Saturday, July 22, 2017

SGA Security Comes to the Rescue of Abandoned Patients at MOI

In response to appeal in both mainstream and social media, the largest and oldest security company in the Tanzania, SGA Security, responded with donations. 

These were presented on 21st July 2017 to the management of Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute(MOI) and received by the Director of Nursing – Ms. MF Kimaro. She expressed their gratitude to SGA for being the first to respond to the plight of the patients.  
 Security Group Africa Group (SGA),Managing Director, Eric Sambu (right) handing over donations worth 2.5m/- to the Nursing Director at the Bone Institute (Moi), Ms. Flora Kimaro during a special visit to patients.

The donations included foodstuff, sanitary items and wheel chairs, all valued at TZS.2.5 Million. The SGA Customer and Public Relations Manager, Ms. Aikande Makere, explained that it is their practice to support community initiatives, in line with their corporate social responsibility. 

SGA has health and safety core theme and that extends to the public. She explained that she heard the appeal and felt that they needed to chip in and called upon other institutions to follow suit. “The patients belong to all of us and we have to shoulder this responsibility, as a society, jointly”, she added.

Mr. Jumaa Tram Almasi, MOI’s Manager, Welfare& Public Relations Unit expressed gratitude to SGA Security for choosing their institution to make the donation. “As you might be aware, treatment of the destitute patients is costly and we cannot do it alone, that is, provision of both medical and social needs. 

We need support from Well-Wishers and Good Samaritans to support us”, he said. “Patients dumped by their relatives add a strain in the already overloaded health services. 

The support from SGA security is timely and a stitch in time. We kindly urge the rest to support us through their CSR Programs”, he added.

SGA Security Managing Director, Mr. Eric Sambu, explained that they have spent over TZS.55 million this year on CSR programs, with a few activities remaining before end of the year. He explained that being part of the society, they always decide on areas to provide support as a way of giving back to the public.

 He was there with the ambulance team and guards during the presentation. They visited the patients in wards to give them a word of encouragement.
Security Group Africa Group (SGA),Managing Director, Eric Sambu (right) handing over donations worth 2.5m/- to the Nursing Director at the Bone Institute (Moi), Ms. Flora Kimaro during a special visit to patients.

SGA Security was the first Private Security Company registered in Tanzania in 1984, as Group Four Security, following deregulation of the sector from Government control. Today, after more than 33 years of successful operations, SGA is the largest private security company in Tanzania, represented in every service area in the sector. Employing about 5,000 employees in Tanzania and over 18,500 in the region, SGA is one of the largest employers in the region.

Speaking during the presentation at MOI, the Managing Director, Mr. Eric Sambu, said that they aid to entrench corporate citizenship by playing bigger role in the society as they strive to continuously add value to their customers. 

SGA recently launched a new fleet of ultra-modern and fully-equipped armored vehicles to provide alarm response services and cash in transit services in the country. SGA provides a full spectrum of integrated security services, which ensures that its clients enjoy a cost-effective interfusion of manpower and technology, safeguarding their personal and business assets, wherever they may be located. “We are presently updating skillsets for all our employees to empower deliver our promises in line with our mission. 

The training cuts across all cadres and facilitators are from all sectors, including our disciplined forces.”, he added. In addition to donations like this, SGA conducts free awareness training to selected public to improves health and safety in the society. They recently completed such training to bodaboda riders that covered 230 riders. They also donated reflective jackets and helmets after the awareness training.
Mr. Sambu continued to explain that SGA is the largest provider of Cash in Transit and Cash Management services in Tanzania and the provider of choice for over 85 Banks and Financial Institutions in the East Africa region. Our large fleet of fully armoured CIT vehicles visit over 750 bank branches in Tanzania, safely moving tens of billions of shillings, millions of kilometres each year. 

All our Cash Management services are fully insured through reputable, internationally renowned insurers. Our expertise extends to the Diplomatic and NGO sectors with over 65 Embassies and Development Aid clients in the region. We understand the specific risk profile of these clients and have specifically trained staff for these.

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