Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Studio za Tyler Perry Zaungua Moto Atlanta!

Wadau, sehemu ya studio za Tyler Perry, huko Atlanta, Georgia, iliungua moto usiku wa kuamkia leo. Habari zinasema kuwa ukuta wa jengo iliungua vibaya na ndani uliathirika zaidi na maji ambayo walitumia kuzima moto.

Tyler Perry alishukuru Zimamoto wa Atlanta na anasema kuwa studio iko wazi na kazi itaendelea kama kawaida.

Pole sana Tyler Perry na wafanyakazi wote wa Tyler Perry Studios.


Atlanta (CNN) -- A massive fire tore through a building at the southwest Atlanta film studio of Tyler Perry on Tuesday night.

No one was injured, but the blaze caused one building to partially collapse, said Atlanta fire Capt. Jolyon Bundridge.

Officials do not yet know what started the fire.

Perry was at the complex Tuesday night but did not speak to reporters, CNN affiliate WSB-TV reported.

The multi-million dollar studios sit on 60 acres and include five sound stages, a 5-acre pond, a theater, a chapel, a commissary, a gymnasium, Perry's office, an art department where sets are designed, hair and makeup facilities, a wardrobe department, set decoration, a post-production facility and a backlot named 34th Street, "as in Miracle on 34th Street," according to the studio website.

Perry's credits include work as director, writer, producer, actor and playwright.

His TV shows "Meet the Browns" and "House of Payne" are huge moneymakers, as are Perry's wildly popular movies.

Last year, Perry topped Forbes' "Entertainment's Highest-Paid Men" list, raking in $130 million in 12 months beginning in May 2010

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Anonymous said...

Pole sana Tyler Perry. Huenda wazungu wamechoma studio yake! Wivu kitu kibaya sana.

Anonymous said...

Coward RACISTS in white pillow sheet; are you responsible for setting his studio on fire? Be a REAL man and face him in broad day light than hiding!

Joe S. said...

I love Tyler Perry's "madea" movies and can't wait to see the one coming out in June. They are funny and touching, and I'm Italian-American BTW. I don't understand why Spike Lee has to criticize Perry. Miracle at Santa Anna was his(Spike) last big theatrical release and that was almost 4 years ago. I don't think Tyler Perry's movies are degrading against African Americans. They show strong black women in a touching and funny light. If Spike has a problem with the way African American's are portrayed, have him picket Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. 9 out of 10 Povich shows are about African American woman who "don't know who the baby's daddy is." The Afro-centrism of the 1990's came and went with the advent of gangster rap. Then it became cool to cuss, kill and have a baby and not know who the father is. Tyler Perry's movies reflect life. Spike Lee's, in my opinion, do not. If Spike wants African Americans portrayed in a better light, why doesn't he get involved in the community level and encourage education and safe sex. The old stereotypes have gone out the window thanks to new stereotypes like you see on Springer and Povich. But, go to an inner city hospital and that's what you see. Women who don't know how to spell their kids names or know who the father is. Don't hate on real life Spike, do something about it instead of shooting your mouth off.

Anonymous said...

Jamani kama wabaguzi wamechoma mbona makubwa!

Anonymous said...

Hii ni hadithi ya zamani inayojrudia. Bastola ya cowboy imefyatuka kwa bahati mbaya.