Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hadhi ya Elimu Imeshuka Tambaza Sekondari!

 Hapo zamani za kale.... jamani si zamani sana, Shule ya sekondari Tambaza ilikuwa inongoza kwa kutoa elimu ya hali ya juu.  Sasa hakuna tena.  Wanafunzi wa Form Six wameanguka vibaya ,mithani ya kitaifa. Nasikia hata maabara hawana tena na ni shule ya Sayansi!   Jamani!  Enzi zetu O level  tu tulikuwa na maabara, na kulikuwa na walimu na Lab Assistants!  Laakini baaya ya UPE hizo maabara ziligeuzwa kuwa madarasa!



Tambaza teachers Flee over Form 6 National Exam Fiasco

Tambaza Secondary School, which performed poorly in this year’s Form Six examination. PHOTO | SAUM MWALIMU       

By Saumu Mwalimu, The Citizen Reporter

Posted  Friday, July 18  2014 at  11:06
In Summary
An air of sadness and disbelief engulfed the formerly top- performing school when The Citizen visited yesterday.

Dar es Salaam. While other schools were celebrating success in this year’s Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination, things were different at Tambaza High School in Dar es Salaam.
An air of sadness and disbelief engulfed the formerly top- performing school when The Citizen visited yesterday.
Tambaza was for many years among the best schools in Tanzania, but it has steadily declined, and is among the ten worst performers nationally this year. The results have shocked the school community, and this was confirmed by the head teacher yesterday. Groups of students and teachers were seen huddled together, discussing the fiasco in hushed tones.
The teachers, however, hurriedly walked away as this reporter approached them to get their views on the school’s poor performance.
The headmaster, Mr Hussein Mavumba, was found going through the results in his office. He described the school’s performance as “shocking and beyond belief”.
“It is too early to say anything but as the head of this school, it is frustrating. We are doing some scientific analysis to establish why this happened...where we have gone wrong so that we can chart our next course of action.
“I’m required to explain this to my seniors, so I’m currently busy preparing a report, but it’s not easy to believe what has happened,” Mr Mavumba said.
Speaking to this reporter on condition of anonymity, some students blamed the school’s poor performance on an acute shortage of science teachers.
“Here we take science combinations, and yet we don’t have science teachers. We don’t even have even laboratories and the necessary equipment,” said one of the students.
Other students said the results were demoralising.
“It is disappointing to see your school perform so badly, but we should take this as a challenge and see where we have gone wrong,” another student said.


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