwandishi wa habari wa Reuters, Jonathan Decker. Decker alitaka ku-pet kichwani ndo Barney kamwuma.
Mimi nashangaa wazungu hapa Marekani. Kila jibwa wanataka kumpeti. Na pia unatakiwa kumpeti mbwa wa watu hata kama hutaki ilikuonyesha urafiki. Kwa kweli hapa Marekani mbwa wengi wamezoea zoea kuwa petted na watu wasiowajua. Kuna madai kuwa mbwa anakuwa na hasira za master wake. Hivi ina maana Rais Bush saa hizi ana hasira kutokana na ushindi wa Obama?
Kuna madai kuwa si mara ya kwanza kwa Barney Bush kumwuma mtu. Amewahi kuuma wageni waliotembelea White House.
Wachekesaji wametoa sababu saba za Barney Bush kumwuma Decker:
1. Barney was tired of all of the bad press
2. Barney was fearful that the reporter was a terrorist
3. Barney was giving the reporter the traditional White House greeting
4. Barney was showing everyone who really runs the Bush household
5. Barney was bored and trying to get Bush to stop watching the Country Channel
6. Barney was trying to do one more thing to make sure no one forgets about Bush
7. Barney was saying "good-bye." Just like Bush, he knows his days are number.

Kwa habari zaidi someni:

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wamtoa Padre Kiazi Matakoni!

Huko Uingereza kuna padre katolewa kiazi matakoni wikiendi hii iliyopita. Ni kweli kabisa.

Padre alivyofika hospitalini (Sheffield Northern General Hospital) alidai kuwa eti alikuwa anatundika mapazia kwenye dirisha halafu kaanguka kwenye meza na kukalia hicho kiazi! Eti alikuwa uchi wakati anatundika hizo pazia! Khaa!
Wakati iko huko aliweza kwenda haja kubwa kweli? Au, ilikuwa kama kizibo ndo maana aliamua kwenda hospitalini.

Nauliza huyo padre alikuwa anafanya nini na hiyo kiazi kweli? Duniani kuna mambo.