Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bomu Imelipuka Nairobi!

 Duh! Kwa mara nyingine bomu imelipuka mjini Nairobi, Kenya. Habari zinasema kuwa watu wawili wamekufa na wanane wamejuruhiwa leo asubuhi.  Bomu ililipuka eneo ambao wanakaa waKenya wengi wenye asili ya Somalia.


NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - The Kenyan Red Cross says two people have been killed and eight wounded after a blast in downtown Nairobi.

   Friday evening's blast was the second in three days. A blast Wednesday near a military base wounded eight people.

   Both explosions went off in a Somali neighborhood of Nairobi known as Little Mogadishu. Kenya has seen a series of small-scale explosions over the last year, many from grenades.  Kenyan media reported that a member of parliament was wounded in Friday's attack.

   Kenyan troops moved into Somalia in late 2011, prompting al-Shabab militants in Somalia to vow revenge attacks inside Kenya. Al-Shabab sympathizers are suspected in many of the blast attacks, though authorities have not clearly linked all the attacks to al-Shabab or its sympathizers.

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