Saturday, November 20, 2010

Coup Attempt in Madagascar

Wanajeshi wamejaribu kupindua serikali ya Madagascar! Hawakufanikiwa!


ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar (AP) - A group of dissident officers was reported ready to surrender Saturday after attempting to seize power earlier in the week, but junior officers resisted and gunfire rang out during negotiations aimed at defusing a volatile impasse.

Reporters had seen hundreds of soldiers loyal to this Indian Ocean island's High Transitional Authority - the internationally isolated government formed by a politician who seized power with the military's backing last year - converge on a base near the capital's airport. Mutinous officers have been holed up at the base since Wednesday. Officials had said talks were planned, but shots could be heard inside the base.

Col. Julien Ravelomihary, a high-ranking member of the High Transitional Authority's military, told reporters the mutinous officers "are ready to hand themselves over, but junior officers are resisting."

The group of officers declared Wednesday they were taking over from Andry Rajoelina. Western powers and Madagascar's African neighbors have accused Rajoelina of trampling on democracy, and some in the military have grown disenchanted with him in recent months.

Earlier Saturday, police had fired tear gas to break up a crowd of several hundred anti-Rajoelina demonstrators in central Antananarivo.

Saturday's protest was led by a mayors' organization that seeks a negotiated resolution to the crisis. Police said they arrested the group's leader. No injuries were reported.

The protesting mayors say they also oppose an electoral plan imposed by Rajoelina. Wednesday's coup attempt came amid a nationwide vote on Rajoelina's proposed constitution. The vote went ahead, and incomplete results put the 'yes' vote well ahead.


Anonymous said...

Duh huyu Rais si ndio yule dogo alikuwa DJ? Pole zake na hongera zake Mungu kamuokoa

Anonymous said...

Siu nyingi hatujasikia habari ya coup Afrika. Ila hao wako karibu sana na sisi.

Anonymous said...

Too close for comfort!