Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mapochopocho Boston!

Taste N See catering
 Labor Day Sale!
Chapati $ 1:50
Vitumbua $ 1:50
Maandazi/ mahamli $.50
Samosa $2:00
Egg chops $2:00
Fish catles $1:50
Kababs $1:50
Fried tilapia 2 for $15
Take 15% off your entire order now until 09/08
Call to order!
We also specialize in Catering
for small and big occasions.
Our menu includes foods like
pilau, ndizi nyama, fried cassava
nyama choma, mishikaki, Tilapia,
Biriani, vegitables like spinach
 & sukuma wiki (collard greens),
 mishikaki & many more swahili food.
Call for more details!
Call to order!
We are located in Revere, MA


emu-three said...

Chapati dola moja na nusu ina maana kwa hela ya mdafu ni shilingi ngapi, sio shiingu elifu mbili na kitu, duuuh, hivi kwanini tusiwe tunasafisrihs chapati zetu na maandazi kuja kuuza huko! Dunia na mamboye

Anonymous said...

Aisei hizo bei!

Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow! The sight of that food sure made my mouth water. As soon as I finish typing this, I'm heading on down to the kitchen. I'm not sure about the prices, but then again, profits have to be made to make it worthwhile as a business. Kudos for them for making people aware of East African Swahili food; as well as, probably encouraging people to visit East African coastal areas.

Again, I must rush to the kitchen... Emergency! I've got to eat soon, even if it's not all that lovely nosh shown in those photos.

Also, thanks Chemi for a wonderful and informative site!