Saturday, February 21, 2009

MNigeria ajaribu kutapeli Citibank

Huyo MNigeria karibu aibe pesa za benki kuu ya Eithopia.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Prosecutors have accused a Nigerian man of trying to swindle nearly $27 million from an account in New York held by Ethiopia's central bank.

The U.S. Attorney's office in New York says Paul Gabriel Amos pleaded not guilty Friday to conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud.

The government says the 37-year-old man sent fake documents to a Citibank office in New York where the National Bank of Ethiopia kept funds. The documents claimed to authorize transfers to accounts around the world controlled by Amos and coconspirators.

A complaint signed by FBI agent Bryan Trebelhorn said the fraud was discovered when the overseas banks returned funds to Citibank.
A court-appointed attorney said Amos was in plea discussions.


Anonymous said...

May I ask for information,why the outer cover of Tanzanian Passport and Nigerian passport are the same.Let us avoid some questions like is Nigeria in Tanzania or Is Tanzania in Nigeria.Travelers you know why i am asking this.

Anonymous said...

Hivi kwani m-nigeria akimuibia mzungu, sisi inatuhusu nini? wee chemi embu ondoa uchemfu wako hapa. kila siku kuongea pumba tuu. pumbafu wee

Anonymous said...

Hao wanigeria wanaaibisha Afrika nzima na utapeli wao! Tumechoka nao!Asante kwa habari.