Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mpiga Picha Mweusi Azomewa Kwenye Mkutano wa Republicans!

Mfuasi wa Ron Paul mara kabla ya kutolewa kwenye Mkutano Mkuu wa Republicans jana

Wadau, siku zote nimekuwa nikisema kuwa Republicans ni wabaguzi. Hawajali maslahi ya maskini, weusi au wenye rangi! 

Hebu ona yaliyotokea kwenye mkutano wao wa kumteua mgomea Rais. Mpiga picha mweusi, mwanamke, karushiwa karanga na kuambiwa, "Hivyo ndotunvyofanya wanyama!" Duh! Yaani mtu mweusi ni mnyama sawa na nyanyi katka macho yake!

Juzi, Romney alisema kuwa hakuna aliyeuliza kuhusu cheti chake cha kuzaliwa. Hiyo ni statement ya kibaguzi! Alikuwa na maan kwa vile mimi mzungu huna haja ya kuuliza nimezaliwa wapi! Wadau mnahabari kuwa baba yake Romney, George Romney alizaliwa Mexico?  Mbona hawaji juu!??


CNN Camerawoman Assaulted At GOP Convention
By Amanda Crum
An African-American camerawoman who was attending the Republican National Convention for CNN was assaulted yesterday by a man who threw peanuts at her and yelled loudly, “This is how we feed animals”. He was promptly escorted out.

Journalist David Shuster was the first to announce the news that something had gone down by posting it on Twitter. He has since updated his feed with confirmations from CNN that an incident did occur and that one other person was eventually ejected from the convention.

“CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment,” the network’s statement read.

While CNN’s statement on the matter was decidedly vague, officials at the convention also released a statement which said, in no uncertain terms, that they would not put up with such behavior.

“Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.”

Kwa Habari zaidi BOFYA HAPA:


James said...

Republicans represent wealthy, affluent, suburban white men. If you want to know their position on minorities, just look at the federal judges they appoint. All are old, angry, white hardliners who dish out unduly harsh sentences to blacks that are jacked up on ridiculous technicalities fine-printed in the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Manual (a racist manifesto). White Republicans are using their biased judicial system to transport young, black males from the inner cities to federal prison labor farms. It’s an untold dirty secret.

Anonymous said...

Just because the man who threw peanuts had not yet had a chance to throw them at other CNN reporters prior to being removed doesn’t mean he specifically selected this woman because she was black. Again, we don’t have enough information to know. She could easily have been the first CNN employee to be in his vicinity last night. Perhaps she stood out because she was carrying camera equipment and that made her more noticeable. Anyway, why argue about all of this until all the facts come out. Bottom line – could it have been racially motivated? Yes – but it wasn’t necessarily recially motivated. I’m sure we’ll know more as the facts become available.

Anonymous said...

The camerawoman and the two convention attendees were not immediately identified."
-That means she is in the process of being paid off, and the 2 attendees were high profile politicians thinking they can do what ever they want to who ever they want....

Peter Gatliff said...

Doesnt take rocket science to know the storys true. Look how many African American's voters have been purged from the voting rolls accross America to get Romney elected. Look at "King's Street" out of Houston a bunch of KOCH Brothers stooges to block the vote. This doesnt include the USA,USA chant when a delegate from Puerto Rico was speaking. Wake up America the GOP is a Rascist party. One look in the crowd should tell the story. All White.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romneyisms.... Who would honestly vote for this guy?

1. "Corporations are people, my friend…..." 2. "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me." 3. "I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there."
4. "I'll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry's come back."
5. "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised."
6. "I Can Relate To Black People, My Ancestors Once Owned Slaves"
7. "I should tell my story. I'm also unemployed." ( Romney's net worth is over $500 million).
8. "I will bet you 10,000 Dollars"

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush inherited a strong economy, a budget surplus, and a nation at peace.

Eight years later, he left Obama with a shattered economy, a trillion dollar deficit, and two useless wars.

Obama saved the country from another Great Depression, rebuilt GM, reformed healthcare, reformed Wall Street, doubled the stock market, created 12 straight quarters of GDP growth, created 29 straight months of private sector job growth, got Bin Laden, got Gaddafi, and got us out of Iraq.

And now with the automatic spending cuts and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts in 2012, Obama has solved the deficit problem as well.

Obama has done a very good job.

Anonymous said...

Kama Romney atashinda basi dunia iuje wamarekani wapumbavu sana! Bora mchina atawale dunia!

Truther said...


•Accused President Obama's health care law of funneling money away from Medicare "at the expense of the elderly." In fact, Medicare's chief actuary says the law "substantially improves" the system's finances, and Ryan himself has embraced the same savings.

•Accused Obama of doing "exactly nothing" about recommendations of a bipartisan deficit commission — which Ryan himself helped scuttle.

•Claimed the American people were "cut out" of stimulus spending. Actually, more than a quarter of all stimulus dollars went for tax relief for workers.

•Faulted Obama for failing to deliver a 2008 campaign promise to keep a Wisconsin plant open. It closed less than a month before Obama took office.

•Blamed Obama for the loss of a AAA credit rating for theU.S. Actually, Standard & Poor's blamed the downgrade on the uncompromising stands of both Republicans and Democrats.And when he wasn't attacking Obama, Ryan was puffing up the record of his running mate, Mitt Romney, on taxes and unemployment.

* Taking money from Medicare?Ryan continued the campaign's false line of attack that Obama had "funneled" money out of Medicare to pay for the federal health care law "at the expense of the elderly." But that's contradicted by Medicare's chief actuary, in a statement at the end of the most recent report of the system's trustees (our emphasis added):

Anonymous said...

Ubaguzi hautaisha Marekani. Sad.

emu-three said...

Hatua kwa hatua ukweli utazihiri, tukisema ooh, sasa ....!