Saturday, August 08, 2015

Mkutano Bandia - Msikubali Kutapeliwa!

Wadau, watu wengi wamepokea huo mwaliko bandia!  Msikubali kutapeliwa.  Uataambiwa utume hela ya hoteli halafu utaridushiwa.  Ni mbinu ya hao matapeli wa Nigeria. Futeni hizo email, mtalizwa.

For registration information you are to contact the conference Registrar: {hrha registrar@}.

Dear Colleagues,

  I am pleased to invite you to participate on the forth - coming World Conference on Human Rights and HIV/AIDS treatment (HRHA) against Women, Youth & Children.

The International Human Rights and HIV/AIDS treatment (HRHA) against Women, Youth & Children, is scheduled to take place from October 19th – 23th 2015, New York, United States and from October 26th - 30th 2015 in Dakar-Senegal, and other benevolent donors worldwide.

The sponsors of the event will cover the cost of your round-trip air tickets on a direct flight at the most economical fare and we shall provide assistance for your visa arrangement, and your ground transportation from the airport to the conference venue. Hotel accommodation booking costs will be your own responsibility in Dakar Senegal. Please contact the conference secretariat office for more information and registration for participation :{ hrha registrar@}.

Please share the information with your colleagues.


Mrs. Violet Williams,
M.D Human Rights and HIV/AIDS.
Activities Coordinator.

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