Wednesday, October 31, 2012

President Obama Vs. President George Bush Jr.

Jibu ni Ubaguzi! Rais Obama kwa vile mweusi wanamchambua hadi chupi. Huyo Bush Jr  kafanya maovu mengi, watu kimya!

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Anonymous said...

The GOP does not allow free speech or science research..

Consider that Mitt Romney has already picked 16 members of GWBush's administration, to be on his administration..

Consider that Vise President Dick Cheney was in charge of NASA and
ordered rewrites or canceled government grants and funding of climate

And Dick Cheney even had testimony in Congressional Hearings on Climate
Change research removed from the record after the hearings....Several
scientists have come forward asking "What happened to their testimony
from those is gone now"....How can the GOP government
censor the best scientists in the country??

Consider that in 2004 New York Times 10/19/2004

James E. Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, tells
the New York Times that the Bush administration has been putting pressure on
scientists to produce studies that are in-line with official policy on issues
like global warming. He says this practice has penetrated deep within the
government bureaucracy. “Under the Clinton-Gore administration, you did have
occasions when Al Gore knew the answer he wanted, and he got annoyed if you
presented something that wasn’t consistent with that,” he says. “I got a little
fed up with him, but it was not institutionalized the way it is now.” The Times
reports that Hansen, along with two other NASA scientists and several officials
at NASA headquarters and at two agency research centers have “described how news
releases on new global warming studies had been revised by administrators to
play down definitiveness or risks. The scientists and officials said other
releases had been delayed.”

On October 26 2004..

In a speech before an audience at the University of Iowa, James E. Hansen,
director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, says the Bush
administration is suppressing evidence of global warming. He says that officials
routinely dismiss such evidence on grounds that it is not of sufficient interest
to the public. However, studies that suggest less alarming interpretations of
climate data are treated more favorably, he says. According to Hansen, officials
have also edited reports to downplay the potential effects of global warming.
Hansen thinks the administration is trying to keep the public uninformed about
the issue. “In my more than three decades in government, I have never seen
anything approaching the degree"

Consider that under a Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Administration Paul Ryan
will decide what the public can know about scientific research into not
just Climate Change..but any science he does not like....even