Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mitt Romney's Job Interview for President of the USA

I received this via E-mail. Hilarious but much of it is sadly probably true!


Former MA Governor Mitt Romney
•Job Interview for President of the USA

1. Applicant’s name: W. M. Romney.

2. Nicknames: MittRobMe, Sybil, Three Faces of Eve, Reversible Mittens.

3. Previous Position: Opportunistic Financial Predator

4. Current Position: Technically unemployed - but benefiting from family inheritance, patronizing foreign entities for personal gain and avoiding taxes and the rule of law.

5. Current Income: That’s a secret, just like my religion and tax returns. Can we change the subject?

6. Job expectation: Turn the U.S. into a Theocratic Oligarchy Plutocracy.

7. Tell us about your previous career? CEO.

8. What did your job entail? Vulture capitalism, exploiting companies, employees, and middle class, outsourcing jobs, oops - erase all of that. I’d rather not go into detail, good things, but if you really knew you wouldn’t hire me.

9. Other career experience? Governor

10. Tell us more about your experience in this field: I’d rather not say, people know too much already, and please don’t ask about the 47th in job creation ranking . . .

11. If you are successful in getting the job what are your plans? AsI’ve made it very clear, if you knew my plans I wouldn’t get the job.

12. What makes you stand out from other candidates? I’m not them.

13. Why would we choose you over another candidate? I have been on every side of everything so how can I go wrong, you tell me? I’m a renaissance liar.

14. What do you believe in? My inherent right to use up America and spit out the remains for profit by virtue of birth. wealth, class and privilege.

15. What do you hope to gain from this experience? Ultimate power over a whole nation and planet and reorder the world in my image. A cold and calculating place where only those born into wealth and privilege deserve it and those that aren’t have to sacrifice all to keep us content. Aren’t you listening? I told you previously that I want to be President of a Theocratic Oligarchy Plutocracy.

16. Who is your real base? About 150 people but they can afford to spend enough billions and own enough of the media, to deceive the fools who would vote for me against their own interests.

17. What are your hobbies? Money, telling lies, hiding money, avoiding paying taxes on money, picture framing money, bobbing for money, needlepoint sewing images of money, stuffing mattresses with money, wallpapering my car elevator with money, wiping my hindpots with money dollar bills like Franklin, Cleveland - Wilson is my favorite, swimming in my money vault, worshipping money. . . . . Did I mention greed, lying, and money?

18. If chosen what will you do? None of the things I promised  because I said I won’t get the job if you knew. Stop trying to trick me by holding me accountable.

19. What are you counting on to be selected? Gullibility, Greed, Bigotry, and Hate.

20. Do you have any questions about family healthcare benefits? No. I was advised that my family and I would have excellent healthcare benefits paid by the Taxpayer, and I can even get a $77,000 tax
deduction for my horse, which includes $2000 for my horse’s healthcare.I’m not really concerned about healthcare for the rest of Americans, they can fend for themselves .


Anonymous said...

People would chose Romney simply because he is white, not rich. But if he is elected the USA will really be screwed! President Obama has done a fantastic job but people can't see it because he is black

Anonymous said...

Under President Obama:

Unemployment down to 8.3% from 10.5%
Housing markets are recovering
Dow is up over 13,000 from 7,500 at the depths of the 2008 crash
bin Laden is dead
Combat Ops in Iraq are over
Auto industry was saved
Gas prices down 50 cents a gal.
Wall Street paid back the $850 BILLION Bush TARP to avoid being regulated.
Yep, we're better off than we were 4 years ago, unless you are a complete moron who refuses to accept reality.