Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ubaguzi Dar es Salaam - Mhindi Atukana Weusi - Eti Manyani (Monkeys)


Today, I received extremely disturbing screen shots of posts by an Indian lady who is calling Tanzanians of African origin "monkeys". She had the audacity to attack people that stood up to her indicating that what she did was wrong but she stuck to her guns and continued to call them monkeys and other Non Tanzanians with different ethnic background "monkey lovers". This has extremely upset me to no end. How can this be happening in our country and it is done by a person who is well known in Dar with various businesses which some of us frequent often? I am hoping that someone has hacked her account and can therefore excuse the contents of the said posts. However, if the account is not hacked then we need to share these posts as the original posts have since been deleted in Crime Alert Tanzania FB Page to ensure that the appropriate authorities take this matter seriously and do something against such inappropriate racist language. Please note that I do not welcome any comments slandering Indians as majority of my friends are of Indian origin both in and outside of Tanzania and they are great people with deep respect for other human beings regardless of their ethnic background.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kama wabongo,Tanzani monkey, nae monkey pia, utaishije na monkey kama na wewe sio monkey pia, lol. alivyoiponda hiyo jugecal system, hmmm shughuli, kwani uongo, hela ndio jugecal system kama huna hela huna khaki ni kweli shughuli manaake manyani yanashidwa hata kuangalia wapi khaki wapi pasipo khaki mhhh wabongo tumekuwa manyani kweli, haya sasa mpaka, hata race ya kihindi yaishi hapa yatuponda, si wanaona, hela ndio khaki, khaki wala hakuna, ni manyani tu kwa kwenda mbeleee!!!!!