Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nyumba 400 zitabomolewa Ruvu - Dar Hakuna Fidia!


Tanzania to Demolish 400 Houses Built Illegally Over Water

    April 25, 2013 (All Africa Global Media) -- The Tanzanian
government will demolish within two weeks about 400 houses
illegally built over a water pipeline built in 1976, Dar es
Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority public relations officer
Mecktridis Mdaku said Wednesday (April 24th).
    "Some people decided to build houses illegally on top of
this old pipeline," Mdaku told Sabahi. "Now that we are laying a
new pipe, we have to demolish their houses without compensation."
    Minister of Water and Irrigation Jumanne Abdallah Maghembe
presented his ministerial budget on Wednesday, telling
parliament that the project to lay a 1.8-metre in diameter
pipeline from Ruvu Chini to Dar es Salaam would be ready by
February 2014.
    Maghembe said contractors have finished the construction of
a 120-billion shilling ($74-million) water filtration plant at
Ruvu Chini River. He said laying the new water pipeline is the
only remaining step.
    Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda told parliament two weeks ago
that the 55-kilometre pipeline from Ruvu Chini to Dar es Salaam
would supply additional 360 million litres of water daily. The
old pipeline, which supplies 180 million litres of water daily,
will continue to supply water as well, for a total of 540
million litres daily.

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Ukisikia kukurupuka ndio huku. Hivi walikuwa wapi wakati nyumba hizo zinajengwa?