Saturday, March 28, 2015

Afariiki Baada ya Kuchomwa Sindano ya Kuongeza Saizi ya Matako

Wadau, huko Texas mwanamke Mmarekani mweusi amepoteza maisha yake kwa kupenda kuchoma sindano za kuongeza saizi ya makalio.  Huyo dada alichoma sindano kadhaa na  kweli matako yake yaliongezeka. Lakini alitaka zaidi! Hatimaye sindano hizo zikamwua!  Sindano zenyewe zina Super glue na fixa fleti ya matairi!   Mpende mungu alivyowaumba. Na hao madaktari feki waliokuwa wanamchoma wamekimbia. Wakaikamatwa watashitakiwa kwa mauaji.

Wykesha Reid went to the Deep Ellum salon for the same reason many others did: She wanted to add curves.
“Everybody else got big booties,” Patricia Kelley, 70, who had raised Reid since she was a baby, said Reid told her. “So she wanted a big booty.”
Reid, 34, a nursing home staffer, joined a growing number of people who are turning to black-market buttocks injections — which are much cheaper and riskier than plastic surgery — to get their bodies closer to pop-culture idols such as BeyoncĂ© and Kim Kardashian.
Reid went to the salon in the 3800 block of East Side Avenue three times for the injections with no problems.
“Your butt’s getting too big,” Kelley recalled telling her. “But she got hooked on them booty shots.”
On Feb. 18, Reid returned to the salon for a fourth visit, Kelley said Thursday. But something went wrong. Police found her body inside the business at 7 the next morning. The building had been cleaned out and her purse and cellphone were missing, Kelley said.
Now Reid’s family hopes someone will be brought to justice in her death.
Police issued arrest warrants late Wednesday on charges of practicing medicine without a license for Denise Ross, 43, and Jimmy Clarke, 31, who also is known as Alicia.
Ross and Clarke are wanted in connection with a case in which a woman who received butt injections suffered pain, soreness and psychological problems but survived.

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