Monday, August 05, 2013

Tuige WaKenya - Na Tanzania Ifute Leseni za Wachimba Madini Yetu!

Kweli tunakubali madini yetu yaibiwe na watajirishe wazungu nje ya nchi, huko wananchi wa Tanzania hawafaidiki hata kidogo?  Futa leseni zote halafu waingie mikataba mpya ambayo yatajenga nchi na kuinua maisha ya MTanzania. Ona waKenya walivyofanya! Je Tanzania hatuwezi hili?


Kenyan Government Revokes Mining Licences

The Kenyan government has revoked all prospecting and mining licences granted during the first five months of this year after complaints about the issuing process.

The country's commissioner of mines, Moses Masibo, has been suspended.The Government has also raised royalties on minerals mined within its borders.

Kenya has proven deposits of titanium, gold and coal.

New deposits of minerals such as titanium, copper and niobium have recently been discovered that are thought to be worth billions of dollars.

Mining minister Najib Balala told a news conference the licences in question had been issued in a hurry and without transparency.

"We want to ensure the country gains from the mineral potential," he said.

"Any licence issued between 14 January and 15 May is hereby revoked immediately as we review each case to determine their nature and benefit to the country."

'Shrouded in secrecy'

Earlier this year, the mining secretary promised to review laws regulating the sector, which currently includes more than 300 local and foreign firms either searching for minerals or in small scale production.

BBC World Service's Africa editor, Richard Hamilton, said traditionally Kenya had not had a large mining sector.

But recent discoveries have encouraged a rush by local and international speculators.


Anonymous said...

Africans are stupid. they agree to be robbed because their leaders pocket bribe money. You should make these mining companies build you schools, roads & hospitals.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Tanzania should follow Kenya's example. About time people woke up and appreciated what resources were given to them. Bloody hell, look at the way those billionaires flout those diamonds and gold. Anyone would think that they were born with those minerals in their hands. They LITERALLY stole those precious stones...

I wasn't really disturbed by the recent thefts of diamonds from a hotel in Cannes! Thieves stealing from (blood diamond) thieves! Sweet! Some kind of justice, eh?