Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hakuna Kadi za Krismasi na Mwaka Mpya za Serikali Mwaka Huu!

Waliotegemea Mkao wa kula kutokana na uchapishaji wa hizo kadi mwaka huu walie tu!


Tony said...

I wish we can have five such leaders in Africa with such seriousness may be things can change in the public offices. May God lead MR POMBE JOHN MAGUFULI each day he sees the sun. KEEP IT UP AND GO DEEPER THAN THIS. edf zambia

Anonymous said...

that is the way to go.Unnecessary spending by governments in Africa on the backdrop of poverty amongst its citizens should stop.Tanzania's president should get utmost support and other African countries especially Kenya should borrow a leaf from President Magufuli.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Magufuli! For the people, of the people... Servant of the people, NOT the rich and elite! Keep going... and weed out the corrupt thieves and the class of people who think that government (people's) money is theirs for the taking.