Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mabinti waKizungu Wamwagiwa Tindikali Mjini Zanzibar

 Jamani, kisa cha kuwaumiza watoto wa watu? Hao mabinti walikuwa Zanzibar kama walimu wa Kiingereza, kisa cha kuwaumiza?  Je, hao wahuni waliwamwagia tindikali watakamatwa?

Two British women injured in Zanzibar Acid Attack

Still image taken from video of one of the two British teenage victims of an acid attack being comforted by an unidentified man in a vehicle at the airport in Zanzibar


One of the two British teenage victims of an acid attack is comforted by an unidentified man in a vehicle …

Kutoka Yahoo News

By Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Men riding a motorbike threw acid at two British teenage girls in Tanzania's semi-autonomous Zanzibar region, leaving them with facial, chest and back injuries, a senior police official said on Thursday.

The pair, both 18 and from England's northern city of Manchester according to police in the Indian Ocean archipelago, were flown to Tanzania's commercial capital Dar es Salaam.
They had been volunteering at a local school in Zanzibar, an island that is popular with international tourists but has suffered a wave of deadly protests last year as supporters of an Islamist group repeatedly clashed with the police.

Britain is concerned about Wednesday's attack and is "in contact with the Tanzanian authorities", the Foreign Office said in a statement.

The police described the attack as "an isolated incident", refusing to link it to rising religious tension on the island between majority Muslims and its Christian population.

"The attackers approached the girls as they were walking on a street at around 7:15 p.m. and threw acid at them," Zanzibar Urban West regional police commander Mkadam Khamis Mkadam told Reuters. "The incident occurred when the streets were deserted as most people were breaking their Ramadan fast."
Television images showed one girl obviously in pain in the back of a car at the Zanzibar airport.
"The victims sustained facial, chest and back injuries from the acid attack," Mkadam said.
The Britons were expected to fly home on Thursday.

The attack comes during the tourist season in the historic town and after a Zanzibar Muslim leader, Sheikh Fadhil Suleiman Soraga, was hospitalized with acid burns in a November attack.
Two Christian leaders were killed early this year in separate attacks.

A separatist group in Zanzibar, Uamsho (Awakening), is pushing for the archipelago to exit from its 1964 union with mainland Tanzania, which is ruled as a secular country. Uamsho wants to introduce Islamic Sharia law in Zanzibar.

Supporters of the group have engaged in running street battles with the police in the past, but authorities have not linked the group with the attacks on Christian clerics.

Kwa Habari Zaidi Tembelea BBC.Com


Anonymous said...

Nasikitishwa sana na hivi vitendo vya kumwagiana Tindikali, kwanini tumefikia hapa? Nimesikia kwenye EATV kuwa zanzibari hakuna sheria ya udhibiti na umiliki wa hii acid. Vipi kwa huku Tanganyika, kuna sheria inayozuia mtu kumiliki? au ni kama zanzibari tu!

Watu wangapi leo wamemwagiwa tindikali napo serikali ilikuwa haijaona kama ni udhaifu kutokuwa na sheria ya udhibiti hadi watalii wamwagiwe ndo tujue madhara yake?

Je, waliowamwagia mashehe, boss wa Home shopping centre, wamekamatwa? au tunachukulia kama kitu cha kawaida sababu ni watanzania hadi itokee kwa wageni ndo tushituke?

Hivi binadamu tumekuwa na roho ya aina gani? au ni second edition ya roho hadi tunakuwa hatuna ile roho ya utu ambayo ni original?

Anonymous said...

Watu wamwegiwa sana, udhibiti uko wapi. Mpaka wamwagiwe waingereza ndiyo tustuke?

Anonymous said...

Ukisema wanaofanya hivi ni dini Fulani wanafanya haya matukio watu wanabisha.

Sasa ukiambiwa aliyefanya haya ni Fulani ukabisha ndio maana hakuna anayekamatwa kuwajibishwa!

Na mimi sijataja ni dini gani, mnaojishuku huenda ni nyie !

Anonymous said...

What on earth were 18 year old girls doing out alone at night in Tanzania - if you are going to send your kids to these countries, do your homework, whilst Tanzania is a beautiful country, it is not for children to travel to unaccompanied and ignorant of how dangerous the country is!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Cameron bring these girls home and stop giving aid to them. You said in your statement on the BBC news this morning that the poorest need help. Well listen here matey, don't go giving aid to countries that quite frankly don't deserve it and start looking after the poor people in your own country. That's your job!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but they have themselves to blame. These countries should be helping themselves instead of wanting everyone else to be there for them

F. Berman said...

Such a shame that people with a good heart and good intentions are targeted. Maybe it's time charity was shifted to the poorer parts within UK instead of abroad. There are plenty of people who could do with a helping hand in this country.

Anonymous said...

Stay away from Third World countries , they despise us , no matter how much they smile to our faces. STOP GIVING AID MONEY TO UNGRATEFUL TANZANIA!

Mary James said...

Due to the lack of information we do not know if these attacks were based on racisim, sexisim or just merely because those girls were there to give education to those who normally do not have automatic access to it.

Many teenagers-young people do this type of charity work, and it is self funding. Mt niece went to a safe country when she did hers. But normally the country you go to is not a choice.
Your placement is seclected for you.
But this type of treatment given to the various charity workers in certain countries makes one want to raise thier children in a selfish manner and not to go helping others but just to take the gap year doing as they wish.

Tanzanian said...

To Anonymous of 7:48pm, I assure you that Tanzanians are a peaceful people and we will not tolerate such activities. The culprits will be caught and prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

Katie's best friend Oli Cohen said: "I think white good-looking north London Jewish girls walking around in Zanzibar always make them a target as it's a Muslim country.

"The girls were walking through the town singing on Ramadan when a Muslim lady came up to her shouting. She lost her temper and reacted violently - and hit her in the face for singing.

"I don't know what song it was but it wouldn't have been anything excessively aggressive or rude - they're so well-mannered and respectful they had gone to the town to do voluntary charity work.

"It was an isolated incident and I don't believe it had any connection, she didn't suffer any serious injuries - but they were both extremely shaken up by it. Not enough to come home but I know they felt uneasy being in public. Some people would stare or say things to them.

"Yesterday's attack was another awful example of the scumbags in this world that won't think twice before attacking people - it could've been fatal.

"It's a beautiful location and it was a trip that was supposed to be special for them, one to treasure forever. But it's ended in disaster."

Anonymous said...

Hawa wapumbavu wanaofanya haya mambo tunawajua, niwatanzania wenzetu serikali yetu inazembea kushugulikia watu wenye mambo ya aina hiyo sasa wameamua kugusa na wageni. Tuelewe wenzetu nchi zao viongozi wao wanawajibika kwa wananchi wao ngoja tusikie kifuatacho achilia mbali kuanza kupoteza wageni

Jim said...

Where are all the 35,000 feminists who put their combined efforts together to get Jane Austin on the new ten pound bank note?

Why are they not petitioning the government to boycott backward countries like Zanzibar and Pakistan that suppress and abuse women on a daily basis?

I guess they're all too busy complaining about the horrific anonymous messages on twitter..

Anonymous said...

What kind of cowards would try to disfigure and injure a couple of teenage girls?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tourists should boycott Zanzibar!

Anonymous said...

Why are we spending our hard earned money where we are not wanted? I agree let us boycott Zanzibar. Why hasn't the government caught the culprits? The island is very small> Someone knows who they are.

Anonymous said...

Such a shame! What a pity! It all beggars belief! I was planning a visit to Zanzibar... well, now I've changed my mind. There go tourist dollars (or whatever currency)...

Tanzania's moving backwards! Maybe, it's about time Zanzibar and Tanganyika parted company.

Karume said...

Inasikitisha na kuhuzunisha kwa sababu sio mila na desturi ya uungwana wa watu wa Zanzibar lakini ndio ukweli imetokea. Mengi yamesemwa na kuandikwa na kwa ujumla yanaelekea kwa kutuhumiwa kwa Waislam wenye msimamo mkali

Tuviachie vyombo vya sheria vifanye uchunguzi wake lakini kwa mujibu wa maelezo yaliotolewa sio kweli kuwa kuna uwezekano wa muelekeo wa msimamo wa kidini hususan kwa wakati wa tukio lilipotokea maana wengi wa waislam huwa wanafutari kwa wakati huo

Sasa tujaribu kuangalia upande wa pili wa hili tukio Maadui wa Zanzibar na wasiopendelea mafanikio ya nchi hii kuendelea na kujitegemea ikiwemo hawa CCM na Mfumo Kristo inawezekana ndio wanaohusika na tukio hili ili dhamira yao kuifanya Zanzibar ionekane sio nchi ya kutembelewa na watalii ili kudhofisha uchumi na tuendelee kuwa tegemezi la Mkoloni Tanganyika nakuendeleza dhamira yao ya rasimu ya Katiba kutokuwa na serikali tatu ili Zanzibar ionekane kuwa ikiwa itjkuwa na serikali yake machafuko ya kidini yatatakuwapo

Hawa Tanganyika wanajifanya wajanja sana kumbe ni maadui zetu. Sasa ni wakjati wetu Wazanzibari kuamka wana njia nyingi za kutuhujumu nahisi hii ya kumwagiwa tindi kali wageni ni mmoja kati ya hujuma zao Kila tukitaka kuendelea kwa mfano tulikuwa na mpango wa bandari huru wameiuwa na sasa wanajenga kwao Bagamoyo tukitaka kusaidiwa na ndugu zetu Waarabu hutwambia watarudu kututawala halafu huwavamia wao wakaomba misaada na kujengewa kwao huku sisi hatuna tunalolipata na mifano mingi tu

Sasa tujaribu kuangalia pande zote tusiwe tunaangali upande mmoja tu na si hasha mkasikia Sheikh Ponda anahusishwa kwa hotuba au mawaidha yake

Anonymous said...

C'mmon ANONYMOUS of August 08, 2013 8:01 PM - Now, how would anybody have known, that those two girls were "Jewish, and from North London", thus making them targets? Did they have a SIGN ON THEIR FOREHEADS, stating that they were Jewish, or from North London? Yes, you could say that they stood out, because they were white foreigners; but don't bring ethnicity or religion into it.