Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jibu la Michuzi

Je, Michuzi ni Oprah wa Bongo? Michuzi mwenyewe amechangia hoja...

Asante Kaka Michuzi!



U have made me blush. I guess as other contributors have said, to compare me with Oprah is... well, flattering, but frankly speaking I must also admit that I am an anthill against the Oprah mountain.

However i thank u and those who have discussed about me which however blunt is a mileage to urs truly. To u and them I say i respect all their suggestions and ideas, but habits die hard and what's good for the goose is bad for the hen. in other words its tough to satisfy all and sundry.

As for urself i admire u both professionally and socially and you are one of my role models in terms of standing up for what u believe in. lastly, but not least, allow me to say that though i have yet to reach home, but revolutionalising the media in TZ is one of my fundamental resolves. ever since the ICT bug has bitten me i have always strived to send the message home that give the people what they want/need and be fast at it.

Gone are the days of waiting to read stale news and i am happy to note that many media houses are edging towards that end.


Anonymous said...

Mbona hajajibu lolote?

karagwe oyeee said...

richebo.......i always thought you are good at this and now i know

Anonymous said...

kumbe inglis is very richabo una mbwembwe weye? haya kama na michuzi si jinalo la ubini. jina lako ni nani haswa?Mbona na wadogo zako wanatumia michuzi ama familia iliamua kulitohoa?(na mimi kiswahili very richabo)

Anonymous said...

Michuzi ni jina lake la familia yeye ni muhidini issa michuzi nimemsadia kujibu japo kuwa sina uwakika