Sunday, January 12, 2014

Unyonyaji wa Akina Mama!

A profound picture of a woman giving her all to someone who has nothing to offer her back. The transfer of ENERGY is REAL! If you're constantly surrounded by, interacting with, having sex with, pouring your self into an empty person(s), than eventually, they WILL suck you completely dry. This concept should be applied across the board… significant others, friends, family even. It's LEVELS to this life shit! Know your worth! You can not be out here doing the same things expecting CHANGE. You can not surround your self with stagnant energy and except growth, wealth and success. Align yourself with people, places and things that don't leave you spiritually skin and bones!


jerzygirl45 said...

Do you know the artist of this work? It's quite striking on many levels. You commentary took this to a different level and I find myself unable to get it out of my head. Very thought-provoking.

Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

Mbona kwenye picha hii aliyenyonywa mpaka kamalizwa ni mwanamume na siyo mwanamke.

Mwanamke ana afya na amependeza na mwanamume kabakia mifupa!!!

Anonymous said...

Huyo mwanaume hana kitu. Atafanya huyo mwanamke naye awa mifupa!

Anonymous said...

Huyu jamaa ni mifupa mitupu, sasa inakuwaje ana m*pumbu hayo ninayoyaona hapo chini?