Friday, August 10, 2012

Imuka Singers USA Tour 2012

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Tanzania!

Preparations for Imuka Singers USA tour of 2012 are already in full swing!

The tour starts on the 15th of  September through December 12, 2012.

Although you may not have worked with Imuka Singers in our last USA tour, chances are some of your friends in your community helped us to have an amazing experience. The tour was a huge success which opened many doors not just for performers but also for the people of Tanzania and East African communities who have long wished to have a meaningful and mutually rewarding relationship with the American communities. 

We are building on the successes Imuka achieved in the last tour to make a much bigger and more successful 2012 tour.  Imuka is requesting to partner with you.  I hope this introduction and the attached flyer, video links, and the information on the Website ( will give you an understanding of our holistic mission and purpose and how together we can enrich both our communities and yours.

Imuka Mission:
Imuka singers use the platform of choral music to promote sustainable economic development in their communities, and to foster cultural ties with the world. Using concert venues as market outlets, the choir sells local merchandise from weavers and handicrafts makers in rural Tanzania. A significant portion of the revenue is used for micro-grants for women and youth and to support social projects, such health and education in Bukoba, Tanzania.

We are ready to confirm performances in your community!

Please give Jessica Newhouse, Imuka tour coordinator a call. Her email is: | Tel: 612-751-8870.  Or you can email me at | Tel 612 227.0065.

We look forward to partnering to glorify God and foster our diverse cultural understanding with you!

Thank you,

In Christ, In Service,

PS: Touring with Imuka this time is the Regional Commissioner  (Equivalent of the Governor in the USA) of Kagera Region! We are honored that Imuka is now recognized as a "national Choir" and designated by national leaders as "East Africa Cultural Ambassador"!

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