Wednesday, August 01, 2012

PM Zenawi Wa Ethiopia Anapata Nafuu

Duh! Wengine wanasema Waziri Mkuu wa Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi amefariki kweli ila wanaficha. Wengine wanasema yuko hospitalini kwa ajili ya matibabu na hali yake inaendelea vizuri, ingawa hawasemi yuko wapi!


PM Meles Zenawi  of Ethiopia in a Hospital in Belgium


Meles Zenawi: Ethiopian leader 'getting better'

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is in "a good condition and recuperating", a government spokesman has told the BBC, dismissing reports he is critically ill.

However, Bereket Simon declined to give any details about Mr Meles' whereabouts or what he is suffering from.

Mr Bereket had earlier been quoted as saying the prime minister, 57, was on holiday.

Speculation began when he missed last month's African Union summit.

There were reports that Mr Meles was in hospital in Belgium, suffering from a stomach complaint.

But Mr Bereket was quoted as saying by The Reporter newspaper that opposition forces were trying to "create confusion" by talking about the prime minister's health.

He told the BBC Focus on Africa programme it was "not useful" to provide more details.

When asked who was in charge while Mr Meles was being treated, he replied: "The status quo is maintained - there is no change and there will be no change in the near future."

It is believed that Mr Meles' last public appearance was at the G20 talks in Mexico in June.

He took power as the leader of a rebel movement which ousted the communist government of Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1991.

He has won several elections since then, but his political opponents have accused him of using repression to retain power.


Anonymous said...

Ataishi maisha marefu!

nade said...

He is Dead!

Tigistu said...

He has won several elections since then… “ ?????????????
Mr Meles' last public appearance was at the G20 talks in Mexico

He was conspicuously absent from the African Union Summit held in Addis Ababa

Why can't he say this himself?

Anonymous said...

Where is Meles Zenawi?

emu-three said...

Sisi yetu macho na msikio, kama badoo yupo hai mungu amzidishie umri!

Anonymous said...

hiyo picha inaonyesha hakuna uhai tena

Anonymous said...

Kafa! Tungojee official notice.

Anonymous said...

Picha inaonyesha jamaa keshakata roho. Maiti. Rest in Peace.