Sunday, July 13, 2014

Drug Lord Akatamatwa Zanzibar! Alikuwa na Zaidi ya Kilo 5,000 za Unga!

 Duh! Kilo 5,605 za Unga!!!!  Street Value Je?



Police arrest drug baron in Zanzibar

12th July 2014

Abeid Aman Karume International Airport
Police in Zanzibar arrested Ali Sleyum Rashid at the Abeid Aman Karume International airport on Wednesday in connection with possession of 5.605 kilogrammes of cocaine.

Rashid (39) who had boarded Oman Air flight No WY.717 that landed at the airport from Muscat was arrested at around 2: 45 pm.

The police were also holding four airport employees believed to be close friends of the suspect. It was not immediately stated if the four employees acted as accomplices.

Speaking to the press yesterday in Zanzibar, the Isles Director of Criminal Investigation Yussuf Ilembo said the police worked on a tip off from some sources to search his luggage immediately after arrival.
He said they found 14 hand bags for women before they found cocaine stacked in each of them.

The suspect had travelled using passport number AB 363906 issued on December 29, 2009 by the Immigration Department head office in Dar es Salaam.

 He said the passport showed the suspect travelled to many countries, including Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa and some Arab states.

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