Friday, November 23, 2007

Producer wa Big Brother Africa II Amefukuzwa Kazi!

LOH! Fall-out ya Big Brother II inaendelea! Producer wa Big Brother II, Bwana Martins Ngubane amefukuzwa kazi kutokana na vituko vilivtyotokea kwenye Big Brother Africa II na kuonyeshwa kwa umati wa waafrika na dunia kwa ujumla! Nawaambia 'Fingergate' haijaisha!

Walisema kuwa Ngubane, alikuwa na sheria za kufuata lakini hakuzifuata! Na bado tutasikia mengine!

Yalioyofanyika ni mazito, japo watu wanaona matendo ya Richard ya kunyanyasa wanawake ni ya kishujaa wengi wanaona sivyo!

Nigeria: MNet Sacks BBA Producer


Posted to the web 23 November 2007

Stanley Nkwazema in Abuja

Mulitichoice yesterday confirmed that the producer of the Big Brother Africa (BBA) Programme, Martins Ngubane who produced the show on the day the Nigerian representative in the programme Ofunneka Molokwu was harassed by one of the Housemates has been relieved of his duties.

This followed pressure from the House of Representatives that the Nigerian girl was not adequately protected and the viewers treated with obscene pictures during the period.

The Operations Director of MNET Africa, Mr Joseph Hunda who appeared in the House Committee Room 13 with eight other officials of the company including Ofunneka apologised to Nigerians that there were certain editorial guidelines spelt out for the producers of the programme which were not adhered to and we have relieved the producer of the programme of his job and the superior who was supposed to supervise the day has equally been sanctioned accordingly.

Ngubani apologised to Nigerians "that those things were not supposed to come on anyway and we are sorry that it appeared and we will not allow it again".

He explained to the House of Representatives committee on Information and National Orientation that "we commissioned MNET to come out with something that will project the image of Africa. We agree that there were certain things that were not acceptable to a large part of Nigerians. We had discussions with NBC and agreed that we are going to continuously use parental control on all DSTV channels. Our customers should be able to control their homes. "

Chairman of the Committee Honourable Dino David Melaye who represents Buunu/Kaaba federal constituency of Kogi state told the Multichoice officials that Nigerians were fed with too much pornography during the period the programme lasted. NBC actually invited Multichoice twice but they never honoured the invitation.

"We will not allow our image to be dragged on the floor.Ofunneka projected the image of Nigeria and we are proud of her. We earlier banned clips, preview and full airing of the programme and we want you to apologise to Nigerians over what happened,"

Hundah however explained to the lawmakers that Multichoice has made serious efforts towards encouraging more local content in the programmes while confirming that six local stations, AIT, Channels, Silver Bird, MITV, NTA and Minaj broadcast International are already collaborating with Multichoise to improve on the content. He also disclosed that Hollywood, has not only become a household name in Africa, but acceptable the world over while a new Programme Moments with Mo aired thrice daily and produced in Nigeria is now on the DSTV channels.

Melaye also wants the company to join the Nigerian stock exchange so that Nigerians can buy into the company as they have done in NewYork andJohannesburg where the company's shares are being traded.

He also told Hundah that Nigerians would want his company to go into more serious poverty reduction programmes so that the subscribers could have a sense of belonging that at least the heavy money they are paying is being ploughed back in some way.

Ofuneka Molokwu , the runner up of the 2007 Big brother Africa show who was at the hearing said she is" proud to be a Nigerian and Delta state origin. I thank Multichoice for giving me the opportunity and the Nigerians that kept me on. I take every stride as they come. And am proud to show that am a true Nigerian and African woman"


Anonymous said...

My grouse is the way MNET is handling the whole matter;

1. They agree that a sexual act was committed between Richard and Ofuneka but it was consensual because Ofuneka (though obviously drunk) was pulling Richard to wards her!

2. They say Housemates were given instructions to only ‘sip’ cocktails after catching a fish; that they should know how to drink responsibly!

3. That they do not see any wrong doing in what took place in the House because no rules were broken.

Can you just imagine that? Why are there such double standards when it comes to Africa? If this happened in America or any of the developed countries this guy would have been hauled off to jail and MNET would have been sued. If you doubt me remember the fallout of the ‘wardrobe malfunction’ between Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Sure what they did was consensual but the TV network that aired the incident got a lot of flack.

If there was nothing wrong with what was happening in the House why did they (MNET) send paramedics in and lock Richard away?

If MNET found no wrong doing why did they ask the Housemates if they needed to see a psychologist after Saturday’s incident?

If they knew nothing bad happened why didn’t they show the incidents in the daily highlights or the uncut show the following Friday? Why did they also refuse to air all texts regarding the incident and remove all threads pertaining to it on their website?

Its like there is a total black out about the incident by MNET and they are trying to sweep it under the carpet. Meanwhile neither Tatiana or Ofuneka remember anything of the incident though Richard (whose fans say he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing) was heard 3 days later telling Ofuneka during an argument that she should be careful or he would ‘finger’ her! Imagine!

Anonymous said...

Fall-out indeed! There is more to come.

Anonymous said...

That Richard claims to be married, but he has been disrespecting female housemates and finally raped the Nigerian housemate that viewers thought was chaste and disciplined.

I have never seen this kind of wanton depravity in the history of Big Brother.

It is despicable. Big Brother Africa said it was not rape, but consensual sex.

I am speechless. Ngubane deserves to be fired!

Anonymous said...

Stop this nonsense, nobody was raped. It was consensual, and evidently Ofunneka liked it. Although filming and broadcasting of the act may be wrong (and offensive to the public), no rape act was committed. Extreme feminism will not help any one in this issue, Richard has no case to answer.

Anonymous said...

Kama hamjasikia kuna kundi la haki za akina mama London inaandaa lawsuit against Big Brother Africa!

Anonymous said...

hata mie nafikiri kosa ni producer sio Richard bwana.

Maswali yafuatayo inabidi yajibiwe:
1. je richard aliruhusiwa kulewa??
2. aliruhusiwa kwenda pale kitandani??
3. kwa nini yule ofu"fucker" alikuwa amevaa chupi tu??
4. kwa nini walisubiri sana mpaka hayo matendo yakatokea-kusubiri mpaka wakalewa, mpaka wakaanza kulala wote kitandani??

samahani hii show sijawahi kuiangalia lakini kuna vitu vingi havina maana kabisa??

Anonymous said...

Richard alipopenya V ya Ofunneka na kidole alibaka! Hiyo ni penetration! Na Ofunneka hakumwaomba atiwe!

Anonymous said...

angeonekana anamtoa mkono badala yake alifunua miguu na kumlock ili aendelee na kutoa sauti za kuenjoy. producers ndio wenye makosa kuto kuondoa camera zao baada ya kugundua imevuka mpaka.Machoni pa kadamnasi richard hakufanya kitu kizuri isinge onyeshwa ingekuwa wamekubaliana.manjuaje kama ofunneka alikuwa namwonyesha signs za kumtaka? jamani wanawake hata sisi tukimtaka mtu you can do waht ever you want kumpata. mpaka akaenda kitandani kwao ina maana na yeye alipanga akalale nao kumconfuse richard halafu tunageuza kibao anyways we will see how it goes but kosa ni la bigbrother

Anonymous said...

it is painfully obvious that the people commenting here neither saw the alleged rape nor were fully informed.I am an African woman, I drink and am not a Richard fan but as a Big Brother fan, I feel the need to set the record straight.

1. the alleged victim drank FAR LESS than she does on other days the day in question and it is difficult to believe she was THAT drunk

2. she had been making a beeline for Richard for a while, and still did after the alleged rape

3. SHE started the whole thing, pulled him over for a kiss and can therefore not be the victim.

4. She,in fact, was on TOP of Richard (rape?)

5. It was another lady Maureen who tried to stop the consentual sex, not Tatiana (the only person who passed out)

6. To BBA's defense, paramedics were called in (because Tatiana was throwing up and passed out) and Richard was locked in the Diary room until he was more rational

7. Ofunneka clearly remembers the incident, and confirmed this to Big Brother the next day and said she had NO REGRETS for what she had done. Her broke and guilty self can now cry foul, very convenient

8. oh, did I mention Ofunneka had just broken up with a married man herself and was encouraging Tatiana to sleep with Richard (a married man)and that she openly admired his "Gazunga" (manhood)?

9. Did I also mention that she often joined the happy couple in the shower and often spoke of the famous "Gazunga" while in there?

10. Do you know the her self-confessed favourite moment in the house was kissing the housemates?

I could go on and on, all I wanted to say was what really happened goes somethng like this:

" A lady who had spent three months in without sex in a sexually charged house fancied her best friends' man, to be specific his "Gazunga". An opportunity presented itself when the best friend passed out from too much alcohol and she and the beau tried to get it on. Much to their dismay, Big Brother intervened and interupted their rendezvous.Both Richard and Ofunneka remembered the incident and both confirmed they had NO REGRETS. Richard is guilty of adultery, nothing more nothing less."

Ofunneka tried to sleep with her very agreeable best friend's man while the girlfriend was passed out in the same bed. Rape? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Umeangalia hiyo incident ilivyokuwa au unasema tu kuwa Richard ni mkosa? Wote walilewa na wote ni wa kosa sio Richard peke yake. Angalia hiyo link hapo. Ikisha hapo kuna sehemu hawajaonyesha ya Ofunneka kumvuta Richard kitandani. Sisi tumeangalia live dada Chemi, sio hadisi za kwenye internet.

Anonymous said...

nyie mnatiwa nini? embu keleleni hapa. yule demu mwenyewe na nyege zake kataka kutiwa, sasa richadi ana kosa gani?
eti unyanyasaji, unyanyasaji kivipi?

Tatizo lenu nyinyi mnajifanya hamjui tofauti ya mwanamme wa kiafrika na wa kizungu. any African made rifles would fire in that case. Pumbavu.

Anonymous said...

Kwa Anon wa November 26, 2007 6:43 AM... Hujaona kitu chochote live wewe. Acha uongo. Offuneka hakujaribu kumvuta Richard kitandani hata mara moja. Samahani sana.

Anonymous said...

If people watched it like i did,then this crazy allegations wouldn't be there.The way i remember the incident was,offuneka was the one doing it for her self!!not richard's fingers!people need to know that,and she was the one wanting richard not the other way round!