Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kanisa za WaKenya Boston Zimeguezwa Miradi ya Kutafuta Pesa

Pastor Elizabeth Wanyoike of the newly launched International Restoration Reformed Church (IRRC) in Tewksbury, near Lowell during dedication ceremoney on Sunday November 15, 2015. AJABU MEDIA PIC/H.MAINA
Kenyan Churches in Boston turned into financially motivated Social Clubs, says new Pastor
LOWELL, Mass.,( Ajabu African News) Nov 19__Most Kenyan community churches in Boston have abdicated their primary role of spreading the true gospel of Jesus Christ and instead have been turned around into "help those who help you" social clubs emphasizing too much on financially motivated manipulations. 
The charge was made by pastor Elizabeth Wanyoike last Sunday during the dedication ceremony of the newly launched International Restoration Reformed Church (IRRC) in Tewksbury, near Lowell.

She said that many Kenyans attending Kenyan community churches today have no clue of where they are headed yet they are being lead down the drain by church leaders many of whom are only concerned with parishioner contributions to cater for their weekly paychecks and social problems among members. 

"There is a lot of ungodliness in the church today.The church has been turned around to help those who help you. It is the spirit of Jezebel and somebody must wake up to breaks the yokes of this spirit," she said during the sermon top about a dozen Kenyans present"

It is time to destroy the ungodliness in our church just like Elijah destroyed the idols that citizens were worshipping during King Ahab's rule," she added while quoting from the book of1st Kings Chapter 16 &17.

.Wanyoike said that there is a spirit of fear, oppression and intimidation going around the body of Christ today in the Kenyan community similar to what took place during King Ahab's reign.

"You can be in the church but the people in authority are taking you nowhere. People are covered in the spirit of oppression and intimidation."
She called on Kenyans of faith to take a proactive effort to change things so that the church "can operate on what God wants us to do."

"Things have to change and the church return to order. We don't have to gather for the sake of gathering. Even Obadiah was so afraid to tell the King that Prophet Elijah had arrived with a message to the people but Elijah forced him to bring up King Ahab to listen to the message and destroy the alters of worshiping idols instead of the read God," she added.


Anonymous said...

I am glad this new Pastor has spoken up. But it is not only Kenya Churches in Boston. The Tanzanian and Ugandan churches are very money hungry as well. Now the new trend is a Conference every week.

Anonymous said...

People believe that if they speak ill of the Pastors they will be struck dead by lightning. or some other calamity will befall them so they keep quiet or just move to another Church.