Saturday, December 09, 2017

Mashoga wa Geita Wako Jela

Tanzania kuna sheria kali kuhusu ushoga, usenge na ufiraji.  Unaweza kufungwa maisha ukikamatwa.

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Mashoga wa Uganda
   DODOMA, Tanzania (AP) - Tanzanian police say they have arrested three more people over a video shared online in which a woman kisses and embraces another woman.

   Ahmed Msangi, police chief in the Mwanza region, says 25-year-old Janeth Shonza was arrested in the central region of Singida. He says police also are holding a man accused of creating the video and another woman seen in it.

   One of the women seen kissing, Milembe Suleiman, was arrested in the northwestern region of Geita earlier this week.

   Homosexual relations are criminalized in Tanzania and the law prescribes sentences of up to life in prison.

   This East African nation has launched a crackdown against people accused of promoting homosexuality. Authorities have threatened to deregister non-governmental organizations accused of supporting gays.

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