Saturday, March 18, 2017

Comfort Zone - A Poem by Prof Richard Mabala


Comfort Zone

By Richard Mabala 

First they came for the big guys
They were all fisadis
But I am not a fisadi so why should I speak out?
Even if no evidence has been given against them
We were told they were fisadis
What greater evidence do you want?
Silently I applauded.
Then they came for the artists
Decadent artists leading immoral lives
Why should I support them?
No evidence again but God had spoken
I said not a word.
Of course they came for the gays
Even wanted to publicly declare their names
Even more disgusting than the artists
I don't care whether they do it in private or not
They deserve it.
No need to speak out
They also came for the activists
Those arrogant unelected nobodies
Pushing their own agendas as if they were the people's choice
They had to be silenced
So silent I remained.
Then they came for an Asian
These Asians, don't we know them
They are just exploiting us
How can he claim to be a citizen like me?
A proud Tanzanian
So what if he was a councillor in my own party
Why should I speak for these exploiters?
And anyway I support that other team
Too patriotic to support him or his team.
So no need to speak out
Even if there seems be a vendetta against him
For daring to threaten the son of God
Silence is golden
Then they came for the opposition.
Why should they go on politicking even after the election.
Throw them in jail
And keep them there to show our leaders brook no opposition
Opposition disrupts their good intentions.
They deserve to stay in jail
I said nothing
The same is true of those people
Who used unbecoming language
On Facebook
They should have known better
They were warned
But still the persisted.
Why should I speak in their favour
Then they came for the lawyers
Especially those dumb oppositionist lawyers
Wanting to take over their association
And become activist
Activist? Really?
We know those lawyers are just after money
And power
Surely they can defend themselves anyway.
Say nothing.
Then they came for their own party members
Ha ha ha. You see their foolishness
Fraternising with the enemy when politics is no longer about adversaries
But enemies.
They couldn't even see which way the wind is blowing
And bow before it
They were flattened
And I will never say a word
Even if they belonged to my party
Unlike them, I am loyal
Always loyal.
But hang on
What are those boots outside my door?
What have I done?
HELP! Will someone speak out for me?
I have done nothing.
Why the silence?
Am I the only one left?

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