Saturday, December 10, 2011

Canada Yachachamaa! Waliopata Uraia Kwa Njia Zisizohalali Kukamatwa!

Canada, nchi ambayo inajulikana kwa urahisi wa kupata uraia, inasema kuwa inchunguza zaidi ya watu 7,000 waliopata uraia kwa njia zisizo halali! Kazi ipo!

TORONTO (AP) - Canada's immigration minister says the country is carrying out the biggest citizenship-fraud crackdown in its history.

 Jason Kenney said Friday that the federal government is investigating 6,500 people from more than 100 countries for their allegedly fraudulent attempts to become Canadian citizens or maintain permanent resident status.

  Kenney says Canada is seeking to revoke citizenship from more than 2,100 people who cheated the system - a total that has climbed from 1,800 last July.

  The federal government is also monitoring 4,400 permanent residents believed to be involved in residence fraud in case they try to obtain citizenship.

Kenney says Canada has the highest rate of immigrants in the developed world who go on to become citizens.

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