Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mafuriko Yaua Dar


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - With at least four people reported killed in flash floods, Tanzania's meteorological agency is asking resident's of the country's Indian Ocean coastal areas to brace up for more downpours and flooding. The flash floods followed a heavy rain that hit this commercial capital of the East African country since early Tuesday. Meanwhile, floods have left trails of destroyed properties in slum areas of the city and cut off road links in many suburbs, causing traffic jams throughout the day.

According to Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) Director General Agnes Kijazi, the downpour, which still pounded the coastal belt Wednesday, was due to a pressure build-up over the Indian Ocean.

The rain started with a very strong wind and thunderbolts that blew up some electricity transformers, leaving parts of the city without electricity.

“The situation is likely to last for at least two days,” said Kijazi.

The Police Force and the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces have joined hands, using helicopters in a search and rescue exercise within Dar es Salaam and surrounding areas.

Government officials blame some of the victims in low-lying areas for inviting the disaster after being warned several times to move to higher level ground.

“We have announced many times that people should not construct houses or stay in valleys, but most of them ignored the directive and this is the result,” said Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Said Mecky Sadick.

December is usually part of the dry season that runs through to March, when the long rainy season sets in.

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