Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Poem for the Late Colonel Gaddafi

I had a dream that the death of Gaddafi is a seed for the unification of Africa,
It is a wake up call for African leaders to mend and stop a fragmented Africa,
To heal Africa that is tormented by globalization statutes and mystica,
People of Africa must cry before the Holy Throne of God for a United Africa,
As we mourn Gaddafi we must endevour to eradicate oppression from Africa, 
The people of Africa must remember hundred and twenty years in the past, 
West domination in a conference in Berlin fragmented the African Continent,
African countries since then was colonized and put under a painful start,
Each country wa ruled and manourveered individually to deepened its lone root,
Colonialism disregarded that Africa was one people and one Continent.
Africa emerged from colonialism and was to begin the union struggle,
The struggle for the African togetherness, unity, freedom and independence,
Nkurumah, Lumumba and Nyerere, as Fathers of African Unity came,
And all wanted the unification of Africa to be one as it was before,
But they encountered the new world economic order as a stiff resistance.
In our midst stood neo-colonialism in form of support strain,
Globalization came as a gizmo and weapon for domination,
Brain drain out of Africa was a giant beast at its elevation,
Africa intensified the struggle for economic freedom to sustain,
But the economic freedom of lone countries was in suppression.
As they struggled, world economic giants expressed hidden joy,
They continued to rejoice in Africa's suffering, torments and agony,
They set massive arsenal to these poor countries to destroy,
Africa became a market for, political manoeuvre and technology,
Hour by hour, day by day; poorer Africa became each passing year.
As a Leader of the African Union; Gaddafi was a dazzling light in the Libyan capital,
A light that wanted Africa united; against all traits of neo-colonial cynical,
Before African leaders united; and took the lead to embrace the unification call,
Gaddafi was vanquished by NEO-COLONIAL mighty; the dream for one Africa fell,
A wave of revolution in the name of democracy has engulfed countries in the Sahel.
Gaddafis' call was vivid and clearer as the African Union was a vehicle to compel,
To let globalization be the vehicle of a regional grouping and strengthen trail,
Now African Leaders need to rekindle the tempo for unification to grow tall,
Gaddafi remains an icon of one Africa that will on that day stand on the union stall,
The day Africa will be the United States of Africa to dominate the economic ball.
By: Dr Dalaly Peter Kafumu


John Mwaipopo said...

there are so many psychotics among us regardless of how many books they have eaten.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Kafumu mbona waliokufa Igunga hujawatungia Shairi???

Matinyi said...

It's so disturbing to find out that even educated people were fooled by Gadhafi that he was a revolutionalist and a Pan-africanist simply because his lunatic rhetoric and distributing hand-outs despite calling his country - "People's Arab Republic." So disturbing.

Mind you, Libyans themselves slapped, jabbed, and threw shoes at this guy and called him a "dog" and then killed him. Who are we to cry for him? Why should people argue over his death, his dignity as well as his ingidnity if he was a great leader?

Did we argue in the same manner when Mwalimu Julius Nyerere passed away? No. Why? Because Nyerere was unquestionably a great leader - - 14 years after retiring. Mwalimu did more than Gadhafi in the fight against colonialism, imperialism, and the likes, but in the end the whole world respected him.

What was wrong with this wacky Gadhafi? Again, remember, his people called him a "devil." How can a leader be great to you but a devil to his people? How?

As Brutus said in one the Shakespeare's play, that "Caesar is a 'serpent's egg,' a tyrant waiting to be hatched," so was Gadhafi - a serpent's egg that was hatched in Libya to perform its mischief in Africa.


John Mwaipopo said...

eloquently said mr matinyi!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that some educated people in Tanzania are so dumb!I hope you are real a DR cause you don't real seems like one. Don't you see what happens in Tanzania? As others said, "reading more books do not make a person genius" And this applies to you and those like you!Stop praising people of what they are not doing. Try to solve/ look at Tanzania's problems before jumping to another country...