Saturday, February 02, 2013

Letter to Uncle - Part 2

Hallo Uncle,

Happy new year. MJOMBA has been of late making headlines by opening up roads, bridges and a whole lot of new projects that you would expect the wananchi in all their divergence to come up with nice words of encouragement, but alas me, we keep hearing the same old crap of SERIKALI DHAIFU!!!

 In actual fact uncle, TANZANIANS were not supposed to live a life of luxury, this you can see thru common sense and by actions taken by NYERERE and his cohorts. Look at this: " Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!" This literally means, "One People, One Empire, One Leader!" The German people were subjected to continual propaganda, under the control of Josef Goebbels. It was the Cult of personality - everything was organised to make Germans permanently grateful to Adolf Hitler.

So we come with our own "ZIDUMU FIKRA ZA MWENYEKITI" And we are able to see and hear how a multitude of Tanzanian politicians of every colour (party) sing the same song of praising someone whose decisions have to a large extent brought us to this quagmire we are now in. Take the case of Gas and Mtwara residents uprising, it is nothing but Nyerere's marginalisation of the people of Mtwara and other areas mostly populated by muslims.

But since this is a Nation of Hypocrites, the local media houses will not permit this to be the case, but to be free one has to face the truth, and truth is there for everyone to see. Kigoma region is flexing it's muscle with oil, and I dont know which other part of Tanzania with a large population of muslims will take to the streets, even though they will soon go for the Diocese of NECTA and Dr Ndalichako!! As I told you before, the cat is out of the bag, things will never be the same again.

The funniest thing of all is, ili kuendelee kuwepo na amani eti ni kwa Waislamu waendelee kukubali kudhulumiwa, day in, day out, that's hogwash at it's best. Inahitaji wazalendo wa kweli kurekebisha hali ya mambo ili Taifa lisonge mbele, lakini kwa mtindo huu wa kubadili maneno na kuwapa watu majina ya ndivyo sivyo, hamkani mambo si shwari. Thes are just my thoughts though, you can always correct me as am a human being like the rest.


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