Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mzungu Aliyedhani Wazungu Hawapati UKIMWI - Aaambukizwa!

 Mwanamke wa kizungu kutoka Uiingereza aliyedhani kuwa wazungu hawambukizwi UKIMWI amejikuta ni mgonjwa wa UKIMWI! Bi Rachel Dilley alisema kuwa alidhani kuwa unaweza kuambikizwa Afrika tu na wanaougua ni weusi tu! Jamani ni karne ya 21! Kweli kuna watu washamba na fikra za kibaguzi hivyo!

Rachel Dilley
Mzungu Aliyedhani wazungu hawapati UKIMWI!

Kutoka The

A British HIV-infected woman’s startling ignorance about her illness has stunned viewers of a talk-show clip that has since gone viral.

Rachel Dilley, 48, says she contracted HIV at age 40 from a sexual fling and admitted during an appearance on the UK’s ITV This Morning talk show that she “didn’t know anything about HIV” and “thought you got it in Africa.”
”I didn’t know a white person had ever got[sic] it,” said Dilley.

“I knew nothing about HIV or AIDs and everything I read on the Internet terrified me. When I told my children, they were devastated. My daughter was so affected she couldn’t speak and my younger son said: ‘Are you going to die?’ I couldn’t have felt more ashamed because I had no one to blame but myself.”
Click here to read more about Dilley’s remarks.
Do you think a lot of people share her bigoted views about the disease?


Anonymous said...

Stupid-ignorant-racist b****! Anyone would think that she's been living underground or in a cave since birth. Unbelievable! What goes around, comes around... It's as if she's being punished for her nasty racist attitudes.

I think she's lying about what she previously believed. I think she's just a RACIST through and through. No human being could ever believe that illnesses and diseases discriminate according to colour!

I feel sorry for her children, who have, so far, been BRAINWASHED (by their mother) with RACIST ideas and RACIST ATTITUDES.

Good help us all... By all, I mean all races, creeds, cultures, etc.

Anonymous said...

It amazing for this woman

Anonymous said...

Amazing for this woman

Anonymous said...

Ignorant fool. Now she knows.