Saturday, September 19, 2015

MKenya Agundua Tiba ya COPD - Ugonjwa wa Kupumua Kwa Shida

AJABU AFRICA wametoa taarifa kuwa Mkenya amegundua Tiba ya Uginjwa wa Kupumua kwa Shida (COPD).  Dr. George Kiongera ni Mkenya kwa kwanza kuwa na shahada la Ph.d katika uuguzi (Nursing).  Alifanya utafiti kuhusu ugonjwa wa COPD na athari zake kwa wazee.  Tiba aliyogundua umekuwa na mafanikio kwa wengi.

BREAKING NEWS...Kenyan Man in Boston Discovers COPD treatment, Featured in Nursing's Leading Journal

BOSTON__Dr. George Kiongera, the Kenyan man who several years ago became the first Kenyan known to hold a Doctorate Degree in Nursing Practice has achieved another rare feat; a research study he conducted recently on the first ever known treatment of older patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD) was accepted and published in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing--the world's leading resource for nursing care of older adults.

The piece, titled "inpatient pulmonary rehabilitation program in a long-term care facility" was featured from page 44 to 52 of the most recent issue (August 2015) of the nursing care journal that is published only once a month.

Currently, there is no any other Kenyan known to have been published in the world renowned journal.

Following the success of Dr. Kiongera's study findings and recommendations in treating patients stuck in long term care facilities due to COPD, a debilitating breathing problem with no previously known cure, and as a result accepted and featured nursing care journal, Dr. Kiongera's research now officially becomes a resource for healthcare providers and medical students all over the world dealing with COPD patients. KWA HABARI KAMILI BOFYA HAPA  FULL STORY >>>>>

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