Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fina Mango is Back!

Fina Mango
Kutoka Bongo Celebrity:

Although she has been out of the limelight for a couple of years now, Fina Mango, remains one of the familiar faces and names in Tanzania. For many folks, she used to be their every morning “ritual” when, together with Masoud Kipanya; they used to run one of the most listened to morning radio shows in Tanzania (Power Breakfast on Clouds FM). Then it all ended in July 2008…as sad as it was.

As it turns out, Fina left the radio but the radio never left her, at least not to her fans. We have been asked thousands of times about her whereabouts and whether she is coming back to the airwaves anytime soon. Her listeners miss her insight and most likely her voice.

The good news, as you are about to read, is that Fina has been busy building an empire of herself in just a different way. She is now the Managing Director of one of the fastest growing and respected PR Company called 1Plus Communications.

To catch up with her and for the benefits of the fans that have never stopped asking about her, I tracked Fina for an exclusive interview whereby we talked much about how and where she has been all this time and her journey into entrepreneurship.