Thursday, September 13, 2012

Polisi Anayedaiwa Kumwua Daudi Mwangosi Afikishwa Kizimbani

Huyo polisi mwenye miaka 23 inawezekana ni ' trigger happy'.  Yaani alikuwa na hamu sana ya kuonyesha upolisi wake na kutumia silaha yake.  Ndo tatizo la kuwapa watu wasiokomaa kiakili silaha. Rest in Peace Daudi Mwangosi.


Mwangosi Killing: Policeman Charged

By The Guardian Reporter

13th September 2012
Police Constable Pacificus Cleophace Simoni (23) appeared before Iringa District Court yesterday charged with the murder of Channel Ten journalist Daudi Mwangosi.

The accused with a white hood draped over a good part of his face, and in a black jacket was escorted into the court by more than seven police officers.

The Public Prosecutor Michael Luena told Senior Magistrate Dyness Lyimo that Constable Simoni with number G2573 residing at FFU quarters in Iringa municipality killed Daudi Mwangosi on September 2 this year at Nyololo village in Mufindi District in Iringa region.

The accused was not allowed to enter any plea because the court has no jurisdiction over murder cases.

The case was adjourned to September 26 this year and he was remanded in custody since the charges facing him are not bailable.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister Dr Emmanuel Nchimbi has said that the probe committee he formed to investigate the murder will continue with its work.

In a statement released in Dar es Salaam yesterday Minister Nchimbi said that the probe committee will continue with its work with a view to get a lasting solution to the misunderstandings between police and journalists and police with political parties.

He said the move also will help to improve the relations between police and civilians, calling on all stakeholders to allow the law to take its course.

Mwangosi who was a Channel Ten Representative in Iringa was killed on September 2 this year at Nyololo village in the region following skirmishes between police and Chadema supporters.

On Tuesday journalists countrywide staged a demonstration to condemn the brutal killing of their colleague vowing to continue pressing the government to take action against all people involved in the killing.

The journalists called on police to respect their work just as journalists recognise and respect members of the force.

Mwangosi who was born in 1972 was buried at Msoka village in Mbeya region on September 4 this year. He is survived by a wife and four children.



Anonymous said...

As an American Muslim, I would like to request my fellow Muslims around the world to cool it instead of reacting to every silly attack on the Prophet (s). During his lifetime, the Prophet Muhammad (s) was insulted, boycotted, pelted with rocks, etc. and yet he responded with mercy, compassion, and empathy. Muslims need to stop their knee jerk reactions every time anybody says anything negative about Islam or the Prophet (s), and need to work at responding with facts and calm rhetoric. We also need to reach out to people from other faith-based communities to clarify any misunderstanding of Islam while learning ourselves what others believe in.. Before this latest incident, Muslims in the US have enjoyed freedom of expression and it would be good if this freedom existed throughout the Muslim world too. Clearly some will abuse this freedom at times, but that does not condone murder, destruction or violence.

Anonymous said...

Inasikitisha. Polisi kijana mwenye miaka 23 atafungwa maisha.