Sunday, May 06, 2012

Formation of Global Association for the Promotion of Swahili

Press Release on the Formation of Chama cha Ukuzaji wa Kiswahili Duniani, (CHAUKIDU) or Global Association for the Promotion of Swahili

We are delighted to announce to all Swahili enthusiasts in the world about the establishment of Chama cha Ukuzaji wa Kiswahili Duniani(CHAUKIDU), or Global Association for the Promotion of Swahili.  In accordance with its constitution, CHAUKIDU will be headquartered for now at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the United States, the workstation of the current President, until the expiry of his term in office. The Association was formed with the principal objective of catalyzing the speedy development of Swahili language through the following means:

1.To facilitate the development of Swahili in all spheres where the language is used or may be used and to enhance and expand communication on matters related to Swahili, including teaching, research, writing, mass media, books, journals, publishing, organizing study abroad trips in East Africa, etc.

2. To disseminate research information through a newsletter, journal, and Internet technology regarding various aspects of Swahili language.

3. To bring the members together for purposes of exchanging ideas and experiences on various issues related to Swahili language (e.g. improvement of pedagogical approaches, broadcasting, research, and writing, etc.) by organizing annual meetings, seminars, special conferences, and through the Internet.

4. To teach the public about the importance of being proud of, developing and dignifying Swahili language.

5. To advice and impress upon governments of countries where Swahili is spoken to recognize the value inherent in this language resource so that they can do all they can to formulate appropriate policies that would ensure its development for the social, political, economic, and cultural prosperity of the people.

This association has been formed after many years of appeals, preparations, and many debates amongst lovers of Swahili from various parts of the world, all of who wanted to see the formation of an association devoted to cooperating with other associations and institutions so as to propel Swahili to higher levels of recognition and growth in and outside Africa.  CHAUKIDU was launched and had its constitution promulgated in a meeting held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on April 26, 2012. Expected members include teachers, researchers, students, journalists, artists, writers, publishers, tourist officials, institutions, etc.
The Executive Board has already commenced its initial duties including formalizing the requisite registration procedures.  The Executive Board of CHAUKIDU is headed by Dr. Ken Walibora Waliaula as President, with Dr. Leonard Muaka as Executive Director, Zeinab Iddi as Editor, and Judith Mayanja, as Secretary.  Below is the full list of the Board:

1. Ms. Zeinab Iddi (State University of Zanzibar)
2. David Kyeu (University of Wisconsin- Madison)
3. Prof. Clara Momanyi (The Catholic University of Eastern Africa)
4. Dr. Lioba Moshi (University of Georgia)
5. Dr. Leonard Muaka (Winston Salem State University)
6. Mr. Samuel Kamau Mukoma (University of San Francisco)
7. Ms. Judith Mayanja (University of Wisconsin- Madison)
8. Prof. F.M.K. Senkoro (University of Dar es Salaam)
9. Dr. Ken Walibora Waliaula (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
The Executive Board wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude to the founding members, particularly Dr. Charles Bwenge, Dr. Katrina Thompson, Dr. Mahiri Mwita, Mr. Deo Tungaraza, and Dr. Alwiya Omar for burning the midnight oil in brainstorming, preparing, designing, and giving shape to the idea of CHAUKIDU from inception. We are elated to have witnessed this historic moment and solemnly declare that we will discharge our duties in accordance with the constitution of the Association and members’ aspirations. It is our ardent hope that with cooperation from all parties involved, CHAUKIDU will contribute immensely to the spread and development of Swahili in Africa and beyond.

Dr. Ken Walibora Waliaula, President of CHAUKIDU
Assistant Professor at the Department African Languages and Literature
University of Wisconsin- Madison
Email address:
Tel. 608-262-8983

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