Friday, October 14, 2011

RyanAir Wanataka Kuondoa Vyoo Kwenye Ndege Zao!

Duh! Si itakuwa balaa kama hakuna choo kwenye ndege! Mtu akibanwa haja kubwa au ndogo anaambiwa asubiri hadi ndege itue, milango ifunguke na uende kwenye restroom uwanjani. Je, mtu akihitaji kubadilisha nepi ya mtoto. Mtu ikibidi atapike. Uwongo mbaya kuna magonjwa ambayo yanamlazimisha mtu kwenda msalani mara kwa mara. Itabidi watu wavae nepi kwenye ndege.

Sasa RyanAir wanasema kuwa wanataka kuondoa ili waongeze viti ili watu wengi zaidi wasafiri. Wanasema kuwa watabakiza choo kimoja. Je, ikiwa mbovu? Na je, RyanAir wakiondoa vyoo, ina maana makampuni mengine yatfuata nyayo zao Wadau, manaonaje?


DISCOUNT airline Ryanair is to remove all but one toilet from their planes in exchange for extra seats.

The move would see seats replace two of the three toilets in the carriers’ Boeing 737-800 planes, the Daily Mail reports.

Ryanair head, Michael O’Leary, insists all three toilets are “very rarely” used during a flight and passengers would reap the benefits of the extra seating.

“It would fundamentally lower air fares by about 5 per cent for all passengers – cutting £2 ($3) from every £40 ($62) ticket,” he said.

However, the Association of British Travel Agents said the airline had gone "too far" and warned of the inconvenience for a toilet on a plane to be out of order.

Although there are no legal requirements surrounding how many toilets a plane is to provide, Boeing is declining to enter into Mr O’Leary’s plans.

The new, almost loo-less planes would initially be used for the carriers short-haul flights. But it’s a worrying prospect for passengers taking Ryanair’s longest UK route which lasts more than four hours.

Ryanair has become well known for its controversial ideas for cutting costs.

In 2009 the airline announced it would charge passengers £1 ($1.50) to use in-flight toilets and proposed £5 ($8) "standing-room only" seats.

The carrier’s standing seats would remove the last 10 rows of seats and replace them with 15 rows of “vertical seats”.

Aviation consultant, John Strickland has defended the airline’s budget-cutting measures saying: “High fuel prices are making it difficult to keep fares low, so anything which helps reduce costs is essential.”

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Anonymous said...

Mr O'Leary's comment about the loos hardly being used is because at the slightest hint of turbulence, the Seatbelts On sign comes on and no-one is allowed to use them!! certainly doesn't stop anyone using the loos unless the turbulence is quite noticeable. Flying with Ryanair tomorrow but it will be for the last time if Mr O'Leary manages to reduce the number of loos to one. Every flight I have ever been on has always had queues to use the loos. If he treats his passengers like cattle, he should expect to have to clean up the manure after them if they are unable to keep themselves clean.

Anonymous said...

Kazi kwenu wapanda ndege, wakenya wanasema
"kwani ni shida yangu iyo?"
Sisi wa Tandale maguniani tunashughulikia matatizo yetu na nyinyi wapanda ndege shughulikieni matatizo yenu.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Ridiculous! Profits can do crazy things to some people's brains. Let O'Leary not have any toilet facilities in his office, and check him out during a meeting, after a nice company-paid lunch and drinks [especially, if the drinks consist of beer]...