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Management by Crisis at Mzumbe University: The Failure of Core Values [2]

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Last year in January, I wrote an article on "Management by Crisis at Mzumbe University: The Failure of Core Values". The article was centred on the "University Services Marketing" and depicted the deficiencies in the management of staff and the services so envisaged. Today, the 01st May, 2012 I am sending you an article on the same topic. However, this time mine observations have been derived with respect to the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) Audit Report 2010/2011 dated 28th March, 2012 that was tabled and discussed in House of Assembly (Dodoma, April, 2012). Mzumbe University was in the CAG Audit spotlight and where there are three audit queries and/or anomalies, namely:

1. Ghost workers payments = TZS 194.4 million for just four months;

2. Procurements outside Annual Procurement Plan [APP] = TZS 1.9 billion; and

3. Mis-information on number of staff between two departments of the University.

I therefore, as an internal cusotmer, do hereby convey my discussion, analysis and recommendations for your synthesis and reaction. My fundamental aim is to make the University (Mzumbe) the centre of academic excellence that could provide exemplary execution of the good governance principles. It is therefore our noble task in compliance with the core values - transparency, professionalism, integrity, fairness, ethical behaviour and in line with the requisites of corrupt free Tanzania in public services delivery systems.

I submit,

Bakari M Mohamed, BBA [PLM], CPSP [T], MSc (PSCM), Reg. PSP (AU 0005)

1. Lecturer in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
2. Procurement and Supply Chain Auditor
3. Procurement and Supply Chain Specialist, Consultant, Researcher and Trainer in Procurement Contracts Management
4. Doctor of Alternative Medicines [DAM] & Natural Healing Therapist

Department of Procurement and Logistics Management
Mzumbe University
Box 6
Tel (Office): + 255 23 2604381/3/4
Mobile : + 255 713 593347
MZUMBE, Tanzania.

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Anonymous said...

Wizi wa hali ya juu! Serikali mbona haiigilii. Nani anakula hela ya ghost workers?