Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mwanamke Kutoka Kenya Agongwa na Gari na Kufariki Boston

  Wikiendi iliyopita, mwanamke kutok Kenya aligongwa na gari aina ya Pick-Up na Kufariki papo hapo! Tunachijua ni kuwa anaitwa Nancy na alikuwa na miaka 32.


DORCHESTER, Mass. (WHDH) - A woman was hit and killed by a motor vehicle in Dorchester early Saturday morning.

Officers arrived at the intersection of River Street and Washington Street at around 5 a.m. for reports of a collision where they found the 32-year-old victim with life threatening injuries.

She was transported to Carney Hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.

Neighbors said she was on her way to work, the first of two jobs, when she was struck. Everyone who knew her raved about her work ethic.

"She worked two jobs," said Carl Cahoon. "She got up at five in the morning went down and got the bus and did her first job."

Cahoon added that there was a purpose behind that work.

"I know she was saving her money to get her son to come back  from Kenya...8-year-old child," Cahoon said. ""Always working, always talking about 'I can't wait to get my son'...she was saving the money to have her son fly here and unfortunately it's not happening now."

Police have not identified the vehicle involved in the crash. Anyone with information is strongly urged to contact the Boston Police Homicide Unit at (617) 343-4470 or leave an anonymous tip at (800) 494-TIPS.

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