Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waziri Mkuu wa Eithiopia Meles Zenawi Afariki?

PM Meles Zenawi
 UPDATE 8/1/12:  His death has not been confirmed:

ESAT: Dictator Meles Zenawi has died at the age of 57

July 31, 2012 — Prime Minsiter Meles Zenawi passed away from an unspecified aliment in a Brussels' hospital, according to Ethiopian Satellite Radio and Television (ESAT) in its nightly raido broadcast.

Citing the International Crisis Group and western diplomatic sources for its claims, the Amsterdam-based news agency said the 57-year-old dictator's death is being covered up by the regime to buy time for a successor.

Meles has not been publicly seen in 40 days, fueling speculations that his health has deteriorated. During his absence, he has missed key events, including the two-day AU Summit held in Addis Ababa and a number of state visits.

Last week, unnamed European diplomats told the AFP and the Telegraph news agencies that Meles was in 'critical' condition and may not survive his aliment.

The other day, veteran fighter and Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front founder, Sehbat Nega, said Meles is still in a European hospital but is not sure to which country. This new uncertain claim comes two weeks after he said Meles would return within a few days.

Sources say a select few of TPLF bigwigs are in the know of Meles deteroriting health status. Even senior officials within the TPLF party are being kept in the dark to prevent a power struggle from within.

Talk of Meles' health troubles has Addis Ababa on edge. Recently, An Ethiopian court banned distribution of a newspaper that published front-page articles about premier's health on the grounds of endangering 'national security'.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Rais Kikwete Afutarisha Mkoani Lindi

 Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akishiriki katika swala ya Magharibi na waumini wengine wa Mkoa wa Lindi aliowakaribisha katika futari Ikulu ndogo ya Mkoani Lindi leo Julai 30, 2012

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akiwashukuru waalikwa kwa kuhudhuria katika hafla ya futari aliyoandaa

Ugomvi Kati ya Malawi na Tanzania Yaendelea - Ziwa Nyasa!

Wadau tangu mimi mdogo miaka ya 70 nakumbuka huo ugomvi kuhusu mpaka wa Malawi na Tanzania.  sasa Malawi wameruhusu uchimbaji wa mafuta Ziwa Nyasa. hiyo Ziwa bado ni natural Itachafuka!
Bandari ya Kwetu Manda Picha nilipiga mwaka 2009
Tanzania asks Malawi to Halt Oil search in Disputed Lake

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzania has asked Malawi to stop oil and gas exploration activities in Lake Malawi until a border dispute between the two countries involving the lake is resolved, a Tanzanian official said on Monday.

Last October, Malawi said it had awarded oil exploration licenses to UK-based Surestream Petroleum to search for oil in Lake Malawi, which is also known as Lake Nyasa in Tanzania.

"Malawi claims that the whole lake belongs to the country according to colonial boundaries ... But our stated position is that half of the lake belongs to Tanzania," said Assah Mwambene, a spokesman for Tanzania's foreign affairs ministry.

Lilongwe awarded Surestream Petroleum licenses for blocks 2 and 3 in the disputed lake, with a combined area of 20,000 square kilometers.

Tanzanian officials said the 50-year-old territorial dispute between the two countries could escalate if significant oil and gas discoveries are made in the lake.

Mwambene said Tanzanian Foreign Affairs Minister Bernard Membe told his Malawi counterpart, Mganda Chiume, that ongoing oil exploration at the lake could jeopardize talks between the countries over the dispute.

The two ministers met in Dar es Salaam at the weekend to discuss the territorial dispute, Mwabene said.

"Some planes have been spotted flying over Tanzania's side of the lake conducting the oil exploration activities ... there is still room for negotiations over the correct border between Tanzania and Malawi," he said.

Tanzania, which made huge natural gas discoveries off its Indian Ocean coast, said last month it had nearly tripled its estimate of recoverable natural gas reserves to as much as 28.74 trillion cubic feet.

Marriage Seminar in Lowell, MA

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bondia Wetu Ashindwa Vibaya Katika Olimpiki

(Pichani Bondia Suleiman Kidunda na Rais Jakaya Kikwete kabla ya kuelekea kwa michizeo ya Olimpiki London, Uingereza)

Bondia wa Tanzania, Selemani Kidunda amaeshindwa 20-7 katika raundi tatu kwneye michezo ya Olimpiki!


 Juzi Alhamisi nilipata nafasi rasmi kuingia kijiji cha Olimpiki na kuongea na maofisa, makocha na wanamichezo wetu hapa London. Pichani ni bondia wetu Suleiman Kidunda (kulia) akiwa na kocha wake mahiri, Remmy Ngabo baada ya mazoezi makali. Kidunda atanyukana na kudundana na mwanamasumbwi toka Mexico leo Jumapili mchana. Natazamia kuongea naye kesho nakuwaletea habari zaidi. Tumwombee na kumtakia kila la kheri. Tanzania oyee! Suleiman Kidunda Oyeee! Habari zaidi  http://www.kitoto.wordpress.com



Optimism shines through Tanzania 2012 Games team Thursday, 26 July 2012

 By Freddy Macha
The Citizen Correspondent London.

Tanzania’s athletes, coaches and officials are ready for the London Olympics opening today.Speaking exclusively to The Citizen from the Olympics village, head of the team, Hassan Jurufu, said his players are well prepared after undergoing training at Bradford University for the past two weeks.

“Everything is going fine,” Jurufu assured Tanzanians back home.The other officials accompanying the six-member squad are coaches Zachariah Gwandu (athletics), Remmy Ngabo (boxing) Sheha Mohammed (swimming), Abdullah Makala (physiotherapist), team’s administrator, Charles Nyange and Jurufu, himself.

 Swimmer Magdalena Moshi (100 metres free style), who is studying in Australia (she features for Clovercrest club in Adelaide), joined the team a week before they left Tanzania. She is the only swimmer in the team. In March, the 21-year-old’s time for 100 metres was 1:05:98 minutes and come June she had improved to 1:05:11 minutes. Current world record holder is Germany’s Britta Steffen who clocked 52.07 seconds at World Championships in Rome in July 2009.

Next is boxer Suleiman Kidunda weighing 69 kilogram’s in the light welter division. Kidunda qualified to join the team in Morocco this year.

Amongst most experienced of the lot are two Singida born long distance runners: Zakia Mrisho and Samson Ramadhan. Twenty eight-year-old Mrisho run in both 5000 metres and marathon. In 2005 she clinched a bronze medal for 3000 meters at World athletics, Monaco. The event was won by two Ethiopians (Meseret Defar and Gelete Burika). Two years ago, Zakia won the Adidas women 5 kilometres in Prague beating world champion Gladys Otero by 17 seconds. She also participated in the Beijing 2008 Olympics finishing fourth in 3,000 meters. Samson, 30 years old now, won a gold medal in 2006 Commonwealth games in Melbourne, Australia and his time was 2 hours, 11 minutes and 29 seconds.

 The Commonwealth games record is held by Briton Ian Thompson who clocked 2 hours, 09 minutes and 12 seconds in 1974, Christchurch, New Zealand. Although Samson was 55th in the Olympic Games in China, he won the Beppu-Oita Marathon in Kyushu, Japan in 2003 and Lake Biwa Marathon, Japan in 2007. The contingent would not be completed without 29-year-old Faustin Musa who has already been very active this year. In April he took part in marathon in Krakow, and a month later in Mannheim Half-marathon (Germany). In 2009 he was also busy by running in Melbourne (10,000 meters), Berlin (10kilometres road run) plus half marathon in Albacete, Spain.

 Let us not forget little known Mohammed Msenduki Ikoki a promising Marathon runner. In 2009, he won the Buenos Aries Marathon with a superb time of 2 hours, 13 minutes and 53 seconds, in Argentina. The three marathon runners hope to forge a formidable triumvirate in a bid to end a 32-year Olympic medal hunger.

The Tanzanians were also interviewed by upcoming London Tanzanian presenter, Sporah Njau who beams her programmes through Ben TV of SKY. Speaking to me afterwards the enthusiastic Sporah said the athletes looked and seemed “quite determined to win anything this time.”

 However, she noted that the athletes complained about lack of support from social media network sights i.e. bloggers. “There is a tendency for our bloggers to highlight football and other things, which is important of course, but Olympics and the Olympic team need to be assisted because we have a bigger chance of winning than in football.”

She also said that the runners were worried about training on tarmac in the UK for such a long time (since arriving here July 9th) whereas they are used to run on natural, earthy surface back home. All athletes, Sporah observed, treat athletics as part of their work and not just a passing cloud, which will end after the Olympics in August. Zakia Mrisho for example is a mother and says she is constantly running in other international events.

 Meanwhile, Tanzania’s Olympic veteran and head of TOC, Filbert Bayi is expected to leave Dar on July 25th to join the national team and also attend a general meeting for Olympic heads in London. Our squad was boosted with a promise 2,000 dollars (3 million Tanzania shillings) reward for any medal winner pledged by former head of the Tanzanian army, General Mirisho Sarakikya.

Disciplined, hard working Sarakikya hoisted the Uhuru torch on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro at the time of independence 50 years ago. London Olympics expects that 9.7 million people shall attend and 4.7 billion TV viewers world wide, to witness the 10, 500 athletes from 204 nations participating in 26 games.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mama Kanumba Alazwa!!

Ugua pole Mama Kanumba!


Na Shakoor Jongo
MAMA mzazi wa marehemu Steven Charles Kanumba, Flora Mtegoa juzi alilazwa katika Zahanati ya Kilimani, Manzese jijini Dar kwa kile kilichodaiwa kuwa alikuwa akisumbuliwa na ugonjwa wa shinikizo la damu pamoja na Malaria.
Chanzo chetu kilichopo hospitalini hapo kilisema kuwa, mama huyo alifikishwa katika zahanati hiyo usiku wa Julai 9, mwaka huu huku akiwa hoi.
“Mama Kanumba hakutaka kwenda kwenye hospitali nyingine yoyote zaidi ya kwenda kwa daktari aliyekuwa akimtibia mwanaye maarufu kwa jina la Kidume ambaye anafanya kazi katika zahanati ya Kilimani,” kiliendelea kusema chanzo hicho.
Baada ya kupata taarifa hizo, paparazi wetu alitinga katika zahanati hiyo ili kuhakikisha kama kweli mama huyo alikuwa amelazwa, alipofika nje aliliona gari la marehemu Kanumba na alipoingia ndani alimuona mama huyo.
Hata hivyo, jitahada za kupata picha yake akiwa kitandani zilishindikana kutokana na mazingira kutoruhusu.
Aidha, Ijumaa liliongea na mdogo wa marehemu Kanumba, Seth Bosco ambaye alikiri mama yake kulazwa katika zahanati hiyo.
“Ni kweli mama amelazwa na anasumbuliwa na malaria pamoja na presha, anaendelea kupata matibabu,” alisema Seth.Chanzo:www.globalpublishers.info ************************* MAMA KANUMBA AMVAA MAMA LULU!!! Na Hamida Hassan na Gladness Mallya CHOKOCHOKO zimeanza! Huku kesi ya kifo cha mwanaye ikiendelea na Elizabeth Michael Kimemeta ‘Lulu’ akisota nyuma ya nondo za mahabusu ya Segerea, mama mzazi wa marehemu Steven Charles Kanumba ‘The Great’, Flora Mtegoa amemvaa mama Lulu, Lucresia Karugila, Ijumaa linafunguka. MANENO MAZITO YA AIBU Kwenye mahojiano maalum na gazeti hili nyumbani kwake Kimara-Temboni, Dar es Salaam, mapema Jumanne wiki hii, mama Kanumba alimtolea mama Lulu maneno mazito huku akimshangaa kwa kushindwa kumpa pole na kumfariji tangu mwanaye afikwe na umauti Aprili 7, mwaka huu. Mama Kanumba alisema anaongea kwa uchungu kwani hakutegemea kama mama Lulu anaweza kuwa kimya mpaka leo hii bila hata kumpa pole wakati matatizo yamewakuta watoto wao wote. TUPATE SAUTI YA MAMA KANUMBA Ijumaa: Ili kupata kile alichokisema mzazi huyo mbele ya gazeti hili, tujiunge naye akiwa nyumbani kwake Kimara-Temboni. Kwako mama Kanumba: Namshangaa sana mama Lulu kwani namuona kama siyo mzazi mwenzangu. Huwezi amini mpaka leo hii hajawahi hata kunipa pole wala kunitumia ujumbe wa watu kunifariji, hivi anategemea mimi nimfuate? Yeye mwanaye yupo hai wangu ndiyo ametangulia. Nimeona niseme kabisa nimpe habari yake. Ijumaa: Kwani wewe uliwahi kufanya jitihada za kukutana na kufarijiana naye akakataa? Mama Kanumba: Mama Lulu siyo kabisa. Aliwahi kufuatwa na kuombwa ushirikiano wakati kesi imefunguliwa akakataa. Ijumaa: Mbona kuna madai kuwa baada ya kifo cha Kanumba upande wa Lulu ulikufuata ukakataa kutoa ushirikiano? Mama Kanumba: Sijawahi kuongea na mtu yeyote wa upande wa Lulu. Huyo anayedai alikuja kuniomba ushirikiano nikamfukuza ananisingizia kwani simfahamu Lulu na mama yake zaidi ya kuwaona kwenye vyombo vya habari na filamu (Lulu). Ijumaa: Je, akikufuata utamkubalia aje kukufariji? Mama Kanumba: Mimi sina nia mbaya na mama Lulu, kibinadamu namuona kakosea kwani kama yeye alikuwa akiogopa, angetuma watu waje kwa niaba yake. Nilidhani alikuwa akiogopa kuja Sinza (Vatican kwa Kanumba) kwa sababu ya waandishi lakini hata nilipohamia huku (Temboni) hajaja. Ukweli ni kwamba akija nitampokea tu ila sidhani kama ipo siku atakuja, nawashangaa hata washauri wake. Ijumaa: Unaizungumziaje filamu ya Foolish Age ya Lulu ambayo Kanumba aliipeleka Steps? Mama Kanumba: Ni kweli filamu hiyo ipo Steps, Kanumba ndiye aliipeleka kwa nia ya kumuinua Lulu lakini kabla haijalipwa mauti yakamkuta. Ingekuwa ya Kanumba ningefuatilia. Baada ya mahojiano hayo, Ijumaa lilitafuta mzani upande wa pili wa mama Lulu ambapo mahojiano yalikuwa hivi: TUJIUNGE NA MAMA LULU AKIWA TABATA Ijumaa: Mama Lulu gazeti la Ijumaa limezungumza na mama Kanumba anakulaumu kwa kushindwa kumfariji baada ya kifo cha mwanaye Kanumba aliyekutwa na umauti akiwa na Lulu. Je, unalizungumziaje suala hili? Mama Lulu: Eehee unasemaje? Wewe ni nani? Mwandishi? Nimeshawaambia mniache kabisa kwani bila habari ya Lulu na Kanumba hamuuzi? Ijumaa: Katika maadili ya kazi yetu mtu mmoja akiongea lolote juu ya mwenzake lazima pande zote zisikilizwe hivyo hii ndiyo nafasi yako. Unalizungumziaje suala hilo la mama Kanumba? Mama Lulu: Sitaki kushauriwa na wewe mwandishi, nina washauri wazuri tu tena ni watu wazima, tafadhali naomba mniache nipumzike. KIFUATACHO Bado kesi ya Lulu ni mbichi ambapo itaendelea kuunguruma baada ya Mahakama Kuu Kanda ya Dar es Salaam kumaliza utata wa umri na jina la Lulu Julai 23, mwaka huu. KALAMU YA IJUMAA Wazazi hawa wanapaswa kuwa na staha kwa sababu kila upande una machungu. Kanumba hatunaye na Lulu yupo nyuma ya nondo. Ni vyema wakakaa chini bila kukorogana ili kupunguza machungu waliyonayo.Chanzo:www.globalpublishers.info

Hela ya Gaddafi

Wadau, hebu cheki huo utapeli! Kila siku hao Nigerians wanazua mpya! **************** Compliments: I am a member of the Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) Myself and few members of the council has discovered some funds which late Gaddafi deposited with different financial institutions in Europe, Asia and Africa. We need a capable hand that can handle the transferring of these funds to a safe bank. The funds transfer shall be done bit by bit till we successfully move all the funds. We will discuss about the sharing formula and location of the funds when we are convinced you can do business with us confidentially. Contact me stating your full contact details and address. Awaiting your response. Regards, Mohamed Hrayzi. 4good1960@gmail.com

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Tribute to the Late James Mwakisyala

 I worked with the Late James Mwakisyala during my early days at Daily News. He was a good man, he taught me a lot about journalism and life.  Rest in Peace dear James!


The late James Mwakisyala 1948-2012

 Kutoka AllAfrica.com

East Africa: James Mwakisyala Was a Great Man!


The region has been robbed of an ace! James Mwakisyala, Editor, Writer, Manager, Publicist, Father, Humorist and Friend. Much of what East African Business Week is in Tanzania, can be attributed to him.
If he was a soldier, he would have been described as "An officer and a Gentleman." But yes, he was one!
James, as we fondly called him, died at a 'tender' age of 64 at his home in Dar last week. He began his career in the late 60's and grew to be a prolific and seasoned writer. He traversed all media experiences in both print and broadcasting.
An avid reader and writer, he became a bastion of knowledge, information and insight. A great fan and admirer of the Late President Julius Kambarage Nyerere, James could elucidate anything from pre-colonial East Africa, the Zanzibar Revolution to the Arusha Declaration with such clarity and finesse that you didn't want him to stop speaking.
He was also very knowledgeable of local and international issues, having worked in Zambia, South and West Africa, Canada and at the United Nations in New York.
Everyone who worked with him will tell you he was a joy and a treasure to be with. The Tanzanian journalist and academic fraternity have described him as a mentor, tutor, counsel, coach and leader 'Par Excellence'. His method of work and principles of delivery were done with was honesty, integrity, tact, fairness, objectivity and quintessence.
He wrote with finesse, colour, brilliance, radiance, lustre, dexterity, grace and had a high sense of depth and research. It was always a joy to read James' pieces. In his career, James cultivated and kept his friends. In a casual walk along the streets of Dar, restaurant, bank or any financial center, words of 'Shikamo' (Swahili greeting for someone of high repute or older than you). He knew all and sundry. High and low of society.
He was never an imposing figure except if you violated his rights, disrespected people or did things that were associated with injustice, vile, fraud, iniquity, and atrocious.
James will mostly be missed for his humour, comedy, jokes and hilarious laughter. He was a founder member of the East African Business Week starting out as Bureau Chief. However, as his health begun to deteriorate, he was appointed Editorial Consultant. It is not all a loss. He raised a crop of young journalists who have grown to be prolific too. He has left sons and heirs for East Africa and the East African Business Week.
Good bye Journalist, goodbye Gentleman, goodbye Friend!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rais wa Ghana Afariki Dunia!

Rais wa Ghana, The Honorable John Atta Mills, amefariki ghafla nchini Ghana leo.  Habari kutoka Ghana zinasema kuwa aliugua muda mfupi kabla ya kufariki.  Hivi karibuni alienda Marekani kupimwa afya yake (Routine Medical Check-Up).

Rest in Eternal Peace.


Kutoka  YAHOO News

The Late President John Atta Mills of Ghana (1944-2012)

Ghana president dies after illness: presidency

By David Adadevoh

AFP -  ....Ghana President John Atta Mills died suddenly on Tuesday at the age of 68 hours after being taken ill and months before a vote in which he was to seek re-election, his office said.

"It is with a heavy heart that we announce the sudden and untimely death of the president of the republic of Ghana," the statement said, adding that Mills, who had travelled recently abroad for a medical check-up, died hours after he got sick.

He died in a hospital in the capital Accra, his office said, without providing a cause.

According to the constitution, Vice President John Dramani Mahama is to take over as interim leader and he was to address the nation shortly. Lawmakers began gathering at parliament for his swearing in.

Presidential elections are set for December in a country seen as a rare example of stable democracy in West Africa and which recently joined the ranks of the world's large-scale oil producers. Mills was to be the ruling party's candidate.

The late president had recently travelled to the United States for what had been described as a routine medical checkup.

Condolences began pouring in for the late leader, including from Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

Jonathan "assures the people of Ghana of the sympathy and solidarity of the people of Nigeria as they mourn late President Mills, who did his best during his tenure to carry forward the process of democratic consolidation and socio-economic development in Ghana."

Mills took over as Ghana's president in January 2009.

He narrowly won the vote in 2008 with a less than one percent margin against a candidate from the party of incumbent John Kufuor, widely respected for having bowed out following his two terms in office.

In July last year, Mills was nominated to be the ruling National Democratic Congress party's presidential candidate for December 2012 elections.

The primary represented the first time in the country's history that a sitting president competed for his own party's nomination.

Mills beat his only rival in the party primary, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, the wife of ex-military leader Jerry Rawlings.

He rose to prominence in 1997 when Rawlings named him vice president -- a position he held until the former coup leader-turned-elected president made way for Kufuor after the 2000 elections.

After finishing his law studies in Britain, Mills came home to teach law for 25 years at a Ghana university.

Ghana, a country of some 25 million people, recently joined the ranks of the world's large-scale oil producers. It was the country chosen by Barack Obama for his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa as US president in 2009.

The country has begun producing oil from its offshore Jubilee field, one of the largest discoveries in West Africa in recent years. The field's operator Tullow has estimated that the field's recoverable resources amount to up to one billion barrels.

While Ghana has been widely lauded for its democratic credentials, its newly found oil wealth has brought with it warnings of the so-called resource curse, with many pointing to nearby Nigeria as an example.

Nigeria, Africa's largest oil producer, has long been held back by deeply rooted corruption and mismanagement, while aspects of its economy outside of oil have been neglected.

Nawatakia Ramadhani Njema!

Nawatakia wadau waislamu wote Ramadhani Njema!

Ugeni wa Malaika

Nimepata kwa Email:

Malaika wawili watembeaji walisimama usiku mmoja katika nyumba ya Familia ya Kitajiri. Familia ile ilikuwa JEURI na walikataa kuwaruhusu wale malaika kulala kwenye chumba chao cha wageni.

Badala yake wale Malaika walipewa kasehemu kadogo kauchochoroni chenye baridi chini ya Nyumba ya wale Matajiri.  Wakati wanajiandaa kutandika kwenye sakafu ngumu kujiandaa kulala,Malaika Mkubwa aliona kuna tundu ukutani wa sehemu ile na akaliziba.

Malaika mdogo akauliza kwa nini umeliziba tundu hilo wakati familia hiyo ni ya watu jeuri? Malaika mkubwa akajibu:

"Mambo siku zote hayawi kama tunavyo dhania"

Usiku ya Pili wale Malaika walikwenda kupumzika kwenye Nyumba ya Mtu masikini sana,lakini ni Mkulima mwenye huruma sana yeye na Mkewe.

Baada ya kushirikiana chakula kidogo walichonacho,wale masikini waliwakaribisha chumbani kwao wale Malaika ili wapate kupumzika vizuri usiku ule.

Wakati Jua lilipochomoza asubuhi ya pili yake,wale Malaika walimuona yule Mkulima masikini na Mkewe wanatokwa machozi. Walipowauliza kulikoni? Wakajibu:

“Ng’ombe wetu mmoja tu tulienae ambae maziwa yake ndio kipato pekee tunachokitegemea tumemkuta amekufa Shambani.”

Yule Malaika mdogo alikasirika na akamuuliza Malaika mkubwa:

“inakuwaje umeacha jambo hili litokee” ?

Yule jamaa wa kwanza tulielala kwake alikuwa na kila kitu,hata

hivyo ulimsaidia kuziba tundu kwenye nyumba yake,alilaumu

Malaika mdogo.

Huyu jamaa wa Pili alikuwa anakitu kidogo sana lakini alikubali kushirikiana na sisi kila kitu lakini umemuachia Ng’ombe wake afe,inakuwaje ?

Malaika Mkubwa akajibu:

"Mambo siku zote hayawi kama tunavyo dhania”.

"Tulipokaa chini kwenye Nyumba ya yule Tajiri,niliona kupitia kwenye lile tundu kuna DHAHABU nyingi sana chini ya Jumba lile”.

Lakini kwa kuwa yule Tajiri alikuwa Jeuri na Kiburi sana na alikuwa hataki kushirikiana na wenzake na kutoa missada,NILILIZIBA LILE

TUNDU ili asije kuiona ile Dhahabu."

"Usiku uliopita tulilala kwenye Nyumba ya Masikini tena kwenye Kitanda chake.Usiku ule Malaika wa MAUTI alikuja kutaka kuchukua ROHO ya Mke wa yule Masikini.Nikaamua kutoa msaada kwa kumtoa yule Ng’ombe badala ya Mke wa masikini”.

“Mambo siku zote hayawi kama tunavyo dhania.”

Wakati mwingine haya ndio mambo haswa yanvyotokea kinyume na vile tulivyo tarajia.Kama UNAIMANI YA MUNGU basi unahitajiwa kuamini kuwa matokeo yoyote yale ni faida kwako.Huwezi kujua hayo mpaka hapo baadae....

Kuna Watu wanakuja katika maisha yetu baadae huondoka

Kuna Watu wanakuwa  marafiki zetu kwa muda tu baadae hutoweka huku wakiacha makovu kwenye nyoyo zetu  na wote hatupo  sawasawa katika  kufaulu kupata marafiki wazuri !!!

Ya Jana ni Historia.
Ya Kesho ni Miujiza.
Ya Leo ni Zawadi kutoka kwa Mungu.
Tunapaswa kushukuru kwa zawadi hii pekee.


Usifute Message hii kwa sababu inatoka kwa Malaika maalum kwa ajili yako.


-kuna mtu anakufikiria wewe,
-kuna mtu anakujali wewe,
-kuna mtu anakukosa wewe,
-kuna mtu anahitaji kuongea na wewe,
-kuna mtu anataka kuwa na wewe,
-kuna mtu anatarajia haupo kwenye matatizo,
-kuna mtu anataka kuushika mkono wako,
-kuna mtu anakuombea mambo yako yote yawe mazuri,
-kuna mtu anataka uwe kwenye furaha wakati wote,
-kuna mtu anahitaji umtafute,
-kuna mtu anashangilia mafanikio yako,
-kuna mtu anataka kukupa zawadi,
-kuna mtu anakufikiria wewe ni zawadi kwake kutoka kwa MOLA,

-kuna mtu anavutiwa na haiba na Nguvu zako,
-kuna mtu anafikiria TABASAMU lako,
-kuna mtu anatamani muwe bega kwa bega katika kila kitu.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ajali ya MV Skagit

Wadau, yaani ajali za meli zinatokea Tanzania lakini hatuoni Improvements katika ukoaji wa maisha wa binadamu. Lini serikali ya Tanzania itathamini maisha ya watu wanaosafiri na meli?  Nadhani kwa saa Tanzania inaongoza kwa ajali ya meli na vifo vya watu baharini na maziwani! Viongozi wa Tanzania hebu acheni uchu wa kununua magari ya fahari etc.! 

Mboreshe jeshi la Navy ( Wanamaji), mboreshe hospitali zetu pia kusudi watu wasiwe na haja ya kwenda kutibiwa nje za nje!!!

Waliotengeza hiyo melihapa Marekani wanasema kuwa meli ilijengwa kwa kubea watu 230 tu! Yaani Maximum capacity ni 230.  Inakuaje ilikuwa imebeba karibu watu 400 na mizigo!!!!!



(Reuters) - Rescue workers fought rough seas on Thursday to search for survivors after an overcrowded ferry sank near the Indian Ocean archipelago of Zanzibar, but hopes of finding people alive were slim.

At least 68 people were confirmed dead and 145 were rescued after the MV Skagit/Kalama capsized around midday on Wednesday near Chumbe island, west of Zanzibar.

The vessel had set sail from mainland Tanzania to the semi-autonomous archipelago, a popular tourist beach destination. One U.S. citizen was among the dead.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Maisara Grounds park near Zanzibar's historic Stone Town area on Thursday to identify bodies laid out in a tent.

Tatu Kwiyela, a 35-year-old woman from mainland Tanzania, survived the accident but her nine-month-old son died.

"I was swept away by strong waves and lost my son, Saidi Jumanne. I tried to hang on to him but he disappeared into the sea," said Tatu, who managed to identify his remains.

Police said more than 10 foreign tourists, including a group of Dutch holidaymakers, were among the rescued passengers.

"One of those killed in the ferry accident is an American citizen. The body has been recovered and is being preserved at a mortuary," Zanzibar police spokesman Mohammed Mhina said.

The ferry, with a maximum carrying capacity of 250 people according to Zanzibar marine authorities, was carrying 290 people, officials said.

"Out of the 68 dead victims, 54 bodies have been identified so far by their relatives and taken for burial," Mhina said.

"We will continue with the search and rescue operation tomorrow morning, although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find any survivors now."

There were at least 145 survivors.

Rescue teams battled heavy winds and rough seas in their search effort. Divers trying to pluck more bodies from the wreckage said they were not able to reach the vessel.

"The sunken boat is below depths of 25 meters (82 ft) ... we tried to go as deep as we could but could not locate it," Ali Ramadhani, one of the divers, said.

"All we've seen today are bodies floating in the sea. I don't think we are going to find anyone alive. The sea is very rough, it is difficult for anyone to survive in such conditions."

Some of the victims' relatives said they were angry at authorities for lax safety regulations, especially after more than 200 people were killed in a ferry accident in September in Zanzibar's worst maritime disaster.

"The government has killed all these people. They must bring the owner of the boat to us," said Abdallah Sadick whose brother was among the missing passengers.

Zanzibar residents said passenger ships are notoriously overcrowded and there are few safety inspections.

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete ordered an investigation into the incident and announced three days of national mourning.

Kwa habari zaidi someni:



Mnaweza kuona Video HAPA:

MV Skagit wakati inafanya kazi Seattle, Washington USA kabla ya kwenda Tanzania.  Hapa MArekani wansema kuwa meli hiyo ilijengwa kwa ajili ya kusafirisha watu 230 tu!!!!  Inakuaje ilikuwa na watu 400 na mizigo!!!  Uchu wa pesa itafanya watu waende motoni!

Mwanzilishi wa Sylvia's Restaurant Afariki Dunia!

Wadau mliowahi kufika New York, bila shaka mmesikia habari ya mgahawa maarufu huko Harlem iitwayo Sylvia's.  Ni maarufu kwa vyakula vya Black American kama Collard Green Greens, Corn Green, Black Eyed Peas, Ribs. Watalii wengi wakifika Harlem ni lazima wapitie Sylvia's kuonja mapochopocho ya Black American.

Rest in Eternal Peace Ms. Sylvia.


Kutoka New York Times:

Sylvia Woods, Soul-Food Restaurateur, Is Dead at 86


Sylvia Woods, whose namesake Harlem soul-food restaurant was frequented by local and national politicians, international celebrities, tourists, epicures and ordinary neighborhood residents, died on Thursday at her home in Westchester County, N.Y. She was 86.

Her family announced the death, citing no cause. Its statement said Ms. Woods had been ill with Alzheimer’s disease for the last few years.

Her death came a few hours before she was to receive an award from Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a reception at Gracie Mansion commemorating the 50th anniversary of Sylvia’s Restaurant. There was a moment of silence before the award presentation; a family friend accepted it on her behalf.

Sylvia’s Restaurant opened on Aug. 1, 1962 — with six booths and 15 stools — at Lenox Avenue near 127th Street, offering soul-food staples like ribs, hot cakes, corn bread and fried chicken. The immense popularity of its dishes earned Ms. Woods the sobriquet the Queen of Soul Food.

A culinary anchor and the de facto social center of Harlem, Sylvia’s has served the likes of Roberta Flack; Quincy Jones; Diana Ross; Muhammad Ali; Bill Clinton; Jack Kemp; Robert F. Kennedy; and, besides Mr. Bloomberg, Mayors Edward I. Koch and David N. Dinkins, who was partial, Ms. Woods said, to the chicken, candied yams, collard greens and black-eyed peas with rice.

Busloads of tourists from as far away as Japan routinely descend on the place.

Spike Lee used the restaurant as a location for his 1991 film “Jungle Fever.”

Sylvia’s inspired two cookbooks by Ms. Woods, “Sylvia’s Soul Food: Recipes From Harlem’s World Famous Restaurant” (1992; with Christopher Styler) and “Sylvia’s Family Soul Food Cookbook: From Hemingway, South Carolina, to Harlem” (1999; with Melissa Clark).

The daughter of a farming couple, Van and Julia Pressley, Sylvia Pressley was born in Hemingway on Feb. 2, 1926; her father died when she was a baby.

The first thing she cooked as a girl, she recalled, was a pot of rice on the family’s wood stove. But the rice burned after Sylvia ran out to play and left it to cook on its own, a fact she withheld from her mother. A switching ensued.

“I got punished,” Ms. Woods told The Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., in 1999, “but not for burning it — for telling a lie.”

Sylvia met her future husband, Herbert Deward Woods, when she was 11 and he was 12 and both were working in the fields, picking beans under the blazing sun.

As a teenager, Sylvia moved to New York to join her mother, who had gone there for work. She found work herself, in a hat factory in Queens. In 1944, she married Mr. Woods, who had come North for her.

In the 1950s, Ms. Woods began work as a waitress at Johnson’s Luncheonette in Harlem; because she had grown up poor in the Jim Crow era, the day she first set foot in the place was the first time she had been inside a restaurant anywhere.

In 1962, with help from her mother, who mortgaged the family farm, Ms. Woods bought the luncheonette and renamed it Sylvia’s. Three decades ago, Gael Greene, the food critic of New York magazine, wrote a laudatory article on Sylvia’s, sealing the restaurant’s success.

Over time, Sylvia’s expanded to seat more than 250; it is the cornerstone of a commercial empire that today includes a catering service and banquet hall and a nationally distributed line of prepared foods.

Ms. Woods, known for her effusive warmth in greeting customers, ran the business until her retirement at 80.

“I keep pressing on,” she told The New York Times in 1994. “I can’t give up. I’ve been struggling too long to stop now.”

Mr. Woods, her self-effacing but stalwart partner in the venture, died in 2001. Survivors include her sons, Van and Kenneth; her daughters, Bedelia Woods and Crizette Woods; 18 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.

A major factor in Sylvia’s enduring appeal, Ms. Woods learned firsthand, was the time-honored conservatism of its cooking. Toward the end of the 20th century, in deference to an increasingly health-conscious public, Ms. Woods chose to supplement the menu with lighter fare.

“We had lots of salads and stuff,” she told The Philadelphia Daily News in 1999. “And it went to waste. When people come here, they got in their mind what they want.”

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Watu Zaidi ya 100 wahofia Kufa - Ajali ya MV Skagit

Baadhi ya wananchi wakiwa katika Foleni ili kwenda kuzitambua Maiti zao katika Viwanja vya Maisara kutokana na  kuzama kwa Meli ya  skagit hapo jana katika Eneo la karibu na Kisiwa cha Chumbe Zanzibar.

A naval search operation resumed at first light to find an estimated 100 people missing after a Tanzanian ferry sank near Zanzibar's main island.
The boat had left the city of Dar es Salaam on mainland Tanzania on Wednesday with 290 people on board.
So far 34 bodies have been recovered and more than 150 people rescued.
Zanzibar's police spokesman told the AFP news agency he feared there was now little hope of finding survivors from the MV Skagit ferry.
"Search operations continue but it is now almost impossible survivors will be found," the agency quotes him as saying.
Three days of mourning Survivors said they fear some of the passengers became trapped in vessel when it capsized in strong winds.
Some complained that they had initially been told everything would be OK and were not shown how to put on life jackets.
Then as the ferry went down, they jumped overboard clinging to life boats that automatically inflated, before being rescued by a passing tug boat.
Ali Mohamed Shein, president of the semi-autonomous archipelago of Zanzibar, has declared three days of national mourning.
The ferry left Dar es Salaam at 12:00 local time (09:00 GMT) on Wednesday bound for the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago.
Hamza Kabelwa, director of the Tanzania Meteorological Agency, told the BBC's Swahili service that a warning had been issued for vessels not to make the crossing because of the rough seas.
Zanzibar's transport minister told reporters that two Europeans were among the dead.
The rescue operation had to be abandoned on Wednesday evening because of bad weather.
The BBC's Hassan Mhelela in Dar es Salaam says on Thursday morning there were many anxious relatives of missing MV Skagit passengers at the airport waiting to fly to Zanzibar.
The route between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar is a busy crossing, popular with both Tanzanians and foreign tourists.
Last September, nearly 200 people died when an overcrowded boat with 800 people aboard sank off Zanzibar.


Baadhi ya maiti ya watoto waliokufa katika ajali ya MV Skagit.  Mungu alaze roho zao mahala pema mbinguni.  Jamani lini serikali itadhibiti usalama wa usafiri wa meli Tanzania!!!!!

Maiti zikihifadhiwa katika viwanja vya Maisara mjini Zanzibar tayari kwa utambuzi wa ndugu na jamaa. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meli Yazama Zanzibar Leo! Watu Zaidi ya 15 wahofia Kufa!

Hata mwaka haijapita  tangu ajali mbaya ya MV Spice Islander na kuna habari kuwa meli nyingine imezama pwani ya Zanzibar! Watu zaidi ya 15 wamekufa.  Hiyo meli ilikuwa imebeba wageni pamoja na wazawa.

Natoa pole kwa wafiwa wote.  Lini serikali ya Tazania itaingilia usalama wa meli na ferry zetu? Itabidi watu wangapi wafe?


Baadhi ya Wageni Kutoka nchi za Nje walioponea ajali ya meli leo pwani ya Zanzibar. Picha na Reuters

Kutoka Reuters:

Vessel said to have been hit by high winds

By Ally Saleh

STONE TOWN, Zanzibar, July 18 (Reuters) - A ferry with more than 280 people on board, including some foreigners, sank off the east African coast of the Zanzibar archipelago on Wednesday, killing at least 15 people, the government said.

The ferry, MV Skagit/Kalama, set sail from the mainland Tanzania at around midday heading to Zanzibar, Tanzania's semi-autonomous archipelago and a popular tourist destination.

Rescue boats and divers were searching for any remaining survivors on the mostly submerged vessel.

"So far 15 bodies have been recovered," Mwinyihaji Makame, a state minister in the president's office, told reporters.

Government spokesman Yusuf Chunda added: "One foreigner, a woman is among the dead. Thirteen other foreigners were rescued and are in hospital."

It was not clear how many other foreigners had been on board. Zanzibar police spokesman Mohammed Mhina said by telephone that many passengers were missing.

"More than 200 people are believed to have been on board the boat when it capsized. We don't know how many of them sank with the boat," Mhina said.

"The rescue operation is ongoing as we speak but almost the entire boat has been submerged in water ... only a small part of the boat is now visible."

Preliminary reports indicated the vessel had capsized after being hit by strong winds and waves, he said.

Police said the vessel was carrying 250 adult passengers and 31 children when it capsized near Chumbe island, west of Zanzibar.

The ferry is owned by a company named Seagull, which also runs a number of other ferries. Previous reports had indicated the vessel was called MV Salama.

More than 200 people were killed when a crowded ferry sank in September off the coast of east Africa in the worst maritime disaster in the history of Zanzibar. (Additional reporting by Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala in Dar es Salaam; Editing by James Macharia, Yara Bayoumy and Alison Williams)

Monday, July 16, 2012

CNN Waipiga Jeki Utalii Tanzania

Watalii kwenye mbuga ya Wanyama  SerengetiTanzania

CNN imepiga jeki utalii Tanzania.  Wametoa article safi sana kuhusu mbuga za wanyama nchini Tanzania.

Kutoka CNN.com

(CNN) -- The thunderous sound of more than a million wildebeest trekking across wide open plains in the Serengeti is not one you're likely to forget. Tanzanian safaris serve up all kinds of memorable moments.

The country's bountiful wildlife, vast array of landscapes, relatively safe environment for tourists and temperate climate near the equator make Tanzania a desirable year-round destination for a safari. You just need a knowledgeable guide to help you make the most of the seasonal patterns of the animals while you're there.

For the best experience, most travel experts suggest planning and booking your trip with a safari operator, and it's worth your time to obtain quotes, research and compare differences between a few of them before deciding.

Accommodations in Tanzania can range from high-end luxury lodges and tented camps to mid-range and budget lodges or basic camp sites. Mid-range lodges in Tanzania may cost on average $350 to $700 per night for a double room and upscale operations may run visitors between $750 and $3,000 per night.

The most popular Tanzanian safari destinations are in the north, in what's commonly referred to as the northern game circuit. Here are five stunning parks to explore:

Mnaweza kusoma habari kamili kwa kuBOFYA HAPA:

Dawa ya Kuzuia Maambukizi ya UKIMWI Yapatikana!

Hatimaye kuna dawa ya kuzuia maambukizi ya UKIMWI.  Hii dawa itafiaidi wasiowathirika tayari.  Ina maana kuwa kama mtu anataka kufanya mapenzi na muathirika akimeza hiyo dawa haatambukizwa ugonjwa!  Vita dhidi ya UKIMWI unaendelea lakini, tiba bado haijapatikana. Ila kwa sasa kuna dawa za kurefusha maisha na wenye virusi vya UKIMWI wanaweza kuishi maisha ya kawaida.


FDA approves Truvada for prevention of HIV/AIDS

Adults who do not have HIV but are at risk of getting the disease will now be able to take a drug to reduce their chance of getting infected. For the first time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a drug for this use on Monday.

The drug is Truvada, an antiretroviral medication made by Gilead Sciences, Inc., which was already approved by the FDA in 2004 to help control HIV infection.

Truvada is a combination of two HIV medications - emtricitabine (Emtriva) and tenofovir (Viread) - into one pill that is taken once a day. As a treatment for HIV, it is always used in combination with other HIV drugs.

Recent studies showed pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP can reduce transmission of the virus significantly–up to 96% - when uninfected partners of people infected with HIV took Truvada.

Dr. Debra Birnkrant, M.D., director of the Division of Antiviral Products, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the FDA stressed Truvada alone should not be used to prevent HIV infection. It should be used in combination with other safe sex practices.

“Practicing safer sex and good health practices must be part of the treatment," Birnkrant said. “We will be putting a box warning to let those using Truvada know that it is part of the therapy with combination of safer sex practices, and that doing this, will reduce the risk of the development of AIDS/HIV.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Insitutes of Health, agrees.

“The approval of Truvada to prevent HIV infection in uninfected individuals who are at high risk of sexually acquired HIV infection is a signficant development, providing an important addition to our toolkit of HIV prevention interventions,” Fauci says. “However, it is critical to stress that Truvada as ‘pre-exposure prophylaxis’ should not be considered a stand-alone method, but should be used in conjunction with other proven HIV prevention stratgies such as condom use, risk-reduction counseling, and frequent HIV testing.”

Birnkrant says she hopes the right messages will get out, and that Truvada is used properly. "We have the box warning that a negative HIV test must be reported before Truvada is prescribed," she said.

According to Gilead, Truvada the most-prescribed antiretroviral in the United States. “Today’s decision is the culmination of almost 20 years of research involving investigators, academic and medical institutions, funding agencies and nearly 20,000 trial participants around the world, and Gilead is proud to have been a partner in this effort,” said Norbert Bischofberger, Executive Vice President, Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer, Gilead Sciences.

Dr. Robert Grant, the lead investigator of the iPrEx trial at the University of California San Francisco who looked at Truvada as a prevention treatment among high-risk men who have sex with men (MSM), says the approval is a major milestone in the 30-year fight against AIDS. “The use of PrEP alongside routine HIV testing gives us a tremendous opportunity to reduce the rate of new HIV infections in this country and around the world.”

At the University of Washington another PrEP study proved very successful in reducing infection rates in couples where one partner is infected and the other is not (called serodiscordant).

“The data clearly demonstrate that Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis is effective at reducing the risk of HIV infection acquired through sexual exposure,” said Dr. Connie Celum, Professor of Global Health and Medicine at the University of Washington and lead investigator of the Partners PrEP trial. “It is exciting to consider the potential impact of this new HIV prevention tool, which could contribute to significantly reducing new HIV infections as part of a combination HIV prevention strategy. Although the implementation of PrEP will bring challenges, they can be anticipated and systems developed to address these challenges."

But the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the nation's largest HIV/AIDS group, blasted the FDA's decision. "The FDA’s approval of Gilead’s Truvada as a form of HIV prevention today, without any requirement for HIV testing is completely reckless and a move that will ultimately set back years of HIV prevention efforts,” said Michael Weinstein, AHF’s President.

“From the beginning, we believe there was a rush to judgment by government officials and others in favor of such approval despite decidedly mixed studies offered in support. And while the FDA recommends a negative HIV test prior to use of Truvada as PrEP and states that use by people with an ‘…unknown or HIV positive status…’ is ‘contraindicated,’ it in no way actually requires HIV-testing in any manner-just strengthening of the ‘Boxed Warning’ on Gilead’s packaging. The FDA’s move today is negligence bordering the equivalence of malpractice which will sadly result in new infections, drug resistance and serious side effects among many, many people."

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mazishi ya Marehemu Patrin Kibelloh Boston Leo

Baadhi ya  ndugu na marafiki waliofika kaburini kumzika marehemu Patrin Kibelloh leo mchana  (7/13/12) katika makaburi ya Gethsemane Garden iliyoko West Roxbury, MA. Sheikh alisema kuwa Gethsemane ndo makabnuri pekee Massachusetts yanayo ruhusu mazishi za kiislamu. Marehemu alizikwa kwa mila na desturi zote za Kiislamu.

Ina lilah wa ina ilayhi raji'oon

 Kwa Picha zaidi BOFYA HAPA:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mazishi ya Patrin Kibelloh yatakuwa Ijumaa, Kesho July 13, 2012

Patrin Kibelloh 1963-2012

 Wadau hii ni taariffa niliyopata jioni hii:

Mazishi ya marehemu Patrin Kibelloh, yatafanyika kesho Ijumaa, Julai 13, 2012 saa saba mchana baa ya sala ya Ijumaa kwenye mskiti  100 Malcolm X Boulevard, Roxbury MA 02120 (Islamic Society of Boston).

Maziko yatakuwa  Gethsemane Cemetery 670 Baker St., West Roxbury, MA 02132.

Baada ya kutoka makaburini, watu wataelekea nyumbani kwa marehemu 5 Warden St.  Saugus, MA 01906.

Rest in eternal peace dear Patrin.

Why President Obama Should be Re-Elected!


President Obama is an intelligent, tough, and educated man, who has done more positive things for the U.S. (all Americans) in THREE years, than most Presidents (including GW Bush) have done in EIGHT years, in spite of the Obstructionist Republicans:

For example, here are the Top 7 Legislative and Foreign Policy Achievements Under President Obama’s Leadership and Administration . . .

1. Over 200 beneficial legislative and foreign policy accomplishments for the U.S. in his first three years, includingBanking and Financial Reform - 48, Civil Rights - 16, Economy - 41, Health Care Reform - 16, Housing - 15, Infrastructure - 23, Military and National Security - 33, Military Veterans and Families - 25, Taxes - 31, Recovery, Progress and Change - 24 . . . . . The sources for my stats: Google ’Obama Achievements’ or “Obama’s 244 Accomplishments’. . .

2. The death of Terrorist Osama bin Laden and many High Ranking Terrorists. U.S. drone strikes have killed over 2,150 al-Qaeda terrorists. (U.S .Drone strikes under President Bush killed less than 450 terrorists). . . .

3. Iraq withdrawal - Ending UNnecessay War by Bush Administration, costing Thousands in lives/Billions in U.S. dollars. . . .Libya/Death of Gadhafi - who planned the downing of U.S. flight 103, which killed many Americans. . . .

 4. New START Treaty (U.S. / Russia) Reduces nuclear arms with inspection verification, while ensuring U.S. will have proper arms to deter an invasion. . .

5. STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congress Knowledge) - Congress and many executive branch members and aides can’t use inside job information to trade stocks/securities - doing so is criminal. . . . .

6. Affordable Healthcare Act . . .

 7. 27 consecutive months of JOB growth, 4.2 million created. . . . Also, Rescued U.S auto industry (GM is now #1 worldwide in sales/profitability), but Romney and Republicans wanted to block this rescue.

President Obama has also demonstrated that he is a good and smart man and wants the best for Americans, and he understands that the U.S. must have Shared Sacrifice and reforms on the spending AND revenue side so that our country can rebound from the disastrous policies of the 8 years during the Bush Administration.

Just imagine the other great positive things he could do FOR JOBS and OUR ECONOMY in the U.S. if he did not have the Republicans trying to block and sabotage his every move . . . . Obama is NOT the problem. We are being constantly and aggressively told that he is the problem and if we buy into that, then we are set up to buy into returning to the Bush/Cheney era, which IS the problem.

It literally is a con. Obama inherited the problems, he didn’t cause them, and ever since the Republicans have repeatedly, blatantly, stubbornly, relentlessly, and belligerently done everything they could to fault and block ALL efforts to address the problems.

The Republicans are obstructionists and they have put greed, bigotry, AND/OR their political ambitions above all else, at any cost to the people, and are striving to have Obama fail, which really means America fails. Take notice that the Republicans are willing to DESTROY our great country for their greed, bigotry, and/or political gains, and they are willing to focus primarily on protecting the greed (ie. Tax cuts, Outsourcing jobs, Undeserved Compensation, Deregulations, Loopholes, etc.) of the Top 1% of wealthy Americans and Corporations, to the DETRIMENT of the remaining 99% of Americans.

Didn't we learn anything from electing that meat head Bush? If you want the U.S to move FORWARD in a positive, effective, fair, and successful way, then WAKE UP and DON’T VOTE for Republicans . . .Vote for Democrats (Senate and House) Governors, etc. and re-elect Obama 2012!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Msiba Boston, MA - Patrin Kibelloh 1963-2012

 UPDATE July 12, 2012 9:00PM - Patrin funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon in Boston, MA,  Click HERE for details.

UPDATE  July 12, 2012 12:30PM -  Patrin's funeral is postponed until further notice. His body is currently being held by the Coroner's office to determine his cause of death.  This is normal procedure. I will update as I get more information.
Patrin Kibelloh 1963-2012

Jumuiya ya Boston Massachusetts inasikitika kutanga kifo cha Ndugu yao Patrin Kibelloh 49 amefariki ghafla July 10, 2012. Habari ziwafikie ndungu jamaa na marafiki waliopo Tanzania na popote pale walipo.

Mipango ya mazishi inafanyika nyumbani kwake 5 Warden St, Saugas MA 01906.

Mazishi yatafanyika siku ya Alhamis. Mwili wa marehemu utasaliwa Msikiti wa Roxbury. 100 Malcolmx Blvd, Roxbury, MA saa saba mchana 1:00 PM.

Mipango ya mazishi itafanyika nyumbani kwake 5 warden st, Saugas MA 01906.

Mazishi yatafanyika (kesho) siku ya Alhamis Julai 12, 2012 na mwili wa marehemu utasaliwa Msikiti wa Roxbury 100 Malcolmx Blvd, Roxbury, MA kuanzia saa 1:00 PM.

Mnaweza kutoa mkono wa pole kwa kupitia Imani Mwakawago (Mke wa Marehemu) Account #1314939308 Citizen Bank.

Kwa mawasiliano zaidi unaweza kuwasiliana:

Isaac Kibodya 4132191153
Salum Salum. 6173082971
Fadhili Malima 781-437-2776
Kassim Mussa. 617 3190981
Abdallah Masoud. 1-857-247-2021
Halima Chunda +16179535375
Francisca. 17818799050

Mwenyezi Mungu aileze roho ya marehemu mahala pema peponi. Amina.
Marehemu na mke wake Imani Mwakawago Kibelloh

Patrin Kibelloh (1963-2012)

MBunge wa Marekani Atoa Onyo Kwa Rais Kikwete - Mafuta ya Iran

Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA)

Haya mazito! Wanatisha kusimiamisha misaada kutoka Marekani. Duh!  Pia ametoa tishio kwa nchi ya Tuvalu.

Kutoka Site Bunge la Marekani

Berman Calls on Tanzanian President to Cancel Reflagging of Iranian Vessels

Berman Writes Tanzanian President, , Warns U.S. Assistance in Jeopardy

Washington, DC – Congressman Howard L. Berman, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today called on the Tanzanian President to cancel the reflagging of Iranian vessels following reports that the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) vessels are being reflagged under his nation’s flag.

Berman added that US assistance to Tanzania would be in jeopardy if these actions persisted.

In the letter, Rep. Berman writes, “It is profoundly disappointing to me to learn that your government has acted in contravention of the broad international coalition that is working together to use peaceful means, including economic sanctions, to change the threatening behavior of the Iranian regime. The decision to accept the re-flagging of NITC vessels casts a shadow over Tanzania’s international reputation.”

Rep. Berman has been a champion of Iran sanctions in Congress, building broad coalitions in support of ending Iran’s nuclear weapons program. In January, Rep. Berman, joined by Senator Menendez (D-New Jersey) introduced stiffer sanctions aimed at the NITC and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) if they are determined to be affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The sanctions would penalize foreign financial institutions that facilitate financial transactions involving NITC or NIOC.

The letter to President Kikwete follows:

Dear President Kikwete,

I am writing to express my deep dismay that Tanzania has permitted the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC), to reflag at least 6 and as many as 10 of its vessels under the Tanzanian ship registry, allowing them to remain under NITC ownership and continuing to transport Iran’s crude oil exports. This action by your government has the effect of assisting the Iranian regime in evading U.S. and EU sanctions and generating additional revenues for its nuclear enrichment and weapons research programs and its support for international terrorism.

It is profoundly disappointing to me to learn that your government has acted in contravention of the broad international coalition that is working together to use peaceful means, including economic sanctions, to change the threatening behavior of the Iranian regime. The decision to accept the re-flagging of NITC vessels casts a shadow over Tanzania’s international reputation.

I respectfully request that Tanzania cancel the re-flagging of the NITC vessels. Given the close and cooperative relationship that our two governments now enjoy, it would be unfortunate if this action were permitted to stand.

It would be preferable that Tanzania take this action of its own accord. However, your government should take note of President Obama’s Executive Order 13608, signed May 1, 2012, which provides for the imposition of sanctions on any entity worldwide, including foreign governments, that assists Iran in evading U.S. sanctions. In my view, reflagging Iranian oil tankers falls within the scope of sanctionable activity under that Executive Order. In addition, if Tanzania were to allow Iranian vessels to remain under Tanzanian registry, we in the Congress would have no choice but to consider whether to continue the range of bi-lateral U.S. programs with Tanzania.

Howard Berman

Ranking Democrat, House Foreign Affairs Committee

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mbunge Frank ndiye wa Kwanza Kufunga Ndoa ya Kishoga!

Mbunge wa Massachusetts, Barney Frank amekuwa mbunge wa kwanza kufunga ndoa ya kishoga Marekani. Frank, mbunge wetu mpendwa wa miaka mingi hakuficha ushoga wake.  Aliwahi kuwa na skandali ya kutembea na malaya wa kiume na pia kutembea ma kijana wa kiume ambaye alikuwa intern Bungeni.
Mbunge wa Massachusetts Barney Frank (kulia) na mke wake Jim Ready

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) (72) married  longtime partner, Jim Ready (43) this past weekend . The couple got hitched Saturday at the Newton Marriott in a ceremony officiated by Governor Deval Patrick , and attended by Representatives Nancy Pelosi , Dennis Kucinich , and Steny Hoyer , and Senator John Kerry .

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Saturday, July 07, 2012

AKrimu Mtoto Halafu Adai Kazaa na Mhindi!

Huko Zimbabwe kuna mambo! Mama moja kakrimu mtoto wake ili aonekane shombe halafu kaenda kwa mhindi kudai yeye ni baba.  Nia yake ilikuwa kumtapeli huyo mhindi ili kupata pesa! Huyo mama kaolewa lakini katembea nje ya ndoa yake na mhindi.

Natoa pole kwa huyo mtoto! Kuwa creamed mwili mzima unaweza kumletea madhara ya afya kama kansa ya ngozi.  

Huyo mama na mue wake wanashitakiwa mahakamani kwa kosa la utapeli.

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) - Prosecutors in Zimbabwe say a fraud trial is set to hear claims a black baby was treated with skin-bleaching cream to extort money from a man of Asian descent.

Prosecutor Malvern Nzombe said a court in the second city of Bulawayo on Friday ordered a Zimbabwean woman and her husband to reappear for trial at a date to be set in August.

   He said it is alleged they wanted the baby to appear that it was of mixed race in a plot to "reap financial benefits" from the light-skinned man with whom the woman had an affair.

   Her husband is accused of helping plan the scam, Nzombe said.

   In Zimbabwe's troubled economy, authorities have reported a recent spate of bizarre cons to extract money from unsuspecting victims.

Mafuta ya Iran Tanzania


Tanzania said Thursday it is investigating US accusations it reflagged Iranian oil tankers to help Tehran evade US and EU sanctions.

"If we confirm that there are Iranian ships flying Tanzania's flag, we are going to obliterate the registration," Foreign Minister Bernard Membe told reporters.

Both the European Union and the United States have imposed embargos on Iranian oil exports to pressure Tehran over its contested nuclear drive.

Tanzania said it has asked the US and EU to support the investigations, after Howard Berman, a member of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said at least six Iranian tankers had switched flags to skirt sanctions.

On Wednesday, neighbouring Kenya said it had cancelled an oil import deal with Iran after international pressure.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Chuo Kipya cha Zanzibar School of Health

Chuo cha Zanzibar School of Health kinamilikiwa na Zanzibar School of Health Company Limited.

Tuna wingi wa Shukrani kwa vile Chuo cha Zanzibar School of Health kinatowa mafunzo ya Afya kutokana na ruhusa kutoka Wizara ya Afya Zanzibar.Wanafunzi wanaosoma hapo ni 45 kwa Fani ya Psychology na 88 kwa Fani ya Uuguzi.

Chuo kimeajiri Walimu wenye Sifa kusomesha Fani husika na pia kimeajiri Wafanyakazi wa ngazi mbali mbali ili kuleta ufanisi wa Chuo. Tunayo azma ya kuanzisha na kuendeleza mtandao wa Elimu ya Masafa
ikiwemo ushauri wa Afya wa Masafa yaani Tele Medicine kupitia mitandao ya kimataifa na ya kitaifa. Chuo kinafanya taratibu ya kuwawezesha wanafunzi kupata mazoezi ya vitendo nje na ndani ya Zanzibar. Kuna
azma pia ya kuanzisha Continuing Medical Education kupitia mtandao,semina ,na kongamano za kiwengo cha kimataifa.

Chuo kimepeleka Ombi Baraza la Taifa la Elimu ya Ufundi (Nacte), na kupata Form maalum kwa ajili ya usajili kwa ngazi ya NACTE baada ya kupata Usajili Rasmi kwa Ngazi ya Baraza la Wauguzi la Zanzibar kwa Fani ya Uuguzi na baada ya kupata barua ya kutokuwa na pingamizi kutoka Wizara ya Afya za Serikali ya Mapinduzi Zanzibar kuundesha Masomo ya Psychologia Nasaha yaani Counseling Psychology ya Tumaini University College Iringa. Chuo kimejisali na Taasisi ya kodi TRA ,ZRB Taassisi ya Usajili wa Kampuni ya Zanzibar na kupata Zanzibar Government Certificate of Incorporation.

Chuo kimepitisha Mtaala wake wa Diploma ya Nursing chini ya ukaguzi na masahihisho ya Zanzibar Council of Nurse Midwives na kupata School Registration Certificate number PNS/01 ya tarehe 29.09.2011 .

Chuo kitashukuru ikiwa Wawakilishi wetu watapata Nafasi kutembelea Chuo hich ili waweze kutupatia Ushauri wao wa Busara.

Baada ya kukamilisha hesabu za Budget ,Chuo kimewaslisha Form za Maombi kwa Usajili wa NACTE. Pia Chuo kina azma ya kuanzisha Fani zifuatatazo:

1. Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy

2. Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy

3. Diploma in Physiotherapy

4. Diploma in Clinical Medicine

5. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

6. Doctor of Medicine Degree

Chuo kimeunda Board ya Taaluma na kimewaalika wajumbe kutoka Wizara ya Afya kueomo kwenye Board hio. Chuo kinachangia maendeleo ya Taifa kwa kutowa ajira kwa wataalam 10 wa Tanzania kufanya kazi Chuoni hapo . Aidha Chuo kimewasilisha Maombi Wizara ya Ardhi kwa kupatiwa Eneo la Kujenga Teaching Hospital yenye Vitanda 200 ,Maabara ya kisasa, na Taasisi ya Elimu ya Afya ambazo itakuwa na kiwango cha Kimataifa.

Vile vile Cho kimewasiliana na na Baraza la Mitihani yaani NECTA kwa madhumuni ya kuanzisha Shule ya Sekondari maalum na kituo cha kufanya Mitihani ya Kitaifa na Kimataifa.Sasa Chuo kinaandikisha Wanafunzi hao ili waweze kufanya Mitihani ya Kimataifa .

Uongozi wa Chuo unashukuru Wananchi wa Zanzibar na Tanzania kwa ujumla kwa kuwaunga mkono kwa kuleta vijana wao kusoma Chuoni hapo na unaahidi Umma wa Nchi hii Elimu bora yenye Ufanisi wa Hali ya Juu.

Chuo kingependa pia kuendelea kupata Ushirikiano ili kiweze kutimiza ahadi zake za kuendeleza Nchi yetu na kutumikia Umma.



Ugonjwa wa Ajabu Yaua Watoto Cambodia!

Kuna habari kutoka World Health Organization (WHO) kuwa watoto wengi nchini Cambodia wamekufa kwa ugonjwa wa ajabu. Ugonjwa huo unaathiri mishipa ya fahamu na mapafu. Wadau, tuombe huo ugonjwa wa ajabu usiingie barani Afrika. Watoto wetu watakwisha!

Kutoka CNN.com


Hong Kong (CNN) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) and Cambodian health officials are investigating why at least 61 children in the country have died mysteriously after suffering severe neurological and respiratory complications.

Dr. Beat Richner, of the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals who first alerted Cambodia's health authorities about the unknown disease said as of Friday, he knew of 64 cases, in which only two children have survived.

Countries surrounding Cambodia were informed of a deadly disease that killed dozens of children earlier this week, through the International Health Regulations event information system, which provides public health communications.

In Hong Kong, a major air hub in the region, health officials responded by alerting doctors to be watchful for patients returning from Cambodia who have respiratory symptoms. Travelers who have been to Cambodia were told to visit their doctors if they developed respiratory symptoms.

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Bayume Mohamed Hussein (1904-1944) Aliuwawa na Hitler

Bayume Mohamed Husen 1904-1944
Je, mmewahi kumsikia Bayume Mohamed Husen/Hussein? Alikuwa ni mcheza sinema na askari wakati wa Vita Kuu ya dunia ya kwanza. Enzi zile za Ukoloni wa Mjerumani watoto waliruhusiwa kuwa askari. Aliondoka Tanganyika kwenda Ujerumani. kule alifundisha Kiswahili  na pia aliigiza kama Askari katika sinema kadhaa za kijerumani. Aliuwawa katika kambi ya meteso (Concentration Camp). Hitler alizijenga maaluma kwa ajili ya kuangamiza wayehudi, wasio wazungu na viwete. Weusi wengi walitolewa vizazi ili wasizae enzi za Hitler.  Walikuwa wanaamini mtu mweusi si binadamu kamili

Bayume Mohamed Husen was born (Feb 22 1904) in Dar es Salaam, German East Africa, now Tanzania, and died (Nov 24th 1944) in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. (birth name: Mahjub bin Adam Mohamed). He was an African-German Askari and actor. Husen served in World War I in the protection force of German East Africa as a child soldier. After the war and the end of German colonial rule, he could not seem to connect to the service of Great Britain, which had Tanganyika as a "mandate". Temporarily Husen worked in Zanzibar as a teacher and as a "boy", as a servant to British and German ships. In 1925 he was hired on to a ship of the German East African line as a waiter.

In 1929 he went to Berlin to demand unpaid wages of his father's and his. The request was rejected by the Foreign Office on the grounds that the fund had already been settled. Attempting to return him to Africa, Husen opposed and instead he settled in Berlin. He worked as a waiter in the "Wild West Bar" at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin from April 1930 until his dismissal in 1935.

From 1931 to 1941 Husen was also at the "foreign studies department," of the University of Berlin as a Swahili Language instructer/assistant. He instructed officials who were to be prepared for the planned subsequent recovery of the German colonies by the German Reich. For a relatively low salary, he worked under the founder of the German African Studies, a former missionary Diedrich Westermann.

In April 1941 he resigned his duties at the university, apparently because of the humiliating treatment by a professor. In January 1933, three days before the appointment of Hitler as Chancellor, he married Mary Schwandner. In March 1933 they bore a son, Ahmed Adam Mohamed Husen. Another daughter, Anne Marie Husen, was born in September 1936. Both of the children died during childhood.

Between 1934 and 1941, Bayume Mohamed Husen had starred in at least 23 German film productions. He had his first role in the movie titled "The Riders of German East Africa". In the movie "To New Shores" Husen 1937 stood alongside the main actors as an extra and also with small speaking roles. He occasionally took on the role of a consultant in the language of Swahili. His biggest role was also his last: Between August 1940 and February 1941 Husen played in the Nazi propaganda film, "Carl Peters" as Ramadan, a guide and interpreter of the "colonial pioneer," Carl Peters.

In August 1941 he was arrested by the Gestapo( "Secret State Police") because of a relationship with a white woman (Aryan). Since there was no legal basis for a conviction - for blacks, there was indeed a ban on marriage, but no sex ban was with "Aryan women" - he transferred to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Shortly thereafter, his wife filed for divorce, probably under pressure from the Nazi authorities. After 3 years in the camp Husen died in November 1944 as a result of bad prison conditions. (ref: Bechhaus-Gerst. 2007)

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